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Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero Review 2021, is it legit?

February 18, 2021


This course review will go over Robby Blanchard's Commission Hero affiliate marketing course.

We'll go over if this course is legit, if affiliate marketing is the best business model moving forward in 2021 or if there's a better way.

No need to go to Reddit or Quora for the answer.

For starters, let me make this clear:

I'm not an affiliate looking to make money with this review

Ok, so you've made it to the sales page of Commission Hero and let me guess....

You haven't gone any farther because you just aren't sure if Robby's course is legit?

I get it.

As you see one the sales page, this course was made to teach folks how to make more than $1000 per day online, with the help of Robby's 3-step system even if you're new to the affiliate marketing and Facebook space.

Robby believes that Commission Hero is the best way to make money online and they have so many success stories to back that up.

Many of their students are making their first hundred and thousand dollar days because of this course. 

Hard to argue with the results, right?

If you'd like to see which course is better between Commission Hero vs Savage Affiliates or Commission Hero vs Super Affiliate System, click the link to each course review and make the decision for yourself.

Before we get into this honest review...

Allow me to reintroduce myself... My name is Ippei...

I used to work a 9-5 back in Michigan and it was just the worst. 

Surely you can relate.

Everything changed in 2014 when I became an online entrepreneur after I learned how to rank sites on Google and generate leads on a monthly basis for local businesses.

As you can see above, one of my tree care sites has earned me $2000 per month passively ever since 2014.

I call that mailbox money.

If you'd like to read up on what I believe is the #1 online business model, I'm dropping the link below.

Let's see who Robby Blanchard, the creator of Commission Hero, is.

Who Is Robby Blanchard?

Robby was a personal trainer who had a degree in exercise science.

He owned a Crossfit gym back in 2014 and his struggles were so bad that he had to choose between paying the bills or a decent meal.

Many can relate to that. 

He then started running ads for his gym and everything changed at that point.

That's when the numbers of members at his gym increased and he was able to get into a brand new facility for his gym.

Facebook ads no doubt took his business to new heights.

He then started to run ads to high converting products that other people owned.

After trial and error, he eventually had a breakthrough and began to earn $1000 days.

Robby's now the #1 affiliate on Clickbank and a multi millionaire as a result. 

All of this success has made him want to help others by teaching them how to do the same thing he did.

Which brings us to the Commission Hero course.

His system teaches you how to generate thousands of dollars online on a daily basis while chillin’ at home and he believes you can achieve all of this within 30-90 days of starting out. 

What To Expect In This Course?

The following points are what you can expect to learn in this Commission Hero course.

Commission Hero Review

Getting Started

To get this course started, Robby welcomes you to Commission Hero in the first video of this section.

He goes over how to get started with Facebook ads for affiliate marketing. 

He urges you to trust him as you go through the course and emphasises that there's a method to his madness. 

Basically, bare with him even though at first, things might seem confusing.

So, no giving up. 

The first thing you need to do is set up a Facebook Business Manager account.

This is the area in Facebook where you're going to be able to manage and monitor your campaigns, ads, budget and you can even split-test.

This isn't something you want to do using your personal account. 

You know how they say to never mix your business income with your personal bank account?

Same thing applies here.

Also, when it comes to affiliate marketing on Facebook, ad accounts have the possibility of being shut down. 

Therefore, Robby tells you how many ad accounts to setup in case one or multiple get shut down.

I liked that he made a video explaining what affiliate marketing is in this section.

Not many people know what it is especially these days with COVID and everyone looking for ways to make money online.

So it's not outside the realm of possibility that affiliate marketing could be new to someone. 

Robby now does a great job at showing you how to find the right offers on certain affiliate sites starting with the obvious, Clickbank.

He's the #1 Clickbank affiliate in the world so, that should be expected.

did you know...

Images matter when you run ads?

Well, if you don't know...

Robby teaches you the importance of images, what an image should contain and how you can locate a designer on the Fiverr platform. 

Landing pages are key when you're talking about paid traffic.

You'll also learn how to setup that up and register for Clickfunnels.

You could use other platforms to make landing pages, of course.

That's no crime.

But, you should choose to just follow Robby's method.

Facebook Setup

Time to jump into Facebook and finally get started.

By now you've already setup your Facebook Business Manager.

You can get all kinds of creative in the Business Manager.

Robby teaches you how to do it all, from setting up the Business Manager, launching your first campaign, setting up your fan page, creating your ads, the ad-sets and creating custom audiences.

He does a great job at getting you familiar with each section in the Business Manager.

Pay attention when he speaks about custom audiences.

This is such a big deal because of what's possible on Facebook.

Showing your ads to your ideal audience is big time because that'll ensure that you're running your campaign as efficient as possible. 

Efficiency means more money in your pocket.

No point in having your ads shown to folks who could care less about your offer, right?

That'd be a waste.

Facebook is great in that you can hyper target your ideal customers.

It's genius really.

Why wouldn't you take advantage of that feature?

You ain't gonna find it that good on other platforms, believe me.

Not YouTube, not Google and not LinkedIn.

Surely you've heard of the Facebook Pixel, yea?

If you haven't, Robby explains the importance and shows you how to get that installed and placed inside your Clickbank account. 

The pixel will help you keep track of what actions people are taking.

That data will aid you in making the best decisions for your campaigns.

You'll be better informed on if you need to make adjustments or even if it's best to shut an offer off.

Don't let this part intimidate you especially because Robby helps you understand the pixel analytics.

Tracking & Scaling 

How serious are you about being your own boss?

Well then, you need to make sure you keep things organized and keep track of every cent you spend.

If you don't, believe me when I say that you can lose control of your campaign and your budget real quick.

Do you really want to check it after a few days only to realize that you're a few hundred dollars in the hole with no results?

Don't be that guy/gal.

Robby also shows you how to install tracking links as well as how to use tracking IDs.

This may seem boring, but if you don't go through this part and understand its importance, you're going to end up hating yourself.

Maybe even submitting your resume for another 9-5.

Let's be optimistic though.

Now, at some point, after things are going smooth, you're going to need to know how to scale your campaigns.

This is all about taking what works and doing more of that.

If you do this the right way, Robby's way, you can expect to see some good earnings.

Everyone loves profit!

Resources & Tools

Oh how you gotta love resources & tools.

Like any business, you need these.

Resources and tools are obviously different from business to business.

when you invest in this course...'ll get all of the landing pages, ad creatives and contacts that will absolutely make a positive difference in your business.

Sure, you can find this info online but what marks the difference is the fact that you're shown how to do things step-by-step. 

It's always best when you have a pro guiding you because the potential for errors is drastically reduced.

In this module, he shares million dollar landing page swipes for Clickbank and other platforms.

The gold here is that Robby shares the ad copy, images and calls to action that are proven to be super successful.

Ad copy is not everyone's forté and most people end up looking like this guy...

The fact that you're being given the copy in Robby's course puts you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. 

Not many Facebook courses even teach you ad copy well, if at all.

FYI, if you want a course that does teach ad copy well, I recommend Molly Pittman's Paid Traffic Mastery course.

She goes in-depth when it comes to what and how to write the copy for your ads.

As a newbie to business, you probably don't have a clue as to how to even set up a business entity.


Don't worry, in this module you'll learn how to do so.

It's really not as complicated as you may think. 

There are actually plenty of ways to set up your business online.

There are companies online that can do it for you such as Incfile and LegalZoom.

These methods are great because they guide you through the process and even help you find what licenses you may need to remain compliant with Uncle Sam. 

It requires some cash but it's obviously a necessity so that you can keep things legit.

Robby shows you how to structure your business here. 

Robby also shows you which of his products he's been successful at promoting over the years.

He gives an overview on the landing pages he used, ad images, how he setup the campaigns and case studies of campaigns he’s ran in the past.

The following are the campaigns he's ran in the past:


  • EZ Battery
  • Lean Belly Breakthrough
  • Flat Belly Fix
  • Teds Woodworking
  • Slim Belly Fix
  • Resurge
  • Lepitox
  • Manifestation Magic

Additional Training

Oh yea, now come the ninja tactics.

Extra training that will really help you out by getting you past some of the steps and processes that could slow you down if you're new.

Here's what Robby shares:


  • How to get an AMEX card
  • How to get Revolut cards
  • Spying on Facebook ads
  • Dealing with account shutdowns
  • How to appeal shutdown accounts

You'll even get a training on SnapChat.

Who else do you know has a training on SnapChat?


This, in my opinion, is awesome value right here.

Let me not forget that there's also a training on email marketing.

I'm all about putting more "fishing lines in the water".

What I mean is, setting up different ways to have success and not just putting all of your eggs in one basket.

6 Weeks To Success

This section includes 6 videos each anywhere between an hour or 2 long where Robby explains how to setup a winning affiliate campaign in 6 weeks.

He shows you how in the following steps:

This is great because Robby goes week by week in this section through all of the steps.


There's an inner circle in this program.

The membership fee is $297 per month or you can buy the lifetime access.

People can get into this circle if they’re serious and want to go to the next level.

More weekly training and DFY campaigns are included.

He has a team that’s testing ads, new offers, creatives, landing pages every month.

When they find something that's profitable and works, they give access to all inner circle members.

they say... are who you surround yourself with, right?

Why not join the inner circle?

Another upsell is the Image Pack.

You can purchase a ton of images and creatives that have worked in the past.

You'll get 1000 images that you can plug and play into any campaign and niche.

Fiver will cost you like 1500-2000 bills.

This package is a couple hundred dollars but not a necessary purchase to get coming into the course.

  • DFY Campaigns
  • live event recordings
  • private 1-on-1 coaching

Is Commission Hero Worth The Investment?

If affiliate marketing is what you're dead-set on doing, this is a great course for you.

People are actually making money and you'll see the wins posted in the Facebook group so, clearly this does work.

The training is great and the amount of info in the FB group is very valuable.

When you look at the Units section, you'll see more modules inside of the FB group.

More value is always great.

The price of this course is a one-time payment of $997 or two payments of $597 each.

When it comes to getting a refund, this is only possible within 14 days of purchasing the course and only if you haven't accessed any of the training.

If you have any unanswered questions going through the course there's a possibility that they'll be answered if you go through the Units section.

Don’t forget that there are weekly coaching calls with plenty of great training.

The info inside, live training and resources are amazing when it comes to FB ads and Clickbank affiliate marketing.

You really do have everything you need to get the training down packed.

Fast results aren’t guaranteed of course and it all comes down to what you put into it, but the system can work.

Once you go through the step-by-step training and find a winning campaign, you can expect to make profit in a matter of days and weeks.

Remember that the fastest way to see results online is paid ads and scaling is easy once you find a winning ad.

question is... long will it take to find a winning ad?

This is where affiliate marketing & especially Facebook ads start to rub me the wrong way. 

Not everyone has the funds to be able to take any kind of loss even if its a few hundred or thousand dollars. It takes money and time to find a winning offer and ad.

A couple of days can pass if you aren't on top of things and you can end up losing money with no results.

Also, you'll come across plenty of issues.

Many people have issues with FB getting their accounts and business managers shut down.

It feels like an uphill battle with this business model to be honest.

Every passing year will be more difficult to do this because the FB algorithm gets smarter.

These are problems you have to deal with often.

Facebook is unpredictable and shuts things down all the time. 

To me, that all sounds like an expensive hassle I just don't have time for. 


...isn't the point to earn a residual, passive income?

Affiliate marketing is alright, but in 2020-2021, I'm not messing with it nor Facebook ads.

If you want to make a truly passive income, in my opinion, local lead generation with free traffic is the way to go.

Let me show you what I'm talkin' about.

How I Earn $50K+ Per Month, Passively Through Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation?

Free traffic?

What's Ippei talkin' about?

Tell me more!

I know, I know.

I earn my residual passive income by ranking lead generation websites at the top of page 1 on Google.

Here's an example of what I'm talkin' about.

This is my lead generation site that offers limo services in Lansing, Michigan.

I got it to rank at the top of page 1 in Google for the following keywords:

  • Limo service Lansing
  • Lansing Limo
  • Limo Lansing etc.

Now, I don't own a limo company but either way, my lead generation site generates a ton of leads on a monthly basis.


let me ask you...

...when you search for a business on Google, which business do most people call?

Don't they call the one that's ranked top 3 in the map pack and then first organically? The one that has more positive reviews?

Yea they do.

Few people go to page 2 or 3 searching for a business and rarely anyone likes to call a business that has low review ratings.

That website you see above has paid me $750 per month ever since 2014.

We're coming into 2021 now, you do the math on what I'm bringing in.

You're probably asking where the money comes from?

Remember when I said that I don't own a limo company?

Well, the leads that do come into my lead generation sites are sent to an actual limo company who isn't ranked on page 1 of Google organically nor in the map pack.

Wouldn't you say that a business with a poor digital presence and looking to grow needs all the leads they can get their hands on?

Yes they are!

Good guess.

It's very simple.

My lead gen site, my digital property, generates leads.

I forward those leads on a monthly basis to a business looking to grow who is also capable of doing so and we make a deal where I get a sliver of the business they close with the leads I send them.

To not make it so complicated, check this infographic out.

It's that simple folks.

After checking that out, why wouldn't you build out more lead gen sites?

These properties are your digital real estate!

The more you build and rank, the more leads you'll have to send to more business owners which means, what?

You'll get more slivers of all the deals.

More slivers means more cash money.

I personally like to eventually settle on a monthly fee.

Ippei Kanehara

THAT, my friend is what I call a truly residual and passive income

Oh and by the way, once you build the sites out and rank them, there's very little maintenance that you've got to do.

It took me no more than 5 hours to build out my site above and optimize it back in the day.

With this business model, there's no monitoring ad spend, conversions or even split testing like you have to do whenever you run ads regardless the platform you use. Not to mention the money you can spend in a matter of days and not get any results from doing so.

No ROI at all.

That's not the risk I'm willing to take at all.

Like I said, this is what I call a truly passive income.

Below are all of the reasons why in my honest opinion, local lead generation with free organic traffic, is the #1 online business model out there.

If you're worried about market saturation, don't be.

Every niche in each market nationwide and worldwide is different due to factors such as population and competition.

There's plenty of room to crush it and scale no matter where you are.

The best decision I've ever made was to take that onboarding call and join the lead gen coaching program.

I took the call from my mentor/friend Dan back in 2014 while I was working at an auto parts counter.

I put my head down and got to work building out lead gens sites in different niches. 

After that, my life changed.

$52K per month is what I now make on auto-pilot.


...what other business model can offer those types of returns as passive as this one?

Also, the startup costs to get this going are minimal compared to what you have to put into Facebook ads and affiliate marketing.

Something that's really game-changing about the coaching program is the level of support you get from the private support group.

This isn't a wannabe support group.

You ask questions in the group and they get answered. It's clear that this feels like a tight knit group of over 6300 who all have the same goal in mind.

We have 2 weekly coaching calls on Tuesday and Thursday evenings where we all learn more about our business and really do just level up. 

With local lead generation, you can no doubt achieve a passive income but understand, that with the skills we learn, we really do make a huge impact in the lives of the business owners we send leads to.

If I didn't mention it before, we send the leads exclusively to the business owners. 

That's how we distinguish ourselves from Homeadvisor who also sends leads, but to a few different companies and still charges each of them.

Not how we do.

I know I've gotten your attention up to this point so, I'll leave you with this.

The lead gen biz model is amazing.

There's no monthly or yearly membership fee to join our coaching program after you join.

ask yourself... I ready to take control of my life, make a difference in the lives of others and earn my income passively?

Jump on a call with us to see if this is a good fit.

See you on the inside.

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