David Vu’s Ebay Dropshipping Course for 2022

April 16, 2019

Everyone makes dropshipping sound so easy.

It’s one of the more recommended forms of online income…

Especially for beginners.

We’re led to believe that with just a few bucks and a little bit of determination…

We can rake in tons of cash through this method without even really trying.

But the truth is that – like any online business – dropshipping requires a lot of work and dedication.

More than that, dropshipping requires careful and meticulous planning.

If you just waltz into this industry without really knowing heads from tails, you won’t get very far.

It’s just that simple.

So, what are your options?

Isn’t it obvious?

You need training.

And not just any old training, either.

You need top-notch, relevant and up-to-date dropshipping training that’ll actually help you make money.

And when it comes to dropshipping, there aren’t many easier methods than selling on eBay.

There are many benefits of this system, and it’s probably one of the best ways to get started in the dropshipping world as a newcomer.

But even though this might be a great first step for a newbie, it still isn’t easy –

Not by any stretch of the imagination.

In order to truly master this technique of dropshipping, you need to learn from someone who really knows their stuff.

And many past students have chosen David Vu as their mentor and teacher in this specific niche.

He created an entire course which revolves around dropshipping on eBay, and it’s incredibly popular.

And as this course becomes more and more popular, new people become more and more interested.

It’s getting tons of positive reviews these days, and the course is definitely gathering a lot of momentum.

The process is simple.

Find the best products to dropship, list them on eBay, and rake in the profits.

But is it really that simple? Obviously not.

That’s why David Vu has designed an entire course around this subject, and it covers every little detail.

But is this course really worth your time and money?

What can you expect to learn?

How will you learn these important topics?

Don’t worry – we’re going to answer all of these questions and many more in our comprehensive review of David Vu’s eBay Dropshipping Course.

Having had experience in dropshipping and affiliate marketing, I am happy to contribute an article to the internet and for your edification.

I’m also going to finish out by touching on the one business model that has allowed me to invest in dropshipping and actually see that it works…

Local Lead Generation is what’s compensated me well throughout the years in online entrepreneurship…

Having made about $10k per month in my very first year – which is passive income –

I was able to leave the corporate life of working 9 to 5 in order to become my own boss.

Very simply, from a laptop, I was able to build lead gen sites that would rank at the top of search results in a very quick time frame…

And that strategic positioning would allow me to rake in upwards of $1k to $3,000 per month – whether I continued to work or not.

Now, enjoying a lifestyle at $45k and still running my business in a very part-time capacity…

I can attest to our lead gen coaching program being the one-stop shop for anyone looking to add monthly revenue to their life without an additional career or part-time/full-time job taxing their schedules further.

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Who Is David Vu?

But hold a second.


Of all the people on this Earth, who is David Vus anyway?

What are his credentials?

Does he actually have any experience with eBay dropshipping?

What makes him qualified to teach a course like this?

David Vu is known as a “serial entrepreneur.” That means that he has experienced success in multiple different business ventures, and he has started quite a few different companies.

But what about eBay specifically?

David Vu claims that he earned $100,000 in profit during his first year dropshipping on eBay alone. Those are impressive numbers, especially for a beginner.

Remember, dropshipping is considered to be a form of passive income, which means that you don’t really have to work too many hours per week on this venture.

So while $100,000 might not sound like a crazy amount of money, it’s still an awesome income if it only requires minimal effort.

When he started dropshipping on eBay, David Vu was probably involved in tons of different online income methods, with dropshipping making up only a small portion of his overall income.

Over the past few years, David Vu has become more and more involved in teaching. He admits that helping others isn’t just another income source for him – it’s a real passion which gives him tons of satisfaction.

Watching his students earn great money gives David Vu a lot of joy, and he’s totally inspired to help you achieve the success that you deserve.

That, in a nutshell, is what David Vu is all about.

David Vu’s eBay Dropshipping Course Summed Up

Enough about David Vu… What about his eBay dropshipping course?

What are the core tenants behind this course, and what kind of process does the average student follow?

It’s actually very simple.

All you actually need to do is find products on Amazon, Home Base, or any other online store for cheap.

Then, you just need to sell those same products for slightly more on eBay. This markup in price is basically your profit margin.

Once you create your listing on eBay, you wait until someone makes a purchase. When they do, you simply buy the item from Amazon or wherever, and enter the customer’s shipping details when ordering the product.

Remember to specify that the item is a gift – that way it’s not mailed with a receipt, and your customer never knows what the original price was.

The product gets shipped directly to the customer, and you don’t have to spend a single penny – or worry about product inventory.

It’s dropshipping done in a slightly different way, and that’s what makes this process unique and interesting. Obviously, you earn a slightly low-profit margin for each sale. Basically, it’s still great money for doing nothing essentially.

What Makes David Vu’s Method Unique?

Even though this is a pretty interesting dropshipping method, it’s actually nothing new.

David Vu certainly didn’t invent this strategy – but he has experienced incredible success with it.

Why is that?

Why does David Vu’s specific technique seem so much more effective than others?

It all has to do with targeting international buyers. This is the key to the entire operation. 

Why would you target international buyers? Because this market often can’t ship easily with Amazon and many of the online stores you source products from.

Buyers located in faraway locales want these products, but for whatever reason Amazon can’t ship to them.

If you’re not in one of the big nations like the UK, USA, or Canada, you know what we’re talking about.

David Vu’s tactics allow these overseas buyers to buy products that they wouldn’t be able to purchase in most cases.

These are the exact same tactics that you’ll learn how to use in David Vu’s dropshipping course.

It’s simple but effective, and it allows you to appeal to a pretty stable customer base that is always interested.

What Is Dropshipping?

If you’re new to the space of dropshipping, you might only have a very basic understanding of this online income method.

After all, this is a method which is frequently recommended to newbies, who might not have made a single dollar online before.

Don’t worry – dropshipping is a very simple concept.

The benefits are pretty straightforward.

With dropshipping, you don’t really need to pay any initial costs to get the business going – even though you’ll technically be selling products.

But what about product inventory? Shipping? Storage?

All these costs are only associated with the traditional product-based business.

Dropshipping doesn’t require much money, because you’re not actually buying any inventory from suppliers.

Instead, you only buy inventory when a customer purchases one of your advertised products. And even then, you’re buying the product from the supplier and then flipping it immediately. In many ways, you’re simply earning a commission on every sale.

Others call it a profit margin, but in the end, your income comes down to the same thing – buying something from a supplier and then selling it for a higher price.

But wait… Why can’t your customers just do the same thing?

Why would they choose to buy a more expensive product when they can spend five minutes surfing the internet for the same price you paid to buy that product initially?

This is one of the biggest downsides of dropshipping.

There actually isn’t anything stopping your customers from finding a much cheaper price.

That’s why dropshipping typically focuses on impulse buys – things that people purchase without really thinking twice. They see a product for a somewhat cheap price, and they add it to their cart almost automatically.

These impulse items are so cheap that it’s not even worth spending the time looking for a cheaper option. At the very most, they’d be saving a couple of bucks.

This is how dropshipping thrives for the most part.

But as we previously stated, David Vu’s methods are actually pretty interesting and unique. You could potentially sell higher ticket items with this method, as long as your international buyers are unable to have these items shipped to their location.

In addition, with David Vu’s method, you’re not dealing with a “supplier” in the traditional dropshipping sense.

In most cases, dropshipping involves negotiating some sort of deal with a Chinese or overseas supplier/manufacturer.

They’ll usually sell each item to you at a slightly reduced price.

But with David Vu’s method, you’ll be sourcing your products directly from Amazon. That means you can’t really negotiate a cheaper price… But you can search for items which are on sale, and that’s definitely a big part of David Vu’s strategy.

All in all, dropshipping is a great way to earn somewhat passive income online, and it’s totally beginner friendly.

David Vu’s methods are slightly different, but overall they follow exactly the same principles as a traditional dropshipping business model.

Real Life Case Studies

As previously stated, David Vu is a massive success story on eBay using his own special dropshipping methods.

Because of this, he uses his own eBay store as a case study when teaching his course.

This is actually an awesome system, and it’s great to see a guy who’s so open and transparent about his business practices.

He doesn’t have anything to hide, because guess what?

He’s totally legit, and everything about his eBay dropshipping business actually works.

As you start to learn the basic lessons behind this system, David Vu will show you examples from his own eBay store, and it’s definitely a very helpful way to hammer these concepts home.

He even shares his profit margins and extremely detailed notes about his business practices.

You definitely won’t find this on other similar courses. Even the most reputable and respected entrepreneurs out there leave such details intentionally vague and open to interpretation.

Reasonable Claims

As we stated earlier, $100,000 isn’t going to knock anyone’s socks off, and David Vu knows this.

Now, he could have massively exaggerated his claims in this area – promising that you’ll make millions of dollars with this method.

We know for a fact that tons of other educational products do this on a regular basis.

So the fact that David Vu kept his claims reasonable is quite respectable. Reported earnings is a big reason why people sign up to these courses in the first place.

If you promise someone millions of dollars and they only end up earning minimum wage, that obviously reflects negatively on you and your online course.

With all of this in mind, six figures are actually quite doable with the dropshipping course David Vus Ebay orchestrates for you.

With the right approach and the right tactics, you should be able to rake in a lot of money with this method.

Of course, your profit margins are always going to be quite low. In many ways, this is a limitation of dropshipping in general. You’ll never start making crazy money until you start creating a brand and begin selling/producing your own products.

But David Vu’s methods might be particularly vulnerable to a low-profit-margin. Sometimes, smart dropshippers are able to markup items by three or four times their original price. Think about pens or mugs made in China. If you find a seriously cheap supplier, the profit margins actually get pretty exciting.

But even if you find an Amazon product which is massively on sale, you’ll still struggle to markup the price by more than 50%. Don’t get us wrong; there are tons of opportunities to earn great money with this method.

, this sheds some light on why David Vu claims that you can earn six figures through this method – not seven figures.

And overall, it’s awesome that he’s not making wild, unreasonable claims like so many other “gurus” and online teachers out there.

Quick Sales

The most obvious benefit of this course is that you’re pretty much guaranteed to make money.

We hear about “foolproof” income methods all the time. But in this case, David Vu’s method really is impossible to screw up.

Even if you’re the worst salesperson on Earth, you won’t struggle to sell things on eBay with this method.

In fact, most students report making their first sales within a couple of hours. There’s no real magic to this method… It just works.

And if you think about the actual principles behind the strategy, this makes sense. There’s nothing very complicated going on here.

And as many past students have pointed out, it feels great to make your very first online sale. As any entrepreneur will tell you, making your first sale is actually a major hurdle and an important milestone.

The fact that this system allows you to make your first sale so quickly is awesome. Even though you’ll only be earning a couple of bucks on each sale, it’s still a major accomplishment when you sell something for the first time.

When you do make that first sale, it’s actually pretty inspiring, and it gives you the motivation to keep going towards even greater success.

With David Vu’s eBay Dropshipping methods, you’ll get that awesome feeling faster than you ever thought possible.

This is definitely a big plus.

However, sometimes quick isn’t the most promising and often doesn’t last.

It took me a good and solid few weeks to work my local lead generation business into profit mode. 

I had to follow the necessary steps after investing in order to…

•    Build and establish my published digital billboards at the top of search results.

•    Ensure they’re ranked for particular industries in certain marketplaces, like Lansing, Michigan for this limo rental site:

•    Then, kick my feet up and let the cash roll in.

There’s really not that many more steps beyond what I’ve just listed for you.

To get the full details, our lead gen coaching program has painted the whole picture.

In fact, they show the exact steps – in detail – of how I reached $45k per month.

Now indulging in time freedom and still only working part-time with such a profitable business…

Fast profits aren’t as important to me as lasting profits, and we can show you how to get there if that’s what you’re really looking for in a business opportunity…

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What’s Included In This Course?

We’ve talked about the basic concept behind this Dropshipping course, and we’ve also mentioned the fact that David Vu uses his own eBay store as an example throughout the lessons.

But what’s actually included in this course?

How are the lessons structured, and what kinds of specific topics will you learn once you sign up?

First thing’s first, you’ll learn how to set up an eBay store. A lot of people out there are capable of figuring this whole process out for themselves, as it really isn’t that complicated.

But David Vu also shares interesting insights and unique tips and tricks. He’ll show you how to set up the best, most profitable eBay store.

A huge part of this course focuses on David Vu’s own eBay store. Look, you’ll get an inside look at exactly what kinds of products he sells, how he makes his money, and his own formula for profits.

Additionally, you’ll learn all about how David Vu sources his products. This is a very important step – as this is where your profit margins come from.

He also talks about making this business easier. He explains some steps that’ll help you scale and automate a big part of your business, allowing you to work for less than 15 minutes a day.

There are many more amazing lessons packed into this course, but that’s the general outline.

On Udemy, there are also some basic statistics about the course:

It features 5 hours of on-demand video lessons, 44 articles, and a special certification of completion. And like all Udemy courses, you’ll get lifetime access once you sign up.


A quick trip to Udemy reveals that this course costs about $150.

This is probably more expensive than your average Udemy course, which typically goes for about $10-$20.

But this course is also jam-packed with way more content than your average Udemy course. 5 hours of video lessons is a lot.

And 44 articles is definitely way more than most courses offer these days. So, while it does cost a little more than what you might be used to, it’s well worth the money.

It’s even better if you take advantage of the many deals which are constantly offered by Udemy.

We just visited Udemy, and we found a random discount of 90% off.

That means you can get David Vu’s eBay Dropshipping Course Login permissions for about $20 bucks if you play your cards right.

These discounts aren’t hard to find, and you should be able to find some killer deals if you search hard enough.

You’ll also need to spend a little bit extra on certain tools and apps, especially as your business starts to grow. Some of these charge a monthly fee, so it’s worth factoring these third-party tools into your final decision.

But overall, the price of this course is pretty reasonable – especially if you take advantage of the many deals offered by Udemy.

If $150 seems a little steep to you, consider the hours and hours of videos offered by David Vu, as well as the countless articles and additional features.

All in all, it’s probably a very good investment.


When you see a course offered by Udemy, it’s always a great sign.


Because Udemy courses come with all kinds of additional benefits, we already mentioned lifetime access, but another big plus is the support system.

The Udemy platform makes it easy for teachers like David Vu to interact with their students through a variety of methods.

You’ll find it easy to connect with your teachers with chat, private messages, and other simple methods.

As far as we can tell, David Vu is handling the support system personally. That means that you’ll get feedback from the actual founder of the course, which is pretty much unheard of.

There’s also the Q&A system which is built into Udemy’s platform. The Q&A section for David Vu’s course is particularly good, and there are so many questions and interactions that are worth reading through.

This Q&A is basically a community of like-minded individuals and fellow students – much like a Facebook page or a forum. Ask a question on the Q&A, and you’ll have it answered in no time at all.

Some people even claim that the Q&A is as helpful as the course itself – so this is definitely an awesome feature that really makes a difference.

Refund Policy

Like any course on Udemy, you enjoy a 30-day, no questions asked guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with the product or the results in any way, simply contact Udemy within 30 days, and you’ll receive a full refund.

It’s as simple as that!

This rock-solid refund policy gives us a lot more confidence going in, especially because this course is slightly more expensive than the average Udemy course.

But with the level of insurance in place, you can test drive this product risk free, see what you think, and then decide whether or not you want to continue.

It really is the best refund policy you could possibly hope for.

Possible Earnings

We’ve talked about pretty much every aspect of this course…

But we haven’t really touched on one of the most important questions… How much can you actually earn?

Look, this is a slightly complicated question to answer because it’s not like you suddenly earn a set amount with David Vu’s methods.

And the amount you earn will change from month to month, hopefully increasing with time as you become more experienced and learn more sales skills.

Now, we already know the claims behind this product. David Vu boasts that using these methods; you can expect to earn six figures per year. On his Udemy page, he even claims that it’s possible to earn $14,000 per month – which is well over six figures.

While these are pretty awesome numbers, they’re still within the realms of possibility. They’re not outrageous by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, it all totally depends on how much work you put into your dropshipping business.

Hell, it may even be possible to make more than $14,000. But on a more realistic note, something tells us that most people can expect to earn a couple of thousand dollars monthly with this method.

We’re talking two to four thousand dollars per month.

Does that sound like a massive disappointment? It shouldn’t. In terms of passive income, that’s actually really awesome.

Remember, once you get everything set up and rolling, this should only require a few hours per week.

Even when you are “working hard,” and trying to set everything up, you’ll still only be working 5-10 hours per week. That’s about an hour each day… Definitely doable for most people out there.

Even better, it’s possible to reduce the workload even further as you become more and more skilled. With the right strategies and automation methods, you’ll only need to work about 15 minutes per day!

But hold on a second… We’re getting off track.

How much financial revenue can you realistically expect to make with this method?

Honestly, you’re probably not going to make more than $2,000 per month during your first few months.

Sure, there are exceptions. And yes, David Vu’s methods allow you to start making sales almost immediately.

But in order to make thousands of dollars per month, your sales volume needs to be seriously high. And in order to do that, you need to spend some time learning the ropes and creating a solid customer base.

Basically, you just need to grind for a little while before the real money starts to pour in. David Vu states quite clearly that this is not a get rich quick scheme.

It’ll take work, effort, and planning.

Like any business, the money isn’t just going to appear overnight. If you find a guru or an entrepreneur who says he can make this happen, he’s lying.

David Vu tells it like it is, and even though he obviously states the potential of 14K per month, he also lets us all know that this end goal isn’t easy.

Maybe you won’t ever earn more than $2,000 per month with this system. But once again, that’s still a really solid source of passive income, and it’ll stick with you for years to come if you know what you’re doing.

Potential Downsides

This wouldn’t be a thorough review without addressing the eBay dropshipping pros and cons. 

Of course, no product is perfect.

Just like any other bit of merchandise on the market, David Wu’s course has few potential downsides, and this might not be an honest review if we didn’t touch on them.

The biggest downside to David Vu’s system is something simple yet extremely frustrating.

Creating listings on eBay is a real nuisance.

There’s just no getting around it. You have to spend long, tedious stretches of time manually entering in each and every product you want to list.

This drains so much time, and it’s something a monkey could probably do.

In fact, there are a few methods you might use to get around this little problem. Some people hire virtual assistants because this sort of tedious data entry is exactly what VAs are for.

Others download powerful, third-party automated tools that make it easy to create listings.

Both these methods are pretty expensive, however. So when you’re first starting out, you’ll be stuck entering in each line of product information. This can get pretty frustrating.

Remember, this is supposed to be a passive form of income that only requires a few hours of work per week. If you’re spending too much time creating product listings, it ceases to be time-efficient or passive in nature.

Another big downside to this system is that it’s not very efficient long-term.

Once again, David Vu actually recommends that his students eventually create their own dropshipping stores down the road.

He sees this entire method as a short-term, beginner-friendly method of setting up a pretty decent form of largely passive income.

In many ways, it’s just a way to get familiar with the world of dropshipping before jumping in headfirst.

So while this system is great for beginners, you’ll eventually outgrow it… That is, as long as you actually want to make more than six figures at the most.

How To Scale This Business

Scaling this business is actually pretty easy.

For the most part, you can scale this business by adding automated features and tools. Obviously, you’re going to want autoresponders and various other automated tools as a product based business.

But the best-automated tools are the ones that make certain tedious tasks easier, like creating product listings.

With these automated tools in place, you can easily scale your business and earn more money in less time.

Other Alternatives

As we mentioned before, David Vu himself states that setting up your very own dropshipping store is a better long-term solution.

You’ve gotta admire his honesty.

This guy is essentially admitting that his own personal method is inferior to other dropshipping models if you really want to rake in cash.

Of course, David Vu’s method strategy does have its benefits, especially if you’re a total beginner who just wants to make money in the short term and figure out this whole dropshipping thing.

So what are the other alternatives?

Obviously, David Vu is talking about a “traditional” dropshipping method where you set your own online store.

This method is much more involved and takes way more time and work to get off the ground. You won’t be relying on a pre-established platform like eBay to sell your products, but rather your very own online store.

To drive traffic to this new online store, you’ll need to employ some seriously strong marketing skills.

And this takes time – way more time than David Vu’s method. In fact, that’s one of the few advantages his method has over traditional dropshipping techniques. It doesn’t take forever to make your first sale.

The specific examples worth exploring are the Anton Method and a few other well-known dropshipping courses.

This is just something to consider as you approach the dropshipping world as a complete newbie.

Final Verdict

With an average rating of 4.5 on Udemy, and almost 37,000 students enrolled, David Vu’s method is definitely making waves.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding his eBay Dropshipping course, and the hype is deserved.

This method really does work, and the simplicity of it all is amazing.

His method seems like it’s tailor-made for beginners. And that’s a great thing. Sometimes, beginners just don’t have the patience to work for months and months before making a single sale.

Sometimes, beginners need instant feedback and gratification. They need to know what it feels like to make a sale.

They need to feel motivated and excited about selling products online, and David Vu’s method does provide this.

And this first step isn’t something that feels wasted later on.

If you do decide to create a traditional dropshipping store in the future (as you should), then you don’t have to ditch David Vu’s system completely.

You’ll probably still have plenty of time to run this business in your spare time. You might not be totally focused on it in the future, but you’ll still easily rake in 1K a month or so.

Some past students even hire whole teams of Virtual Assistants to run their eBay Dropshipping businesses, and it works out just fine.

At the end of the day, David Vu’s Dropshipping course is a great way to get started in the dropshipping world.

You get to try a simplified, beginner-friendly version of dropshipping, and you’ll have the opportunity to earn great money while you learn.

The epic thing about this method is that you’ll make your first sale pretty quickly. With other dropshipping methods, you have to spend months before you even find out if you’re doing the right things.

We can’t genuinely find a single reason why you shouldn’t take this course – especially if you’re a dropshipping beginner.

With Udemy’s various discounts and a 30-day money back guarantee, it’s an idea first step into the dropshipping world.

All you’ll need to do now is make the first move.

Local Lead Gen Yields 6 and 7 Figures to Business Owners in 2022

David really seems to have his pulse on the climate of the internet…

More importantly, the eCommerce space for selling goods online.

Especially with traditional methods that have been around for quite some time.

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Shopify

None of these surprises him because he’s been around the block a few times.

Local Lead Generation, on the other hand, is a powerful tool that yields genuinely passive income on a monthly basis.

What that means is you’re able to set up virtual real estate that spits off cash flow month after month – and I know this because I’ve been collecting for years with very little effort.

I mean, all businesses require a learning curve, some time and financial investment, and even a little elbow grease at first.

Beyond that, this business is awesome and allows me both financial and time freedom…

Especially since I really don’t need to ask for permission from a corporate manager for:

•    time off,

•    vacation privileges (and hope it gets approved),

•    nor be condescended to – again – for why I’m not getting selected for that annual raise… again…

This whole eCommerce thing also means that you’ll have to send a cut of your profits to the various hands that are in your entrepreneurial cookie jar for.

•    As an affiliate, you have to pay the primary manufacturer or service company.

•    In dropshipping, you still need to pay the person who is actually in possession of the good being sold.

•    Your marketing is coming out of your pocket.

All of that essentially means that your profit margins can be upwards of 10 to 20 percent (if you’re lucky). 

I’d rather own my digital billboards online that spit off cash flow and not pay anyone that I don’t have to. 

Our lead generation coaching program walks you through exactly what you need to do to have that kind of profitable business – where you hardly anything to anyone but yourself.

A prime example is my tree service lead gen site that got ranked at the top of search results in Lansing, Michigan shortly after getting published, as you can see here:

With less than a full work day’s equivalent in time invested, I was up and running…

And the results of being at the top of the marketplace translated into around $2k per month from the local business who was happy to be getting referred customers from the free traffic I was scooping up with my lead gen site.

This is how simple it was to piece together the lead gen site; this is all it is, really…

If you’re hunting for the simplistic business model that can rival other professions in time off versus 6 figures in compensation every year…

Our local lead gen coaching program just may be the answer that you’ve been looking for.

You can explore what you want, but I don’t have to wake up early and be somewhere at a time I didn’t agree to long-term.

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