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David Zaleski Review: Are His EcomHub Products Ideal?

March 1, 2024

david zaleski review

David Zaleski is a 7-figure seller from Chicago with over a decade of experience selling on eBay, starting an Amazon FBA business, and Shopify. He has created and scaled multiple Amazon private label brands. Today, he's not active on YouTube, though he was consistently posting videos covering Amazon SEO, Amazon PPC, and how to scale products since 2017. In 2024, he runs EcomHub, a company that specializes in all aspects of running an Amazon store. This includes an automation agency called Seller Startup Studio, product listing optimization services like photography, videos, and infographics, and the FBA Academy, an Amazon FBA course.

So, who is David Zaleski? He has sold on eBay and tried other Amazon FBA business models such as retail arbitrage, wholesale, and the one David chose: on Amazon private label. This strategy involves purchasing a brandless product from a supplier, placing your logo on it, and selling it at a much higher price for a higher profit margin.

There isn’t much more information online about him besides his website. Does this mean David Zaleski is a scam? Or is this a sign of a solid digital marketer? Our David Zaleski review covers everything you need to know, as well as insights into an alternate business model (with no product or suppliers)- local lead generation.


David has over a decade of experience.

He employs a full team, so he isn’t spread out over hundreds of students. This gets his students more individualized attention.

David has always thought outside the box and used interesting strategies to scale.


Very few actual David Zaleski reviews online.

You must call to find out pricing for his full automation agency and store feature services.

Because it's difficult to find people who have done EcomHub services, it’s hard to commit.

David Zaleski’s Success Story

David is a first generation American. His parents are immigrants, never went to college, and never worked in a cubicle. So, even though his parents encouraged him to work hard and go to school, he grew up watching his family of entrepreneurs. His dad and uncles all owned their own businesses.

david zaleski-cropped

“Immigrants have to figure their own shit out when they come to America. They just go into entrepreneurship because they’re not gonna get hired by anyone else. So, that’s all I knew growing up.”

David Zaleski: The Early Years

David’s own entrepreneurial journey began before high school. From ages of 10 to 14, he spent his time playing video games like any other kid. He even had his own Call of Duty and Halo YouTube channel. In eighth grade, he discovered a forum that discussed shipping and selling products. The idea of buying something low, selling it high, and keeping the profit made sense to him. 

He stopped obsessing over video games and flipped cheap products on eBay instead. These products were "made in China", cheaply made products like screen protectors, iPhone covers, and headphones. He’d order a bulk shipment to his house and fulfill orders himself.

After this, he sold used car parts his dad had in his shop. He did this from 2012 to 2015, working for two months of the summer and enjoying passive income during the school year. Finally, he attempted to sell some cables on Amazon, but he didn’t know what he was doing and had some account suspension issues. This drove David to Reddit for answers. That's where he discovered Amazon private label.

David Zaleski Learns Amazon Private Label

David used podcasts and Facebook groups to learn more about the Amazon marketplace.

His first two products failed. The first was a gun magnet. It would have sold well, except he didn’t have any product inspections. The product didn't work, and he had to liquidate it on eBay. After this, he listed something he had lying around the house, and focused on learning Amazon. It took him seven months to launch his third product, which was seasonal. It launched right before Christmas. The product took off with no advertising beyond auto Amazon PPC. David is featured as one of Amazon's trusted advertisers, along with Travis Marziani.

David Zaleski Scales His Online Business

  • When 2016 came, he hired Fiverr reviewers and asked Amazon’s top reviewers to help him push his products. David did this from 2016 to 2018. He didn’t use this strategy past this time.
  • In 2019, David was actively selling a few private label brands on Amazon, creating his own podcast, and running EcomHub with Tom Wang.
  • Also David was running his businesses while attending DePaul University. He used his earnings to help pay for his degree.
  • By his junior year, he thought about dropping out of school, even though he made the Dean’s List. But, his parents said if he did that, he must repay their share of his college money. So, he finished and earned a marketing degree.
  • David also earned the Future Founders Fellowship. This program is highly competitive and, if won, helps develop both the business owner and their startup. Other brands to come from this fellowship include Brite Bites, Crated with Love, Novelly, and many more.
  • As of 2021, David was fully Amazon FBA. He took a private label product to 7-figure months (between Amazon and Shopify) within a ten-month timeframe during the pandemic in 2020.

Today, it appears David Zaleski is managing EcomHub as his principal business.

What is EcomHub?

EcomHub is David Zaleski’s studio for designing Amazon businesses and educating sellers. He has something to offer for all Amazon seller levels, from beginners to investors.

bbb ecomhub

How Much Does EcomHub Cost?

EcomHub doesn’t have a cost, it's David’s website. Here are the prices of all David’s services on this website:

  • FBA Academy Done By You: $997
  • FBA Academy Done For You: $4997
  • Seller Startup Studio (investment opportunity): must call to find out price
  • EcomHub Amazon Services (à la carte): must call to find out price

EcomHub Products and Services

FBA Academy Review: David Zaleski Amazon Course

FBA Academy is David’s private label Amazon FBA training course. This David Zaleski course has two varieties. This version is cheaper and completely done by you, except for product validation. With product validation, David’s team will tell you if your product idea has a high chance of making good profit margins or not. There's also a private Facebook group and live coaching calls.

Both versions train learners into David’s trademarked Rank and Bank strategy. This strategy involves creating a Facebook ad to drive traffic to your product’s fan page, and then using Manychat to bring customers to your Amazon page. 

In the end, the FBA Academy is an excellent course. For a full list of FBA Academy pros and cons, read our full FBA Academy review: Scam or Legit?

What is FBA Academy Done For You?

The other version of the FBA Academy, Done For You, is like an Amazon automation agency. But, instead of David taking over your entire Amazon business for a hefty price point, you simply pay more for additional support. You will still receive the full FBA Academy course, a mentorship, and access to the private community. 

In addition, they will choose your product for you, rather than validate your own idea. If you don’t like the product they choose, you may request a different product. Once you choose, they will test sample products from 3 different suppliers. You’ll learn how to get your official business license. They will design your branding and logo, but you have a say in this as well. Finally, they set up Enhanced Brand Content for your product listings, with sales copy and a video ad. David’s team handles about 60-80% of the work as well as providing unlimited mentor support.

negative done for you

Roman Cresto's Automators AI an Amazon automation company that pairs up investors and full-service providers.

What is the Seller Startup Studio?

The Seller Startup Studio is David’s Amazon investing business. This is his true Amazon automation agency. David’s team will take care of every detail of your online business entirely, but you will have to pay:

  • All business startup costs
  • Inventory 
  • Shipping costs
  • Marketing (Amazon PPC)
  • EcomHub Seller Startup Studio service fees.

You will bring in 100% passive income each month while David runs your business for you. There is no information about the cut he takes online, so you will have to book a call to find out. You can eventually sell this brand after it becomes popular. But again, there’s no information available on how much of that final sale David will take.

What Are EcomHub Amazon Services?

EcomHub Amazon Services help small businesses with the optimization of their current Amazon stores. They offer:

  • Product photography and videos
  • 3D renders
  • Infographics
  • Enhanced Brand Content design
  • Amazon store development
  • Logos, packaging, inserts
  • Keyword research and copywriting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax help

It’s not completely clear if you can choose a single one of these services at a time, but after you book a call, you can ask David’s team all of your questions.

Positive David Zaleski Review

david zaleski review

“David Zaleski is a legitimate and competent person as well. When you compare him to fake gurus out there, you’ll see that he has a high quality training and that he has a good moral compass- really ethical person- that is not trying to scam you.”

David's Student, Terry, Sold $15,000+ on His First Amazon FBA Product

Terry's Background and Story

Terry is originally from Northern British Columbia, Canada. He moved near Vancouver after getting married and lived there for 12 years before migrating to Virginia Beach in the U.S. He loved snowboarding after high school but needed a job that gave more freedom and money when he started a family. Terry tried different businesses like MLM and affiliate marketing but didn't find them successful. Eventually, he found Ecom Hub and liked the idea of selling on Amazon because of its structure and efficiency. This discovery had led him to start an ecommerce business.

How Terry’s Business is Doing Today

Terry launched his first product on Amazon and made over $15,000, and credits this success to FBA Academy. By the end of 2023, he grew his Amazon product range and real estate portfolio. He built and empire and plans to retire early with his wife. 

Lessons Terry Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Importance of the Right Business Model: Terry learned how crucial it is to pick a business model that meets both customer needs and his own goals. His bad experience with slow dropshipping led him to appreciate Amazon FBA's fast and efficient service.

Commitment and Decision Making: Terry stresses the need to stay focused on your goals and make choices that help you reach your long-term plans. He suggests planning backwards from your life goals and investing in education and business to get there.

Overcoming Overthinking: As someone who tends to overthink, Terry understood the need for ongoing support and encouragement in business, especially during important times like launching a product and marketing it.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Terry claims to have made $15,000 on his first Amazon product. This could be true, however, he did not mention how much it cost him to reach this number. According to industry data, the Amazon FBA profit margin is typically between 15% to 25%. Assuming the $15k is gross income, Terry's conservative net sales would only be around $2k. 

Negative David Zaleski Review

After an extensive search, this is the only negative David Zaleski review that I could find online:

 negative david zaleski review

Conclusion: Is David Zaleski a Scam?

David Zaleski is not a scam, but there should be more valid reviews out there. It’s also odd that he no longer has an active YouTube presence. However, his course is legit, high quality, and full of good information. His Done For You program is a great compromise between a full Amazon automation service and a course. 

Yet, Amazon FBA is a difficult business model. You need to understand product research and marketing, as well as have the startup capital to store a sufficient amount of inventory. I did Amazon FBA, but realized it wasn’t how I wanted to make money online long term. Instead, I started local lead generation. This might be a better business model for you, too.
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  1. David zaleski has collected almost 10000 from from his done for you program as well as many other students, and suddenly closing without giving enough notice to his clients or students and he is refusing to complete his part of the contract which to render certain services listed above until you launch your product and providing post launch support, he has refused to do a partial refund as well, he is knowledgeable but has no integrity and is definitely fraudulent. At least if you must close refund your students for services not provided but have been paid for. I heard he plans to open another business, avoid his businesses at all costs. There are some negative reviews online , this guy is a scam

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