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Dan Lok's Wealth Triangle Ippei

High income skills.
High return on investment.
Unlimited scalability. 

Local Lead Generation is the definitive answer 
to Dan Lok's Wealth Triangle Philosophy.

Please, serious inquiries only.

Why Lead Generation is the perfect model for fans of Dan Lok's business philosophy:

High income skills

According to Dan Lok, the first step to gaining wealth is to build a high income skill set. Think of it as an investment in yourself.

The Lead Gen program will provide you with the skillset to develop a diverse portfolio of digital properties and teach you to leverage the power of internet search systems to funnel leads to local businesses.

Regardless of the path you end up taking, Lead Gen will provide you with highly sought after skills and knowledge that will place you in a position to satisfy the demands of our fascinating modern age.

high return on investment

Simply put, the overhead and start up costs of Lead Gen are exceptionally low.

Other forms of digital marketing business models, such as dropshipping, Amazon FBA, and Facebook Advertising, operate at a ROI of around 15-20%.

Most Lead Gen sites, however, only cost about $30 to start up, so everything after that is pure profit. 

unlimited scalability

Scaling businesses with traditional business models typically requires expanding on complex infrastructures, meaning lots of time and money.

But with Lead Gen, once your sites are ranked and paired with a client, there is little else to do (apart from collecting your monthly check). This frees you up to repeat the rank and rent process over and over until you've reached your financial goals.

The income is almost entirely passive and offers a level of freedom that no other business model can provide. Maybe you're content with making $5000 a month, or perhaps $15,000 a month is more your style.

With Lead Gen, the amount of money you make is entirely up to you. You get what you give.

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Please, serious inquiries only.