Paul James’ DialHawk Review (Top 3 Reasons To Follow Up With Leads Quickly)

March 3, 2024

DialHawk is a lead tracking software created by Paul James with the goal of improving the lead-to-close ratio in your rank and rent business. It's a software that will instantly put your clients on a phone call with any leads who fill out the contact form on their website. Once a lead enters their information, DialHawk will call your client and ask them to press 1 to connect them to the lead. By pressing 1, DialHawk will trigger a call back to the lead at the number they entered on the lead form. This software is supposed to help clients attend leads within minutes before they change their mind or go with another business. 

Call tracking is a system that allows marketers to gather information from phone conversations with customers. Through these tracked phone calls, marketers learn about their marketing campaigns to improve them. DialHawk aims to help business owners increase sales.

This DialHawk review will compare DialHawk with the call tracking software used in the local lead generation training program and see which one is better for the rank and rent business model.


Paul James is a legit online entrepreneur who teaches valuable marketing skills.

DialHawk puts your clients on the phone with leads quickly while they are still "hot" giving you a chance of closing a sale.

This software helps your rank and rent business and any business with an email contact form. 

They provide you with website, email, and proposal templates.


DialHawk is tied to Paul James, whose SEO training in his other training courses is sub-par. He doesn't teach the best ranking strategies that will allow you to generate the maximum number of leads for yourself or your clients. 

DialHawk can be integrated with Twilio, which has a low-quality interface.


DialHawk costs $497 per year or $49 per month.

Refund Policy

DialHawk offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee on your first payment only.


No private forum community for support when signing up for DialHawk, as with Maps Mentor Unleashed.


Paul James created DialHawk in 2019. 


Paul James has a good online reputation selling courses that teach how to make money leveraging SEO skills. He actively shares content on social media about making money. You won't find any negative Paul James reviews on Reddit. 

Top 3 Reasons to Follow Up With Leads Quickly

1. Businesses Not Responding to web leads by phone.

According to OpenView, less than 25% of businesses are responding to web leads by phone. Instead, companies are opting to reach back out through email, which increases the probability of them losing out on sales. This shows that by following up with leads over the phone, you will close more leads since other companies aren't doing it.

2. Companies take too long to follow up.

A study showed that the average lead response time is 47 hours. Responding to leads almost 2 days later gives potential customers to chance to call and work with your competitors. The same study showed that those businesses who responded within 5 minutes of receiving a lead were 21% more effective in qualifying leads. 

3. One Minute response time leads to more conversions

Velocify conducted another study that showed how a one minute response time increased conversions by over 391%. That number decreased to 160% when businesses responded after 2 minutes. These figures offer more than enough proof that responding to leads within the minute of receiving their information is highly beneficial to your marketing effort. Attending leads while they are early in their customer journey gives you the best chance of closing the deal.

What do you get with DialHawk?

DialHawk Enterprise Account

When you sign up for the DialHawk software, they give you unlimited access so you can create as many campaigns as you need. You also get:

  • Access to automation tools with your DialHawk login like lead tracking and features, such as a whisper tool that lets your client know who the leads are from when they pick up the phone. This helps ensure there is no confusion when talking about the value you bring to the table. 
  • DialHawk will also connect to your Twilio account. With Twilio, you'll get to rent phone numbers for just $1 per month and less than a penny per minute. 
  • Ability to set up auto billing
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Clients can dispute calls
  • Track specific inbound call traffic sources

Pay Per Call Profits Training

This is a step-by-step training that shows you how to create your pay per call lead generation business. Paul shows you how to find profitable niches, and how to get your first lead generation site up and running within a week. 

"Done For You" Website Template

Paul shares the exact template that he uses in his marketing campaign. He calls his sites "lead getters". 

Seal the Deal Email & Proposal Templates

For signing up with DialHawk, Paul shares his email and proposal templates to help you in your sales process. These are the templates he uses in his 6-figure business. 

Fast Clients Training

In this training, Paul shows you how to get clients without having to do any cold calling. He also shares the 4 sites he uses to get clients who like to pay for leads. 

One Year of Unlimited Site Reviews 

Along with your purchase of DialHawk, Paul gives you unlimited "lead getter" site reviews for one year. This is where Paul and his team go over your sites and give you feedback on what you need to fix.

Who is Paul James?

Paul James is an internet marketer from Oak Creek in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He dropped out of South Milwaukee High School to make money working at an HVAC company, but was eventually laid off. 

Paul also attended Cardinal Stritch University to study nursing. While there, he began looking for a way to make money online. In 2009, Paul learned about search engine optimization. In time, he grew his digital marketing agency to over 6-figures in revenue. 

Paul wrote a best-selling book called, 'Reverse Engineer Your Future'. In it, Paul talks about how to navigate in the world of business. 

On his iampauljames YouTube channel, he has posted content about SEO and lead generation but, he is not as active posting content there. Paul is more active posting content on Instagram where he has over 200K followers.

How Paul James Makes $10,000 in 2024

Paul James' Background and Story

Paul James introduces himself is a content creator who shares valuable money-making tools and strategies on Instagram and YouTube. He focuses on tutorial-style videos that guide viewers on various internet business strategies, especially lead-tracking. This video explores the use of AI tools for income generation by selling digital products.

Current Status of Paul James' Business

Paul James' business is doing well. His strategy is to focus on using AI tools for creating and selling digital courses. He shows how to use Learning Studio AI to make a course about relationships, particularly on the topic "how to get your ex back." This AI tool quickly creates a full course with chapters and quizzes. He also talks about using high level for making landing pages and handling customer relationships. He highlights its business and marketing benefits. 

Lessons Learned on Facing Challenges

Product Selection: He suggests picking topics that are always relevant, like health, wealth, or relationships, because these are always in-demand. 

AI Utilization: Paul highly recommends using AI tools in content creation because it saves a lot of time. 

Opt-in Marketing Strategy: He talks about the "opt-in" method, where you give something free (like a PDF) to get people's contact details. Then, he markets the main product (the digital course) to these contacts.

Content Creation: James recommends using AI for making appealing social media content, particularly short videos, to bring people to the opt-in pages. This helps grow an audience and customer base.

What's not mentioned in the interview: Using a lead-tracking software can be costly, especially for small business. DialHawk, for example, costs $497 for year. There might also be additional costs and upsells. 

Is DialHawk legit?

DialHawk is legit because the software actually gets business owners on the phone with hot leads within seconds of the lead entering their information on an email contact form. It is powered by Twilio's API, which lets you link your Twilio account and take advantage of low pricing starting at $1 per phone number. Paul James and his students have been successful in using this software for over 3 years in their marketing agencies.

DialHawk Alternative Lead Tracking Software

Callusing is the best alternative call tracking software to helping you send leads to your clients and increase the lead to close ratio in your business. This call tracker app does more than just track and record incoming calls. There are advanced filtering options which reduce the number of spam calls your tracking number gets on your site, automated invoicing and you can track the metrics of your lead generation campaigns on the dashboard, which was updated in 2022. CallSling will give you customized reports so you know where your leads are coming from (Facebook ads, Google Ads, organic search, etc.).

With CallSling, you get 24/7 support, lead delivery through text, phone, and email, interactive voice response technology (IVR), and individual company logins to keep each business separate. There is even a messaging widget you can paste in the code of your website. This feature helps increase potential customer interaction with site visitors who don't want to call you for an estimate. 

The pricing options for CallSling range from basic business plans ($15/month) to Widget+Business for $49/month and 100 numbers for $499/month. 

This software provides you with the best features, customer service and competitive pricing for the rank and rent business model when compared to other phone tracking softwares like Twilio, CallRail and even DialHawk. It is the software you are trained to use in the local lead generation coaching program.

Fast responding clients help your Local Lead Generation business earn a long-term income

With local lead generation, you want to align yourself with local small businesses that are going to respond to every lead you send them quickly. 

If you partner with a small business owner who is attentive to the leads, your lead generation sites and Google map listings will have an excellent online reputation in the market. As a result, you will continue to get paid each month and build a long-term relationship with your client. 

You'll also have a better chance at scaling your business faster than your competitors, because most companies take too long to respond to leads when they're fresh.

The reason this limo rental site I ranked and rented over 7 years ago is still paying me $750 per month till this day, is partly because the CallSling call tracking software I was taught to use has helped my clients get on the phone with leads within seconds of them entering their information on my sites.

Limo Lead Generation Website

I've also been able to track all metrics in my local lead generation business and leverage the use of a chat widget to increase engagement on my lead generation sites and capture lead information faster.

Increasing the lead-to-close ratio allows you to have the most leverage when determining how many thousands of dollars you get paid each month for leads. This software and system sells itself when you present it to your clients. 

To learn how you can become financially free by ranking and renting your digital assets and pairing them with high-quality call tracking software, check out the local lead generation training program.

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