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Dan Bacon Review – What does he know about women? (5 Tips)

March 6, 2024

In this review, I'm going to talk about who Dan Bacon is and if he's a legit relationship expert.

FYI, Dan Bacon's wife is the woman you see him in that picture with.

I'll also explain how the local lead generation business model was key to my success not only with women, but in life in general has been.

Who Is Dan Bacon?

As you've maybe read on Reddit or Quora, Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship expert who hails all the way from "down-under".

We're talkin' Australia.

As you can imagine, he used to get picked on a ton in school because of his last name.

..."Stop eating so much bacon, Bacon".

I couldn't resist...

As a young man, he was insecure and didn't think he was good enough.

Still, his insecurities negatively affected a relationship he was in.


...his girlfriend of a year eventually cheated on him.

No, it wasn't because of Dan Bacon's height of 5'9".

Either way, that devastated him completely.

He was alone for a while and his insecurities increased over time.

Dan felt that things had to change and he wondered why he couldn't be with women he was attracted to.

He got bold and decided to just go out with his boys and dedicated himself to learning how to talk to women.

This took plenty of trial and error for sure.

Through his experiences, he figured out that there is a way to talk to women in a way that makes them feel attracted to you.

As time passed, he became more confident.

Dan Bacon's age and marital status might surprise you.

Today, he's 43 years old, married and with his wife, who's 15 years younger than he is, has two kids. 

He's also the creator of the Modern Man store that's been helping many guys in Australia and around the world be more confident when interacting with women.

One of his more famous courses is the 'Get Your Ex Back Super System' which is Dan's 7-step system that includes more than 10 hours of video content. The goal of this course is to help guys rekindle their relationships with a women they've dated.

In the beginning of this article, I mentioned Dan's book, 'The Flow', which helps guys easily get laid or get a girlfriend by first creating a spark of sexual attraction inside of a woman.

Aside from the ebook being available, you can also get the audiobook version of 'The Flow'.

On his YouTube channel, he has over 362,000 subscribers which means he definitely has something valuable to say.

It doesn't seem that Dan Bacon's Instagram account is active and he hasn't posted anything on his Twitter account since December of 2020.

There's a video he uploaded to his YouTube channel in 2018 that stood out to me though.

Let's see what that was all about.

Dan's Relationship Advice: 5 Tips

In 2018, he uploaded a video called, "Relationship Advice For Men".

He starts off by saying that the way you approach your relationship with a woman will determine if your relationship is going to be hard and stressful, or easy and enjoyable.

The first piece of relationship advice he shares in this video is...

1. Creating a Relationship Dynamic Based on the Fear of Getting Dumped, Usually Leads to it Happening

Dan gives two examples of guys that show fear in a relationship which in turn, doesn't allow a woman to be happy.

The first example is of a guy who gives his woman too much power and is a pushover because of his fear of losing her entirely.

Yea, that's real weak minded.

The second example is of a guy who's way too controlling because he fears getting cheated on or left if he doesn't control her.

Also very weak minded.

These aren't the ways to be happy in a relationship.

If your relationship is like this, you're going to be so stressed out.

The guy in the first relationship is going to come off as an annoyance and his girl is going to find herself frustrated often.

That guy can forget about being respected.

Not going to happen.

His girl is going to see him as a burden and it will definitely be turned off.

In Dan's second example, the guy is way too jealous.

His girl won't stay in love with him because every action he takes is to try and control what she does.

Insecurity will drive a man to act in one of those two ways.

If you're insecure, change your ways man.

To make things easy and enjoyable, Dan says that you need to just let go of the fear of getting cheated on.

The reality is that there's always a possibility of that happening but, you need to focus on controlling what you can.

You also have to know that you're good enough for your girl.

If so, that's going to show in the things you say and do.

2. Putting Way More Effort Into the Relationship Than a Woman Does, Isn't the Way to Get Her to Fall More & More in Love With You

Here, Dan says that when a relationships first starts off, usually guys feels confident about their position in his woman's life.

According to Dan, at some point, the woman might test her man by pulling back some interest to see how he will react.

She wants to see if he's going to be insecure or if he's going to do more to gain her interest back.

Dan asks...

...does he understand that the way to get a woman to fall more in love with him, isn't about doing more?

It's about bringing out her "good girl side".

Making her want to be good to him by respecting him, treating him well and being an attentive woman to him.

Think about it.

Many guys don't make her feel that way.

If you can achieve this, your relationship is going to thrive.

It's not about her just doing those things just because.

If you can get her to behave that way organically on the regular, that will be amazing and that's what your focus should be on.

That's how a woman falls more in love with the guy.

It's all up to you.

3. Relationships Are Not Hard Work

So many people say that the trick to having a successful relationship is by working hard at it.

Why do they say this?

Think about it...

A guy who takes his woman's "tests" too seriously and gets annoyed, will absolutely go through drama, stressful feelings and bad vibes.

Acting like that is ineffective and won't contribute to the mutual happiness in the relationship.

Dan advises:

Don't take a woman's tests seriously.

Ok, it might be annoying.

But get over it.

Having a sense of humor will help you and the whole situation.

Many women want to be with a guy who won't take their BS seriously.

That's a fact.

They want a guy who won't get angry or take it as a personal attack.

If you have to tippy toe around her to not anger her, you're doing too much and will end up stressed out.

Instead, you should try to be playful.

Be funny.

Don't get into pointless arguments!

Yes, there will be times when you need to take your woman serious but, when it's unnecessary drama that she creates, don't allow yourself to be affected negatively.

If you want to have a stress free-relationship, one where you don't have to work hard, take it easy brother.

Negate her drama if it ain't serious.

4. Turning Sex Into Something That You're Getting From Her, Gradually Makes Her Stop Wanting It

A woman will be turned off if she sees that you react as if you're getting something.

What does Dan mean?

Basically, don't act like a little boy who's about to get some ice cream even if you are.

Instead, you should act masculine about this.

Make her feel more attractive in the moment she's coming on to you.

Show her that your main focus is to make her feel sexy.

If you do, she's always going to be attracted to you no matter how long your relationship is.

On the contrary, if you create a dynamic where sex is all about what you're getting from her, over time, your woman is going to lose interest in sex.

Get to the point where she's excited about sex with and from you.

Moral of the story, be a man and don't be selfish.

5. Being Emotionally Fearless in a Relationship Will Give You Far Greater Rewards Than Being Emotionally Guarded

Fear is a real thing.

If you allow fear to take control of how you treat your woman, you're going to end up being alone.

Let's say that you've been hurt before.

Maybe your ex left you for someone else.

If you don't take control of your life and are still fearful of that situation happening again, you aren't going to be able to move forward in your new relationship.

You aren't going to want to get too close to your girl.

Sharing feelings or saying "I love you" won't be said and all you're going to be left with is fear and loneliness.

the solution... to be emotionally fearless

Don't be afraid of falling in love with another woman.

Of course it hurts to get played.

Think about this...

Just because you get into a car accident once, that doesn't mean you aren't going to get back in your car.

You need to go to work.

You need to go hangout with your boys and maybe take a road trip.

It's the same idea.

If things don't workout with one woman, be emotionally fearless and be ok with having feelings for another woman.

Put yourself out there.

Be bold.

Focus on being positive and remember that every situation is different.

One of the last points he shares is that the dynamic of a relationship can be changed.

If you're in a bad situation, things can change but it starts with you.

Remember, if you can bring out the "good girl" in her, things will change because she's going to be happy.

If she's happy being with you and loving you, chances are you're going to be in a great position.

These are all really great points Dan talks about in this 15-minute long video.

Let me share what's been a game changer for me when it comes to dating.

3 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Get Yourself A Girlfriend (According to Dan Bacon)

Mistake #1: Waiting for Obvious Signals

Waiting for very obvious signals from a woman can often lead to missed opportunities. Women generally prefer confident men who take the initiative to approach and attract them without needing explicit signals of interest. Many women may display subtle signs of attraction, such as prolonged conversations or physical touch, which may not be immediately recognizable to men. Expecting overt declarations of interest from women is unrealistic and may result in missed connections.

Mistake #2: Placing Yourself in the Friend Zone

One common mistake is inadvertently placing oneself in the friend zone by only displaying friendly behavior towards women. While being nice and friendly is important, it's equally crucial to exhibit traits that spark romantic or sexual interest. This involves being confident, humorous, charming, and masculine. Failing to demonstrate these attractive qualities may lead women to perceive the interaction as platonic rather than romantic. Do not self-sabotage by being overly friendly. 

Mistake #3: Not Being Ready for Opportunities

Even if opportunities to meet women arise, not being prepared to seize them can hinder progress. Some men may lack the skills or confidence to effectively attract women when given the chance. This involves knowing how to initiate and navigate interactions to create attraction and move towards a romantic relationship. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: Studies suggest that first impressions happen within the first seven seconds of meeting someone. 55% of individuals base their first impression on physical appearance and body language.

Prioritizing My Business Changed The Game For Me

As I went through this video, I began to analyze my life.

I thought about all of the changes I've made to get to the point where I am today.

Not to brag, but I can honestly say that my dating life has never been as great as it is today.

Why do I say that?

I'm not the type of guy that lives in fear when it comes to relationships with women.

If I get into a relationship, I'm not afraid of it not working out and I don't put in more effort into it just to try and impress a female.

In my experience, it's just not a healthy way to live.

These days, I really do have my my priorities in order.

To be happy and successful in life but, specifically with women, I've come to the realization that prioritizing my business goals is the best course of action.

In the lead generation webinar, I shared some of the things I've been able to accomplish so far.

I recommend all men to focus on money first.

This is something that isn't taught by the majority of the dating coaches out there.

They fail to mention how important it is that you focus first on yourself.

What I've come to learn is that to become a high value male, you need to have your finances in order.

The moment I did that was when I was able to go to a whole other level with females.

Financial success and confidence is what attracts women.

They don't care so much about surface level things such as pick up lines.


Believe me, when you put growing your business and bank account above chasing women and trying to always please them, you're taking steps closer to being an alpha male.

the solution... to be emotionally fearless

Back in the day, when my friends would go out and chase all these girls at the clubs, I'd stay home for weekends on end working on my business.

I'm dead serious.

I have to say that all of that work has been paying off.

Today, I'm financially free earning more than $50K each and every month because of local lead generation.

I'm able to travel to any place in the world whenever I want.

Stay at 5-star luxury hotels...

...and dine at the finest restaurants.

I don't need to worry about if I have the money.

Why not?

I've created so many digital properties that make me money on autopilot every month.

When I sleep, I'm making money.

Every man should prioritize getting themselves multiple streams of income like I have.

Once you do that, believe me that the women will follow.

They'll no question sense the confidence in you.

Also, when you put your business and money over women, you're going to be less stressed out over unnecessary crap.

Let me show you how I was able to achieve this level of mental and financial success in life.

How Lead Generation Earns Me $50K+ Month On Autopilot

What is local lead generation and how does it work?

It's actually a simple business model.

Take a look at one of my lead gen sites.

This website took me a few hours to build out entirely.

I took this site and ranked it on page 1 of Google over the competition.

What's the point?

Once ranked, the site will generate leads every single month.

Am I a limo company?

I am not, nor do I own one.

What I do at this point is forward any limousine leads that come through my site to a local business owner that will take on more work.

What business owners love, is the fact that I'm sending all of those leads exclusively.

This is better than what Homeadvisor does.

Here's what the lead generation process looks like.

It's such a great business model.

One that you can scale easily by just building out more sites, ranking them and forwarding all of the lead to biz owners.

All you have to do at that point is collect your commission monthly.

I have over 50 sites today and looking to build out more.

The path to success and abundance in life for me is to increase the amount of digital properties I own.

As a result, I'm able to do whatever I want, whenever I want, with whoever I want.

My life is way more meaningful this way.

Being successful isn't just about making money.

To me, it's more important how you make it and lead gen is the way.

Listen to me and go build your empire.

I am.

I also recommend that you start surrounding yourself with other people who are focused on making money and setting their life up the right way.

I made sure to do that.

It was the best decision I've ever made.

Real talk, once you do the same, you're going to be standing so much taller as a man.

Women will no doubt be trying to qualify themselves to be a part of your life.

That's boss level right there.

Here are the reasons why you should get into lead generation and start building your passive income business.

If you're someone that's coachable and ready to change your life for the better, click that link below.

See you on the inside.

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