Brian And Scott Moran’s CreatorU Traffic Bundle Review: 11 Courses Included

March 6, 2024

CreatorU Traffic Bundle is a course bundle by Brian and Scott Moran. The full name of the course is Creator University Traffic & Audience Shortcut Bundle. The program teaches students to gain followers that love your content and buy from you. CreatorU’s website targets content creators who are struggling to get traffic, build an audience and sell their stuff online. 

The bundle focuses on growing your following on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, podcasts, and blogging. This method can be profitable, especially to those people who have a huge following. This information backs up data from Demand Sage says that a person with 1 million followers earns $1,900 per post aside from the products you sell. 

In this CreatorU Traffic Bundle review, let’s figure out if this is the perfect course for you. You will know the 11 courses included in the bundle, bonus contents, pros and cons, and who this bundle is for. Not only that, but we will also talk about CreatorU’s reviews, the course creators, and if this is the best way to make money in 2024

CreatorU Traffic Bundle Pros and Cons


Learn from successful online creators.

Huge library of information.

Monthly new content.

CreatorU offers huge promos for the bundle.


No 1-on-1 coaching from creators.

Poor review on Trustpilot.

You’ll need commitment to finish all courses included in the bundle.

All courses are only pre-recorded videos.

No live training.

There is no guarantee of getting traffic after finishing the course. 


The CreatorU Traffic Bundle promo costs $120. The promo price is $10.

Refund Policy

CreatorU has a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked refund.


April 2022


The CreatorU Facebook has 5.9 likes, 7.4K followers and 17.4K on Instagram.

11 Courses in the CreatorU Traffic Bundle

1. Go from 0 to 78,000 Instagram Followers In Under 12 Months

In this course, you’ll learn what to put in your bio for an automatic follow. You'll also learn what content to post that will entertain and educate your followers. It teaches about gaining organic traffic without paying for ads and influencers. 

2. Leverage Your Content & Expand Your Reach course with James Wedmore

James is a guest teacher and an online business coach that will teach you to repurpose your content. He will teach you what platforms to post your content and still get traffic.

3. The Challenge Launch Blueprint course with Christie Miller

Guest teacher and health coach Christie shares her niche technique in capturing the audience's attention in having a successful online business. She also shares how to transform online attention to be a follower.

4. How to Scale (No Matter Your Size) course with Mike Dillard

Guest mentor, Mike, an 8-figure coach, shares his techniques of generating millions within his 10-year experience that you can apply on your own business.

5. Winning Mindset & Reach Your Potential with Jesse Elder

Performance coach Jesse teaches the "secrets" of business owners in tripling their income.

6. Quick Sales from “Mini-Offers” with Amy Porterfield

In this course, the guest teacher and marketing expert is Amy. She teaches how to create an irresistible "mini offers" like group coaching or a PDF guide. Amy focuses on how to make money online after posting for a few hours.

7. Trigger a Surge of Organic Traffic course with Kimberly Jimenez

Guest teacher and online educator, Kimberly will teach you her 3 strategies in gaining traffic without ads and the “OPA” method. She will also share the technique of establishing “audience relationships.”

8. Create & Launch a #1 Ranked Podcast (Without Being Famous)

In this course, Brian will teach you starting from creating to publishing a ranking podcast. He teaches the length and format you can use on your podcast for increased online traffic. It also includes how to attract viewers even without the use of expensive equipment.

9. Grow 10,000+ Engaged Blog Readers Per Month

This course will teach you "ONE Pillar" and "4 Evergreen" of article creation that will make your audience buy from you. You’ll also learn tactics of distributing your content and know where to post without wasting your time.

10. Get 10,000+ Facebook Likes & Followers

Brian will teach you how to be noticed by your prospect followers. You'll learn the technique he calls "MIP" and "Strategic Boost." It contains information about what content to post and how to gain engagement right after posting. Brian also teaches how interacting with your comment section can strategically help with your ranking.

11. Top 10 Secrets for getting 1,829,768 YouTube subscribers with Rock Ullah

Rock the "Famous YouTube Star" shares his "Piggybacking Technique" that will prioritize your YouTube channel to appear before your competitors. He teaches another technique called "10 Minute Rule" that ranks your YouTube videos higher. And last, the "Family Feud Method" that will give you a wide range of high-ranking ideas you can post on your channel.

Bonus Access to CreatorU Traffic Bundle

  • A year's access to CreatorU+ platform and content with 4 additional contents per month.
  • Have access to SamCart's brands, tools, creators, and experts.
  • Access to all CreatorU's templates, scripts, videos, techniques, and resources.

What is CreatorU?

CreatorU is the shortcut of Creator University. It is a SamCart subscription-based library of training from creators who raised their revenue using SamCart. It is a training platform that offers videos, key reports, scripts and templates to students. CreatorU’s community comprises like-minded creators and instructors that will help you in your journey. Access to training from the highest performing SamCart users to help you achieve quick results. 

The program offers two pricing plans, a $24 CreatorU Plus and CreatorU Coaching that is on waitlist.

CreatorU’s Bonus Content:

  • Instagram AI Shortcuts
  • Course Creation Challenge 2.0

Who is CreatorU Traffic Bundle Good For?

The CreatorU Traffic Bundle is for creators who are tired of wasting their time and energy in content making. It is also for those who are struggling to gain traction with traffic and audience. CreatorU is for online content creators, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and course creators who want to increase their online traffic.

Who is CreatorU Traffic Bundle Not For?

The CreatorU Traffic Bundle is not for people who are not committed. Since there is no live training in the bundle, you have to be passionate about your learning. If you need constant supervision, this is not the program for you.

Is CreatorU Traffic Bundle Worth It?

Yes, the CreatorU Traffic Bundle is worth it because it is usually partnered with promos or discounts. Aside from affordable promos, it also comprises a lot of valuable information about growing your followers and mastering online platforms.

Are CreatorU Traffic Bundle Students Getting Results?

Yes, CreatorU Traffic Bundle students are getting results at least that is what they claim. The bundle’s landing page features 4 video testimonials from successful students. But the videos only comprise students talking about the success they achieved and not showing the data  or screenshots. Aside from that, they are mentioning how “SamCart” helped them succeed even though they are featured on the CreatorU Traffic Bundle program. Did they really succeed with the lessons from CreatorU Traffic Bundle?

CreatorU Reviews

CreatorU has a poor review on Trustpilot. There are ‌38 reviews; 30 1-star reviews, 1 3-star review, and 7 5-star reviews with a rating of 2.1. You notice that 4 of the 5-star reviews are invited reviews. It means they are invited manually to write a review.

A majority of negative reviews talk about how they were “scammed” by CreatorU. One mentions that even with the sale, the CreatorU Traffic Bundle is not worth it. He continues by saying that all courses in the bundle can be found on other platforms, such as YouTube.

The 3 star review from Steven mentions that learning from the bundle is better than searching the information yourself. He also emphasizes on reading the agreement before purchasing the CreatorU Traffic Bundle. Most negative reviews mention how they are “scammed” by the auto bill CreatorU charge after a month or a year without realizing that it was their own fault for not reading the policy agreement. 

I checked the agreement policy, and it is under subscriptions. It talks about the renewal of the subscription being automatic unless canceled. Let this be a lesson to future students of CreatorU to read the agreement first before purchasing.

The positive reviews about CreatorU mention the course as a great source of information that is easy to digest and understand. Unlike other reviews, one mentions how CreatorU customer service is swift in his concern about the yearly subscription issue that got refunded.

CreatorU Traffic Bundle Sale

As of writing, the CreatorU Traffic Bundle is for sale for $10. The issue for some people is that they claim there are hidden fees. I checked this myself and found that although they are currently offering the $10 sale. There is a part of CreatorU’s website that is not updated.

There is one landing page that offers the CreatorU Traffic Bundle at $59 while they are still doing the $10 sale. If you proceed with the link, the bundle is $59. This is a caution for people who are planning to buy a course from CreatorU. Always make sure that you double check the prices and the offers before purchasing.

Who Are The Founders of CreatorU’s Traffic Bundle?

Brian Moran and Scott Moran are the founders of CreatorU. There is no direct mention of the CreatorU’s founders. The website only mentions SamCart launching CreatorU. SamCart was founded by Brian and Scott Moran.

Who is Brian Moran?

Brian Moran is an online entrepreneur and a chief strategy officer of SamCart. He graduated with a degree in marketing at Grove City College in 2009. Brian started his business venture by providing training products and tools to business owners who use Facebook to grow their business as the CEO and founder of Get 10,000 Fans in 2010 to 2014. Between those years, Brian and his brother Scott founded SamCart in 2013, which they describe as a simple yet powerful software that makes online marketing easier.

Scott Moran is the co-owner of SamCart. He graduated from Grove City College with a degree in marketing in 2009. At the moment, Scott takes pride in powering 84,000+ businesses, $3.4 billion products sales, and hosting 500+ million-dollar businesses with over 8 to 9 figures.

Brian Moran’s Claims: The Best Way To Get Traffic, Build A Huge Audience & Sell Your Stuff

  • Get Traffic, Build A Huge Audience & Sell Your Stuff
  • Everything is designed to get you started quickly—and finished in an hour or so.
  • Try it for a whole year & get all the traffic you need.

Brian Moran claims that CreatorU Traffic Bundle will get you all the traffic you need. The bundle caters to different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogging, and podcasts‌. The program contains tactics to gain a following without the need to chase attention, views, and clicks. 

On the website, it mentions that the CreatorU Traffic Bundle is designed for you to finish the lesson in an hour and get you started as soon as possible. It also says that you can apply the lessons found on the bundle for a year and you will get “all the traffic” you worked for.

Brian and Scott Moran’s Claim Debunked

The CreatorU Traffic Bundle will not generate the traffic you need without your hard work. It will not work unless you put in the effort to apply the teachings discussed in the program. You won’t gain the promised followers by enrolling in the course. 

Since the CreatorU Traffic Bundle is a bunch of mini courses, it is designed for you to finish a course easily. It will give you the freedom to go through the next course without feeling rushed. Although the claim of finishing the whole course in an hour is not possible. If that is possible, it would mean that the 11 courses included in the CreatorU Traffic Bundle would only be more or less than 6 minutes each. 

Data from Statistica says that Instagram will grow for an average of 6 months for 1,000 followers. Given that information, the 1 year CreatorU Traffic Bundle claim is hard to achieve, especially when you are still building your profile and increasing your following.

CreatorU Traffic Bundle Alternatives

Does CreatorU Traffic Bundle Teach The Best Way To Make Money In 2024?

No, the CreatorU Traffic Bundles does not teach the best way to make money in 2024. Although they mention that the program is a shortcut to growing your followers and selling a product. There is still no guarantee that among the 4.26 billion global social media users, will follow you and buy from you even if your content is amazing. It is also important to acknowledge that influencers with 10,000 followers only earn $80 to $90 per post. This means that if you don’t have a huge following, you will not earn much. 

The best way to make money‌ online in 2024 is through local lead generation, because it does not require you to have a huge following to earn money. You only have to invest a startup cost of $500 to build a website and rank it to profit an average of $750 to $2,000 per month.
Local lead generation

As an example, this is a website I created years ago about a tree service in a local town. I used search engine optimization (SEO) for the website to rank on Google. Then I inserted a number. The next thing I did was find a local tree service company and redirect the number to them. Now, when people search for tree services, my website appears and they call the number attached to the website. 

The company receives the call from potential customers, and they pay you for it. The fee for the leads you redirect to the company is up to you. It could be $20 for a pay per deal lead or it could be 10% (2,000) of closed deals. 

With local lead generation, I am making $2,000 a month with one website. Imagine if you create 5 more websites with the same business model, you could be earning $10,000 a month. That is why local lead generation is the best business model to make money in 2024.

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  1. So I tried CreatorU in 2022. I would have been more than excited to rave over these courses if I had EVER gotten access! I was aware that it was a subscription, but I literally had to fight with them from the first (during the trial) because I couldn’t log in and get access. They THEN still renewed me even after I told them not to charge me again – if I couldn’t get access during the initial trial then I sure wasn’t going to want to pay more for courses I couldn’t even access. They ignored me entirely and charged another $140 at renewal. I was LIVID. What followed was then a good six or eight emails back and forth with their “customer service” once again arguing with me. When I stated that I would be contacting the BBB and basically losing my mind everywhere online telling people what happened, they offered a refund of the $140, but I never got the other $10 OR ever got access to ANY of the courses!!! The people who say this is a scam are correct. I would have much nicer things to say about CreatorU if they had ever honored the original trial and given me access for that year, but they never did that and they ultimately refused to. They might dress it up a little nicer than some others, but this is still a scam.

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