Matthew Neer’s Digital Bankroll Review: Done-For-You Affiliate Email Marketing Business With MLM

June 12, 2024

Digital Bankroll is an affiliate marketing platform by Matthew Neer that creates a done-for-you affiliate marketing business. Your done-for-you passive income business will use email marketing to promote affiliate programs. Digital Bankroll is the culmination of over 20 of Matthew's done-for-you programs and courses that combine affiliate marketing with MLM.

There are many testimonials from students of Matthew Neer and his Digital Bankroll products that talk about how effective his methods are. However, keep in mind that students of Matthew Neer and Digital Bankroll are also affiliates who earn commission from promoting him and his products. In this non-affiliate Digital Bankroll review, you will learn Matthew's affiliate marketing with MLM style, who Digital Bankroll is for and what you get with it, are their students actually successful, who Matthew Neer is and what his claims are.

Affiliate email marketing is a low-converting strategy with an average conversion rate of 1.5%. Many affiliate marketers who use email marketing either spend real money on buying email lists or take years building their own. It is estimated that 95% of affiliate marketers fail. To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to do more than run email marketing campaigns.

Matthew Neer's Digital Bankroll Review: Pros and Cons


Matthew Neer has been affiliate marketing for over a decade and one of the top affiliates on ClickBank.

Everything is done-for-you. It works almost as a passive investment.


There is no guarantee of the quality of the email lists sold by the programs.

Email marketing has low conversion rate. Digital Bankroll Gold offers more marketing techniques, such as paid ads, but is pricey.

Digital Bankroll programs are mixed with MLM.


Digital Bankroll Silver costs $997 and Gold costs $5,000.

Refund Policy

No refund policy posted.


Originally founded in 2011 as a 7-part ebook.


Overall positive reputation. Digital Bankroll has an affiliate program which could affect the reviews.

What is a Done-For-You Affiliate Marketing Business With MLM?

Digital Bankroll offers a done-for-you affiliate marketing business that includes affiliate offers, landing pages, email lists. Matthew Neer is known for mixing MLM into his products. The main offers you will be promoting are the program themselves that you bought. The 2 programs Matthew creates are courses and done-for-you programs.

With Matthew's courses, you will learn how to do affiliate marketing by building an email list. While the "top selling product" that you are recommended are the courses themselves, you can use what you learned for other affiliate programs. Matthew often sells his done-for-you email list. He also offers done-for-you pre-selected "top selling products" including sales funnels with your affiliate link on it. Once again, these pre-selected affiliate products are Matthew's courses and programs and affiliate partners. 

Here's an example of how he includes MLM into his affiliate marketing system. Let's say you purchase Matthew's done-for-you program with additional 1,000 emails and start promoting it. If someone buys the program with an additional 1,000 emails as well, you get a commission for the program and 250 additional from that list you just sold. The problem is that this reduces the quality of the emails on the list, as they could end up being spammed by multiple affiliate marketers.

Who is Digital Bankroll for?

  • Beginners who want to have an affiliate marketing business who don’t have the time to set it up. Digital Bankroll offers a complete done-for-you affiliate marketing business.
  • New affiliate marketers who are having trouble finding best-selling affiliate offers. Matthew provides you with the current best-selling affiliate offers.
  • Affiliate marketers who want to use email marketing to get leads. You can buy emails from Digital Bankroll’s large email lists.
  • Experienced affiliate marketers who want to learn Matthew’s advanced systems and paid marketing. The Gold program is for affiliate marketers who want to scale to 7-figures.
digital bankroll review

What Do You Get With Digital Bankroll Silver?

  • 30-Day Affiliate Marketing Case Study
  • 6 Week Home Study Course
  • Done-For-You Email Swipe File
  • Done-For-You Landing Page Templates
  • Weekly Q&A Webinars

What Do You Get With Digital Bankroll Gold?

  • Paid Advertising and High Level Systems Course With Over 18 Hours of Training Videos
  • 6-Week Home Study Course
  • Weekly Q&A Zoom Calls
  • Private Members Only Community

Are Students of Digital Bankroll Successful?

It's hard to tell how successful students of Digital Bankroll are since reviews are mostly made by affiliates who promote the product. YouTube affiliate marketers Ace and Rich Guzman posted several review videos promoting Matthew and his program. Ace and Rich are already successful affiliate marketers in their own right and are more honest about their review. While they mention that while email marketing gets some sales, it is not the high-converting method Matthew claims it to be.

digital bankroll review

Who is Matthew Neer?

digital bankroll review

Matthew Neer is 7-figure affiliate marketer, multi-level marketer, and creator of Digital Bankroll from Miami, Florida. He specializes in email marketing and list building. At 18 years old, Matthew worked in his first and only job as a pizza delivery boy. He found out about MLM from a friend and made $10,000 within the first month. His MLM mentor taught him how to sell the program in person, which was not scalable.

Matthew ventured into affiliate marketing, looking for a way to scale his income. He found success with email marketing and created Digital Bankroll as a 7-page guide. Since then, he has created over 20 different email marketing courses and done-for-you programs. Today, he spends his free time traveling and skateboarding all around the world.

Matthew Neer’s Other Programs

  • Speed Wealth System: This is a $49 downloadable resource for learning to create multiple income streams by earning commissions. It is a done-for-you marketing system for people who don’t have enough time to start an affiliate business from scratch. Speed Wealth System offers an affiliate campaign checklist, ready-to-use landing pages, a Live affiliate masterclass, custom software, and case studies.
  • List Leverage: It is a software suite to help marketers and businesses develop a massive email base with high-quality leads. This platform is a partnership between Matthew Neer and Greg Chambers of the Traffic Authority. You can make money through high-ticket commissions. List Leverage comes in monthly (Newbie Program) and annual (Supper Affiliate) memberships costing $49/month and $398/year.
  • Viral Income System: This is a done-for-you affiliate marketing business package. It works in three easy steps. First, you pick a DFY landing page template. Then, you add your affiliate link to the landing page. Lastly, you start generating affiliate income. Viral Income System costs $49.
  • Income League: It is a paid membership program that teaches you how to make around $2,000 in affiliate commissions daily through “tiny little ads.” According to various online sources, Income League’s entry cost is around $37-$47. Matthew builds the upsells through purchases of every aspect of the sales funnel. In total, you can expect to spend around $540 for all the funnel upgrades.
  • 5k Formula System: This is a list of strategies, DFY landing pages and sales funnels, and video training on how to make $5,000 monthly on autopilot. While the product costs $19.99 on the website, revealed that the upsells and downsells led to a final cost of $495.

What is Matthew Neer's Claim?

digital bankroll review

Matthew Neer claims that by using his done-for-you email marketing system, you can make $10,000 a month from affiliate commissions. Matthew's leads are purchased from Traffic Authority and he receives a commission every time you purchase emails from them.

digital bankroll review

Matthew further explains that each lead would receive 100 follow-up email offers at regular intervals automatically. A 10,000 person list would equate to 1 million offers. Does this method actually convert to sales consistently for you to earn $10,000 a month?

3 Reasons Email Marketing Alone Does Not Work

  • Cold traffic is the hardest to convert - Email marketing on its own does not work is because it is outdated. It is very unlikely that people will buy anything from random email promotions. It is also highly likely your emails would just end up in spam folders. To make your email marketing campaign more effective, you need to build an email list of warm leads.
  • Email marketing has one of the lowest conversion rate - At an average conversion rate of 1.5%, a 2% to 5% conversion rate is good while you need over 10% to succeed with email marketing. The average conversion rate of email marketing peaked in 2021 at 8.87% but has continued to decline since after the COVID pandemic subsided.
  • Email list quality - Building an email list takes a very long time. It took Matthew Neer over a decade to build his list of over 120,000 emails. You can buy an email list from list builders like Matthew or platforms like Traffic Authority. The problem with email list buying is that you do not know the quality of the list. You are just emailing random people who most likely won't even be interested in your offers.

Digital Bankroll does work in that you get your done-for-you affiliate email marketing business, but it does not come close to making you the amount that Matthew claims.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It in 2024?

Affiliate marketing is worth it in 2024 if you use it in to compliment your other online business. If you have your own product that you sell, you can upsell related affiliate products for extra income. This way, it adds another income source without the need to pay anything for marketing. You can promote affiliate offers in your online store, blogs, YouTube channel, podcasts, and more.

For those who want to do affiliate marketing full time, driving organic leads to your offer will work better than chasing cold leads. Using long-term strategies, such as social media marketing or creating an affiliate marketing blog or YouTube channel, is more effective.

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  • Passive Income Geek - An affiliate marketing and blogging course by Morten Storgaard. You will learn how to outsource writers to create a blog that promotes your affiliate links.
  • Affiliate Tube Success - Paul Murphy teaches you how to do affiliate marketing by ranking YouTube videos on Google. By ranking videos on YouTube, you do not need to create viral content or collect subscribers and view counts.

My Top Passive Income Business Model for 2024

Local lead generation is my top passive income business recommendation for 2024, as it creates a predictable hands-off monthly income stream. You don’t need to promote any products or do any marketing. It works by creating a site, ranking it on Google, and renting it out to local businesses. As your site generates leads for these businesses, they pay you rent monthly.

There are hundreds of niches and thousands of local areas to create a local lead generation business. You don't have to worry about competition as you only need to outrank a few local websites. Scaling a local lead generation business is as simple as repeating the process. One site can earn as much as $2,000 and there is no limit to how many you can make. This makes local lead generation my number 1 passive income business model to create time and financial freedom.

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