Michelle O’Neil’s Digital Growth Community Review – How Much Do You Need To Join The Group?

February 29, 2024

The Digital Growth Community is a subscription-based online group by Michell O'Neil hosted on Skool that teaches methods to build a consistent, daily income through digital channels. It provides a variety of tools, discussions, and education for effective digital income generation and growth strategies. Some of the key learning areas include achieving a six-figure income in six months via email marketing, boosting productivity with ChatGPT, and developing a strong brand identity. The community offers several courses and training programs, such as the 90-Day Ramp Up Challenge, Mentoring and Tech Zoom Replays, Building A Faceless Brand, IPS Digital Products, and TikTok Training. Currently, it boasts 9.4k members and ranks 3rd to all communities in Skool.

The Digital Growth Community has received positive feedback on TikTok. Few community members have highlighted the usefulness of the group's content in acquiring daily paying clients. They also appreciate the supportive nature of the community and the range of topics that range from mindset to practical strategies for platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. On YouTube, Michell O'Neil showcases case studies that show how her clients generate income between $18,000 and $42,000 using her methods.

This Digital Growth Community review provides you with an overview of what the group offers, the cost of joining, and content of each training program. This review will help you determine if this community is the right fit for you and whether it is a worthwhile investment. It also includes feedback from online reviews, success stories from clients on TikTok, YouTube, and the community's website. Additionally, it presents you about the founder's background and the other digital products she offers. Lastly, it will introduce you to an alternative business model for generating predictable monthly passive income.

Digital Growth Community Review: Pros And Cons


Affordable Membership Fee: The Digital Growth Community offers membership at a low cost of $49 per month. This makes it accessible for many people.

Regular Online Meetings: Community members benefit from monthly Zoom meetings. These gatherings are crucial for networking and learning strategies to expand your customer base.

Experienced Founder: Michelle O'Neil has over 25 years of expertise in business growth and marketing. Her experience is a valuable asset to members.


Mandatory Initial Purchase: To join the community, you must buy a product from a specific affiliate. These products vary in price, ranging from $50 to $600. This initial cost is necessary for membership.

Affiliate Marketing Scheme: It seems that Digital Growth Community will teach you how to offer their digital products to earn commissions. 

24 hours approval: You need to wait one day to get into the Digital Growth Community.

Refund Policy

Digital Growth Community doesn't offer any refund policy.


Digital Growth Community started on Nov 27, 2022.

Member Size

Digital Growth Community has 9.4k members.


Digital Growth Community features tons of success stories on their YouTube and websites. Also, it receives positive review on TikTok.

How Much Do You Need To Join Digital Growth Community?

You need between $97 and $647 to join the Digital Growth Community. Here's how it breaks down: Michelle O’Neil charges a $47 monthly fee, and there's also a yearly option for $423 that saves you $141 compared to the monthly rate. You can make your payment using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover. However, it's important to note that there are no refunds for cancellations.

However, here’s the catch why you may need $97 to $647 to enter the Digital Growth Community. Before you can join, you're required to answer three questions that include what digital product you purchased. These products range from $50 for the Starter Digital Product to $600 for the Premium Digital Product. This initial purchase is additional to the membership fee. So, the total cost to join the Digital Growth Community includes both the membership fee and the price of the digital product you choose and it ranges from $97 to $647. 

What Can You Get From Digital Growth Community?

You can get access to all courses, which include a step-by-step roadmap for acquiring daily paying customers online, building an effective email list, establishing your brand, and a formula for earning six figures in six months. Additionally, it provides 24/7 access to an active community, monthly Zoom meet-ups, scheduled webinars, and various tutorials, such as how to use PayPal.

90-Day Ramp Up Challenge

The 90-Day Ramp Up Challenge helps you develop a CEO mindset and grow your business in three months. Michelle O’Neil guides you through this process by providing a daily video. Each video gives you specific actions to help you succeed in your digital business.

Digital Growth - Ultimate Roadmap

The Digital Growth - Ultimate Roadmap teaches you to attract daily paying customers through digital means. It focuses on five stages: Development, Discover, Create, Build, and Monetization. Each stage focuses on different aspects of creating and growing a digital business. The course includes a 'Content Toolbox' filled with practical tools, a strategy for an effective 2-hour workday, and methods for generating significant income via TikTok.

Weekly Zoom Replays

The DG Weekly Zoom Replays consist of recordings from weekly Zoom sessions that cover topics related to digital growth and personal development. Each week focuses on a different topic:

  • 1st Thursday is about Marketing that covers digital marketing strategies and tactics.
  • 2nd Thursday is Momentum, which discusses how to keep progress and productivity going in your business.
  • 3rd Thursday is Mindset that concentrates on developing a positive and growth-oriented mindset for success.
  • 4th Thursday features Special Experts Guest Replay, where guest experts share insights in areas related to digital growth.

IPS Getting Started Success BluePrint

The IPS Getting Started Success Blueprint guides you through the initial stages of your business journey. In the first 7 days, you'll watch specific content to set the foundation. From days 8 to 14, the blueprint success segment will provide you with step-by-step instructions. Michelle teaches you the steps for success in this business that ensure a structured and clear approach to getting started.

TikTok Training

TikTok Training teaches you effective marketing strategies on the TikTok platform. It covers everything from growing your following to creating content. This training is beginner-friendly and offers guidance on conducting live on TikTok and how to communicate with the platform. It also includes steps in setting up your TikTok profile and getting a domain. How To Set Your Business On Autopilot

How to Set Your Business on Autopilot

How to Set Your Business on Autopilot guides you through automating your business operations. It starts with the importance of obtaining a domain and the steps involved in purchasing one. The course then covers adding and connecting a free funnel to your domain, including authentication. You'll learn how to confirm your email address and set up email automations. Further, it teaches editing your funnel and email content for better automation. The course includes helpful videos and PDFs on specific tasks like authenticating domains, adding domains to funnels, creating tags, ensuring email automation connectivity, and tips to improve email deliverability.

IPS Digital Product Customer

IPS Digital Product Custom teaches you how to use digital advertising and manage online payments. The course covers how to copy and paste ads for free and offers tips for this process. It also provides resources like a welcome email template and guides on setting up payment buttons, including PayPal and Stripe, for different regions like South Africa. Additionally, the course teaches how to create and schedule newsletters, an essential skill in digital marketing and customer engagement. Additionally, the community covers building a faceless brand on Pinterest and provides regular Monday monitoring sessions. To support technical understanding, it offers tech-focused Zoom replays.

Who Is Digital Growth Community For?

The Digital Growth Community is for those who want to get daily customers without expensive ads. It's especially good for people who want to make a 6-figure income in six months through natural business growth methods. The community suits both new and established entrepreneurs who want to build their brand, increase their email list, and work efficiently, possibly in just 2 hours a day. It provides support, guidance, and resources for growing your business. It's helpful for all kinds of business owners, like coaches, service providers, realtors, shop owners, and affiliate marketers.

Digital Growth Community Review Online

Digital Growth Community On TikTok

A TikTok user, sandandsuccess, shared her positive experience with the Digital Growth Community. She loves the IPS system for its daily pay feature. The information provided by the community is extremely valuable for her because it covers various aspects, such as mindset and content creation strategies for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. Sandandsuccess highlights that the community provides a 'done-for-you' website. Additionally, she expressed appreciation for the community's positive and encouraging environment that emphasizes how it enhances the overall experience for its members.

Another TikTok review is from fiftyshadesofwealth. She emphasized that the community stands out with its extensive support, training, resources, ideas, suggestions, and feedback. The user noted that her learning experience with the Digital Growth Community, in a relatively short period, surpassed the knowledge she gained in 20 years in the MLM industry.

Digital Growth Review On YouTube

Digital Growth Community on YouTube features few case studies. One of those is Aimee, a single mother who once worked 70 hours a week. In her review, she shares how the community's beginner-friendly digital business strategies enabled her to transition from labor-intensive jobs to a lucrative online venture. With the support, mentorship, and peer learning provided by the community, Aimee quickly enhanced her digital skills. Within just 10 weeks of leveraging these resources, she earned over $18,000 that surpassed her initial financial goals.

Cecilia Jacobs' experience with the Digital Growth Community led to a significant turnaround in her digital marketing career. After struggling initially, her participation in the community transformed her approach to customer engagement and marketing strategies. By following the training, Cecilia quickly went from a six-week income drought to earning $24,750 in a short period. Her monthly revenues eventually soared to $16,600. She consistently made sales between $40,000 and $42,000 daily for over 25 days. 

Are The Clients Of Digital Growth Community Successful?

Yes, the clients of Digital Growth Community are successful based on their YouTube and website. Michelle's YouTube channel features several case studies of her clients who have joined her community. On her website, there are numerous success testimonials from members of the Digital Growth Community.

Cerissa Bryson is a registered nurse with 22 years of experience, who reached a significant milestone by completing Michele's '10k in July' challenge. She shared her experience with her customers. Since joining the Digital Growth Community, Cerissa has actively contributed 819 times. It shows her strong involvement with the group.

Aly Carter thanks Digital Growth Community and highlights a significant difference compared to her over 10 years in MLM and NM, where she found the training less effective. Within just 16 days, she earned $750 and enjoyed the learning process by integrating business activities into her daily routine. Aly joined the community on July 10, 2023, and has made 217 contributions. Additionally, Aly is starting her own community named The Hotmess Mommy Academy.

Is Digital Growth Community Worth It?

Digital Growth Community is worth it if you like working in affiliate marketing schemes. It offers an array of resources, including ready-made websites, strategies, funnel automation, leveraging TikTok and Facebook, and mindset guidance. Additionally, Michelle will teach you how to grow your own online business and consistently acquire clients. The Digital Growth Community also has an impressive track record, with many success stories featured on their website and YouTube channel. It also ranks third among over 1,000 communities on Skool and first among all paid communities. It shows its active contributions to the platform, despite some paid groups having large memberships.

However, it's important to note that joining the community requires the purchase of at least one of Michelle's digital products, which ranges in price from $50 to $600. This is in addition to a monthly subscription fee of $47 or an annual fee of $423. Moreover, continuous effort in content creation and promotion is necessary to attract clients and earn commissions from these digital products. 


  • Adonis School: Adonis School offers self-development trainings and how to make money online courses through Skool, YouTube and TikTok.
  • Digital Wealth Academy: Digital Wealth Academy teaches you Master Resell Rights business model to sell existing course with the same price. 

What Is The Current Rank Of The Digital Growth Community On Skool?

The Digital Growth Community currently ranks 3rd overall and 1st among paid business groups on Skool. Having started on November 27, 2022, it already boasts 9.4k members. The primary mission of Michelle O’Neil is to help you build a daily-paying customer base digitally.

Who Is Michelle O’Neil?

Michelle O'Neil is a successful entrepreneur from Andover, Kansas. She helps companies use social media to get more customers. She has worked for over 25 years and established the Digital Growth Community. Michelle used to have money problems, but in just one year, she started making $50,000 each month. She tried multi-level marketing (MLM) before, but it didn't work out. Then she found a post by someone named Carissa. This post showed her a new type of business that didn't have the usual MLM issues. This new business didn't need her to keep spending money, and she could earn $300 every day.

Michelle learned this new way of doing business quickly. She made a website and used TikTok and YouTube to grow her business. She started making good money fast. Her earnings went from $7,000 in the first month to $50,000 each month later on. Also, Michelle has a lot of followers online: 41.9K on TikTok, 472 on LinkedIn, 6,713 on Instagram, and 3.89K subscribers on YouTube.

What Is ModermMomSuccess By Michelle O’Neill?

ModernMomSuccess by Michelle O'Neill is a program designed to help you earn money online through direct sales. It provides a straightforward method called IPS that guides you step-by-step to make commissions effortlessly. It provides pre-written ads that are proven to convert well and you can start earning daily pay and improve your financial situation.

Starter Digital Product

The Starter Digital Product offers training in Influencer Brand Marketing. It guides you to establish leadership in your field and generate leads using Facebook and Craigslist strategies. With a 7-day Action Plan, you'll know exactly what to do daily to build momentum. This digital product includes 30 Marketing Ads, 20 Bonus Image Ads, mindset and persuasion techniques, a 6 Figure Closing Script, Facebook Marketing Strategy, access to 30 Facebook Groups, Craigslist Marketing Strategy, and support via a dedicated Facebook group.

Product Price

Starter Digital Product price is $50. 

Potential Commission

The potential commission you can earn in Starter Digital Product is $50.

Elite Digital Product

The Elite Digital Product provides training in Internet Automation Secrets. It focuses on Instagram and YouTube strategies to influence your audience and generate sales effortlessly. The package includes 100 Pre-Written Ads, 40 Bonus Image Ads, mindset techniques, a 7 Day Success Action Plan, a 6 Figure Closing Script, and Facebook Marketing Strategy. It also gives you access to 60 Facebook Groups, Craigslist Marketing Strategy, support through a dedicated Facebook group, Instagram Marketing, YouTube Automation, methods to generate 2-5 sales per day on automation, and guidance on creating a 6 Figure Automated Funnel.

Product Price

Elite Digital Product price is $150. 

Potential Commission

The potential commission you can earn in Elite Digital Product ranges from $50 & $150.

Pro 6-Figure Digital Product

The Pro 6-Figure Digital Product includes a 6 Figure Blueprint, 200 Pre-Written Ads, 60 Bonus Image Ads, mindset techniques, a 7 Day Success Action Plan, a 6 Figure Closing Script, Facebook Marketing Strategy, and access to 100 Facebook Groups. It also teaches Craigslist Marketing Strategy, YouTube Mastery, Instagram Marketing Strategy, guidance on creating a 6 Figure Sales Funnel, 30 Email Follow-Ups, and TikTok Marketing.

Product Price

Pro 6-Figure Digital Product price is $300. 

Potential Commission

The potential commission you can earn in Pro 6-Figure Digital Product ranges from $50 - $300.

Premium Digital Product

The Premium Digital Product in the Super Affiliate program offers comprehensive training in affiliate marketing and the "Content Creator" niche. It grants you full reselling rights to digital products and access to 6-figure income secrets. It includes resources like ads, mindset techniques, Facebook and Craigslist strategies, YouTube and Instagram mastery. Additionally, it covers sales funnel creation guidance, TikTok marketing, VIP training access, and bonuses such as a $500 Vacation Voucher and a $1,000 Digital Savings Card.

Product Price

Premium Digital Product price is $600. 

Potential Commission

The potential commission you can earn in Starter Digital Product ranges from $50 - $600.

Conclusion: What Online Business Can Secure Monthly Paying Clients?

Local lead generation is an online business that can secure monthly paying clients with minimal investment, less competition, and high return potential. It operates like digital real estate, where you build a lead generation website for as low as $300-$500 that serves as your digital asset. You then employ SEO tactics to rank it in search engines, aiming for the top spot. Once it generates leads, you can rent it out to a local business as your monthly paying client and potentially earn you between $500 and $3,000.

In contrast to the Digital Growth Community, where you may need to sell digital products for continuous income, a local lead generation business can consistently generate leads for your clients with little to no maintenance. Moreover, the competition is less of a concern. Unlike other online businesses such as blogging or affiliate marketing, where competition is global, lead generation allows for easier ranking as you are competing locally with only about 10-15 companies.

In terms of potential returns, local lead generation is a clear winner. Why? It boasts an impressive 85%-95% profit margin since you are not dealing with physical products and are not reliant on the volume of customer purchases. For instance, I created a tree service site in 2015 that has been generating $2,000 per month since then. With only 15 hours of initial work to build and rank it, this site has earned over an astounding $168,000 in the past 9 years.

If you are seeking an alternative business model that offers predictable, passive monthly income, consider joining the over 7,000 students in my local lead generation training program.

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