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ConversioBot Review (2024): 4 Disadvantages of Using Artificial Intelligence

March 5, 2024

ConversioBot offers software powered by artificial intelligence designed to convert more sales. However, they don’t just sell chatbots. They provide different features, such as training videos, mentorship, and knowledge of cheap traffic sources, which can help you generate more leads and sales. They have helped thousands of local businesses in over 2 years.

Using AI Bots to automate your affiliate marketing business can generate passive income. They take away a lot of the workload by making the sales for you. However, affiliate marketing still relies on the affiliate companies which can be subject to change. Business models like local lead generation don’t rely on third-party companies. This gives you more control over your business. 

What is Bot Marketing? 

Bot Marketing is the use of intelligent software to generate more sales. These artificial intelligence are commonly called Bots or Chatbots. They are systems which are automated with designated tasks, such as conversing or gathering data from potential customers. Their purpose is to take away some of the workload while still maintaining customer satisfaction and converting more leads into sales. 

4 Disadvantages of Using Artificial Intelligence 

1. AI Can’t Replace Human Interaction 

If you’re using a chatbot to automate lead generation for your website, they can offer 24/7 customer engagement. However, this doesn’t replace human interaction. Their responses are limited. If a customer has a question that isn’t in the automated bot code, they can be unsatisfied, which can mean losing a sale. 

2. Maintenance

Operating with bots isn’t as passive as it sounds. Even if your business is fully automated, bots still require maintenance to keep them afloat. They can crash or slip up. Algorithms aren’t absolute. There are countless updates and changes you would need to apply after you’ve activated them. Bots still need to be operated and maintained by an actual human being. 

3. Implementation Can Take Time 

There are already built chatbots you can use. However, if you’re looking for software that caters to your business perfectly, you need to develop your own. This would require tons of data research into trends and coding, so you can create and activate a bot that can generate more leads. 

4. Analysis Can Be Uncertain 

There’s no denying that bots are intelligent. They can decide on their own based on the data and tasks provided to them. This doesn’t mean that their analysis is 100%. Bots lack the human ability to think beyond the data provided, which causing leads to fall through the cracks.

What is ConversioBot? 


ConversioBot is a software created by Simon Wood and Giri Prakash. They offer pre-made chatbots and chatbot template to create your own bot. Their goal is to turn you into a wealthy affiliate. ConversioBot also provides different features at different prices which can help you convert leads into sales faster. There is also another site under the name of ConvertoBot, also created by Simon and Giri. It offers the same software to use and create chatbots. 

Pros and Cons of ConversioBot 


They give you the option of using done-for-you bots or building your own. 

They offer guidance on how to use their bots.

They offer additional information on where to generate cheap traffic. 

Their bots work anywhere in the world and in any language. 

Works in multiple platforms. 


There are additional prices to continue using their bots. 

They market themselves as affordable but really they extend the payment over long periods of time. 

They don't offer money back guarantees. 


It costs $1,995 to avail for their program but for a "limited time" it costs $997. 

Refund Policy

No refund. 




They have mixed reviews. Some people find that ConversioBot is helpful for their business while other's don't like the added costs to continue using their bots. 

Who Are the Creators of ConversioBot? 

Simon Wood

Simon Wood started off working a 9-5 job in an advertising agency before he got laid off. Desperate to pay the bills, he started looking into ways of making money online and stumbled upon affiliate marketing. The passive income he was making wasn’t enough and he needed to work in customer support for one of the affiliate companies. He discovered that 99% of the sales were only made by 2.8% of the affiliate marketers. This led him to looking into AI Bots for Affiliate Marketing. Eventually he created ConversioBot in 2016. 

Giri Prakesh

Giri Prakesh is Simon Wood’s longtime friend. He is a tech expert and Simon needed his expertise into creating his AI Bot. Giri had given Simon a competitive price for what he wanted to do at around $9000 which he could not afford at that time. They decided to get into a partnership instead, combining Giri’s tech expertise and Simon’s marketing experience to develop ConversioBot. 

How Much Does ConversioBot Cost? 

ConversioBot has a number of products that they provide. They offer a program that contains everything you need to get started with AI Bot Affiliate marketing. The program originally costs $1,995 but for a “limited-time” you can purchase it for $997. They also offer a payment plan which costs $97 for 12 months. There are also additional payments to continue using their bots after you’ve made the initial payment. 

ConversioBot's cost

What is ConversioBot About and What Does It Include? 

ConversioBot is all about using artificial intelligence to convert more sales through affiliate marketing. Their goal is to automate the marketing process so that you can generate leads and sales. All without having to work over 30 minutes a day. If you're interested in purchasing a chat bot without the added knowledge, they also sell ConversioBot Lite and ConversioBot Pro

20 Done-For-You A.I. Bots

These bots are designed to target the highest-converting offers. They are ready to activate and with just a few clicks, you can set them as either Hijack Bots or Bot Landing Pages. 

Video Training & World-Class Support

They provide 3 hours of video training so that you can set up and start earning money. You also have the option to request a video, in which you can watch over Simon’s shoulder and receive mentorship from him and his team. 

Secret, Cheap & High Quality Traffic Sources

They provide step-by-step training so you drive profitable traffic from affordable sources. This will allow you to switch from one traffic source to another easily. 

what's included with conversiobot

Elite Bonus 

  • Consultation with Simon (15 Spots Only)
  • Lifetime Hosting & Email Marketing Integration (retail value: $4,995)
  • Done-For-You Lead Magnets (retail value: $2,995)
  • Weekly Group Coaching & Mentoring Calls For 90 Days (retail value: $1,795) (30 Spots Only)
  • NEW A.I. Bots On Demand (retail value: $6,995)

Phil Wilson Gives a Full Demo of Conversiobot

Getting Started with Conversiobot

Conversiobot is a user-friendly software tool which offers templates for various niches. It serves over 6900 businesses with more than 12 million bot conversations. Phil warns of multiple upsells in the sign up stage of the program. 

What You Can Do in the Platform 

The platform can generate emails, convert sales, book appointments, provide product support, and conduct surveys. Users have a choice between a $35/month light version and a $47/month pro version, with the latter offering more templates, multi-site support, and an option to remove branding.

Types of Bots

Conversiobot presents a diverse range of templates catering to various niches, including SEO, car dealerships, and chiropractic services. Phil uses the 'Get Leads' template to showcase the chatbot's interactive capabilities and its integration with email autoresponders. The platform also allows customization and seamless integration of major email marketing software.

What's not mentioned in the interview: AI-powered chatbots might struggle to understand nuances and complex queries. Studies show that AI chatbots can misinterpret user intents up to 30% of the time. 

What Are The Two Ways To Make Money With Bot Marketing Through ConversioBot? 

Bot Landing Pages

If you're a website owner, then bot landing pages might be beneficial. These are best for mobile use. It requires that you create a website, but it would only contain a landing page where potential customers can communicate with a ConversioBot chat bot through AI chat. These bots provide information to urge the potential customer into giving their email so that you can add them to your email list and send them your affiliate links. This can help you build a massive email list which can help your online business.

Bot Landing Page by conversioBot

Hijack Bots

Simon recommends beginners use Hijack Bots because it removes the need to create a website. How it works is that you simply copy and paste your affiliate link into the bot and whenever someone goes to their sale’s page, a small bot would appear on the corner to answer questions and provide more information.

Are AI Bot Strategies Legitimate? 

AI Bot Strategies are completely legal depending on how you use them. To use AI Bots legally, have permission from the product vendor that owns the affiliate offer or own the domain name. 

With ConversioBot, Can You Create Your Own Chatbots? 

You wouldn’t need to. ConversioBot provides already built AI systems that you can use. They cover a variety of niches and uses, ranging from auto roadside help to wedding planning. If you are interested in building an AI chatbot that’s catered to your business, you have the option of building your own with chat template and tools provided.

Where Can You Use ConversioBox? 

You can use ConversioBox on a variety of platforms. Any website that can integrate the JS automated bot code can process the bots for your use. 

Where can you use ConversioBot?

Can ConversioBot Increase Your Conversions?

Using AI Bots can increase your conversion rates from 10 to 100%, according to leadoo. ConversioBot supplies not only chatbots but also traffic sources and additional information. This can definitely help you convert more leads into sales. However, it still depends on the industry you’re affiliating for. Some methods work differently for various audiences. It would be up to you to discern which would serve best for the business that you’re trying to build. 

Chatbot conversion rate

ConversioBot Review and Testimonials

Conversio Bot has a mixed product review. While others talk highly of their success with using a ConversioBot chat bot. Others don’t share the same sentiment. Conversio Bot claims that you can receive a return of investment within the first two weeks with the sales they can help you generate. Some have seen success with Conversio Bot. However, there are some who think that it’s merely a moneymaking business trick intended to squeeze out whatever cash they can from you with additional payment. 

ConversioBot Review

Verdict: Is ConversioBot A Scam? 

ConversioBot is definitely not a scam. They are a legitimate business that provides genuine products. They supply valuable information for affiliate marketing using artificial intelligence. However, their claims to generate you more sales within a short amount of time may not be all that true. They use shady sales tactics to keep making money off of you, despite claiming that it would only require a small investment. 

Using Chatbots for Affiliate Marketing definitely has its perks. It allows you to fully automate the marketing process, giving you more time and assuring conversion optimization. However, this still depends on the industry you’re affiliating for and how you program your bots. Business models, like local lead generation, aren’t dependent on artificial intelligence, which can crash or break down. 

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