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Iman Gadhzi’s Copy Paste Agency Review – 3 Pricing Mistakes Agency Owners Make

April 16, 2023

The Copy Paste Agency by Iman Gadzhi helps agency owners scale their business within a year. Iman claims to help you learn how to get a steady meeting flow, be in the top 1% of agencies in fulfillment, and by implementing SOPs that systematize everything. In this Copy Paste Agency review, we're going to find out what you get out of this course, if there are any successful students who benefitted from it, an alternative to the course, if it's worth it at all, and paid traffic compares to another lead generation business model that is many people's top choice for lead generation.


Iman has made over $25 million in revenue

He paid for schools to be built internationally

Weekly Zoom coaching calls on Sundays 

His successful students are making many thousands of dollars each month in their digital marketing agency after implementing what he teaches in his courses


A social media marketing agency is far from a passive business model and requires constant attention

Running paid traffic isn't a business model that will pay you passively each month.


Copy Paste Agency costs $5000

Refund Policy:

Action-based money-back guarantee


9 modules; Each module comes with supporting training material.


Private Facebook group for support


Iman started a social media marketing agency in 2017 and, after having made millions of dollars, created the Grow Your Agency platform.


Iman has a good online reputation with all of his successful students, and after having used his own money to make 4 schools in Nepal.

3 Pricing Mistakes Agency Owners Make

According to Iman Gadzhi, 71% of agency owners make the following pricing mistakes, which prevent them from scaling their agency to 6-7 figures. 

1. Charging Hourly

One mistake many agency owners make is to charge their clients hourly, just like an employee.  

This can be crippling for an agency owner because they aren't getting paid the true value of what they're offering their clients. Therefore, it makes it very difficult to scale their business. They get paid much less if a job takes a few hours to do. But if they charged more based on the value and quality of what they're providing, they would make more and scale much easier.

Hourly rates are for employees, not entrepreneurs.

2. Charging Low Fees

Another mistake agency owners make is that they're scared to charge more for their services for fear that no one will want to do business with them. As a result, they end up doing more work and not making any money, especially the amount of money enough to make a profit and scale. Essentially, they remain stuck as an agency. 

3. Getting Paid More by Doing More

The last mistake agency owners make is that they think they need to do more work to get paid more. This can be detrimental because then you believe you need to hire more team members to help you with fulfillment for multiple clients. Although you may fulfill the work for your clients, and they may be happy with the results, you won't be able to scale and earn good profits since you now need to split them with the team you hired. 

Who is Iman Gadzhi?

Iman Gadzhi was born in Russia and grew up in London. When he was 14, Iman started creating and growing luxury Instagram pages. He would then buy/sell Instagram pages. Iman made around $10K dealing with Instagram accounts. At 17 years old, he dropped out of high school. After spending all of his money and even borrowing some more, he bought Tai Lopez's social media marketing course.

In 2015, because of his interest in fitness, Iman began networking and studying everything he needed to become a personal trainer. He sold 3-month training packages to his friends' parents and made another $10K. In January 2017, he started a social media marketing agency and started working with clients all over Europe. Iman grew his agency to where he made $200K in sales.

In 2019/2020, Iman had reached $6 million in revenue. What he learned in one year of being in business was that businesses were begging for social media marketing and for him, this business model was the easiest path to 6-figures. 

Iman is the founder of IAG Media and he's helped many agencies scale past 6 and 7 figures in revenue. He's also built 4 schools in Nepal with his own money. He continues to provide value on his online education platform on his Iman Gadzhi YouTube channel where he has 659K subscribers.

What do you learn inside the Copy Paste Agency?

Module 1) - Evolving From 6-Figures

In this first module, Iman starts off talking about the standard his agency holds themselves to, what the only way to scale to 7-figures is (outsourcing), and how to develop a new offer.

Module 2) - Transcending Yourself

In module 2, Ian speaks on the different things you can do to become a better person. He goes into...

  • eliminating anything that doesn't need to be in your life, anything and anyone negative
  • the tools you need to succeed
  • the effects of staying healthy
  • the importance of consistency in all areas of life

Module 3) - Operational Excellency

In week 3, you learn how to reposition your pricing. Ian emphasizes the importance of always monitoring your money, how to keep clients, and the role good communication can play in your business.

Module 4) - Filling Your Calendar

Week 4 is all about filling up your calendar and how to generate leads using Facebook ads. 

Module 5) - Sales in the Trenches

In module 5, Ian shows you how to best use his sales script when trying to close deals, as well as his exact strategy on how to take a client from prospect to client. You're given the exact methods he's implemented in his own campaigns for his clients.

Module 6) - Becoming an A1 Service Provider

Week 6 is an in-depth look at how to take your Facebook ads to another level. Ian dives into what you can do to increase the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) for your ads, how to leverage the Facebook Pixel, what to do after you go live with your ads, and more. He also touches on the ins and outs of tracking for Google ads, how to create an audience, and how to get ready to go live with your Google ads. Creating a PPC ad can be complex but it can still be valuable.

Module 7) - Hiring & Company Culture

Week 7 covers how to effectively hire your team and set the tone for your companies culture.

Module 8) - Building an Unshakeable

In the 8th module, you learn how to build your niche authority branding, how to leverage YouTube, and how to implement email marketing. 

Bonus Material

In the 9th week, the bonus material you get is pre-recorded training calls. There is also a 5-week course called Pen to Profit that teaches you how to write ad copy that converts well. Ian teaches their entire framework so that you can implement it in your business.

Copy Paste Agency Success Stories

Dan Bolton is one of the many Copy Paste Agency students who was already running a marketing agency before joining the program, but had problems scaling. After 8 months of being in Iman's program, he hit $65K in revenue in profit. That's a profit margin of over 84%. He credits this success to the systems and operations that Iman taught him to put in place. 

Adrian Aidid is from London and started social media marketing at the beginning of 2018. After 2 months inside of Iman's Copy Paste Agency program, Adrian was earning $7.5K in revenue. In time, he reached 6-figures in his agency. It was clear to Adrian that joining Iman's program and seeking his mentorship was key to him reaching the levels of success he has to this date. All he did was follow everything Iman taught from top to bottom without adding or subtracting anything. 

Alternatives to the Copy Paste Agency Course

AltAgency by Greg Hickman is a training platform that helps you grow and scale your business the same as the Copy Paste Agency. Greg's method to help you scale is for you to package your products/services into one offering as opposed to offering a variety of different separate services, similar to Iman's course. Greg sells his Foundations course, which is a 6-week training program that has a private forum-style community for support. After completing the course and after reaching $10K per month, you can apply to the AltAgency Academy. That is a 12-month program where Greg helps you take your agency to 7+figures.

Price: AltAgency Foundations appears to be offered as a subscription service according to their Terms & Conditions page but the price is not clear.

More info: AltAgency Review

AgencyBox by Dylan Vanas is a digital marketing program that helps you scale your business by leveraging their AgencyBox software to run your digital marketing agency in a more efficient manner. There is even a training center within the platform that teaches you about paid traffic, free organic traffic, and more. For support, you get access to Dylan's private Facebook group.

Price: AgencyBox has three pricing tiers. The Base Software costs $997 per year. The Premium Software costs $4,997 per year. For pricing of the premium software along with coaching, you must get on a call with the AgencyBox team.

More info: AgencyBox Review

Is paid traffic worth it in 2024?

Paid traffic does work, but just like many other online business models, a lot needs to go right if you want to see a solid ROI.

First, you need to make sure you're using the ad format that's ideal for the audience you're trying to attract. Then, you need to have good copywriting skills if you're going to make people want to take action on your ad. Next, you've got to spend money split testing your ads. This is a must if you're going to find your best converting ad. It can take some time before you find it. This can be dangerous because in the time it takes to find an ad that works, you're possibly going to end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in a matter of days with no results to show for it.

The cost of paid traffic is rising each year because of the rise in competition on platforms like Facebook and Google, which doesn't benefit you. This rise in ad cost is cutting into marketers profits. With paid traffic clients, you're only looking at about 15-20% profit margin.

Paid traffic for your digital agency is expensive and has too many variables that you aren't in control of. Too much is up in the air with this business model. It's a business model that does work, but it doesn't have all the benefits that local lead generation with free organic traffic has. 

Final Thoughts

Local lead generation is a business model that allows you to have more control over all aspects of your business. When you have digital assets that get free traffic, closing a deal with a potential client is easier because you already have leads coming in and your profit margin is higher.

This tree care site has been paying me $2000 per month ever since I ranked and rented it to a local small business owner.

Local lead generation

I chose to go into the tree care niche, I built the site the way I wanted to, ranked it my own way and chose who I was going to forward the leads to. These lead generation sites are your digital property and all the control is in your hands.

Earning a passive income each month is possible by ranking and renting sites to generate leads for local business owners. Over 7400 students from different countries have joined the lead generation coaching program to build out their digital real estate.

If you're looking for financial freedom, while remaining in control of all aspects of your business, and easily scale it, check out the lead generation online training program.

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