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Dan Ryder Review: 4 Risks of Staking Cryptocurrencies

May 24, 2024

Dan Ryder is most known for founding the Crypto Cashflow Collective, an online course that teaches people how to make passive income through crypto without mining or trading. He claims his students are making hundreds to thousands of dollars per day using the knowledge that he provides. Dan Ryder has no new business ventures recently. He also hasn't been updating his socials. 

There are very limited review online about Dan, his courses, and services. While online reviews are limited, Ryder Media's site features positive testimonials. Dr. Blake Livingood praised Dan for helping grow his clinic, and other professionals commend his advertising and strategy skills. Dan Ryder's programs are legitimate, but potential investors should be cautious of the volatile crypto market.

Investing in the crypto market, whether trading or staking, can be as rewarding as it is volatile. It’s a great way to generate passive income. However, the risks involved can cause you to lose a lot of money. It's crucial to approach it with caution and a well-thought-out strategy. Given the high-risk nature of the market, making informed investment decisions is necessary. Carefully weigh the factors against your financial goals and risk tolerance before deciding to trade in the cryptocurrency market.

This Dan Ryder review covers the pros and cons of his courses and services, his life story, and his business ventures. We will also discuss the profitability and challenges with the crypto market. In the end, we will look at another business model that is more stable than investing in cryptocurrencies. 

Dan Ryder Review: Pros and Cons


Dan Ryder doesn't just try to get as many people as he can into his program. 

Dan is upfront about his business model not being for everyone. 

Purchasing his course and services offers access to exclusive groups and resources. 

Dan is an investor and trader himself. 


There isn't much information about him regarding his business endeavors. 

There aren't any reviews or testimonials posted aside from those on his websites. 

His social media following is not as huge as other crypto gurus. 

Some reviews show a lack of detailed information about the exact mechanisms of how his Crypto CashFlow Collective generates income. 


The cost of Dan Ryder's course and services are not reflected in its website. 


Most of Dan Ryder's courses  and services involved self-faced modules and live sessions. 


Dan Ryder has an exclusive group with his students in the Crypto CashFlow Collective. 

Refund Policy

Dan Ryder's refund policy offer 72 hour no questions asked refund period.


Dan Ryder's digital marketing course and services started in 2013. 


Dan Ryder has a mixed but generally positive reputation based on the limited available information online. His following is not as huge as other crypto experts. However, he is well-regarded for his digital marketing and crypto education expertise 

4 Risks of Staking Cryptocurrencies 

1. Lockup Periods

Some crypto platforms require you to lock up your tokens for a certain amount of time. You won’t be able to do anything to your crypto assets while they’re staked. If you suddenly decide to unstake your tokens, you can’t access them until the staking period is done.

2. Volatile Market 

Investing in the crypto market, however, you may do it, is a tremendous risk. The value of cryptocurrencies can rise and fall within hours. If you purchase any digital asset, you’re taking an enormous risk, as its value can crash at any time. 

3. Technical Errors 

Asides from dealing with the volatility of the market, technical errors can also pose a threat. If the platform you’ve staked your tokens in suddenly crashes, ‌you could lose all your assets. Computer malfunctions can also reduce your rewards if you make a mistake.

4. Theft 

Hackers have stolen nearly $2 billion worth of cryptocurrency in 2022, according to CNBC. You need to make sure your digital wallet and the network you're using are secure from cyber robbery. 

Who is Dan Ryder? 

Dan Ryder is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, and crypto expert. He started off working a 9-5 job in health care before looking into passive income. He founded Ryder Media. An agency dedicated to helping businesses convert more sales through his knowledge of how to make money with digital marketing. His clients have seen a 4X customer growth while achieving over a 350% increase in actual revenue. Finding success in digital marketing, he expanded his horizons and started making a fortune in Crypto. Dan has developed a business model that doesn’t require selling, trading, or advertising. He does it by leveraging Pool Driver Rewards, a semi-automated process of facilitating other people’s crypto trading. He teaches all of this to his students in his online course, Crypto CashFlow Collective.

Dan Ryder started his journey while he was working in healthcare. After earning his doctorate, he worked as a director-level pharmacist for over a decade. Dan studied in the United States Air Force, Air University. He took 600 hours of intense training and education, receiving a certificate for leadership. Dan Ryder also did a tour of activity duty during his time with the Air Force. However, during his time in the Air Force, he realized he did not want to continue working his typical 9-5 job. Someone introduced Dan to the direct sales industry, and he observed a massive growth in e-commerce. In 2013, he committed to start a new career in the online world.

He spent 4 years studying and learning different marketing strategies. Dan accumulated knowledge about e-commerce, but did not want to sell his products. He turned his attention to affiliate marketing but could not find a product that he was passionate about. He spent thousands of dollars on his e-commerce educator. Dan realized he could build a business catered to helping other businesses. In 2018, he founded Ryder Media, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses get more sales conversions.

Since then, he has looked for more ways to create passive income online and eventually found his way to Crypto. Discovering a new model, he partnered up with Jesse Singh and founded Crypto CashFlow Collective. 

Dan Ryder doesn’t keep an active social media presence. He has accounts on big platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Dan Ryder’s Facebook page has seen no updates since 2021. His Twitter account is fairly new, created in 2022, and does not contain any information about his business. He also has a YouTube channel under the name DeFiDan, but he has posted no content since the date of its creation. 

Dan Ryder has received 3 Two Comma Club awards from ClickFunnel. To receive an award from ClickFunnel would mean that he has reached a million dollars in affiliate sales. This means that Dan Ryder has about 3 million in affiliate sales. 

Dan Ryder has released none new business ventures recently. He continues to manage Ryder Media and spends most of his time instructing his students on Crypto CashFlow Collective. 

What People are Saying About Dan Ryder?

People from various platforms have generally positive opinions about Dan Ryder and his programs. In a YouTube of Jesse Singh, who is one of Dan's business partners, shared that by following Dan's methods, his test investment of $1,000 yielded $300 monthly.  A YouTuber named Kyle posted a review of Dan's DeFi CashFlow course. He said he was skeptical and wary at first because. This is because he already spent over $100,000 on various online courses in search of a successful career transition. He said that Dan mostly emphasized his marketing awards. To Kyle, this suggests strong sales skills rather than product quality. 

Mat Gunson posted a video reviewing the Simple DeFi Cash Flow System by Defi Dan. He admits that he hasn't used the DeFi Dan system but provides insights based on his knowledge. He initially thought it was about owning a trading platform. He warns that staking can be financially risky, although low-risk staking exists. 

There are very limited reviews about Dan Ryder's courses and services online. However, on his Ryder Media website, you can find a few testimonials about how they found success with Dan and his team. For instance, Dr. Blake Livingood from Livingood Daily said that Dan has been instrumental in helping them grow their local clinic. He calls working with Dan the most rewarding.

Other testimonials are from Brian Dickson, a 7-figure Facebook ads expert. He describes Dan as a powerhouse in Facebook and YouTube advertising. Lisa Anne, owner of Stock Media, relies on Dan and his team for ads and funnel strategies. Rudy Bekker, a marketing software and app developer, praises Dan's ad-tracking skills. 

Is Dan Ryder a Scam?

Dan Ryder is not a scam. He sells actual products and services that can help you generate more income. His websites show testimonials of local businesses that he’s helped over the years. There isn’t much information about his endeavors or the experiences of his clients. The Crypto CashFlow Collective is still fairly new. This is why there aren’t many reviews or testimonials from successful clients. However, he shares a lot of information on what you can expect when starting. 

What Makes Dan Ryder Different From Other Crypto Coaches? 

Dan Ryder is very upfront about how his business works. He doesn’t claim that you can get started with just a low investment or that just about anyone can do this type of business. His goal isn’t to just get people to buy his course. He focuses on building partnerships with his students and looks for people who can make long-term investments. He teaches a different method that doesn’t focus on trading or mining and instead leverages Pool Rewards. 

What is Crypto CashFlow Collective? 

Dan Ryder crypto CashFlow collective

Crypto Cashflow Collective is an online course instructed primarily by Dan Ryder and co-founded by Jesse Singh. Unlike most crypto coaches who teach you how to mine or trade. Dan teaches a different method of generating passive income through Crypto by staking your tokens. 

What are the Contents of Crypto CashFlow Collective? 

  • Module 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrency: Dan Ryder explains  what it is cryptocurrency, how it works, and why it’s important. 
  • Module 2: Setting Up Your Trading Account: Dan guides you through setting up your trading account, choosing the right exchange, and securing your funds. 
  • Module 3: Understanding Cryptocurrency Charts: Dan teaches you how to read cryptocurrency charts, how to interpret them, and how to use them to make informed trading decisions.
  • Module 4: Trading Strategies: Dan shares his basic to advanced techniques to help elevate your trading skills.
  • Module 5: Risk Management: Dan teaches everything from setting stop-loss orders to managing your emotions. 
  • Module 6: Advanced Trading Techniques: Dan shares margin trading and short selling.

What is Ryder Media? 

Ryder media

Ryder Media is a digital marketing agency designed to help entrepreneurs boost their sales and get more conversions. Dan Ryder created Ryder Media in 2018. He applied the methods that he used himself to generate over 3 million dollars in sales with affiliate marketing and has helped his clients see over a 350% increase in actual revenue. 

What Services Does Ryder Media Provide? 

  • Omnichannel Advertising: They run ads for you on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. 
  • Marketing Attribution Tracking: You receive access to attributing tools and they implement and manage a marketing tracking plan to give you more insights into growing your business. 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: They can build pages or optimize existing funnels. They build your conversions without affecting already built systems. 
  • Lead Nurturing Campaigns: They provide in-house contact relationship management software to nurture your leads across multiple platforms. 

Is Crypto Trading Worth It in 2024?

Yes, crypto trading in 2024 can be worth it. It is one way you can earn money investing in digital real estate. But it comes with significant risks and considerations. On the positive side, investors know that cryptocurrency markets have the potential for high returns. If market conditions are favorable, investors can make significant gains in a short period. For instance, a trader called Crypto Scoop posted in Binance Square that he started investing at $1,300. He distributed it equally among stable currencies, IEO and ICO, weekly trading, daily trading, and long-term investments. After several months, his money grew to $4,100. He taught his brother how to trade with his $4800 and today his bank exceeded $25,600. 

In addition, the cryptocurrency market has matured since its early days. You can see increased adoption, better trading platforms, and improved regulatory frameworks. There are a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and trading strategies available. This provides many opportunities for diversification and potential profits. Innovations such as decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain technology continue to grow. This is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Many platforms offer user-friendly interfaces and educational resources. However, there are several downsides to consider, such as:  

  • Volatility: Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, with prices subject to significant and rapid changes. This can lead to substantial financial losses.

  • Regulatory Uncertainty: Despite progress, regulatory environments for cryptocurrencies can still be uncertain. It also varies widely between countries. New regulations could impact market dynamics and accessibility.

  • Security Risks: While security has improved, risks such as hacking, fraud, and scams remain prevalent in the crypto space.

  • Complexity: Successful crypto trading requires a deep understanding of the market. You need exceptional technical analysis, and you must stay updated with news and trends. It can be time-consuming and complex.

  • Emotional Stress: The high volatility and potential loss can cause emotional stress. This can lead to poor decision-making.

Success in trading is achievable through continuous education, strong risk management, and staying informed on market trends and regulatory changes. Utilize reputable sources, consider courses like Dan Ryder's Crypto Cashflow Collective, diversify your portfolio, and balance short-term trading with long-term investments.

Why Local Lead Generation is More Stable Than Crypto Investing?

Local lead generation is more stable than crypto investing because it operates with already established markets. These markets are often local businesses that are less prone to drastic value fluctuations. On the other hand, cryptocurrency operates in the digital market which is highly volatile and unpredictable. This means that local lead generation can provide a more steady and predictable income. Local businesses pay for leads regularly. Usually, it is around  $500-$2000 a month. In contrast, crypto investing can result in unpredictable gains or losses. In addition, crypto investments are more high-risk in nature than local lead generation. 


Also, analyzing local market SEO is easier than predicting the behavior of the cryptocurrency markets. Success in local lead generation relies on marketing skills, SEO expertise, and an understanding of local markets. These are skills you can develop and refine over time, unlike the luck and timing often associated with crypto investments. Local lead generation follows established and proven business models. Whereas, the crypto market is relatively new and still evolving, making it harder to predict long-term trends. With local lead generation, you have more control over your business operations. In contrast, crypto investing is largely influenced by external factors beyond your control. This can be market trends and regulatory changes.

So, if you are looking for a business that allows for sustainable growth, operates in a more stable regulatory environment, and creates predictable revenue streams through recurring clients, try local lead generation

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