With the recent COVID-19 pandemic crashing the market and the mandatory quarantine shutting down many small businesses for at least a month, many experts are saying a recession that can dwarf 2009 is imminent.

The economy has been healthy and growing since 2009, it's been the longest stretch without a recession in U.S. history. But if the downturn has finally arrived, we need to make sure that we prepare ourselves as best we can to not only survive but thrive & capitalize on new opportunities at hand.

I'm in a private group with 5000 entreprneurs / marketers and the talks we're having is all about how can we become smarter and play chess not checkers.


With an internet business, we can keep working while on quarantine.

Fear is in the air, everyone is contracting (including the competition), we know that we got a massive opportunity ahead of us, if we play our hands right.

Let me give you a sneak peak into our mindset & strategies.

PS: According to this Forbes article, companies are turning to digital marketing to survive COVID-19.

#1 way to protect yourself & your family from a recession is to invest in diversifying your skills

Grant Cardone told us this back in 2016. The next recession is gonna be more cataclysmic than 2009. What you have to do is invest in yourself & surround yourself with winners.

Internet skills currently have the biggest ROI (Disproportionately valued more than most other skills)

BTW Internet Profession is ranked #5 as the most recession proof profession, right after medical, mental health, energy & law enforcement.

Still trying to decide which internet business is right for you?

For me it has always been lead generation because marketing skills are in high-demand, every business needs it.

In the wake of world wide shutdown and quarantine... 

It's still lead generation.

E-Commerce is pretty screwed because the supply chain of Chinese suppliers is all on lockdown.

I def wouldn't mess with Amazon FBA or Dropshipping with a ten feet pole.

Even with supply chain back up, during a recession, people buy less and less of things that's outside of necessity.

But people still need a plumber, roof repairs, water damage restoration, & other home repair services and those companies will continue to need leads, more than ever, hence why lead generation will be heavily demanded, perhaps even more so.

Despite the current pandemic, our students continue to win everyday.

This was posted yesterday.

Cheers Brad

Big middle figner to the virus, I'll bring the limes, they still go down smooth.

We got countless other testimonials coming in daily during this shutdown pandemonium.

Here's another one, with honorable mention to yours truly.

I love that one because I know how hard Paula worked because she was full on concerns and questions coming into this because she was completely foreign to anything online.

But now with these wins, her life will never be the same.

It's one of those things, once you see it you can't unsee it. Once you see how much money there is out there & how the internet allows us limitless opportunities to go get it. You really won't see money the same way ever again.

You can go here to check more of these testimonials out.

So if the upcoming recession (according to experts) scares you, its time to get new skills and start a side hustle.

Why not start an online biz because we are all under quarantine anyway.

The reason why I love lead generation so much is because when you're able to deliver leads to a small business owner, you become the lifeline of that business.

You are also connecting with the people that are driving our economy.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – "Small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy: they create two-thirds of net new jobs and drive U.S. innovation and competitiveness. A new report shows that they account for 44 percent of U.S. economic activity."

Once you help a business owner get more cusotmers, you have their utmost trust

They hold you at a very high regard

You almost become their business development advisors

Which is how our students are able to go ask for second, third, fourth money from their clients such as the SWAG (promotional product) business

Which drive us to the next business that we have rolled out for our students

Offering Small Business Loans to Our Lead Generation Clients

The hospitality businesses such as restaurants and hotels are the ones that are being directly impacted by this COVID-19 lockdown.

However many other businesses are also being impacted severly at this time such as my limo & party bus client because of #socialdistancing

The issue for most of these businesses is that with no revenue for 30+ days, they will not be able to pay their rent, employees, licenses & many other monthly incurring expenses that do not stop.

Which is why many will end up needing to take out loans to weather the storm.

This is where we come in:

We're not teaching our students to approach any random small business owners.

They get hit up all the time by lending companies.

The money is in the relationship we have built over the years with our EXISTING clients because we know how to do ONE thing really well, the most important aspect of the business which is LEAD GENERATION.

We do not believe in cold calls or cold approaches.

Its all about results in advance.

And because we have a group of 5000+ students, this lending company gave our students the highest commission possible.

They get paid 9% performance bonus and we make 20% of what they make, so if the small business owner gets approved and lends $100K, then 9% is $9,000, we make 20% of that.

What's nice is that this company has deep marketing background so becoming their partner means you get already fully built landing pages, quote forms and lead tracking.

Fully built out dashboard to keep track of your leads & conversion rates.

and a very easy to use lead form.

Helen has posted this few days ago regarding new Trump's new Coronavirus Relief Bill, means that biz owners won't see that cash till end of April at the earliest in form of tax credits.

Which means many will be in dire need of some loans to get them through the next few months.

The reason I love having things like this up our sleeves is because it seperates us from any other marketers out there.

When you can offer small business owners solutions to all their problems, you are no longer looked at as just a marketer, you're viewed more like a business consultant - someone they can go to for advice & solutions.

You will be a leader in this field.

That's what the world will cling to in times of crisis, a leader.

When its time for that small business owner to choose between 2 marketing companies, you will inevitably be favored because you will seem like a true professional (not just a marketer) that is so well connected that you have solutions from other industries. (SWAG, Business Loans, etc)


According to many experts, it seems that the COVID-19 lockdown / quarantine will continue for at least another 30+ days.

We are all feeling the nerves of what this kind of unprecedented world-wide event will have on our economy.

Here's the link to above article.

Make no mistake there will be a ripple effect from all these businesses being forced to shut down.

All numbers are pointing to a recession coming our way that'll make 2009 look like a Sunday afternoon picnic, in full swing by June.

The real key is to not go into panic & despair but allow this time to wake us up and force us to up our game on all levels.

Even for me, I'm in talks with my business partners to launch new marketing campaigns that may or may not work, but its all about taking massive action now. Just throw shit at the wall and see what sticks.

That's a better mode of behavior when things are uncertain, than being over analytical because no one knows for sure what the future holds anyway.

I refuse to go into contraction because history tells us that its those that go on absolute offense & expansion during a recession are the ones that WIN BIG.

I'm also doubling down on my SEO ranking efforts, not forgetting the basics of what got me to where I am at today which is my ability to rank websites in Google.

I love this skillset because my rankings continue to improve despite worldwide hysteria because Google doesn't have emotions.

It follows a certain algorithm and I know the keys.

ippei.com is steady climbin' up the ranks

Big part of my financial confidence for the future comes from this very knowledge.

I know Google isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

While everyone is Netflix and Chill, I'm going to go hard in the paint.

I honestly feel across all my digital properties, rankings are getting faster perhaps its because many of the competitors are contracting & put their SEO efforts on hold.

If you thought a recession was going to discourage us, you thought wrong

This is why I gravitate towards the hip-hop culture because the mindset is all about having grit & determination to get yourself out of bad circumstances.

Drag my name

through the mud, I come out clean
Cast away stones, I won't even blink"

Lil' Wayne 2007

Does recession scare you?

Know that even when our economy was booming, there were people in a lot shittier circumstances across the country that were hustling and making it, chasing down success like a starved dog chasing down a meat truck.

During the upcoming recession.

Many businesses will slow down.

A lot will go backrupt.

People will lose their jobs.

I can't tell you how devastating this one will be, nor how long it will last.

A lot of this is out of our control.

What is in our control, RIGHT NOW.

Is to go learn high-income skills that make us less expendable / replaceable in the marketplace.

That is surely the #1 thing any one of us can do today that will soothe the nervousness & tension we're feeling.

Lead generation is one of the most in-demand, versatile skill imo, just looking at all the testimonials that's been coming in, in the last 2 weeks while this COVID-19 Hysteria is going on. Which is major PROOF of what I've been saying about this business model for so long on this blog.

You can go here to read these testimonials yourself.

PS: If interested to learn more, optin your email on that page and it'll take you to a page with 30+ videos to explain what this lead gen biz is all about)

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  1. I need a side hustle and that lead generation business looks like something I might need to look into. Maybe even full time. This article is clutch, thanks Ippei

  2. Hi Ippei,
    I love what you said here: “Even with supply chain back up, during a recession, people buy less and less of things that’s outside of necessity.

    But people still need a plumber, roof repairs, water damage restoration, & other home repair services and those companies will continue to need leads, more than ever, hence why lead generation will be heavily demanded, perhaps even more so.”

    This is what hooked me and got me reading the rest of your post. It’s very insightful and I am convinced now, more than ever, that people need to go digital with their businesses. Definately from a marketing perspective. Getting leads for businesses makes so much sense!

    I really like the potential of the lead gen model, so will be looking into it.

    Screw Covid-19! Now is the time to up your game and expand your skill set. There’s opportunity out there people, despite all the tragedy…

    Thanks for the great post!


  3. Love all the info about Lead Gen especially during COVID. I helped a woman start a Party Sign business in her small town in Littleton, Colorado. I had so many leads coming in and no one to take this – and this total go-getter was willing to start the business because she knew she could book jobs on day 1.

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