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About Damian Martinez

Hey Ippei here...

It looks like you have your call scheduled with Damian.

You're in great hands!

He's one of the top students in the program and today he's one of the leaders / success coaches. 

He's also just an all around awesome guy, super chill and easy to talk to.

Oh and he's also now one of my best friends today, someone I've come to grow with in the program.

Let me tell you lil' bit about this guy...

He's from South Florida. I'm from Michigan.

We now hang out all the time and geek out on lead gen & entrepreneurship...

It all started in 2016.

He was the first person that I talked to at our first live Vegas event.

I was in line to walk into the conference room and he just so happened to be standing in front of me, just by pure happenstance.

We were still both quite fresh in the program, just full of hopes & dreams...

Fast forward 5 years later...

We have both crushed our goals.

Living a life of freedom today that far exceeds what we even thought was possible.

Me & Damian know what it takes to reach massive levels of success with lead gen.

Here's a short lil' montage I made that showcases Damian's various Facebook posts inside our program over the years. You can see his growth and him celebrating his wins since he joined in 2016.

You can really begin to see his mindset shifting as he stuck to the process and continued to get coaching.

Mastering the lead gen skill allows you to create your own financial destiny.

Here's me and Damian hanging out in Miami in 2021.

He lives in West Palm Beach, FL (just 2 hrs north from Miami)

I've been to his brand new hustle pad in West Palms, 5 times already this year.

Basically my second home haha.

This year alone we've hung out in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami, Phoenix (some of those cities multiple times).

I wanna share with you this post he made when he bought his home last year.

It encapsulates the journey of entrepreneurship.

The excitement of taking risks and putting in the work to ensure his dreams came to reality.

Damian and I have the same hustle mentality of doing whatever it takes to become successful in life.

But it didn't always happen for us until we found the right vehicle that is lead gen (Damian will tell you more about that on the call, the struggles he went through trying other things)

We also went through massive mindset shifts by having found the right mentor in Dan.

When Damian joined this lead gen program, he was driving Uber to pay the bills.

What he has accomplished in 5 years is incredible.

Damian's results in the program...
  • Multiple 6 figures in residual income from lead gen sites
  • new whip
  • new house
  • time freedom
  • Ability to travel anytime
  • tons of personal development, becoming a leader in the group
  • donating tens of thousands to charity, building new wells in South Africa
  • New friends, biz partners and priceless memories traveling & living life to the fullest
  • unshakable confidence knowing that he now has the skills to pay the bills that no one can take away from him

He's also now one of the leaders in the program, helping other students become successful

Here's a screenshot of some of the lives he's been doing. We do this 2x per week. Most times its Dan but we will also have other leaders on.

And this is what makes our coaching program stand out, we've been around long enough where now have other leaders hop on and provide their unique insights and different tips & tricks they've discovered in their journey...

It is a robust group of top level entrepreneurs that continually seek to get better month after month, year after year, that continually share new strategies and contribute to on-going discusion on what's working best today in lead gen.

Creating this strong culture of like-minded individuals that help each other has been Dan's focus from the beginning.

This is why Dan has always had his eyes set on potential leaders.

And then invests his time into them so that they can become even more effective leaders that can help motivate & train students.

Damian has been a natural leader from the beginning.

Being vocal in the group and dropping motivational videos like these:

In the above video, Damian describes...

  • How after doing the lead gen biz for 5 yrs, he has realized how there's virtually endless opportunities out there with lead gen (and why he thinks this way now)
  • Why he believes lead gen is a global, lifelong business
  • How going to the live Vegas event exploded his business
  • What mindset allowed him to really kill it with lead gen

It's amazing to see how much me and Damian have grown over the years inside this program.

We both feel super grateful to have found the right mentor for us, that continually push us to be great.

We are honored to be in the position we are in. Leaders of this very lead gen group that changed our lives. We both come from humble beginnings, and know what its like to struggle financially.

So we're just that much more passionate about seeing other students suceed. 

When we get DM's from students we enrolled, thanking us because they are nowing starting to see success, its very fulfilling feeling.

Not too many coaching programs out there that can show this level of longevity and successes.

You can't fake time.

A group that's been around since March of 2014.

And we're going stronger than ever.

With new things that we're implementing in 2021 that's creating even more success for our students.

You will be blown away on the call...

Once Damian pulls back the curtains and show you what we've been working on...

Here's what you can expect on the call:

  • First of all, look at this call as a discovery call and your first coaching call. Its a chance for us to see as well that you're a good fit for us. But also even if you don't join, you're gonna leave with a wealth of knowledge that we don't share publically
  • Damian has over 5 years experience in local lead gen, therefore he's going to give you actual business knowledge and insights on exactly what its going to take to reach your goals
  • Damian's a real chill dude but keeps it real, he takes each students' success seriously so based on him getting to know you on the call, he'll let you know if he thinks you're a good fit or not, if he feels you got what it takes (the mindset) to win in this business
  • Some tips & tricks he's learned along his own lead gen journey
  • And some of the mistakes that he's made
  • If he were to go back in time, what he would do differently
  • New things that our group has launched in 2021 that's causing students to become successful in record time
  • Feel free to ask Damian anything, he's an open book of knowledge about lead gen and what our program is about

PS: Damian's time is valuable so its very much appreciated if you come as ready as possible on the call. & Get excited because this call could be potentially life-changing & one of the most important calls of your life! (I know it sounds cliche but it definitely was for me, no doubt)


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Talk to you soon! :D