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Why Now is the Time to Cash in on Your Passion

Book Facts

Crush It! was the very first book written by Gary Vaynerchuk. Published in 2009, it immediately  made its way to The New York Times Business Book Bestsellers List a mere week after hitting bookshelves.

Ten years later, Crush It! is ranked # 26 in Amazon’s Best Web Marketing Books for its hardcover edition. It notched the #9 top spot in Amazon’s E-Commerce Professional Books for its audible version.

Narrated by Gary Vaynerchuk himself, the book is an energetic account filled with interesting anecdotes and advice from the successful serial entrepreneur and media personality.

The book’s message is simple: Don’t be afraid to use social networking tools to establish your business, build your personal brand in order to cash in on the new economy and, better believe it, stick to the things that make you happy.

Vaynerchuk insists the internet is the next best thing for new entrepreneurs that will help them turn their passion into a legit career.

Done the right way, any hobby can be turned into a “profession” that generates high income.

This book turned Gary Vaynerchuk into an authentic internet guru and bestselling author. It’s the first release out of a ten-book deal he inked with Harper Studios to the tune of 7 figures, got him multitudes of fans and massive global reach.

It discusses how to use social media platforms to develop a personal brand online.

About the Author

Originally from Belarus, Gary Vaynerchuk came to the United States with his family in 1978 as refugees. He was only three years old.

The family struggled early on. They live cramped together in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.

His father lost his promised construction job. Unfazed by their trials and tribulations, the family bonded together and worked hard to reach the American dream. Gary’s grandparents also lived with them.

Gary took a shine to sales and marketing early, selling hard-to-find baseball cards in school at age ten. He took over his father’s liquor store in Springfield, New Jersey and turned it into a thriving $50M a year business, a vast jump from its meager $4M sales before.

He renamed it the Wine Library.

To help sell the store’s spirits, he started broadcasting from a room in the store and called it Wine Library TV, talking about wine and the snobbish wine industry.

He exposed himself to a variety of wine and their unique tastes by regularly attending wine tastings and delving into the posh world of wine making.

He even went so far as to taste old socks, rocks, earth, and unique fruits so he can describe wine and their varietals with authority.

The broadcasts attracted a cult following and now has 80,000 dedicated viewers he fondly calls “Vayniacs.”

Gary later established Vaynermedia, a digital agency working with global clients. It now has more than 800 full-time employees.

Currently, Gary has an estimated net worth of $50 million. He was an early investor on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox.

The journey that Gary Vaynerchuk and his family went through sort of mirrors mine, minus the refugee status. We were also immigrants from Japan. My family brought me to St. Paris, Ohio when I was 9 as my dad got hired there.

I was the only Asian kid in a white-majority school. I must have imbibed the American entrepreneurial spirit early as I gravitated to business a few years after finishing school.

I worked in a Japanese auto-parts company for 2 years before I felt the pangs of longing for another life, more free than corporate employment.

Always a curious sort, I couldn’t hold my excitement when I happened to read a blog mentioning a unique training program that teaches its students how to generate leads for small businesses in exchange for money.

Not only did I learn killer skills that makes money, I learned evergreen strategies to mine $$$ from the internet while pursuing my passion.

Now I can look at Gary Vaynerchuk in the eye and honestly confirm that all the things he said in this book are true. I’m a walking testimony to hard work and persistence in this internet age.

Chapter 1. Passion is Everything

If you want to pursue your dream job badly enough and you’re willing to work your face off to achieve it, it’s possible to actually make a living doing what  you love.

Gary calls 2009, the year the book was released, as a golden age filled with opportunities to prosper.

He declares he has the authority to say so because he’d leveraged his personal brand and created an almost mythical presence on the internet just by hustling like there’s no tomorrow.

No longer feeling challenged by the day-to-day running of Wine Library TV (the store and the series), GaryVee moved on to another business – digital marketing.

He had no in-depth technology skills but he built a successful business that’s known all over the world. From 30 employees, Vaynermedia has now expanded to 800 employees and offers full service marketing to blue-chip companies.

The takeaway here is that if you’ve got enough passion and persistence, you will make your dream happen.

3 Secrets to Success

  • Love your family
  • Work really hard
  • Live your passion

Go online and start using the tools waiting for you there. Pick a topic that makes your pulse race and build a thriving community around it.

Chapter 2. Success is your DNA

The path to your success originates from the unique twists and turns of your DNA. You are one in 6 billion. No one else has your DNA, unless you got a clone somewhere.

Respect your genetic makeup, never force yourself to conform to other people’s expectations when you know it will just make you unhappy.

Gary shares that he’s known to be loud and occasionally obnoxious in the Thunder Show, his nickname for Wine Library TV. But despite people complaining about his spontaneous mouth and his wild behavior, he stands true to his nature.

“I have to be ME.”

He’s called the “social media sommelier” and the “wine connoisseur of YouTube era” for his work on Wine Library TV. Such titles connoted a refined, snotty aristocratic type in a suit and bowtie.

Did Gary conform to society’s image of a so-called wine expert? He got tempted to, but he knows fakery doesn’t last, you always reveal your true nature.

Gary says he credits his parents for the success he’s currently reaping because they made him who he was, they respected his choices early in life and supported his ventures.

He was truly a businessman from birth. He knew it inside him, his parents saw his inclinations. He didn’t pursue any other career so he won’t compromise his genetic code to be a businessman.

Aware that there’s so many creative people who cram themselves in boring, corporate-type jobs because they don’t have the guts to break free, Gary is mind-blown.

He opines that it’s insane how many people think success has to look a certain way, and professions have to be prioritized over passion just to feel some semblance of stability.

Break free.

Chapter 3. Build your Personal Brand

GaryVee insists that Wine Library TV was about establishing a personal brand, not about selling wine.

He made sure that when he discusses a specific wine on his show, only 15 cases or less of that wine are available in the store. After the 15 cases are sold out, the buyers must go to other merchants.

His biz doesn’t depend on his blog or show to gain an uptick in sales. Wine Library TV’s sole focus is to reap brand equity benefits.

Once your brand is recognized by a huge number of people, then you’ve made your mark and achieved your marketing goals. You can now proceed to monetizing your passion online.

This particular brand that reflects your thoughts and opinions separates you from all the other personalities online. Make sure you’re a cut above the rest.

Chapter 4. A Whole New World

In today’s digital age, when basic concepts like supply and demand has totally taken a tumble due to disruptive forces like the internet, any person with a modicum of talent will flourish. This kind of world is built for them.

Gone are the literary gatekeepers that held writers at bay in days past, power-tripping in their positions. Today, an adept wordsmith can reach out to clients or carve out an online presence without any constraints.

Journalists are shifting online. Newspapers are drying up if they’re not adept enough to develop an online presence. The eyeballs go where it’s free.

And where visitors are aplenty, advertising money is also bountiful.

A writer or journalist, whenever he publishes a new article, is always building equity and branding his writing.

Traditional platforms are in trouble. They will lose their writing talent if they insist on keeping most of the ad money. What will stop talent from just establishing themselves without being obligated to higher management?

Go into business for yourself and crush it. If not business savvy, entrepreneurial spirit – team up without any biz dev partnership at all.

There’s no rules in this crazy digital innovation. Go out and make the world your oyster. Top talent will always find a way.

Chapter 5. Create Great Content

There are two basic ingredients to make money from your personal brand: PRODUCT and CONTENT.

Only choose a product that you’re passionate about. Its counterproductive to work your face off but gain no traction at all because what you’re selling is of inferior quality, so right from the start, choose a product you won’t be ashamed of.

Generate great content to pull in dedicated followers. Write about your product with passion and an authoritative voice. Your intensity will fuel their loyalty.

You should be able to rattle off your product’s qualities like no one else in the world. Be an expert.

Nurture your craft and continually update yourself. Read and research consistently. Interact with other blogsites answer your fan’s queries.

Believe in yourself. Be bold.

Chapter 6 . Choose your Platform

Once you’ve created your high-quality product, content, or service, create a blog to expound on them.

It’s so easy to create a blog since it has ready made templates to choose from and most sites has 24/7 support.

Only choose the right type of blog that conforms to your unique DNA.

A video blog is ideal for persons with a loud personality and not too bashful. For GaryVee, this is the most effective medium by far as visuals always attract more attention. Also, it attracts even the kind of followers with short attention spans.

You exude more authority if you allow people to see you. Animate your video with humor and your unique personality.

Develop a podcast if you’re a shy sort but possesses a fascinating voice. Be knowledgeable during your shows but not insufferably know-it-all. A unique sense of humor will keep the visitors coming.

If you’re not too keen on video or audio but is brilliant at the written word, then develop a written blog and grow your audience with your singular witticisms.

Chapter 7: Keep it Real No Matter What

There’s a subtle difference between your DNA and your capacity to be authentic.

DNA is an internal force that dictates your passion.

Authenticity is your ability adhere to your true self and shun phony traits just to attract an audience. Your followers can smell a fake put-on through the airwaves, so always remain pure.

We all know GaryVee’s boisterous nature. He shares that due to the way he always opens up his Wine Library TV show, he loses 12% of his potential client. Wine buyers expect a more refined host and Gary has been tempted a lot of times to change himself, but he’d rather lose those 12% and remain true to his DNA.

The other 88% of his wine buyers like his charismatic yelling and screaming. He promised never to put on an act.

Invest in vital stuff like effort and thoughts to generate exclusive content. Don’t waste time sweating the minor stuff like camera brand, lighting styles, etc. Be important stuff – content has nothing to do with mike, camera lighting. To be authentic means to be ready with impromptu takes whenever and wherever.

Chapter 8. Create Community: Digging your Internet Trench

Don’t be trapped by the never-ending itch of redesigning your blog time and again. Designing, writing, or taping your blog show should be effortless and consume less time.

The hard part comes after you post that blog article or show. That’s when you do the bulk of your hustle – creating your online community.

This is imperative for your blog to succeed. Reach out to your followers by starting conversations, leaving comments on other blog posts, answering every query submitted to you.

Join online conversations without exception. Develop rapport with your loyal admirers. Respond to people that come in to your blog to be educated.

You will gain so much more traction and internet presence when you build a solid community and sustain it by practicing consistent communication.

Distribute your blogpost

Read other peoples content. Leave knowledgeable comments on their articles that add value to the conversation. Use social media tools that streamline the work.

Monetize the heck out of every interaction. Make your readers want to come back to read every new post.

Install “call to action” buttons that solidify loyalty: subscribe, opt-in, follow me, join my fan page, share this link, tweet this, email this. Do everything possible to keep your readers apprised of developments in your blog.

The goal is always to create more opportunities to communicate.

Chapter 9. Best Marketing Strategy Ever

There’s no two ways about it. The focus of your business should be care. Be responsible for your customer’s satisfaction, try to listen to every feedback you receive. Address any issues that come up no matter how minor.

If you truly care about your public, then you will never fail.

Cultivate an honest, real relationship with your audience that displays how much you care.

Chapter 10: Make the World Listen

Any subject, no matter how obscure, can be mined for gold. When handled the right way, even a topic as difficult as robotics can build a rabid audience, monetized for profit, and sustain a way of life for the author that lasts forever.

Don’t believe me? Check out the YouTube channel of Swedish “engineer” Simone Giertz. She has marketed herself as the builder of the world’s shittiest robots.

She branded herself a maker/robotics enthusiast/non-engineer and broadcasts videos from her robotics lab in Sweden. It helps that she’s attractive and funny too.

Simone has more than 1 million subscribers on her channel and most of her videos rake in hundreds of thousands of views. This just proves the truth that anything can be profitable when managed well.

to build a business around your passion, first you must buy your domain name. Buy both .com and .tv, forget the nifty extension. You’re not required to launch any of these domain names, but secure them anyway.

Start a WordPress or Tumblr account. Bring about quality content, not regurgitated junk. .

If you don’t have the cash yet, do the best you can with your blog design then launch. Later on, hire a professional web designer who makes sure the user interface is easy to follow and links/buttons are accurately placed.

The worst thing you can do is make it hard for your customers to buy your products or services when they already have their wallet out.

A professionally designed also attracts more eyeballs.

These are not just theoretical step-by-step guidelines, these are the actual steps the author took when he initially set up Vaynermedia and Wine Library TV.

Chapter 11. Start Monetizing

Now that the groundwork has been cemented and your brand is recognizable, strike deals to make money off your hard work. Here are some ways to do it:


We know lot of traditional publications get shuttered because advertisers have moved to where more eyeballs are gathered – the online market.

When magazines or newspapers don’t update their system to conform to today’s customer demands, they lose revenue.

Advertisers will always be there ready to spend money to remind consumers of their services. Throw your lines in the water so some of this ad money is better spend on your blog.

Just take note though: GoogleAds can turn off some customers as it distracts from your article.

Affiliate links: Propagate links on your blog selling certain products remotely connected to your message. Choose wisely, never link up to a product you don’t use or don’t believe in. Usually these companies will give you a certain percentage as commission and you’ll be tempted to put as many affiliate links as possible for the dollar value.

Don’t do that. Keep your pages elegant and uncluttered. If you check out,their page will give you an idea that such a cool design that’s optimized with links can be possible. Even better, create own affiliate day with a local business.

Don’t put up anything in your blog that nobody believes in. include an explanation in your site why you’re supporting any of these companies.

At the bottom, write an explanation why you support these companies or like their products.

Speaking engagements: Involve yourself on the lecture circuit and get paid to share your knowledge

Retail: Develop a quality product that you can proudly sell on your blog pages. Sell schwag, T-shirts, books.

Consulting fee – when you’ve established your authority, people will flock to you for answers. You can advise them for free but if it takes away time from your urgent business, charge the time you spend when giving tips and advice especially when you’ve proven your legitimacy and wide-ranging knowledge base.

Contribute articles: reach out to industry publications and pitch an article. Make sure your efforts are paid in cash or in backlinks.

Seminars: invite a few or a hundred of your loyal followers for a group meeting. Create an agenda, tour itinerary or any vehicle for information exchange that’s fun but substantive. Charge a fee.

Books: A good writer with an authentic voice and exceptional style will always attract an audience, and when you’ve proven your literary chops with the articles on your website, why not compile those articles and release a book?

Chapter 12. Roll With It

To run a truly outstanding business, don’t hold yourself back with your passion. Just go big or go home.

Be proactive as much as possible and practice reactionary business. This is the skill of adapting to change when needed at a fast clip.

All your carefully mapped-out business plan will not play out completely as planned, so be nimble and responsive.

To adapt, emulate a champion chess player. Plan five moves ahead, heck even ten moves ahead. Expect changes to happen, so be adaptable when running your business.

Chapter 13. Legacy is Greater than Currency

How you build your business is more crucial than how profitable it gets. Money can be frittered away but reputation will stay forever.

Every decision you make impacts not just your business and your employees. Instead of focusing on how to monetize, focus on what you’re going to leave behind.

Ensure that your descendants will feel proud of what you did to make your business a success.


I’d recommend this book to any budding blogger or entrepreneur wanting to take their online adventures to the next level. Crush It! delivers inspiring biz strategies and analyses straight from a real guru’s mouth. His advice are valid because he did them, went through the whole “struggle” period and succeeded.

His words excite you to take advantage of current tools and apps available in this rich online environment. Even though this book is 10 years old, the teachings therein and the websites mentioned are still current.


I’m used to watching GaryVee and all his full-on crazy antics on YouTube, so it’s jarring to just read his words. You need a minute to reset your expectations.

Some readers complained that Gary just touched on the step-by-step strategies and didn’t flesh them out.

Well if those readers wanted in-depth coverage, they should join a mentorship program instead of buying a book. The kind of unique training program I joined that set me on my way to digital biz success.

“Establish a Lead Generation Digital Agency that Earns $50K/Mo Passive Income”

I knew only the bare minimum about running limo rental company back in 2014, but that didn’t stop me from reaching out to a local biz owner in this niche. I was so new to the training program I joined yet so eager to try out the stuff I learned.

I created and designed a bare-bones website called Lansing Limo and optimized it. When the biz started receiving calls, I partnered with a hardworking limo rental owner and started sending leads his way, in exchange for a fixed monthly fee. The arrangement did so well that I ended up duplicating the strategy over and over again, until I had more than 50 lead-gen sites raking in the dough.

I can’t imagine that was five years ago. Today, I enjoy the benefits of my hard work in establishing a digital marketing agency and finding the right people to run it. I’m making bank, earning in 2-3 weeks what formerly took me a year as a salaried employee.

This unique mentorship program is the real deal. The mentor won’t hesitate to call you out if you’re being lazy or unethical with your business dealings,

I’m financially free at thirty. No ordinary 9-to-5 job could ever give me the kind of money I make off the internet now. Not only that, I’m changing the lives of the businessmen I deal with, expanding their client base and improving their bottom line.

Don’t settle. Don’t be ruled by fear. You have so much more potential inside you. Mine all those possibilities bubbling inside.

The mentor awaits you. Sign up now.

Success is so much sweeter when it’s at hand.

Why you should Pursue Lead Generation as Opposed to Other Side Hustles

  • It’s an online so you can work from home
  • Training is easy
  • Even the most non-techie persons can Learn the techniques Easily
  • Scalable business model
  • Connect anywhere in the world
  • Work anytime you wake up, no alarm clocks
  • Follow the Rank n’ Rent system
  • Organic Online Traffic to your Money Sites for easy ranking
  • Be a digital business tycoon!
  • Clients are everywhere
  • Save up on Rental Spacce, Work at Home.
  • Laptop and Wi-Fi are all you need
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