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Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero Review – Can it Help You Earn 6-Figures?

February 28, 2024

Commission Hero by Robby Blanchard is an affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing. You learn how to find the best affiliate offers to promote ClickBank products and others on platforms like MaxWeb, and A4D.

The problem with affiliate marketing is that it requires a lot of upfront capital to get started and to promote with Facebook ads. You may spend thousands of dollars and see no ROI. There is too much risk when looking to start an affiliate marketing business. Even if you find an affiliate product that is profitable, it will not be so in the long-term. Also, you don't have the control you would like in this online business model because you own nothing valuable.

This Commission Hero review will reveal the different sections of Robby's affiliate training course and if any of the skills they teach will help you earn 6-figures or more.

Commission Hero Review: Pros and Cons


Robby Blanchard is the top-performing Click Bank affiliate.

Commission Hero 2.0 is ideal for beginners. Expert affiliate marketers can learn profit hacks to increase ROI.

They provide you with automation tools. 

Training is available on how to scale your affiliate marketing business with email marketing.

SnapChat & email marketing training.


The Commission Hero pricing is on the more expensive end for an affiliate marketing courses.

Robby relies heavily on paid advertising on Facebook, which is becoming increasingly expensive and competitive with each passing year.

Training on how to un-ban your ad accounts only works in the short-term.

Affiliate marketing doesn't pay you a predictable income each month.

Refund Policy

Commission Hero has a 14-day money-back guarantee if you have not already accessed the course or Facebook Group. 


6 week live masterclass with 12 modules divided into easy-to-digest content that includes live videos, PDFs, downloadable templates, resource materials/tools, and bonuses. The course also provides copy and paste landing pages, funnels, and a professional ad image section for you to use.


The Commission Hero course has a private Facebook group that Robby is actively providing support for. Live coaching and Q&A calls are held each week and each year, they host live mastermind events.


Robby Blanchard began his affiliate journey in 2015 by selling an online info product for his gym. After achieving the #1 ClickBank Affiliate ranking in 2019, he launched his Commission Hero training course. 


Robby Blanchard reviews are mixed with more people pleased with what Commission Hero offers. 

How Much Does Commission Hero Cost?

Commission Hero costs $997. You have the option to pay two payments of $597, but paying $997 is the best payment option to go with. 

Is There a Commission Hero Discount?

There is no Commission Hero Discount or coupon to get the course at a cheaper price. 

Who is Commission Hero For?

Commission Hero is for people who are new to the affiliate marketing and those who are already familiar with the business model and making money. There is something everyone can learn in Robby's course.

What is Commission Hero Teaching?

Commission Hero is teaching you how to set up and scale your affiliate marketing business. In the Commission Hero program, you will be given access to a 6-week live masterclass training, automation tools, step-by-step training, and more. Below is a breakdown of each section in that Commission Hero users are given access to after their purchase.

Get Started

In this section, Robby welcomes students to the program and talks about how to get started. You learn how to get setup in the following areas.

  • Finding the right offers on affiliate platforms like ClickBank, MaxWeb, and A4D
  • What an image should contain
  • Finding the right designer on Fiverr
  • Registering for ClickFunnels
  • Setting up affiliate links, domains, and PHP landing pages

FB Setup

In this section, Robby teaches you how to set up your Facebook account in the Business Manager section of Meta. You also learn how to launch your first paid ad campaign, which includes ads, Facebook ad sets, custom audiences, fan page, and more. Robby then shows you how to install your Facebook pixel, place it in your ClickBank account, and how to understand your Facebook ad account analytics.

Tracking & Scaling

Robby helps you track your ad campaign by providing you with a tracking spreadsheet, installing tracking links, and using tracking IDs. You also learn how to scale your campaigns.

Resources & Tools

The resources and tools they provide you with in this course are Million Dollar landing page swipes, ad copy, and images. Robby shares several featured offers and there is also training on how to structure your business.

Additional Training

The additional training in Commission Hero covers the following topics.

  • Reaching out to affiliates
  • Dealing with account shutdowns
  • Appealing account shutdowns
  • AMEX cards
  • Revolut cards
  • SnapChat training
  • Email marketing


In this section, Robby gives you an introduction to Cometly. Cometly is a software used to help streamline your ad campaigns. You learn everything from how to set up your account, how to avoid common mistakes, how to understand your parameters, and more.

Is Commission Hero Legit?

Commission Hero is legit because Robby put together an extensive training course that covers from setting up and scale a profitable affiliate marketing business. He shows you how to find the best niches and winning offers and provides the research tools to help things run seamlessly. The updated training now includes how you can make money with other affiliate networks, which gives you a better opportunity to make money instead of relying on ClickBank. 

Robby has his fair share of negative reviews online, but his website also shows positive testimonials and reviews from students who are making thousands of dollars each month with affiliate marketing. There's no evidence to suggest that Robby Blanchard is a scam or that what he teaches isn't legitimate. Commission Hero really works and can help you reach 6-figures in revenue, especially if you get into high ticket affiliate marketing, but the problem is with the affiliate marketing business model. 

What are Commission Hero Reviews?

Commission Hero reviews are revealing about Robby Blanchard and his course. Below are some detailed student reviews.

Review by Tamara - "It works but you have to work too"

  • Verified Student

"Hi, this is Tamara. Robby's training works, but you need to be prepared to work too. And you should plan on having a budget of around $5,000 when you get started to cover the cost of your tools and testing. And be ready to test a bunch of products. Robby gives you a lot of tips and pointers on what kind of products you should pick. And he includes all kinds of templates and landing pages you can use. 

I think a lot of people jump in, pay for this training and think they can make the kind of money that Robby's earning as soon as they get started. But they forget affiliate marketing is a slow slog, and it takes time to build an audience on the internet. But that's a business model. Affiliate marketing takes time. It takes a long time.

So you either need to do it the way Robby teaches, with paid ads and sales funnels. Using landing pages and scripts, or invest your own time and build an audience with a blog or your YouTube channel. So it really comes down to deciding, are you going to spend the money? Or do you want to spend the time? And for me, it was worth it to spend some money. 

I will say that without the support and coaching from Robby and his team. I would've quit a long time ago. I really like the question, answer sessions in the Facebook group. And Robby's always around to ask other questions and bounce ideas off of. Other members have been super helpful too. So for me. The training was money well spent."  

Review by Meg - "Cautiously optimistic"

  • Verified Student

"Hi. My name is Meg. I joined Robbie Blanchard's Commission Hero 2.0 Affiliate Marketing Course after trying on my own with affiliate marketing for about six months. I've been using paid ads on Facebook while I get my blog set up. But my account kept getting banned. And so I was starting to get really frustrated. 

And I found Robbie's course, and I have to say I'm cautiously optimistic. He gives step-by-step instructions on how to set up your Facebook accounts, how to set up your copy, landing pages and ways to circumvent if you get banned from Facebook. They offer a lot of value. He also has a private Facebook group. 

And I find that the members there have all been extremely helpful. There's a lot of people that have made some real money with Robbie's techniques and everybody seems really helpful and willing to answer any questions. So at this point, I'm learning a lot and I am hopeful that by putting into practice the techniques that Robbie is teaching I'll have more success with affiliate marketing. 

What I didn't research when I started with affiliate marketing was just how competitive the business model is. There's a lot of the same affiliates that are promoting the offers you're offering. So you need to know which offers are best for your niche and the ones to look for on ClickBank. But Robbie and his team really helped with that. So at this point I would highly recommend his training and hope that I see some real profits soon."

Review by Tim - "Most people will leave with their Facebook advertising account suspended"

  • Verified Student

"What's up guys? Tim here. Today I'm going to give my experience with Robbie Blanchard's Commission Hero 2.0 course, which I took earlier this year. I'm actually no stranger to taking other popular affiliate marketing courses. I've done Affiliate Lab, as well as Savage Affiliates, just to name a few. What lead me to take Robbie’s course too was that I really wanted to become much better at Facebook advertising. I saw how well from his ads that Robbie was doing with ClickBank and Facebook advertising so that led me into taking his course too.

The course material itself I found was overall pretty good from what I already know about affiliate marketing. I felt like he delivered the course material well, but I will say most of the course material itself you could find probably for free online yourself with just a bit of digging.

What I really found valuable about the course, and which was really kind of worth paying for, was Robbie’s live face-to-face training. He brings people in to train with him live and he lets people in the course watch him give this training. That was extremely useful because he gives a lot of really great high-level information in those trainings that you can get a lot out of. 

Besides that, he also gives a tremendous amount of resources when you get this course. You have access to over a thousand different image ads. He gives you high-converting material for nine high-converting ClickBank offers that are ready to go. So yeah, he gives you quite a bit of value with the course, but there are two reasons that I wouldn't recommend this course to most people, especially beginners in the affiliate marketing space.

One is that the way Robbie teaches you how to do Facebook advertising is pretty much guaranteed to get your Facebook advertising account banned at some point. Robbie does offer some solutions to that, like using, the account of somebody else to do your Facebook advertising while yours is suspended. But it's more of a workaround. It's not a real solution and there's no guarantee you'll be able to get your Facebook ad account back. So that's the first reason. 

The second reason is just that besides the cost of the course itself of $2,500, you'll also need to have around $4,000 to $5,000 laying around for advertising spend and affiliate marketing tools like ClickFunnels, spy tools, and tracking tools, that are going to cost you a few hundred bucks a month as well. So, you really need that couple thousand dollars just for ad spend so you can collect the necessary data with your Facebook pixel to make the right decisions. 

The course gives some good information, but overall, it's not a great course for beginners and most people are going to leave the course with their Facebook advertising account suspended and unable to use it."

Review by Josh S. - "Don't do it"

  • Verified Student

"Hey, this is Josh. I paid 10K for Robby Blanchard's training. And all I can say is don't do it. Not only is this training way overpriced. But he's teaching some pretty sketchy stuff, like making fake Facebook accounts. And, of course, Facebook figures out their fake accounts, so they get shut down. So then Robby and his team tell you to make more fake accounts. 

And you're promoting products that suck. They don't make any money. And you need to spend a ton of cash on paid ads. But they don't tell you that in the sales call. So if you don't have a budget or you’re not prepared to spend, you need to steer clear of this program. I dropped about $5,000 on Facebook ads.

I don't even think Robby Blanchard makes money with click funnels or affiliate marketing anymore. I think now he's just pushing his course and trying to get you on the upsells, like his  Avenger Mastermind, which is like 25K. I get that you need to use paid advertising as affiliate marketing. 

But I never thought you'd need to drop that much cash. And a lot of the best products in the high ticket niches are super competitive. So even with a great funnel and landing page, there's no guarantee that you're going to sell them. And yeah, they teach you some stuff, like how to set up your Facebook campaigns and target specific audiences. And he does show you some pretty cool strategies you can use for your copy and images and reels and whatever.  

But not enough, in my opinion, to make the kind of money, at least not the kind of money I want to earn as an affiliate marketer. I know, affiliate marketing. Isn't a quick way to make cash. But if you buy this training, it will be the fastest way you've ever lost money. Big red flag-worst mistake ever."

Robby's Girlfriend, Mariah, Makes $1,000 in a Day with Commission Hero

Mariah's Background and Story

Mariah is Robby Blanchard's girlfriend for three years. She moved to the U.S. from Brazil in 2000 to study interior design and currently works as a designer. She started learning affiliate marketing with Commission Hero in December 2019. Although she was worried about the language barrier and her busy schedule, she was determined to continue with affiliate marketing. 

Current State of Mariah’s Affiliate Business

Mariah recently reached a significant milestone by earning her first $1,000 in a single day through affiliate marketing and is now focused on maintaining and growing this income. Despite her full-time job, she commits two to three hours on weekdays and additional time on weekends to her marketing activities. She began her venture with an initial advertising budget of $120 and has increased this investment over time. Her current average return on investment is about 50%.

Top Lessons Learned From Challenges Faced

Overcoming Self-Doubt and Language Barriers: Initially, Mariah doubted her abilities because English is not her first language, but she did not let this stop her. She advocates for people to start something new, despite the odds. 

Time Management: Juggling a full-time job and her affiliate marketing efforts, she learned the importance of time management and commitment.

Mindset Shift: Mariah realized the potential for a better lifestyle through affiliate marketing. She shifted her focus from a traditional 9-5 job to entrepreneurship.

Persistence and Learning: She emphasized the importance of being persistent, learning from others’ experiences, and actively engaging in the learning process.

Future Goals: Mariah aims to consistently achieve higher income days. Her goal is to make good income with affiliate marketing and leave her job. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Commission Hero's traffic strategy leverages Facebook advertising. Facebook ads have been steadily increasing in recent years. The platform frequently updates its algorithms and users are usually prone to ad fatigue. 

What is Commission Hero BBB?

Commission Hero reviews on the Better Business Bureau don't speak of Robby's company, Blanchard Media, in a positive light. The main issues people have with Commission Hero are the following.

  • Deceptive marketing
  • False refund policy
  • Not seeing the return they felt Robby Blanchard promised
  • Commission Hero not being transparent about all the money you need to invest
  • Too focused on using the ClickBank platform
  • You only learn how to use paid traffic to generate more sales, which is expensive

What is Commission Hero Trustpilot?

Commission Hero reviews on Trustpilot are more positive than those you'll find on the Better Business Bureau site. The main things that stand out to students who have good things to say about Commission Hero are listed below.

  • Private Facebook group provides lots of support
  • Interactive and supportive coaches
  • Detailed course
  • They give you the tools to build your business
  • Robby is patient and kind to students

Commission Hero Testimonials

When Chad joined Commission Hero, he was new to the affiliate marketing business. He likes how beginner friendly the Commission Hero training is and how active Robby is in the private Facebook group by providing support to his students. After a month and a half of running ads for his offers, he reached his first $1,000 day with almost $700 in profit.

Noel is a Commission Hero member who didn't launch her campaigns until 5 months after she joined Commission Hero. When she finally took action, she immediately began making money. Her first day, she made $100. She reached almost $6,000 per week. Noel says that the support Robby and the entire Commission Hero community provide has been key to her success.

Commission Hero vs Super Affiliate System

               CH 2.0
Super Affiliate System





Robby Blanchard

John Crestani

Year Started



Private Group


Not as active



No technical support

Affiliate Program

  • ClickBank

Ad Training

  • Facebook Ads
  • SnapChat
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Native Ads

Automation Training




Ad creation software

Landing page creation software

Affiliate Program



What makes Commission Hero different from other affiliate marketing courses is that there is training on how to leverage SnapChat to generate more traffic and sales. There is also a bonus email marketing training. 

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby Blanchard is successful affiliate marketer from Acton, Massachusetts and earned an MBA from Fitchburg State College, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. After graduating, he opened a fitness gym, CrossFit Reach, but struggled because he didn't know how to make online marketing work for him. In time, he began running a Facebook advertisement to promote his own product. Then Robby found other products on ClickBank to promote and started generating $1,000 per week.

By 2017, he was earning $10,000/week on the ClickBank Affiliate platform. In 2019, he won the Click Bank Affiliate Contest and was named the ClickBank Affiliate of the Year. He went from struggling gym owner to making millions online as the number one ClickBank affiliate in the world.

Robby is now the owner and CEO of Blanchard Media, and has been featured in publications like Disrupt Magazine, Fox, and the Wall Street Journal. Robby Blanchard is the owner of Commission Hero and has helped over 11,000 students achieve results with the Commission Hero system. On the Robby Blanchard YouTube channel, he posts content about making money with affiliate marketing for his over 59,000 subscribers, but only posts every few weeks. 

What is the Robby Blanchard Net Worth?

Robby Blanchard has an estimated net worth of between $10 million and $70 million if you take into consideration that he has coached tens of thousands of people with Commission Hero and the millions he's made in affiliate commissions.

photo of robby blanchard

What is SpyHero?

SpyHero is a tool created by Robby Blanchard to help you spot winning ads and landing pages for top offers.

Robby Blanchard's Claim

Robby Blanchard claims that mastering affiliate marketing is easy and can be done in the following 3 steps. 

  1.  Finding top offers on ClickBank that are in a large niche and pay you over $100 per sale.
  2. Create your "Money Pages" by using the SpyHero software to use the ads and landing pages that are doing well and personalize them for your campaigns.
  3. Begin advertising on Facebook.

Debunking Robby Blanchard's Claim

Robby's claim that mastering affiliate marketing is easy is not true if you are looking to scale your affiliate marketing business past 6 and 7-figures. However, the truth about affiliate marketing is that paid advertising on Facebook is getting more expensive each year and you are competing with thousands of affiliate marketers worldwide for the same affiliate offers. You must build your authority online in a variety of ways to stand out. Also, your profit margins are 15% to 30% after you've spent money on ads and since affiliate networks are the ones who dictate how much you make, you can predict how much money you will make in affiliate commissions.

Commission Hero Alternatives

Project 24 from Income School by Jim Harmer and Ricky Kesler is an alternative to Robby Blanchards Commission Hero that teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing by leveraging blogs and YouTube videos that help build authority, which leads to more sales. There is a private forum-style community for support, live masterminds each week, and bonus training on topics like website building, monetization, and more.

Price: Project 24 costs $449 for the first year and $249 each year after.

More Info: Project 24 Review

Super Affiliate System by John Crestani is an affiliate marketing alternative course to Commission Hero. You learn how to make money promoting ClickBank offers and you learn how to generate traffic on several paid traffic platforms. There are live weekly coaching calls and a private Facebook group for support. 

Price: Super Affiliate System costs $997. 

More Info: Super Affiliate System Review

digital bankroll review

Digital Bankroll by Matthew Neer is a done-for-you affiliate email marketing program. You will receive a complete passive income affiliate marketing business that uses email marketing to make sales. The program is also mixed with MLM qualities. Digital Bankroll also offers a program for experience affiliate marketers where they cover other strategies of online marketing.

Price: Digital Bankroll Silver costs $997 and Gold costs $5,000.

More Info: Digital Bankroll Review

Wealthy Affiliate by Kyle Loudoun is another Commission Hero alternative. You learn the basics of getting started with affiliate marketing and you can become an affiliate of the platform to make extra affiliate commission.

Price: Wealthy Affiliate costs $997. 

More Info: Wealthy Affiliate Review

To learn about other alternatives to Commission Hero like the Affiliate Lab, read my article on the best affiliate marketing courses.

Is Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business Lucrative in 2024?

Starting an affiliate marketing business is lucrative in 2024 because, according to one study, the affiliate marketing industry in the United States is headed for a valuation of $8.2 billion.

However, affiliate marketing is challenging because it requires constant content creation on blogs, YouTube channels, and even podcasts to boost traffic towards your affiliate offers. This is even more essential when promoting a high ticket affiliate offer. Clickbait tactics and spamming people's email or social media groups will not work in 2024. Those methods are outdated and a fast way to get banned from affiliate programs. These companies can also change your affiliate link without notice.

You also have to factor in ad exhaustion when running a Facebook campaign. People eventually tire of the same ads unless you have the money to spend on re-creating ads and split-testing. Creating specific, targeted content with a clear call to action, on-point sales copy that targets a customer's problems is a must. But doing this will cost you thousands of dollars with no guarantee of a return on your investment. How much money you make depends on the niche you choose, the offers you promote, and how much time & money you're prepared to invest in your affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is good, but it's highly competitive and more of a hassle to make money online than local lead generation.

An Alternative to Commission Hero That Gives You the Most Control & Financial Freedom

Local lead generation offers more control in your business and financial freedom that affiliate marketing doesn't. After building your digital assets, you position them to generate free organic traffic on Google and send the leads to local businesses who can benefit from exclusive leads from you each month. 

These digital properties allow you to get paid on autopilot because of the value they provide to local business owners. The more assets you build, the more financial freedom you'll have. To learn how to make money online without facing the challenges that come with affiliate marketing, check out the local lead generation business model.

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