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Digital Storefronts Review – Did Cory Long Copy Another Coaching Program?

June 12, 2024

In Cory Long's Digital Storefronts course, you learn how to build digital properties that offer local services on Google, like websites and Google map listings, rank them, and send customers to local business owners. Cory's course teaches how to get the most amount of high-quality buyer leads, proven strategies to keep your digital properties ranked, how to set up equity deals, and more. Cory learned everything he knows from Dan Klein and his lead generation coaching program but had to be kicked out. In this Digital Storefronts review, you'll find out why Cory was kicked out of Dan's program, if he copied Dan's course, what Cory's story is, the specific things he teaches in his course, and how his course compares to the original local lead generation training program.


Great business model that's isn't going anywhere as long as the internet and local small businesses exist

Cory has made 8-figures ranking and renting properties

The training platform is easy to navigate

Cory teaches you everything you need to know about ranking and renting websites.


Upsell services are expensive and the quality isn't the best

This course doesn't have many recent student testimonials

Cory ripped most of the training from the original lead generation program of which he was a student of


Digital Storefront costs around $5000.


7 modules with various training videos in each one

Refund Policy:

They do not issue customers a refund after their initial payment.


Private Facebook group


Cory learned the local lead generation business model in 2014 and, after having success, branched off in 2019 with his own program.


Cory Long has helped hundreds of people make money online and continues to minister at local churches, but his reputation in the lead generation space isn't the best.

Digital Storefronts was Copied from Another Program

In 2014, Cory Long joined the local lead generation training program by Dan Klein. Dan is an 8-figure entrepreneur who has over 15 years in this business and a net worth of over $30 million.

3 weeks after joining Dan's coaching program, on July 3, 2014, Cory had already closed his first deal.

After 2 years, he was moved to express his thoughts about this program within the private community.

Cory said that the course, previously called Job Killing (JK), was the best place to learn and become successful with local lead generation. Especially because of the mentorship Dan and his team provide. 

Cory had so much success that he was even invited to speak at the live annual event held in Las Vegas.

This was an interview that Dan did with Cory after 8 months into the program.

After some time, Cory had a falling out with Dan after they tried to become partners. Dan helped Cory launch his own program, but had to be kicked out of the local lead generation training program because he was lying about some numbers and also selling his own services in Dan's group when he wasn't allowed to.

Digital Storefronts is an imitation of everything you get in Dan's training program.

Who is Cory Long?

Cory Long is a minister and 7-figure online entrepreneur who graduated from Texas Tech University with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. For over 17 years, he worked in full-time ministry in a youth ministry and a college ministry. In 2011, while in Wichita, Kansas, he became the CEO of Carpenter Place, where he was able to perfect his digital marketing craft. In 2014, he started a company in Denton, Texas called North Texas Safety Supply, where they provided all kinds of safety gear and materials to many construction and small businesses. That company got to be overwhelming for Cory, and he went another route.

In that same year, he started his consulting business called Yroc Consulting in Sherman, Texas, where they helped businesses of all sizes grow through digital advertising. By 2014, he had come across the local lead generation business model and coaching program by Dan Klein. It was in that program where Cory learned the skills to pay the bills.

Cory had massive success earning 6-figures in some months of ranking and renting websites and Google map listings. His business has served quite a few clients around Texas and generated few 6 figure years.

He then took Dan Klein's program and created his coaching program, Digital Storefronts based on it and even received the 2-Comma Club award winner.

His course has taught hundred of people how to make money online with lead generation sites. Cory says that his goal all along was to create a life for his family that didn't depend on him earning a paycheck. He now focuses on teaching ministry minded students how to make money online so that they can continue supporting their service.

What is rank and rent?

Rank and rent is a lead generation business model where you build sites and Google map listings that offer a local service and rank them atop the search engine results. Once ranked, you forward the leads to a local business owner who wants more customers each month through a call tracking number you own, and you collect your monthly commission on autopilot.

It takes some work to get and keep your sites atop the search engine results. Read my article on the 8 critical ranking factors for 2022.

Rank and rent is the one online business model that truly allows you to earn a passive income without having to own a physical store or inventory.

What's inside Digital Storefronts?

Module 1 - Finding the perfect locations

Cory starts the course teaching you how you can find the best locations for your websites and Google Business Profiles. Some factors you want to pay attention to are...

  • Niche Demand
  • Market Size
  • Level of competition on Google
  • Level of competition in the market

Cory encourages you to work with contractors, dentists, financial consultants, and more who don't have the best digital presence. 

Module 2 - Creating Digital Storefronts

In this module, Cory shows you the steps you need to take to create your "digital storefronts". These include your lead generation websites and Google Business Profiles. He goes into the different ways you can get a GBP approved. 

Cory shows you how to create your lead generation websites on WordPress. I don't recommend this as WP is much more designed for blogs with all the plugins and extensions available.

With your lead gen sites, you want to use platforms that make it easy to build and optimize for Google.

In our local lead generation training program, we're taught to build our sites on Snapps.

Module 3 - Getting Ranked

In module 3, Cory teaches you how to make sure your digital properties get ranked on Google through backlinks and citations. He also puts an emphasis on including keywords related to your market and niche in your content.

The only way to generate a passive income is to get your sites to rank. Once ranked, they will start generating leads which you then forward to another local business.

Cory even goes over how to rank in multiple locations.

Module 4 - Quick Lead Method

Cory dives into how you can generate potential customers or leads quickly through paid traffic and leveraging social media. Paid traffic can get expensive fast and not provide any results if you don't have a solid strategy.

Module 5 - Finding and Closing Deals

If you don't close deals, you won't make any money. This module is all about how and where you can find companies to work with and how to get them to do business with you, regardless of the objections you may initially receive. 

Module 6 - Tenant Attraction System

In module 6, Cory teaches you ways to get local businesses to want to work with you. This is all about marketing your services.

Positive Digital Storefronts Reviews

Kelly is a 23-year-old student in Cory's program. When he joined, he was 21 years old and started off making only $1K-1.5K per month with his lead generation sites and map listings. He was dedicating 21 hours per week to building out more sites and, with Cory's guidance in the program, ranking them to generate more leads. Today, his digital storefronts are paying him a passive income of $10k-15k+ each month.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected this insurance agent. He knew that social media marketing was the way to keep making money throughout the pandemic. Therefore, he bought various courses to learn different marketing skills. After coming across Cory's course, he realized they taught a business model that works. The first deals he made were two digital storefront deals and a Facebook marketing deal. Those increased his yearly income by $36K. He now continues to build sites which he outsources to his girlfriend's son, and rents more sites that pay him passively. He credits his success to Cory's course, which made things easier for him to scale his business.

A Student, Brad, Reviews Digital Storefronts

Brad's Background and Story

Like Cory Long, Brad is also a pastor from Oklahoma City. He met Cory while vacationing in New Mexico a year ago. Brad and his wife were looking for ways to increase their income so they can retire and travel. They considered several options before, Brad felt a connection to Cory because of his ministry works. Meeting Cory in New Mexico reinforced Brad's belief in Cory's genuineness. He says Cory' character sets him apart from other online coaches. 

How Brad’s Business is Doing Today

Brad and his wife have experienced significant financial benefits from the Digital Storefronts program. The couple successfully replaced his wife’s income, paid off two vehicles, and increased their retirement savings. The initial investment in the program was recouped within a couple of months, which indicates a quick return on investment. Brad expresses his satisfaction with the outcomes and emphasized how the program continues to open new opportunities for the family. 

Lessons Brad Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

Due Diligence: Brad highlights the significance of thorough research and trust when choosing an online program. His careful examination of Cory's background and their coincidental meeting helped confirm Cory's credibility.

Digital Potential: Brad's journey illustrates the opportunities digital platforms offer for financial growth. 

Mentorship Value: The success Brad achieved with Digital Storefronts emphasizes the importance of finding a reliable and knowledgeable mentor. 

What's not mentioned in the interview: There might be additional charges inside the program on top of the $5k upfront fee. Cory charges extra for add-on services like paid advertising, software subscriptions, and DFY website creation. These additional services can cost up to $500 each. 

What are people saying about digital storefronts online?

There aren't really any comments or reviews online. The one comment we found was on Reddit and has plenty of truth to it. Cory Long was a student inside of the local lead generation coaching program which used to be called Job Killing.

While in the program, Cory was selling his own program and services within the group when he had agreed not to.

He was an active member of the group at one point, which was fine.

Apparently, he was too active behind the scenes as well.

Cory was kicked out of our coaching program after he started trying to lure other students into his own course behind Dan's back.

Is Digital Storefronts a scam?

Digital Storefronts is not a scam. It is worth it if you don't care who teaches you how to rank and rent websites. You'll learn every aspect of the business model and Cory teaches you well because Dan Klein taught him everything he knows about local lead generation.

But, Cory's course lacks the in-depth knowledge that Dan continues to teach within the local lead generation coaching program. Not only that, the Digital Storefront DFY (Done-For-You) services that are available, such as web design, are expensive.

The private Facebook group has around 500 members, which is concerning but not a surprise as Cory caters more to Christians who want to make money online but who still want to minister. It's the main selling point of the Digital Storefronts course.

If you're not sold on Cory Long's rank and rent course, check out two other alternatives to Digital Storefronts.

Final Thoughts

I joined the local lead generation coaching program in 2014 and I was sold on the business model ever since. I was able to create over 50 sites like this tree care site below.

Local lead generation

Ever since then, this one site has paid me $2000 on autopilot. 

What separates local lead generation from other business models is the control you have. You choose who you're going to aline yourself with and send customers to. You dictate how much you're going to rent your digital properties for and how often. Also, you can easily change who you're working with if they aren't delivering the best service.

Over 7400 students have joined the training program, and many have quit their jobs. They now earn a passive income each month.

Interested in doing the same?

Click here to learn more about the original local lead generation training program, where Cory Long learned everything from.

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