Oliver Kenyon Conversion Rate Academy Review: Can Landing Page Turn Clicks to Clients?

March 7, 2024

Conversion Rate Academy is a digital course on conversion rate optimization. It offers practical training on optimizing a business for higher conversion rates. Coach Oliver Kenyon provides marketers with a framework called ConversionDesign™ system. These are tools to optimize landing pages, website sections, or affiliate marketing campaigns.

There are mixed reviews of Conversion Rate Academy on Trustpilot, with a score of 4.6 stars. Most reviews praise the course for helping them get their desired conversion rate result in just 14 days or more. A few say that their sales drop after launching their new landing page. 

In this review, we will understand what Conversion Rate Academy is, and the system they have that converts clicks to clients.

Conversion Rate Academy Review: Pros and Cons


The CRA dashboard is organized. Each section is easy to navigate

The CRA has a specific section for members to share their website’s conversion rate growth. It also offers weekly coaching from the creators themselves.

Although CRA doesn’t offer a free-trial course, the cost is lower than other courses. They offer their full course and membership for $47 a month, and $297 annually.

CRA is rated 4.8/5 by TrustPilot, with over 200 reviews of the course.


There’s no free-trial course that gives you the option to decide whether to avail or not.

Doesn’t guarantee a 14-day success on conversion rate.


Conversion Rate Academy’s prices are:
• $47 monthly with full courses and community access.
• $ 297 annually (saves $367) with full courses and community access, plus free $ 187,000 worth of case studies.

Refund Policy

Conversion Rate Academy’s refund is a 14-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the courses and results.


Conversion Rate Academy was established in 2013.

Can Landing Page Turn Clicks to Clients?

A landing page can turn clicks to clients when done right. Businesses have discovered the potential of landing pages in driving conversions. They are a crucial factor of online marketing strategies that are used in email marketing, social media advertising, and pay-per-click campaigns.

The Conversion Rate Academy by Oliver Kenyon uses their ConversionDesign™ system to build landing pages that consistently generate conversions. CRA has developed a 4-step system from the ConversionDesign™ that helps in shooting up conversion rates and revenue:

  • Step 1: Learning to audit your own website.

    With the ConversionDesign™ system, you will learn how to assess your website's landing pages quickly. This will help you identify and assess which page is best to optimize first.

  • Step 2: Implementing ConversionDesign™ System

    This gives you the exact formula for rebuilding your highest traffic page and optimizing it to convert.

  • Step 3: Running traffic and testing new pages.

    The right implementation of the ConversionDesign™ System will give and show you an intense improvement from your previous KPIs.

  • Step 4: Continuous implementation of the system.

    Implementing the academy’s design system on advanced optimization will allow you to increase revenue.

What is Conversion Rate Academy?

The Conversion Rate Academy is a trading brand of ConversionWise Ltd. It is a 67-video course that provides training on building good landing pages, auditing, and optimizing a conversion-performing website. The hassle-free ConversionDesign™ System can be implemented on day one, eliminating the need to run multiple CRO tests to determine what works or not. The ConversionDesign™ system allows you to build high-converting landing pages and helps you see results in just 2 weeks or less.

How Does Conversion Rate Academy Work?

Conversion Rate Academy works like other online courses. Once you sign up for their full courses, you will be given access to their dashboard. There, you will find different sections. Each section is designed to help their academy members.

• Community Section: Here you will see community forums where users can share their progress and wins. This section is where the community can ask for feedback, guides, case studies, and tutorials. This is the section where users can get support from the community.

• Training Section: This section is dedicated to training. It includes information that will help the user understand CRO better. This section is also divided to sub-sections such as:
  • Intro
  • The Basics of Conversion Design
  • The Foundation of High Conversions
  • The Design Blueprint
  • The Development Blueprint
  • The Copywriting Blueprint
  • Level Up your Conversion Game
  • Testing and Optimization

Each sub-section covers different topics that help their users with the training.

Bonus Section: This section provides a space where other users post tips on how they do specific checklists, SOPs, and playbooks related to CRO.

Guides Section: This section allows the industry experts to share their expertise to the academy members. Here you can find CRO experts share their wisdom and knowledge that will help the academy members in their training and businesses.

Audits Section: Coach Oliver Kenyon and his team will visit different websites from the community and provide audit designs. In this section, they will give their insights on how CRO can be improved for a specific website.

Calendar Section: This section provides the schedule of upcoming events and livestreams. and conversions through your landing pages.

Who Is Conversion Rate Academy For?

The Conversion Rate Academy is for affiliates, digital marketers, and e-commerce store owners who want to build a page that guarantees high conversion rates in real time. This is also helpful for website developers and performance marketers, as well as team leaders who want to upskill their team’s understanding of CRO.

Are there any Conversion Rate Academy reviews?

Yes, there are Conversion Rate Academy reviews available online, specifically on Trustpilot. Both Conversion Rate Academy and ConversionWise have high Trustpilot reviews.

Conversion Rate Academy Trustpilot Reviews

Conversion Rate Academy has a 4.6 Trustpilot rate, with 20 customer reviews. There is no bad review written, and all 20 reviews gave 5 stars for the academy.

Pamela Asilo’s positive review says that the academy is generous on resources and she has learned a lot from Conversion Rate Academy’s CRO courses.

Another review from Adam Pivko says that Conversion Rate Academy is a secret gem of the digital marketing world. He also calls on digital marketers to be part of the CRA community for insights and thoughtful responses.

ConversionWise Trustpilot Reviews

ConversionWise, the company behind Conversion Rate Academy gathers 4.7 star rating on Trustpilot. With 278 customer reviews, 97% gave a 5-star rate, while the other 3% gave a 1-star rate.

Viktor Kardos says that he has achieved astonishing results for his client in just one week. He also stated the increase in his client’s conversion rate. He then noted that ConversionWise knows what is working or not in the e-commerce world.

Another positive review says that ConversionWise delivers everything you need, especially when you pay for their premium service. Brandon Bardwell noted the fast turnaround time he received through ConversionWise.

One of the negative reviews about ConversionWise says that he had a bad experience with the course. He mentioned that ConversionWise won’t end his subscription to the academy and he does not receive invoices from them.

Who is Oliver Kenyon?

Oliver Kenyon is a husband, a father, a coach, and the co-founder of ConversionWise, (previously named the Landing Page Guys) and Conversion Rate Academy, from Bristol, England, United Kingdom. He was a full-time chef before founding his first CRO agency.

In 2013, Oliver founded an affiliate marketing forum, alongside a CRO agency. In 2017, he received a 7-figure offer from Neil Patel to acquire his forum, so he could focus on his CRO agency. Years after making his agency work (and nothing happened), he then started using a rough system they developed themselves. This framework is what later became the basis for the ConversionDesign™ system.

What is ConversionWise?

ConversionWise, previously named the Landing Page Guys, is the company behind the Conversion Rate Academy. The company offers two services: Landing Page Design and Ongoing-CRO.

Here’s what each services offers:


• 72-hour delivery

• Unlimited design revisions

• Dedicated account manager

• Development ready files

• High converting frameworks

• Device specific designs

• Dedicated expert designer


• A/B Testing

• In-depth site and data analysis

• Ongoing research

• Full funnel optimization

• Fully managed on-going CRO

• Survey and review mining

• Expert design and development

With 11 years of experience, ConversionWise has worked with more than 3,500 customers.

Do Good Landing Pages Help Increase Conversion Rates?

Yes, good landing pages help increase conversion rates. A well-established landing page is one of the keys to generating leads for a service business. It allows you to convert website visitors to potential leads, and then customers.

The average conversion rate of a landing page is 26%, and landing pages have a 160% higher conversion rate compared to other types of signup forms. Landing pages have an average of 23%, while interactive Wheel of Fortune has 10%, pop-ups have 3%, and sign-up boxes at 2%.

Is Conversion Rate Optimization Worth It?

Yes, conversion rate optimization is worth it because it helps you save time, money, and effort.

Conversion rate optimization is a data-driven approach that enables you to test different versions of a website and measure which version has more impact on the conversion rate. It is the practice of designing and testing your website content to maximize the visitors that turns to clients.

CRO also involves different key elements such as landing design, landing page copy, body content, call-to-action, navigation and site structure, forms, personalization, and speed optimization. All of which are important if you want to increase your website’s conversion rate.

Increase Your Conversion Rates through Local Lead Generation

Using multiple lead generation tools is always a good idea for service businesses. You want to increase your conversion rates by creating a good landing page.

Local lead generation is another strategy for boosting conversion rates, but in a far different manner. Instead of using affiliate links and marketing campaigns, you simply create a website, rank it on Google, and rent it out to small businesses who need the leads. And so, you end up being the middleman for another business’s conversions - rather than your own.

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