Is Digital Marketing a Good Career? | Top Comments on Reddit and Quora

April 11, 2024


Digital marketing is a good career because it offers a lucrative salary, various job opportunities, and schedule flexibility. According to Upwork’s article entitled Upwork Unveils Most In-Demand Skills for Independent Professionals in 2023, digital marketing career paths are the most in-demand in 2023 and beyond. This includes digital marketing services like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, lead generation, and search engine marketing. Some digital marketers even go higher up their journey and become digital marketing agency owners.

Andrew John, a digital marketing expert with over 10 years of experience, shared why digital marketing is a great career option. He revealed how a marketing job from leading Australian advertising companies led him to build his own digital marketing agency. Andrew learned in-demand skills like copywriting and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management with a focus on Facebook Ads and Google Ads. He now earns six figures in income. Andrew emphasized that he started his digital marketing career from the bottom up.

Seth Jared Hyme’s YouTube video Digital Marketing Career Walkthrough December 2023 reveals that there are over 113,000 open digital marketing jobs in the United States alone. In 2024, a quick LinkedIn search of “digital marketing” in the job feature unveils more than 402,000 digital marketing job opportunities. It underpins the popularity of a digital marketing career in the 21st century. In fact, 58% of small businesses maximize digital marketing to boost brand awareness and sales, as mentioned by Workswit IT Solution. This means that this industry will continue to boom in 2024 and beyond.

Digital marketing is a developing industry. However, building an online business from scratch entails tremendous time and effort in learning the business model. Plus, you have to outpace long-standing competitors. While digital marketing is a profitable career, being in the industry for a long time can become stressful.

Public-Can-2610, a digital marketing director with 11 years of experience, commented on the challenging nature of this career. Clients often focus on the negative rather than giving commendations for high-performing marketing campaigns. User JohnnyFave agreed, stating that digital marketing is highly draining when you work in-house. Despite being underpaid, he still upskills, reads rich resources, and joins digital marketing courses to improve his skill set. JohnnyFave mentions that digital marketing isn’t for individuals wanting to relax and underperform.

Today's article dives into the viability of digital marketing as a good career option in countries like the U.S., Canada, and India. We provided verified facts and first-hand testimonials from popular platforms such as Reddit and Quora. Plus, we'll feature a more profitable career and business model at the end.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career? Top Reddit Comments

Digital marketing is a good career, based on top comments from Reddit. Users DigitalMediaGeek and DefenderNeverender commented on the profitability of digital marketing. However, they suggest focusing on a specific digital marketing job like SEO, social media marketing, web and graphic design, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), or affiliate marketing. DefenderNeverender’s 15 years of experience in digital marketing account management taught him/her that it’s important to be well-rounded while specializing in specific tasks to increase your opportunities as a digital marketer.

Users Grazewithdblaze mentioned how digital marketing will be a high-demand industry in the long run because of the availability of 11,000 different marketing software/SaaS products. This highlights the pivotal role of digital marketers in using the latest digital marketing technologies to help businesses augment online reach. Achreddit2023 also commented on the demand for skilled digital marketing professionals in the future because of omnichannel marketing for increased audience engagement.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career? Top Quora Comments

Digital marketing is a good career, based on top comments from Quora. Henna Sharon, Stella Mcqeen, and Megha Agarwal highlighted the rise of social media, mobile usage, and digital platforms in driving increased use of online marketing campaigns. Companies seek competent digital marketers to help promote their products and services. In fact, 63% of businesses and marketers bumped up their marketing budget to improve brand awareness through content marketing, paid advertising, and software upgrades, according to HubSpot. Megha said that most businesses focus more on the skills than the marketer’s degree.

Quora user Rishi Jain mentioned that this industry requires strong analytical skills, a persevering mindset, and profound commitment. It’s a great career to pursue, but not everyone succeeds. Anjali Sharma also commented on the dynamic nature of the industry. She stressed how volatile consumer behavior and new innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning keep the industry challenging. Digital marketers must continuously enhance their skills and keep up with the latest trends to achieve significant success.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in the US?

Yes, digital marketing is a good career in the US because of the surge in the country’s online users and businesses. According to Web Trainings’ 2018 data, 78.2% of the U.S. population (over 300 million U.S. citizens) are active internet users. Statista’s 2023 data backs this up, stating that more than 125 million households in the U.S. have access to the internet in 2021. And with the country’s 50,000 brands, the demand for strategic online campaigns is increasing. Companies like Ford, Coca-Cola, and Nike need individuals with solid digital marketing skills. Some popular companies in the U.S. that offer a high salary (up to $170,777 per year) for digital marketers include Intel Corporation, Oracle, and TalkDesk.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in Canada?

Yes, digital marketing is a good career in Canada because of the low number of individuals with the right digital marketing skills. According to The Canadian Press post in 2021, 70% of businesses have trouble finding marketers with in-depth digital marketing skills and knowledge. A KPMG survey also revealed the high demand for people with IT skills in Canada. And because of the country’s 93.8%-96.5% internet penetration rate, jobs in digital marketing are booming. Platforms like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, and Workopolis have over 14,000 career opportunities related to digital marketing. In Akanksha Dhanorkar’s Quora post, she mentions how technical skills, industry experience, and ample training can help aspiring digital marketers succeed in the Canadian market.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in India?

Yes, digital marketing is a good career in India because of its lucrative pay and benefits, high demand, remote work setup, diverse career opportunities, and growth potential, according to Talentedge. Statista’s latest data shows a 40% increase in digital advertising spending in 2023 and a 45% growth in 2024. This means that businesses in India will need people with technical marketing skills in the digital landscape. In an article by the Economic Times, Amazon Web Services’ report predicts a 9x demand for digitally skilled marketers.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in Australia?

Yes, digital marketing is a good career in Australia because of the significant digital marketing skill gap, as mentioned by RMIT University. The Ready, Set, Upskill - Effective Training for the Jobs of Tomorrow report by RMIT Online and Deloitte Access Economics revealed that 87% of Australian jobs now require digital skills. This shows the ballooning demand for digital marketers across key Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Rhode, and Pyrmont. Quora user Industry Insider also reported that 30% of the digital marketing talent in Australia are non-locals or expatriates.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in the UK?

Yes, digital marketing is a good career in the UK because over 95% of the population is internet users. According to DataReportal’s January 2023 data, the United Kingdom has 67.62 million residents. And based on BBC News’ 2021 article, 76% of businesses consider digital marketing skills as crucial for profitability, while only 50% of UK companies can offer digital marketing training. These statistics show the massive need for digitally skilled workers. Reddit user Nearbzella shared how she started her digital marketing career with a level 3 apprenticeship. She had a starting rate of £18,500 and now earns around £25,000 yearly. Nearbzella suggests enhancing specific digital marketing skill sets for more lucrative salary offers.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career for Introverts?

Yes, digital marketing is a good career for introverts because of their strategic planning and research skills, according to Top Dog Social Media and data from Dr. Laurie Helgoe’s Psychology Today feature. Based on the article, introverts have more active brain activity linked to problem-solving and decision-making. This makes it easier for them to build a career in digital marketing and focus on analysis tasks like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Reddit user Subcrtical and Quora user Richard Liu mentioned how data analytics and marketing reports are the best roles for introverts to thrive in. It deals with monitoring data, updating trackers, and optimizing online campaigns through digital marketing tools like Google Analytics.

In his YouTube video Is Digital Marketing Good for Introverts?, Seth Jared Hymes talks about the suitability of a digital marketing career for introverts. He highlighted that digital marketing has limited social interaction with actual consumers and more with colleagues and clients. While being an introvert means dealing less with these individuals, learning to communicate well is a great skill practice for better client retention and career growth.

What are the Upsides of a Digital Marketing Career?

Competitive salaries and income, high industry growth potential, diverse career paths, and schedule flexibility are the upsides of a digital marketing career, according to Directive Consulting. You get a lot of digital marketing opportunities in this industry. You can work in-house (with a company) or as a freelancer. Some individuals even start their own digital marketing agencies, like Bet Hannon and Melanie Adcock. You can also venture into different tasks, such as digital marketing campaign management, video marketing, website management, local SEO, email marketing, and many more.

What are the Downsides of a Digital Marketing Career?

High competition, fast-changing market and industry trends, stressful client retention process, and complex skill requirements are the downsides of a digital marketing career, according to Medium and NI Business Info. This industry is challenging for aspiring digital marketers and digital marketing agency owners. In CareerFoundry’s YouTube video 5 Reasons NOT to Be a Digital Marketer, Ed Wood commented on how taxing it is to meet short- and long-term targets while driving significant ROI. You must also outrank your competitors on search engines and social media platforms to achieve a significant online presence and market reach.

Can You Make Money With a Digital Marketing Career?

Yes, you can make money with a digital marketing career if you venture into profitable roles like social media optimization, marketing automation, content strategy, or technical SEO. According to Shane Hummus’ YouTube video Is Digital Marketer A Good Career? (Digital Marketing Salary), digital marketers can expect a starting salary of $35K to $50K yearly. This can increase to $60K to $80K with one to four years of experience. Shane also mentioned a 19-year-old student making $52K yearly with an entry-level job. Some other opportunities that offer a high digital marketing career salary include a content strategist, a digital marketing analyst, an SEO specialist, and a digital marketing manager.

Can You Start a Digital Marketing Career With No Experience?

Yes, you can start a digital marketing career with no experience, given you have ample foundational knowledge and the necessary digital skills. According to Sakshi Gupta’s article on Springboard, you must pick an interesting or in-demand specialization, such as influencer marketing or copywriting. You can learn digital marketing for free using reputable platforms like Google’s Digital Garage, Wordstream’s PPC University, and LocaliQ’s Marketing Lab. There are also many online resources to help you acquire the right digital marketing job.

Can Digital Marketing Courses Help You Build a Stable Career?

Yes, digital marketing courses can help you build a stable career, given you join attested programs and seek guidance from experienced industry professionals. As stated in a 2023 article by Emeritus, learning through these online courses and acquiring a digital marketing certificate can open up various opportunities. Some popular online programs include 6-Figure Agency (for Facebook Ads), Paid Traffic Mastery (for Google Ads), and The Blueprint Training (for SEO). While you may not gain first-hand digital marketing experience, you can acquire rich insights into this industry.

Is Digital Marketing in High Demand for the Future?

Yes, digital marketing is in high demand for the future because of the surge in online purchases, the business model’s flexibility, and the industry’s increased income and growth potential. This market is expected to hit a $695 billion revenue in 2024, based on Statista’s August 2023 data. Digital marketing has a good future because of technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence in marketing, predictive analysis, and advanced personalization techniques. Some popular digital marketing career paths nowadays include a social media manager or digital marketing specialist position.

Why Local Lead Generation is Still the Best Career in 2024

Digital marketing is a lucrative career to pursue because of its high demand, but local lead generation is still the best career in 2024 due to its market stability and income scalability. The digital marketing landscape is getting more saturated as the 21st century advances. This industry is highly competitive. Breaking into a specialization requires technical skills and in-depth knowledge. Plus, it’s hard to acquire clients if you’re a beginner with less to zero experience.

Is digital marketing a good career? Yes, it’s a good career in 2024 because of its high demand in countries like the U.S., Canada, India, Australia, and the U.K. Skill gaps in these booming countries give rise to the need for more skilled and experienced digital marketers. However, competing with other industry professionals is physically and mentally straining. A quick LinkedIn search for people tagged as “digital marketers” prompts 668,000 results. You need to exert more time and effort into learning key online and growth marketing strategies, monitoring consumer buying behavior, and optimizing your digital campaigns.

Alternatively, local lead generation is a more realistic model for a beginner and aspiring business owner to venture into. You can maximize its localized service niches to avoid market saturation and fierce competition. Also, you don’t need to produce engaging blog and social media posts daily or do technical training on specific skill sets. The first thing you need is to create websites for each service. Then, write a high-level article so you can rank organically on the first page of Google. Since your potential customers are ready to buy, you’ll get hundreds of leads for zero cost. You can sell these free leads to local business owners and make up to 90% profit margins.

Earn $10K for every local service site you make. Forget about global competition and start a profitable lead gen career in 2024!

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