Lee Haight’s Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass Review – What Can You Get From This Masterclass?

February 26, 2024

Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass is a roofing program by Lee Haight that teaches how to earn leads for your business using the combination of old and new methods of getting clients using Facebook and Google. Lee calls this method digital door knocking which incorporates digital marketing rather than a word of mouth and door-to-door technique to build relationships. He also teaches how you can recruit your own sales team online to improve business revenue. ZipRecruiter’s data shows an average roofing contractor salary is $20.95 an hour in the United  States. The program teaches you techniques and methods on how you can earn leads through cold calling that seals the deal even without bedding experience and skills. 

There are no reviews of Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass despite being launched in 2022, aside from the limited testimonials found on the website and Lee Haight’s YouTube channel. Despite Lee Haight’s popularity in the roofing industry, his course lacks reviews. But only comments from Lee Haight’s Facebook and YouTube show positive reviews from people inspired by the type of content he is producing. 

This Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass review will breakdown the pros and cons, what's in the program, who should take it, and reviews online. It also presents you about Lee Haight, his claim, and his other products. You learn if owning a roofing business is the best to earn money or if there is a better business model you can launch. 

Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass Review: Pros And Cons


Lee Haight teaches you how to use social media to build a team and getting leads.

Lee Haight has over 15 years of experience in the roofing business.

Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass offers you access to tons of free books and training.


Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass has limited client testimonials or reviews on the platform despite its launch in 2022.

The website is full of upsells for Lee Haight’s other programs.

You can’t easily start your roofing business without a general contractor license.


The special price of Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass is $997.


The group of Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass has different Facebook groups depending on the program. Blue Collar Launch has 210 members, Blue Collar Boardroom has 227 members, and Sky Diamond Sales Pros has 10K members.

Refund Policy

The refund policy of Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass is 30 days money-back guarantee.


Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass started on 2022


The reputation of Lee Haight is positive in the roofing business. He is featured in ABC, NBC, Top 100 Roofing Contractors and Fox.

What Can You Get From Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass?

You get Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass’ methods, blueprint, university, Lee Haight’s book breakdown, and 2 bonus content. The program is for easy script creation to get leads through social media. This technique is to look natural and informative while avoiding to appear like an advertisement.

Chapter-By-Chapter Book Breakdown Of My Book

It shows Lee’s explanation or thought process as he breaks down his book. The original value of this is $4,997. It shares the action Lee did over his 15+ year experience in the roofing industry. And how he has sold $20 million projects using his method.

The Blue Collar Marketing Method

Lee Haight shares his unique way of using social ad videos to grow and build your brand through social media. Instead of hustling from creating sales campaigns and doing door-to-door. It helps you earn a fresh stream of leads to customers the cheapest way. 

The blue collar marketing method teaches the cycle of digital marketing door-to-door to direct sales campaigns. Lee’s idea is to make sales easier if your prospect client knows you. It helps you to get cheap leads the easiest way.

Social Sales King Blueprint

You learn how to be confident in imposing your strategic plan because it won’t work, even if you have the strategy. The cycle is to build testimonials to hidden damage. Learn how important it is to be confident and to invest in your learning. Understand and learn how you can be comfortable in front of the camera to familiarize talking to your viewers.

1 User, 1 Year Full Sky Diamonds University

When you buy the program, you gain access to Sky Diamond University for a year. It teaches the basic skill set you should have as a salesperson and how to connect to your potential customers. You learn the script to put yourself as the best adviser.

2 Bonus Content

Bonus #1: The 30 Day Recruiting Challenge

Bonus #2: Contracting Growth Secrets Welcome Box

What Is Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass?

Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass is a roofing program that teaches you how to gather exclusive deals using social media to attract the best team and leads. It teaches how you can gather exclusive deals using social media to attract the best team and leads. Lee Haight shares 3 expert secrets for increasing your social media presence. The technique will help your roofing business be self-sustaining by acquiring hundreds of deals within a month. Build your own team without hiring bad sales people that can one call close. One call close is a situation where a salesperson closes a deal within the first meeting. Lee promotes the program as the training you’ll want if you lack sales performance and growth. 

  • Secret 1: Gain followers
    Lee says that it is unlikely for people to follow you if they haven’t heard of you. That is why you have to make use of social media since it is the cheapest way to create your name. This is Lee’s technique of recruiting and getting deals. 
  • Secret 2: Analysis paralysis
    Analysis paralysis is a problem where you can’t decide because of over-analyzing a data or a problem. Even experienced contractors have this problem. Be aware of some problems that may arise so you can avoid them. 
  • Secret 3: Have a great sales team
    Lee mentions how you can always get a client if you’re a great salesperson. But your company could get more clients if you have an amazing sales team. Since the program not only focuses on getting deals, but also hiring a great team.

Who Is Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass For?

Contracting Growth Secrets is for roofers and experienced roofers who are promised wealth by consultants but do not deliver results and are eager for success. The program is for door-to-door roofers and‌ business owners who are tired of hoping to get clients through word of mouth. It is perfect for entrepreneurs with a roofing business but are struggling to earn 6 to 8 digits. The program wants their students to take advantage of social media (Facebook) and Google to gather leads.

Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass Review Online

There are no Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass reviews found on other online platforms aside from the reviews on the website. There are no Trustpilot reviews for Lee Haight and the program. But most reviews are on Lee Haight’s YouTube channel.

Kristina Stevens-Grube commends Sky Diamond University for helping roofing beginners increase their engagement and marketing strategies. She recommends the program even for entrepreneurs who are successful to even create a bigger impact. She recalls his brother, who became confident in cold calling and can land deals. 

Rex C or Rick Castellanos, paint and roofing contractor from Texas, recommends Sky Diamond University. He says that it is for people who are looking to enhance their marketing skills. Rexx mentions the importance of being a part of an organization that helps with your growth.

Is Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass Legit?

Yes, Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass is legit, but they receive little to no reviews out of their platform. Scamadviser rates them a trust score of 90 over 100. It notes that the website has an SSL certificate with an established website. The program started in 2021 and there aren’t any negative reviews found on Lee Haight’s Facebook and YouTube channel. The business model they present and work with is also legal and legit. 

Since Contracting Growth Secret Masterclass offers free training and a free book, you can try registering first to get a gist of what you’ll get if you subscribe to the program. You only need your email address and name to register and it won’t cost you anything. Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass can be worth it since they offer discounts and it is for people who are passionate about the roofing business since it covers topics about marketing strategies up to hiring your team and business growth.

Are The Clients Of Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass Successful?

Yes, the clients of Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass are successful based on the testimonials on the website and Lee Haight’s YouTube channel. Although there are limited reviews, it shows that previous clients are happy with the service they received from the program.

Lee Haight’s YouTube channel has a Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass playlist with 160 videos and 1,140 videos. And the comments of clients appear in the comment section. Lisa Marie shares that she registered for Lee’s training.

It also shows on other Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass’s videos. And how viewers are happy about the content Lee is sharing and how they are excited about future content he creates. But the playlist is from 2 years ago without new additional content on YouTube.

Lee Haight Other Products

  • Sky Diamond Scaling Roadmap - Lee Haight explains the program as a combination of traditional scaling methods and new methods. This method works both online and offline. Since after the pandemic, most people spend their time online. It targets that. You don’t need to excel in door-to-door branding and marketing skills. Lee calls this roadmap the “minimalist approach”. 
  • The Blue Collar Boardroom - Lee Haight suggests following his YouTube channel because he documents his decision-making in his own company. A place where he creates different videos about roofing strategies and techniques you can copy on your own business. He also shows live door-to-door training, where he shows how he negotiates with potential clients. 
  • Contracting Growth Secrets Book - It is a book Lee Haight created as a documentary on his roofing journey. He wants to show the challenges and difficulties he faced throughout his business and show what he did to overcome them. It includes tips on how to increase business sales and growth. And teaches how to train your sales agents. 
  • Sky Diamonds University Elite - Lee calls it his passion project to help start contractors and contractors to handle challenges in the business. The program teaches how to be accountable and shows what Lee did to get the best leads to stay above the market. 
  • Roofers Automation - Learn how you can create your own website, including the landing pages, emails, automations, and messages. It includes lessons on getting leads through creating lead survey forms. And teach what you can do after transforming leads to appointments. 

Lee Haight Resources

  • 7 Deadliest Mistakes - Learn how you can advance your business by avoiding beginner mistakes. The program explains the common mistakes you can avoid in your business. It teaches how to take advantage of automating your processes. So you can experience how your business functions even without you. 
  • Commercial Prospectors Guide - It includes lessons on what actions can attract new customers and clients. You learn to track potential customer’s email addresses and numbers of property owners. 
  • The Ultimate Pitch - It teaches what to write to grab the attention of owners so that they would likely set an appointment in your business. Learn how important pitching is and how it can help you land clients after clients. 
  • Case Study Email Template - A step-by-step guide how Lee keeps up with LLCs (Limited Liability Company). Lee shows templates you can copy to grow prospects and partners. It also includes tips on how to know a prospect client’s phone number and email. 

Who Is Lee Haight?

Lee Haight is a husband, father, coach, speaker, entrepreneur, president at Roofing Professionals LLC, and the creator of Contracting Growth Secrets Masterclass from Fort Worth, Texas, United States. He presents as the owner of 25 companies in the roofing business over America who help create 25,000 roofs in 15+ years. Lee views himself as an expert door-to-door recruiter with over $200 million project contracts. He mentions on his LinkedIn profile how being a salesperson is a natural thing for him. And has now had experiences with 30 different markets in the United States.

In 1993, Lee started a roofing business and made his first sale when he was 12 years old. In 2005, he became the sales manager at Roofing Professional and later promoted as president in 2013. He started his own company in January 2020, Roofing & Reconstruction Contractors of America LLC. 

At the moment, Sky Diamonds University is the first training program for roof contractors. Lee Haight is active on YouTube with 19.3K subscribers, Facebook with 32K, and Instagram with 86.2K followers. 

Lee Haight Claim: No Digital Marketer or Content Creation Needed!

Lee Haight claims that you don’t need any digital experience, skills or even sell a product to launch your own online business. Aside from that, he guarantees that anyone can see the results of their launched business within 7 days. And once you’re enrolled in the program, you won’t be needing other courses, webinars and even books.

Lee Haight Claim Debunked

The claim of not needing any experience or needing to sell a product to launch a business is possible, but it is unrealistic to see results within 7 days with no knowledge or spending too much on social media advertisements. Statista’s data shows the ad spending in social media is expected to reach $74.4 billion in 2024. And according to Wordstream, Facebook has an average CPM of $7.19, YouTube with $9.68, Instagram and Instagram with $7.91. 

Many articles on how to start your own roofing business show that you need intensive preparedness and research before you can start your own business. Although it is possible to start without experience, HPRoofing and some experienced roofers do not advise it. The competition in the industry is also fierce, with over 79,139 contractors in the US, according to IBIS World. It will be hard to compete against experienced roofers or contractors without spending money on ads. 

It is also unlikely to launch your roofing business without a license. There are different requirements per cities in the United States, so be sure you qualify first before you can start your own business. The National Association of Credit Management lists down all states, and Missouri is the only state that does not need a contractor’s license.

Conclusion: Generate Low-Risk Passive Income With Local Lead Generation Biz

Local lead generation biz allows you to generate a low-risk income without huge initial investment, fierce competition and struggle on ROI. This business model does not require you to spend much on the initial investment. You can start a local lead generation business with $500. It differs from competing with many roofers contractors because you target local businesses in a city or a town. Competition is less intense with only 2 or 3 competition. Whereas in the roofing industry, you compete with 79,139 contractors, making it difficult to stand out.

The roofing industry requires a lot of research, knowledge, and skills before you have the confidence to launch your own business. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions that even having your own roofing business does not rely on formal education, but they receive training as an apprentice.

Local lead generation works where you target a business, then create a website around that. You use search engine optimization (SEO) to rank the website on Google. The more people who visit your website, the more leads you get. The scalability of local lead generation is good because there is no limit to how many websites you can create. It is an alternative if you want to have a passive income where you can earn $2,000 a month. This is the business model I recommend. 

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