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Steve Chou’s Create a Profitable Online Store Review: 3 Downsides You Need To Know

January 19, 2024


Create a Profitable Online Store Course is a beginner’s training for starting an e-commerce business, like a Shopify store. It’s a 15-module course of video tutorials and PDF checklists. This online course is made for beginners in the eCommerce biz because the training includes building a website from scratch and everything you need to know about the eCommerce platform, plus free traffic generation strategies. 

In 2023, 71% of businesses already have their own website because consumers are now shifting to online buying. 15% of American consumers shop weekly, 28% shop monthly, and only about 20% have never shopped online. E-commerce is a growing industry, so many entrepreneurs are exploring business opportunities in this industry. 

Steve Chou has been in the business since 2007, his first online store, Bumblebee Linens, made $100K in the first year. So, he claims to be the best coach for beginners in e-commerce. But is he really? 

In this Create a Profitable Online Store Review, we'll give an overview of the course, the modules, and the inclusions. We'll also cover 3 downsides you need to know before signing up, who is Steve Chou (and whether or not he is legit), what is MyWifeQuiHerJob, testimonials, and alternatives.

Create a Profitable Online Store Review: Pros and Cons

Create a Profitable Online Store Pros

Longevity in the Industry: Steve Chou has been in the online business since 2007. 

Proven Success: Bumblebee Linens, his first online store, made $100K in the first year and then a 7-figure annual income thereafter. He knows how to do business. 

Comprehensive Training: The course is comprehensive, and it includes how to use search engine optimization and email marketing to find potential customers and boost sales. 

Create a Profitable Online Store Cons 

Basic Training: Most of the topics covered by the course can be learned for free online. 

Upsells: Some customer reviews say Steve convinces his students to buy affiliate products they don’t need when they’re just starting out

Unorganized Information: Lessons in the course materials are not well-organized and the information is all scattered. 

Steep Pricing: The course costs $1,999 onetime payment.


Here's the cost for Create a Profitable Online Store: $1,999 onetime payment. Installment options are 3 payments of $699 or monthly payment of $299. 


15-module course of step-by-step lessons on how to start and scale an eCommerce online business 

Refund Policy

A 30-day money-back guarantee is available for the Create a Profitable Online Store course. 


Create a Profitable Online Store has an online community. 


Some reviews say that old versions of the course were launched as early as 2015. 


The course creator, Steve Chou, is a successful internet entrepreneur who started eCommerce back in 2007. He's a seasoned businessman who has a proven background in business, unlike many new and young "gurus" claiming to be experts. 

Create a Profitable Online Store Course Overview

Create a Profitable Online Store is an eCommerce course that teaches students how to start and scale an online business. Steve’s training focuses on selling your own products, rather than other people’s. The course also covers the drop shipping business model and some useful eComm tools like search engine optimization, google ads, and google analytics. Steve encourages his students not to shy away from American-made products. He doesn’t swear by the Amazon FBA biz model. 

What's Included in Create a Profitable Online Store? 

  • Access to an online community where you can learn and grow with like-minded entrepreneurs 
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the course material, which includes over 300 video tutorials 
  • Lifetime 24/7 email support and weekly live office hours 
  • Exclusive access to online webinars and interviews with industry experts 
  • Spreadsheets for finding your niche, and worksheets for applying what you learn 
  • Checklists to ensure you have all you need and questionnaires for choosing a shopping cart 
  • Access to new course material updates (the material is updated weekly to keep the info up-to-date)
  • The course covers selling on Amazon and selling your own website with a focus on growing your own brand 

Create a Profitable Online Store Course Modules

Module 1: Find a Profitable Niche Market 

This module covers finding the set of products to sell, determining the size of your niche, evaluating the profitability of your niche, assessing competition, and understanding the different types of online stores. 

Module 2: Discover Where To Source Your Products 

This module discusses how the retail chain works, how to buy from legitimate suppliers, how to spot and avoid cleaners, how to buy wholesale from local sellers, how to import from overseas, how to manufacture products in China, and how to deal with suppliers as a beginner in the business. 

Module 3: Set Up Your Online Store 

This module teaches how to set up a functional shopping cart for free, how to choose the right shopping cart, how to find a good web host, to process online card payments, how to design a professional website, and how to ensure your customers’ online transactions are secure. 

Module 4: How to Sell on Amazon

This module covers lessons on optimizing product listings, creating a profitable Amazon listing, encouraging positive product reviews, and using Amazon for niche validation. 

Module 5: How To Create Sales Funnels 

This module teaches how to build effective sales funnels, how to drive consistent traffic, and how to make existing customers buy more. 

Module 6: Make Your Business Legal 

This module discusses the legalities of the business which includes choosing the right business structure, trademarking matters, intellectual property & patents, obtaining FEIN & DBA, obtaining a seller’s permit & business license, getting the right business insurance, hiring the right team for the job, and accounting processes. 

Module 7: Market Your Online Store For Free 

Module 7 is all about getting traffic for your online store. It discusses how to generate multiple income streams from high-quality traffic, free traffic techniques, word-of-mouth marketing, and upsells & cross-sells. 

Module 8: Email Marketing 

This module covers email marketing strategies including email autoresponders, effective copywriting, list-building, and setting up sales funnels. 

Module 9: Google Search & Google Shopping Ads 

Module 9 includes lessons on how to launch profitable Google Shopping Ads, optimize Google Search campaigns, retarget customers, and strategies for boosting your ads visibility through SEO. 

Module 10: Facebook Advertising 

This module is all about Facebook advertising which covers how to launch a Facebook ad campaign, Facebook ads retargeting, optimize campaigns, and build sales funnels on Facebook ads. 

Module 11: Facebook Messenger Marketing 

Module 11 covers the rules of Facebook messenger marketing, automated messenger campaigns, Facebook subscriber lists, and Facebook messenger broadcast. 

Module 12: Optimize Your Store for the Search Engines 

In the module, students will learn how to optimize websites, how SEO works, getting quality backlinks, free SEO resources, boosting search rankings, blog posts, and guest posts. 

Module 13: Price Your Products for Maximum Profit 

This module covers premium price command for products, unique selling propositions, dollar for goods, optimal price points, pricing strategies, pricing psychology, and dealing with cheaper competition. 

Module 14: Advanced Website Optimization

Module 14 covers the fundamentals of website design which includes Google Analytics, Google Adwords, coupon codes, automated backups, and more. 

Module 15: Customer Service & Managing Online Reputation 

Module 15 is all about keeping a positive email online whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, or blog post. This module also covers how to handle the return of goods, customer support with minimal staff, and dealing with card chargebacks. 

Bonus Lessons 

Bonus lessons on how to mitigate risk as a beginner, how to run a business while working full-time, how to test the market before launch, and how to choose the right products. 

How Much is Create a Profitable Online Store Course?

Create a Profitable Online Store course is $1,999 if you pay onetime. But they do have installment options if you prefer not paying the full price upfront. 

Here are their payment options: 

  • You can choose to make one lump sum payment. The total cost is $1,999, your cheapest option. 
  • You can pay off the entire cost by 3 payments of $699. For this option, the total cost is $2,097. 
  • Or, you can pay $299 a month ($3,588 a year) for a subscription. This payment option is almost twice the price of paying the course in lump sum. 

What People Say Online About Create a Profitable Online Store

People online are not so impressed with this course. Some say the training is too basic and can be learned for free. Others say that although Steve is very knowledgeable, he assumes that his students can easily grasp all the lessons, so he moves at a fast pace while the students struggle to catch up.

Priced at $1,999, a commenter said that it's too expensive and the contents are all scattered. 

Who are the Intended Students of Create a Profitable Online Store? 

The intended students of Create a Profitable Online Store are entrepreneurs who want to get into selling inventory online (either through their own site or on Amazon), solopreneurs, small to medium-sized business owners, and anyone with a product idea! 

Who Shouldn't Take the Course? 

This course is not for those who are not going all-in with e-commerce. The course on its own is expensive and should be treated as an investment. Setting up an online store takes time, money, and effort. You should be 100% committed to making the business work.

Who are Some of the Students of Create a Profitable Online Store Course?

Some significant students of Create a Profitable Online Store course are CEOs with online-based businesses like Abby Walker, Ron Eiger, Sean Aquino, Jen Depaoli and retailers like,, and

Abby Walker is the CEO of, an online retail store for insoles that enables women to enjoy comfortable high-heels-wearing 4 times longer and makes over 2.5 million dollars annually. Abby and her business has been featured on Oprah, the Home Shopping Network, and QVC. 

Ron Eiger is the CEO of, an online store that sells non-fabric children's wall decals. His wall sticker business makes 7 figures annually. 

Sean Aquino is the CEO of Fine Leatherworking, an online leather supply store that made over $100K in just 18 months!

Jen DePaoli is the CEO of Shower Curtain HQ, and online retailer of high-quality shower curtains that makes at least $50K monthly. 

Retailer brands who also took Steve's course are who made $25k in her first 3 months, 6 figures each month after the holiday season since its launch. who made 6 figures annually, and the who also made 6 figures annually. 

Create a Profitable Online Store Testimonials

People have different opinions online on Create a Profitable Online Store. Reddit discussions say Steve's training is too shallow and basic. There's no new information in his $2K course that you can't learn online. There are some student testimonials published on the profitable online store website. However, these "testimonials" look shady and fabricated. The names are not disclosed and some photos look like stock images.  

Testimonials on Profitable Online Store's Website

Testimonials from Other Sources 

Is Create a Profitable Online Store Worth Buying?

Create a Profitable Online Store course is worth buying if you’re already in e-commerce because it has some good content that will keep you up-to-date with the latest practices. Although global e-commerce sales are growing, the market is also getting bigger and more saturated. Starting an e-commerce business is not cheap either. You need at least $5K to set up your online store, plus other costs. This course is only worth taking if you are 100% willing to gamble on this business model and have enough capital to fund your start-up and all the expenses that come once the business start operating. 

Can You Get a Refund on Create a Profitable Online Store Course? 

Yes, you can get a refund on Create a Profitable Online Store course. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee on their refund policy. 

Honestly, this is a great refund policy.

And it only has a few exceptions.

First, if you signed up for the class before and got a refund, you can’t do this a second time.

Also, your refund request may be turned down.

This can happen if:

  •  you have already downloaded everything in the course and plan to keep the materials without paying for them.
  • you chose the monthly payment option, and don’t submit your refund request before your first 30 days are up.

What is My Wife Quit Her Job?

My Wife Quit Her Job ( is Steve and Jen Chuo’s online platform where they share their personal story through podcasts and blogs, and train students through their free classes and paid courses. The site also features digital tool recommendations (with affiliate links). "My Wife Quit Her Job" is also the title of Steve and Jen’s podcast, where they share their story of how they quit their corporate jobs to become full-time entrepreneurs in their 40s. In a series of podcast interviews, the spouses share the strategies that led them to their success in business. 

Who is Steve Chou?

Steve Chou is the man behind My Wife Quit Her Job, a 7-figure eCommerce entrepreneur, an electrical engineer by profession, and the author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Family First Entrepreneur. He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in California in 1999. After graduation, he worked as a development systems manager for Tensilica, a company based in Silicon Valley, for 13 years. He became the engineering director for Tensilica products- IP group when it later became part of the Cadence Design Systems company where he worked for two years more. On top of his day job, he founded his first online business in 2007, Bumblebee Linens, which made $100K in the first year and 7 figures annually thereafter. 

He imports products from Asia and teaches students how to sell profitable products with their own brand in his Create a Profitable Online Store course. Aside from his paid training, he also shares free informative content on his MyWifeQuitHerJob E-commerce YouTube Channel, which now has 255K subscribers and 344 video uploads. He blogs about his success and failures, business ventures, digital tool recommendations, and personal life on Steve Chou also started a venture funding show, the 5 Minute Pitch, which has a similar concept to Shark Tank. 

Is Steve Chou Legitimate?

Yes, Steve Chou is legitimate. He has been in the eCommerce business for over a decade and is a figure in the industry. Steve got featured  in some of the biggest media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, MSNBC, ABC, and more. 

What are the Advantages of E-Commerce?

  • Starting an eCommerce business can cost much less than some other businesses.
  • It’s also easy to set up.
  • No business experience is necessary (though it helps)
  • Your store will never close, unlike a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Your product might reach a global audience (though there are downsides to this in my next section.)
  • Stores have employees- but eCommerce stores have less. This can maximize profit, since you won’t have to pay as many hourly workers.

3 Downsides of eCommerce You Need to Know Before Getting the Course

  • Advertising costs continue to rise.

    Another downside of e-commerce is that the cost of advertising continues to rise, especially Facebook ads. Sales in e-commerce are very dependent on traffic driven by ads, especially from social media platforms. But, it's very expensive to run online ads, especially for e-commerce businesses. The average cost of advertising on Facebook in 2023 is $0.94 per click and $7.19 cost-per-thousand impressions. Brands and businesses in the U.S. spend from $200 to $800 monthly on Facebook advertising alone. So, if you're on a tight budget, I would not recommend this course to you. 

  • Your store needs to be making at least 6 figures to actually find success.

    To be successful in e-commerce, you should be making 6 figures or more. But all of that is only possible after putting in hours of your valuable time and energy. 

    That, for me, sounds like putting all of my eggs in one basket.

    Which is something Steve Chou has not done with his eCommerce business.

    Steve Chou has multiple income streams that made him the 7-figure entrepreneur he is.

    How does Steve Chou make money, aside from eCommerce?

    Steve makes money running his own shop, a shop for his kids, and by selling in Amazon. He also runs a blog and a podcast and conducts an annual eCommerce conference. He does all of these while still keeping his day job as an electrical engineer at Cadence Design Systems. 

When Will You Make Your First $100K with E-Commerce According To Steve Chou?

Steve surveyed his members and graphed out the results for us.

Here is one chart, based on members that have been applying his tactics for at least a year:

how much revenue do my students generate monthly

He also shares the percentage of sales that come from Amazon…

from amazon sales

This graph is presented in a confusing way, so let me explain:

59% of his students make less than 10% of their revenue on Amazon.

27.4% of his students make over 75% of their revenue on Amazon.

So, the greatest majority of students do not make Amazon their main income source.

But the next greatest majority… does.

So, you can really take this course in whatever direction you want.

Which can be a great thing for some,

And a not so great thing for others.

What is the Sellers Summit by Steve Chou?

The Sellers Summit is the ultimate conference for eCommerce entrepreneurs. It’s a 3-day immersive e-commerce workshop where attendees learn firsthand from Steve while gaining knowledge from the experiences of other businessmen. This experience is curriculum-based that teaches updated and practical strategies that make successful entrepreneurs. Sellers Summit by Steve Chou is rated the top 11 e-commerce conference by The next Sellers Summit is happening in 2024 at Ft Lauderdale, Florida from May 14 to 16. 

Is Ecommerce Still Profitable in 2023?

Yes, ecommerce is still profitable in 2023, but rising costs of leads and ads make it less profitable now than it is a few years back. A recent study estimates the ecommerce businesses make 42% in gross profit margin, but the net profit will depend on different factors such as supplier's price, store popularity, and ecommerce strategies. Another factor that affects its profitability is the cost of ads and leads. Cost-per-lead has risen by 91% in different industries and is still expected to rise as E-Comm business booms. The rising costs of online ads also increased which also directly affects profitability of your ecommerce business. Digital marketing agencies say that the cost to advertise in 2023 is at least $1,250 monthly and can cost as much as $10,000 in some industries. 

Create a Profitable Online Store Alternative Courses 

  • Roco Jefferson's Roughnecks Ecom Bootcamp is a beginner's course in eCommerce that teaches how to dropship on Amazon, flip gadgets on Swappa, Amazon automation, and more.  Roco promises to reveal his method of making  $50K monthly through his proven money-making method.
  • Cortney Fletcher’s Ecom Babes is an online course that empowers women to launch their own e-commerce businesses. It's a beginner-friendly course that teaches a step-by-step method of making money online through dropshipping.
  • Steven Mayer’s eCom Genie offers a done-for-you service in Amazon and Walmart automation. The program also offers a partnership with their successful e-commerce stores.

Is Ecommerce The Best Way To Make Money in 2023?

E-commerce can still be a profitable business in 2023, but it's not the best way to make money. This business model is estimated to become a $6.3 trillion market in 2023, and the global revenue is expected to grow 50% more in the next three years. Although the eCommerce business sounds like a good business opportunity, and Steve Chou gives decent training to this business model, it’s a very risky venture, and I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. 

ECommerce biz is more than just sourcing products and selling them online. There are refund & dispute issues (eCommerce has an 18% return rate), logistics issues (80% of returns are because of breakage from mishandling), intellectual property concerns, and after-sales support. 

As a beginner in the online business, it’s best to explore a less-risky, low-capital, but high-potential business model like local lead generation. You can start a lead gen business with just $500. For an eCommerce biz, you’ll need at least $5K to build the site, plus the costs of finding a team and vendors. E-commerce businesses have a 41% gross profit margin (10% net), but a local lead generation makes 85 to 90% profit margins when the sites start producing leads.

The local lead gen biz is a low-maintenance but high-profit-potential business model, and it is my #1 recommendation for beginners. 

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