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Digital Worth Academy Review: 3 Affiliate Marketing Hurdles The Course Addresses

August 31, 2023

Digital Worth Academy is an online affiliate marketing program that teaches you how to create (and possibly sell) high-content, income-producing authority websites. Created by Sara Young and Andrew Hansen, the course offers a step-by-step process for earning money online for only a few hours a day. 

The program features a proven system of over 12 years that addresses 3 affiliate marketing hurdles many beginner entrepreneurs face. These are the competitiveness of the market, an abundance of fraud or scam courses, and the scalability of the business model. 

This Digital Worth Academy review will break down all the questions you may have and discuss other business models for earning money, including Local Lead Generation which naturally removes all the roadblocks I will discuss here. This business model allows you to earn more dependable passive income in niche markets, significantly reducing the risk of a highly competitive and saturated audience.


Proven system & reliable results

Comprehensive digital course academy training program

Money-back guarantee

Lifetime access to useful proprietary software tools



There are hidden expenses that are not included in the enrollment fee

Lack of recent student success stories

Too much focus on the Amazon Affiliate program

Long wait for profit


 $797 (plus taxes)

Refund policy:

100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days




Excellent reviews

Let’s begin this Digital Worth Academy review with its biggest selling point: It differentiates you from the rest.

1. Digital Worth Academy Addresses Competitiveness 

The biggest hurdle affiliate marketers face is competition. In this business model, you earn money by making a commission on selected products. When a person clicks on a link using your affiliate link and buys the said item, a portion of the proceeds goes to you. Think of it as if you were the middleman between a search and a purchase. Your goal is to drive traffic to a specific link. 

Sounds simple, right? However, the devil is in the details, and for you to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to choose the right market and product and know how to market yourself so that people click on your link. 

Digital Worth Academy simplifies this entire process for you so that you always choose the right market and product and know exactly where to find traffic for a successful online business.

2. Digital Worth Academy Addresses Fraud or Scam Courses 

No Digital Worth Academy review is worth its salt if it didn’t address the elephant in the room: “Is this program a scam?” 

Definitely not. The course is a great course for those who want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing. Digital Worth Academy offers many valuable tools and allows anyone seriously engaged in this business model to make money online and quit their day job. 

It can be used by a newbie or an affiliate marketer with some experience. The only requirement is that you are willing to spend at least an hour a day until your business is well-established. After that, you can work less and enjoy the passive income from your business.

DWA is not a make-money-quick course or program. It teaches you how to start and run a successful business online, and then if you want to, how to sell your business for a big profit. According to Sarah Young and Andrew Hansen, the main advantage of DWA over many other courses is the lack of uncertainty.

Also, as stated in the introduction, the program features a proven system that has been helping people earn money for more than 12 years.

3. Digital Worth Academy Addresses Scalability 

One of the biggest differences this program offers is “website flipping”. This is where students of the program create a high-profile authority site and sell it for profit. For example, an affiliate marketing site that generates around $2,000 of income per month can be sold for $56,000.

Sara Young and Andrew Hansen claim that multiple DWA members have sold their websites for more than $50,000 on average.

What is the Digital Worth Academy?

The Digital Worth Academy is a training course, make money online blueprint, software suite and coaching program, all in one. It has been designed for those that want to get into affiliate marketing, and eventually become a wealthy affiliate after a few months.

Most other affiliate marketing courses I have stumbled across have you making website after website without any real long-term plan in mind. 

How does Digital Worth Academy work?

Digital Worth Academy focuses on the endgame. You will be starting by making a profitable authority affiliate website like the other courses. However, your end game is to try to sell it. This is similar to the online marketing course by Matt Diggity called Affiliate Lab.

How long will it take me to start earning money? 

Digital Worth Academy is not meant for those looking for a quick buck within a few weeks. Typically, sites start earning profit after 6 to 12 months.  As stated on their FAQs page, “like any business, results depend on how much time, effort, and money you have to invest.”

Who created the Digital Worth Academy?

The brains behind Digital Worth Academy are Sara Young and Andrew Hansen.

Both Sara and Andrew are experienced affilate marketers who believe that anyone with enough patience and diligence can earn decent passive income. 

Both have been putting out various digital products for years and have combined decades of knowledge into this online business program.  This is the first time that the two of them have partnered up. If Sara and Andrew doesn't sound right for you, Chad Bartlett is an option. 

What’s Inside Digital Worth Academy?

Digital Worth Academy Course

The course comprises 6 sections, over 30 modules, and 150 “over the shoulder” videos. This truly comprehensive program explains how to start a website from scratch and build it into a successful business.


Sara Young and Andrew Hansen say that The Digital Asset Blueprint (the primary training program) is constantly updated to include new strategies as they are created. However, both creators do not have a big social media presence, and the latest reviews were all in 2018. Keep this in mind, as it’s not clear whether the techniques you will be learning in this affiliate marketing course are still appropriate for 2024

Digital Course Academy Training Program

Once you enroll, you have the chance to speak with Sara and Andrew personally. You will also be invited to a private group where you can speak with former students. This allows you to learn different perspectives and figure out your own unique way of doing things. 

Digital Worth Academy Tools

  • The Commission Wizard V. 2.0 -  This tells you the most converting products on Amazon. 
  • Diamond Keyword Miner (DKM) - The DKM helps you find your target market easily. 
  • Profit Calculator - Learn how much you could be making each month. 

 Each of these tools will help your internet marketing campaign in different ways.

Digital Worth Academy Community

Once you enroll in this online course, you have immediate access to the DWA community through their private Facebook group. Here, you can speak to other coaches and students and share insights on your own struggles and triumphs as well.

How Does Digital Worth Academy Make You More Competitive? 

It helps you select profitable niches

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, Digital Worth Academy has already selected eight niches for you to choose from. This prevents “analysis paralysis” and answers one of the biggest problems most entrepreneurs face.

To niche or not to niche?

Most affiliate marketers start with a small niche, to avoid big competition. When the niche makes money and they see that it’s getting hard to make more money in that sector, some marketers start another website in another niche.

According to DWA creators, both of the techniques above have shortcomings, especially the first one. Every time you start a new website, you start from scratch. In a small niche, there’s less opportunity to make a lot of money, too.

There’s no problem with being limited, but DWA way makes sense. They don’t choose niches, but a big market instead. They recommend choosing one of the eight big markets, which are:

  • Technology
  • Health/Beauty
  • Finance
  • Relationship
  • Food/Drink
  • Automotive
  • Home/Garden
  • Hobbies
When you go big, you have a higher potential to earn money. Think wide, not deep: Every big market has small corners, so with their software, you can find those small corners. If there’s one corner where it’s easy to make money, then there are always more such corners.

This way, you don’t worry about the competition. You know which products to promote that will make you money.

After choosing your niche, Digital Worth Academy will help you create a simple but powerful WordPress website, including choosing the best plug-ins to install, setting up proper tracking, and other tools for on-site optimization.

Correcting keyword research 

This is where the program shines. Once you enroll, you will gain immediate access to its proprietary tools that allow you to hunt for key phrases with precision and inspect regular monthly profit potential before getting into a brand-new market.  This helps you create an effective SEO strategy to rank at the top of search results. 

Although both Sara and Andrew admit that ranking in Google isn’t easy, they claim that they and their students have an unfair advantage over many other marketers due to their software.

Making Money with Content 

In any Digital Worth Academy review, you will always hear about how well Sara Young and Andrew Hansen discuss SEO writing and writing converting copy. After all, it doesn’t matter how well you rank or even if you have the best product if people don’t read what you have to say. 

A lot of the modules focus on writing great content that converts into sales.  In one example, Sara Young showed how much one of her Amazon affiliate accounts makes, where each row is one article and the monthly earnings of that content. 

You will see that a well-written article has the potential to earn between $76 to $444 per month. 

It’s great to see that Sara Young and Andrew Hansen pay a lot of attention to SEO writing, as most affiliate marketing courses do not.

Should you join Digital Worth Academy?

Digital Worth Academy is definitely worth trying. It's comprehensive, easy to follow, and offers a great refund policy. However, there are other, more affordable affiliate marketing courses available in the market as well. 

Sara Young and Andrew Hansen teach a sound business model and seem to do a good job of it. That said, there are a few things that you need to know first in this Digital Worth Academy review.

But, if this course doesn't sound right for you, I have another affiliate marketing course review, which is Journey to the Center of Amazon and Affiliate Income Mastery

How much does Digital Worth Academy cost?

While the initial enrollment fee is $797 (plus taxes), there are hidden expenses that you will have to pay once you’re in this program. These include:

  • $11 for a domain name
  • $5/ month for web hosting
  • $37/month (minimum 1 month) for the research tool that Sara Young and Andrew Hansen recommend.

This means that you could potentially be spending an additional $1,000 just to have everything up and runnng. This doesn't include the maintenance fees that you would have to pay. 

There is also the possibility that you may be "heavily encouraged" to pay for the tools that Andrew and Sara use themselves. 

Once you enroll, you will also have immediate and lifetime access to these tools: 

  • Commission Wizard - This is a tool that helps you find the most profitable Amazon product that you can promote as an affiliate.  
  • Profit Calculator - This tool gives a rough calculation of how much you could potentially earn per keyword you rank for. 
  • Diamond Keyword Miner - This tool determines which keywords are the most converting, based on recent data. 

You are also encouraged to add premiums to your training: 

Niche Opportunity Packs - $299

This includes DFY niche keyword research. 

Pre-Built Affiliate Sites - $1599+

These are pre-built sites with minimal content that you can shift around to suit your specific keyword and/or product. 

This makes Digital Worth Academy an expensive program, and there are many other courses that are cheaper and of the same, if not better, quality. 

Digital Worth Academy discount?

Currently, the entire program can be had for only $797. 

Are Digital Worth Academy students getting results?

Another point of consideration is the lack of recent student reviews. If you check out their sales page, you’d see a lot of successful graduates - from 2018 or 2019 (if you’re lucky). You’d be hard-pressed to find any recent reviews. 

This may imply that the system is working and Sara Young and Andrew Hansen do not feel the need to promote themselves further, or it could mean that the program is not as updated as it claims to be. 

Digital Worth Academy review: Positive and negative feedback by real users

Negative Feedback

Expensive course

Positive Feedback

Easy-to-follow course structure

The system is slow, and may not be for everyone. 

Comprehensive modules 

Option for one-on-one coaching

Access to simple and powerful tools

Does Digital Worth Academy have a good reputation?

Andrew and Sara don’t have much of a social media presence, but most of the other reviews you will find online are pretty positive. Still, the DWA social media channels appear to have been neglected for years now, so no one is really sure if the course is updated or not. 

Another thing to note is that the training supposedly focuses quite heavily on Amazon affiliate offers, which is becoming increasingly difficult to succeed in, especially with Amazon continuously slashing their commission rates. 

I'd also like to point out that that Digital Worth Academy, to date, makes most of its money from selling its courses - not from what they actually do. 

This doesn't make Sara or Andrew fake gurus, but it does lessen their credibility a little. Alternatively, you can check out other more credible affiliate marketing courses like Jonathan Montoya's Freedom Breakthrough, Ivan Mana's Affiliate Marketing Mastery, and Mark Ling's Pathway to Passive.

Should you enroll in Digital Worth Academy?

This digital marketing course is great for those who want to become a wealthy affiliate using a proven process. This coaching program teaches you how to:

  • Pick a big market and maximize income potential.
  • Drill down to the easiest corner and start publishing content using proprietary software tools.
  • Get traffic and explode the traffic and revenue by integrating real publicity.
  • Keep growing and scaling up to enjoy monthly income or sell your business to cash out.

Similar to other business models such as dropshipping or Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing attempts to earn you passive income using online marketing. However, even the best coaching program cannot completely eliminate the inherent competitiveness of the market.

DWA has one of the better course content out there, but I prefer a more dependable business model called Local Lead Generation. Here, you target a profitable niche (and are not limited to just 8) with an already interested market in a specific geographical area. 

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