David Omari Review | Make 7 Figures on YouTube Using Other People’s Content?

April 6, 2024

David Omari is a YouTuber and YouTube automation guru who teaches how to leverage other people's content to monetize your faceless YouTube channel. He also teaches you how to scale your YouTube channel using the YouTube automation strategy. Read along to find out his strategies and how effective they are, and to know if it's practical to start your own automated YouTube channel.

YouTube automation makes money online passively. You can make money through ads, membership perks, merch, affiliate marketing, etc. However, there is heavy competition as a lot of new creators try to do the same thing for high-volume topics. It takes a while before your channel gains traction, and automating your channel also costs a lot of money, which creates risks of negative cash flow.

How To Make YouTube Videos Using Other People’s Content?

David Omari offers a free recorded "live" mastermind webinar on his website that you can access on Sundays. There is a lot of useful information on his free mastermind, enough to know the basics of creating a faceless YouTube channel. David also teaches you how to leverage what he calls "other people’s content (OPC)" in order to easily create a profitable, faceless YouTube channel.

With David’s strategy, you leverage other people’s content for your YouTube videos by copying their successful format. This is done by searching on YouTube for the topic of the video you want to make and finding a long-format video with at least over a million views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

david omari review

You then copy the entire transcript and paste it on a rephrasing software like Quillbot, and you now have a plagiarism-free script you can use for your own video.

What is great about this strategy is that by rephrasing a proven script, you end up with a video that uses a proven structure. This method also cuts the work you need to do by half. If you don’t have skills in video editing, or voice acting if required, you can simply outsource them to freelancers.

Who Is David Omari?

david omari review

David Omari is a YouTube entrepreneur, mentor, and consultant that spends most of his time in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgie. Originally destined to be a certified public accountant like his father, David created a YouTube channel where he posted video reviews of Sneakers. This is how he started learning about creating content and monetizing on YouTube.

Since 2014, David has been creating and scaling faceless YouTube channels. He now has 15 automated YouTube channels bringing in multiple 7 figure income.

His social media accounts have a good amount of followers, with 14.9K subscribers on his YouTube channel, 276.3K followers on TikTok, and 167K followers on Instagram. David has been featured in several publications like NYWeekly and Disrupt, as well as in many podcast interviews. In 2021, he created his YouTube Mastery Program.

Pros and Cons of David Omari’s YouTube Mastery Program


Teaches you how to create a faceless channel yourself.

Provides a list of many profitable niches based on real data.


Pricey compare to other automation courses.

No tools included.

No live coaching calls.

Hype is oversold. Claims you can earn $100K in 30 days.


David Omari’s YouTube Mastery program costs $1,497. If you pay through ShopPay, you have the option of paying $511.53/month for 3 months or $135.12/month for 12 months.

Refund Policy

60 Day money-back guarantee




No student reviews were found outside the official site.

What Do You Get With David Omari’s YouTube Mastery Program?

david omari youtube mastery review

You will have lifetime access to David Omari’s course which is a complete step-by-step training on how to start or scale your automated, faceless YouTube channel. The training is a constantly updated 15+ course module with over 60+ video lessons.

Some things you will learn are:

  • How to get subscribers fast and grow your channel.
  • Ticks to beat the algorithm and make it into the front page recommendations.
  • How to build impressions for better monetization on your videos through sponsored ads.
  • How to generate 6-7 figures from YouTube brand deals alone.
  • Tricks and keys for making viral videos that get millions of views.
  • SEO tricks to rank your videos on Google search.

In addition to the main training, you will receive a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the tools and software David uses. You’ll also have a list of 100 of the highest paid YouTube niches and access to the exclusive mastermind chat and private discord group.

How Do You Make Money With David Omari’s YouTube Mastery Program?

david omari review

To start a faceless YouTube channel, you need to select a profitable niche, learn basic SEO and marketing, determine your method of monetization, and plan the structure of your videos. Skills required that you do not have can always be outsourced to freelancers.

David Omari’s YouTube Mastery provides all you need to know to create your faceless YouTube channel, make, and market your videos. If you find success with your channel, you’ll know how to monetize and eventually automate and scale it.

Finding a Niche

First step would be to find a profitable niche. David provides a list of the most profitable niches that you can get into. Be careful when selecting a niche, your channel needs to stick to that specific niche to pinpoint the psychology of the target audience.

You don’t need to be passionate about your niche, it just has to be profitable. You can use David’s method of searching topics on YouTube and looking at the views and subscriber count, or use tools like VidIQ to find low competitive niches with high search volumes.

Top 10 YouTube topics based on subscriber and view count:

  1. Photography and Videography Channels
  2. Educational Channels
  3. Gaming Channels
  4. Vlogging Channels
  5. Tech Channels
  6. Fitness Channels
  7. Political Satire/News Channels
  8. Comedy Channels
  9. Makeup Channels
  10. Experiment Channels

Creating Your Faceless YouTube Channel

There are a few skills you need to create your faceless channel. You need to know the basics of YouTube video SEO and marketing strategies. You can use tools like TubeBuddy that allow you to look into the rankings and tags of other videos and use them on your own.

Next, you will need to plan your videos. If you have no experience or skills as a scriptwriter, you can outsource the work to freelancers or use David’s method of copying and rephrasing transcripts.

For your new channel to gain traction, you need to upload regularly and consistently. If you have no video editing skills or experience, you can outsource them to freelancers. If your channel requires a voice actor, you can either record your own voice or outsource it.

Monetizing Your Channel

There are many ways you can monetize your channel. YouTube channels can earn money from ads, channel memberships, merchandise, affiliate links, YouTube Premium revenue, etc. Faceless YouTube channels make money from ad revenue through AdSense. Faceless channels should go viral, and by allowing Google to run ads in your videos, you will earn money based on your view count. To monetize a YouTube automation channel through ads, you need to apply for the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube does not have a minimum video length for monetization. However, long format videos are preferable to maximize ad revenue. Ads can be placed before, during, or after the video; therefore, long format videos allow you to maximize all three positions without bothering the viewer. YouTubers do not get paid if you skip their ads before the 5-second mark. This is also the reason more and more YouTubers use non-skippable ads.

You can monetize 1 minute long videos on YouTube, but it is not practical for the reason that it is not optimal for ad placement. YouTube Shorts are videos that can last up to 60 seconds, and YouTube has announced plans to allow monetization. YouTube Shorts can get monetized beginning on February 1, 2023. YouTube announced that creators will keep 45% of the ad revenue.

To monetize you YouTube automation channel through ads, you need to apply for the YouTube Partner Program. There are  3 requirements to have your monetization approved by YouTube.

  1. Follow the monetization policies. This requires you to meet YouTube’s community guidelines, terms of service, copyright, Google AdSense program policies, and advertiser-friendly content guidelines.
  2. Reside in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  3. Your channel needs to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months

Automation and Scaling

Scaling a faceless YouTube channel uses the YouTube automation strategy. Despite the name "automation," there is no software or program that will automate the creation process of your videos. YouTube automation is when some or all of the processes of your faceless YouTube channel are handled by a team.

Automated YouTube channels work by outsourcing the 5 components of a YouTube channel—the channel manager, video editor, scriptwriter, voice actor, and thumbnail artist—to freelancers. If you outsource all 5 components, you can move on to creating your next faceless YouTube channel. David claims he spent $40-$70 per video by outsourcing the editing, scriptwriting, and voice acting on Fiverr

The success rate of the David's YouTube Mastery program is the same as any other YouTube automation program. Success depends on your definition of it and on the amount of work you put into your business.

Here are some testimonials from David's students that talk about their successes with the program:

Other David Omari Products

If you cannot afford or don’t want to purchase his training program, David also offers a “Masterclass Prep Kit” and “YouTube Ebook “. To be honest, many of the contents of these products can be found for free by simply Googling the topics.

David Omari’s Masterclass Prep Kit

david omari review

The Masterclass Prep Kit is a cheat sheet that costs $27 and might help you in selecting a profitable niche and creating viral videos. The Prep Kit is basically a preview of what you can learn from the YouTube Mastery Program. With the Masterclass Prep Kit, you’ll discover:

  • Top 25 channel ideas - A list of the top 25 performing channel niches to inspire your own content and channel.
  • Top 10 highest paid niches - A list of the top 10 highest-paid YouTube niches.
  • Viral video hacks - David’s way on how to find, film, and market your videos to make it go viral.

David Omari’s YouTube Ebook

The YouTube Ebook is a cheat sheet for $47 that includes the content from the Masterclass Prep Kit plus additional lessons. Additional content:

  • 15 YouTube cheats - Tips and tricks you can implement to boost success, sales, and more.
  • How to play the algorithm  - Proven strategies by multi-figure YouTubers to beat the algorithm.
  • Free traffic hack - How to leverage free traffic sources to get millions of views and get many followers.
  • Monetization strategy - The simple strategy to turn views into monthly recurring income.
  • Branding 101 - How to create a distinctive brand that attracts millions of viewers and builds a reputation.

DevTyler TV Exposes David Omari's Alleged Scams

David Omari's Issues

  • Fraud Issue: DevTyler calls David Omari a scammer, fraud, and liar, particularly for his YouTube automation courses.  
  • Copyright Claim Issue: David allegedly reported DevTyler's prior YouTube video that exposed him (David), and claimed it as his copyrighted content.  
  • Perjury Issue: He accuses David of perjury for claiming ownership of content that he insists was his own. After successfully restoring the original video, DevTyler received another notice that the video has (again) been reported. 
  • Deceitful Behavior: DevTyler believes that these actions from David Omari are deceitful, and he warns the audience from buying his course. 

Why Should You Start a YouTube Channel Today?

david omari review

Starting a YouTube channel as a business is popular these days, especially among young people. Entrepreneurs, from working professionals to students, have been trying to start YouTube businesses by the thousands. One major reason is that you can scale your YouTube business to generate 7-8 figure passive income using the faceless YouTube automation strategy.

How Much Can You Make With a Faceless YouTube Channel?

The lowest a YouTuber can make per view with AdSense is $0.01. The minimum payout on YouTube is $100. YouTube pays monthly via check by mail or direct deposit.

YouTube usually charges contractors anywhere between $0.10 to $0.30 per view, with $0.18 being the average. YouTube pays out 68% of the ad revenue to publishers. At an average of $0.18 per view, YouTube makes $18 per 1000 views, with $12.24 (68%) of that going to the publisher.

The average ad revenue for videos with 1M views is $2,000–$3,000. If you post weekly videos that get 1M views each, you can earn $8,000–12,000 a month.

How High Are Your Chance of Success?

Although it is a proven business with many real-world examples, it is not an easy get rich quick scheme. It is not a guaranteed success and comes with challenges and risks.

It’s hard for new channels to get 1,000 views or subscribers, as YouTube can’t identify a new channel’s niche. It takes some time and constant posting before YouTube can identify the niche and suggest it to audiences. The quickest way for a new YouTube channel to get to 1,000 views is by doing clickbait. YouTubers do not get paid for likes. Likes help the video and channel move up in the algorithm.

There is no magical way to monetize your YouTube channel fast. The fastest way to monetize a YouTube channel is to create high quality and engaging content, optimize your SEO, and actively engage with your audience.

You can make money on YouTube without having 1000 subscribers and becoming a YouTube Partner. The 3 most popular ways to make money without becoming a YouTube Partner is by affiliate revenue, paid sponsorships, and channel membership.

Regardless of how you want to monetize your YouTube channel, you still need to create valuable content to entice viewers. This is harder than it sounds if you have no experience. YouTube automation courses like David Omari's YouTube Mastery, Dylan Miller's Tube Money Masterclass, and Philipe Reis' Pro University may help you navigate the difficulties and avoid risky common mistakes, but they do not guarantee success.

Risks of YouTube Automation

While YouTube automation brings many advantages, it also creates risks, especially for new content creators. Outsourcing work to freelancers may cause a loss of quality. There is also the loss of creative control as you delegate the work to a team of freelancers.

Then there's the risk of negative cash flow. If your channel does not gain the success you were expecting, the wages you pay plus the costs of automation tools will cause you to lose money.

My Top Recommendation for Making Money Online in 2024

My top recommendation for making money online in 2024 is local lead generation. With a local lead generation business, you have the highest chance of creating predictable passive income with the lowest risks and at the lowest costs.

Using free tactics such as SEO, you'll be able to rank your site on Google at no costs. Hosting only costs about $15 a year. With the first site I ranked, I only put about $500 in 6 months into it, while it continues to make me $2,000 a month.

You don't have risks of having constant expenses such as outsourcing, software fees, etc. with local lead generation. Competition is not even an issue as there are hundreds of niches and thousands of small local areas.

Local lead generation is also very easy to scale. All you need to do is repeat the process as many times as you want. This makes local lead generation the best way to create time and financial freedom in 2024.

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  1. I would not give David Omari YT Mastery program a good grade for Ethics, based on the money back terms. He says during the Free Live training, which is really a sales program for his $1495 course….He says you can get your money back tomorrow when you buy the program today, but in the check out/payment portion, it clearly says you must complete the course and Prove it did not work for you. So the 60 days does give you 60 days to get a video or more posted on your YT channel but if it doesn't produce results, then you may be able to prove it didn't work. Otherwise, you will not get your money back based on what their standard response is, "The refund policy is an Actionable Refund only.

    It is a full program of 10+ years of what David has learned about YT, but it definitely takes digging and a lot of help to get things rolling…But it will work with diligence..

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us Scott. Are you still involved in David’s program? Have you seen personal success using the methods he teaches?

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