Kevin Shen’s Dream Studio Course Review: How To Create a Professional-Looking Home Video Studio

May 16, 2024

Kevin Shen’s Dream Studio Course is a video content creation program. It helps you build the ideal studio to make professional-looking courses, zoom call sessions, and video blogs (vlogs). The course is for video-based social media content creators, YouTubers, and marketers. It's also for course coaches who want a modular design based on their topics. He teaches the importance of a personalized home studio space best suited for the vlogger. The factors include camera angles, lighting settings, room size, skin tone, brand colors, audience, and content style. He promises to help the course student to “design your filming space around you”. This is not a course on earning more money on YouTube. It only focuses on designing your recording area. For a course that only talks about recording design, it seems quite expensive. You may find the same tutorials and tips on video recording setups without paying for a course.

Testimonials say that the course helped their home studio glow up into a Hollywood-like production. Students of the course, Linda Hargrove and Tiago Forte, showed proof. They shared how their videos went from amateur candid shots to professional talking-head videos.

A professional home studio setup adds more authority to the content creator’s niche. After all, viewers love a clean, sophisticated appearance rather than a cheap phone camera video. The competition on YouTube has become fiercer than ever. YouTube's algorithm will always favor a video with a great-looking home studio, a tidy host, and valuable content. The video industry is more saturated now. A streamlined set-up is key for catching the visitor's eye.

In this review, we will look at the Dream Studio course by Kevin Shen. Outside the course, he also has a consulting service that includes both on-site and virtual coaching. At the end of the review, you’ll realize the benefits and challenges of making video content. Also, discover other ways to make money and catch leads online.

Dream Studio Course Review: Pros and Cons


Kevin Shen offers a unique course on creating better YouTube videos.

Dream Studio has plenty of studio set-up tips that anyone can do.

The course is streamlined with digestible modules such as camera set-ups and background colors.


Does not offer other insights regarding YouTube content creation other than a studio set-up.

Dream Studio Lite plan only has very basic information on studios.

Having a professional-looking studio does not guarantee your channel going viral.


Dream Studio Course is $1,200. It has two other plans: Dream Studio Lite for $500 and Done-For-You Consulting starting at $8,000.


Dream Studio Course has a fixed schedule: Workshop Your Studio every Friday at 2-3pm CST, and Gear Support every Tuesday at 6-7pm CST.


Dream Studio Course has a private group once you enroll. The course does not specify which platform.

Refund Policy

Dream Studio Course has a 30-day 100% refund policy.


Dream Studio Course was founded in 2024 by Kevin Shen, a YouTuber, photographer, and interior designer.


Dream Studio Course was made by Kevin Shen who has over 30,000 YouTube subscribers and over 10,000 Twitter followers.

How To Create a Professional-Looking Home Video Studio With Dream Studio Course

You can create a professional-looking home video studio with the Dream Studio Course by optimizing your room's layout, selecting the right artistic style for your content, choosing the most preferable color scheme, having props and background details to your niche, and purchasing the right high-end camera and microphone to create a fully fledged studio.
  • Measure your room to optimize layout. The Dream Studio Course teaches you how to measure your room's dimensions.
  • Add style for the background. Visualize the artistic style you want to portray in your video content.
  • Choose your preferred color scheme. The Dream Studio Course explains color psychology and how it can affect viewers.
  • Support your niche theme with props and background details. For example, a gaming channel might include game posters, figurines, and an LED monitor.
  • Buy a studio light with filters. This is a huge secret of "Hollywood" lighting and quality.
  • Apply audio techniques to immerse viewers. Even the distance between you and the microphone can have an affect.

Kevin Shen helps you understand why a video that includes a well-groomed host, dynamic lighting, HD-quality camera, and specific colors can increase audience retention. In an age where viewers prefer high-production videos, having a room studio can help a YouTuber or course creator earn authority in their specific niche, reach more people and grow their channel. 

What is Dream Studio Course?

Dream Studio Course is a YouTube tutorial course on designing a recording studio to make your videos look more professional to the audience. It will teach you how to make the best out of your room by adjusting to its measurements. The course also focuses on choosing the right colors and lighting based on your theme. It will also require you to buy specific items such as wallpapers, cameras, lighting, microphones, and lens to capture the ideal studio setup based on their theme and niche. It aims to refine your video content to help increase engagement with the viewer.

Dream Studio Course is for YouTube content creators, course sellers, and online coaches who want to have more authority for their brands. The course modules teach video setup essentials that are vital for both beginner and experienced video content makers. With the help of a professional-looking studio, visitors would stay for the engagement and most likely purchase the creator's merchandise.

Are Dream Studio Course Students Getting Results?

Yes, Dream Studio course students are getting results. They see the glow-up of their videos from before and after learning Kevin Shen's secrets. Because they can now produce videos faster thanks to minimal editing on lighting and audio, they have been uploading videos more consistently than ever before.


Melvin Varghese, PhD, a podcaster, psychologist, and course creator, attests that the Dream Studio Course is one of the best investments he's made. He values a course's ability to return more financially than the initial cost, and this course has certainly met that criterion.


Arturo Monge, a tech entrepreneur and SaaS founder, initially had his doubts. However, he found Kevin's course to be exceptionally clear and straightforward, teaching him all he needed to know about designing his own studio. Now, he's able to produce videos faster than ever before.

Are There Free Dream Studio Course Resources Available Online?

No, there aren't any free Dream Studio Course resources available online. However, Kevin Shen's YouTube channel focuses on creating the best studios for influencers and the psychology behind specific colors and studio themes. You can find free recording studio setup tips from his channel.

You may also search for other studio set-up tips through Reddit and Quora. For example, going to the subreddits r/youtuber and r/newtuber have essential questions and answers regarding backgrounds and specific settings for lights and audio.


Who is Kevin Shen?


Kevin Shen is the founder of Dream Studio LLC and has been empowering individuals since June 2020 to create professional video setups from their homes or offices. This self-employed YouTube creator from San Francisco also left a high-paying startup job to make impactful videos that foster human connection, underlining his belief in the power of storytelling.

Previously, Kevin enhanced mobile security as a Growth Manager at Averon and launched social-driven tech ventures like Kindred Labs' Shareful and Everlist. He holds a BS in Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of Southern California, where he began exploring the intersection of technology and human engagement.

Kevin Shen’s Other Services

Kevin Shen's other services besides Dream Studio Course are the call-based Done-With-You Consulting and the onsite Done-For-You Consulting. These other services do not include modules.

Done-With-You Consulting (Virtual Package)

  • Zoom call with Kevin Shen's team.
  • Virtual team will require you to show them your video room.
  • Team will analyze the size of your room.
  • Team creates a background for the room.
  • Team prepares a list of items you need to build the ideal studio.
  • Team has a camera and audio set-up guidance based on your room dimensions.
  • Best choice for busy people who want quick answers on solving their studio problems.
  • Costs $8,000.

Done-For-You Consulting (Onsite Package)

  • The Kevin Shen team will go to your location and build everything for you.
  • Package comes with the team painting and decorating your studio.
  • Price is based on custom quote.

Kevin Shen’s Claims


Kevin Shen claims that once you follow his procedures on setting up your studio, the "home video setup looks like Hollywood." He refers to his professional perception on props, lighting, audio, and color schemes. With his help, your videos become more attractive, earning you more subscribers and views per upload. The professional look of your video content will keep the audience hooked from start to finish. 

Tiago Forte, one of his students, had a massive subscriber gain within a month after learning Dream Studio course. He went from 19,000 to 100,000 after a big change in his talking-head videos from a simple camera set-up to a dedicated vivid recording studio.

He also claims that he will help you build a studio that does not just look good, but logical too. He refers to your studio containing the appropriate themes and colors that align with your channel or website's niche.

Kevin Shen’s Claims DEBUNKED

Kevin Shen says that after clients consulted him, they had more customers and doubled their subscribers. However, anyone can have the same results as long as the recording setup is presentable and neat. Some content creators do not even mind having a dedicated recording studio because the information they provide is more valuable than the visuals.

For example, bodybuilding YouTuber Sam Sulek has over 3 million subscribers but he never presents in a studio. He records wherever he pleases with his phone, but his narratives and topics are engaging enough for the viewers to stay until the end of the video. Similarly, SomeOrdinaryGamers has over 3.7 million subscribers, but he's only in his gaming room talking about controversial topics in the gaming and tech industries. His lighting is simple, his camera is standard-quality, and his audio is serviceable. It is the way he talks that keeps his viewers engaged.


Regarding financial success, there is nothing to debunk about the Dream Studio Course. Its goal is simple: have a better-looking recording area. It does not promise students that they will earn more money or make six figures in a month on just having a studio. Instead, Dream Studio Course just helps you produce better quality videos similar to Masterclass courses and TV talk shows.

What are the Advantages of Creating High-Quality Video Content?

High audience engagement, long viewer retention, and strong brand authority are the advantages of creating high-quality video content. Enhanced video quality and a professional-looking studio help creators stand out, as viewers favor visually engaging content over lower-quality productions. With high-quality video marketing, viewers will perceive the channel or course as a strong, credible content in its niche. Valuable videos help establish brand authority, which can lead to monetary success through views and product selling.

Creators who invest in high-quality setups see a direct impact on viewer engagement and retention. For example, a Cisco report predicts that by 2025, video will account for 82% of all internet traffic. This statistic underscores the crucial role of superior video quality in capturing and maintaining audience interest.

Furthermore, high-quality video content improves brand perception, making it a strategic asset for marketers and businesses. Having professional videos make promotions look more legitimate and trustworthy versus unedited candid videos from a phone.

Can Video Content Help You Make Money Online?

Video content can help you make money online, given that you post consistently, contribute valuable knowledge, and upload unique topics. The potential for monetization through platforms like YouTube is significant, as successful creators leverage ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. YouTubers such as PewDiePie and Mr. Beast, as well as course sellers like Ali Abdaal and Alex Becker showcase how diverse content strategies can yield substantial incomes, often running into millions annually.

However, smaller channels have proven their faster growth ever since they transitioned from low-budget settings to HD setups like Zenkai Goose. Started in 2022, his lighting and camera quality were standard and he used a green screen. Nowadays, he produces quality content in the video game niche. In just two years, he earned over 79,000 subscribers, with his latest videos having over 1 million views each. The growth comes with his transition from a standard green screen room to a gaming-themed studio.


Making money from video content, however, requires consistent effort and high-quality production. Entry-level creators might find the landscape competitive, making it challenging to gain initial traction. For example, a typical YouTube channel can earn around $18 per 1,000 ad views, which translates to a few cents per view. This model causes large volumes of traffic for significant earnings.

Moreover, creators often expand their revenue streams by offering online courses or paid webinars. Kevin Shen’s Dream Studio Course illustrates how niche expertise can be monetized by teaching others to set up professional video studios at home.

7 Challenges of Video Content Creation

  • High Competition - The video content creation model is crowded. Every minute, over 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube alone. For new creators, standing out among millions of channels requires unique content and a strong marketing strategy.
  • Consistent Content Demand - Audiences on platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and vlogging sites expect regular postings from their favorite creators. This demand can place a significant strain on creators, who must balance content quality with frequent uploads. Failure to maintain consistency will decrease viewer engagement and algorithm favorability.
  • Equipment Costs and Constant Adjustments - Producing high-quality video content often causes significant upfront investment in equipment. Quality cameras, professional lighting, studio setups, and advanced editing software can be costly. Also, having expensive equipment does not automatically grant professional production. They require adjustments in the sound, lighting, and camera angles to make the most optimal video. This calibration can take hours to perfect.
  • High-Quality Videos Do Not Guarantee More Views and Subscribers - Just because the content creator has a high-production does not mean their videos become viral. After all, it depends on the video's value it gives to the audience. Whether it is informational or entertainment, it all comes down to how engaged the viewer is.
  • Monetization Difficulty - Although there are various ways to monetize video content, achieving earnings is challenging. Monetization can come from advertisements, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. Statistics show that many YouTube channels struggle to surpass $100 in earnings per month, reflecting the tough reality of turning content creation into a profitable business.
  • Niche Authority - Establishing credibility within a specific niche can be difficult. New creators must not only find their unique angle within crowded topics but also consistently prove their expertise to build and retain a dedicated audience.
  • Unstable Business Model - Relying on video content creation can lead to financial instability. Changes in platform algorithms, shifts in audience preferences, or updates in monetization policies can dramatically affect earnings.

Build Your Dream Business in 2024: Local Lead Generation or Video Content Creation?

Building your dream business in 2024 offers better possibilities with video content. However, local lead generation may prove superior if you prefer a more stable and less demanding business model. Making videos can enhance your online presence. But, it has challenges. These include high production costs, continual content innovation, and significant time investments.

Video content creation is time-consuming. It requires extensive research, multiple recording sessions, and a constant push for uniqueness. These efforts require creativity and technical skills to ensure high production quality. In contrast, local lead gen offers a simpler path to revenue. It focuses on capturing interest from local searches. This comes without the complex demands of video production.

Local lead generation works by connecting businesses with potential customers. These customers are actively searching for services in their area, like plumbing, gardening, and interior design. It simplifies the marketing process by optimizing a few key web pages or ads to capture leads. This method targets individuals ready to purchase, leading to higher conversion rates. Local lead gen does not need expensive equipment, studio setups, or software. It is accessible and needs less capital.

If you are considering the best strategy for your business in 2024, think about the benefits of local lead generation. It offers a simpler, cost-effective way to build a business with significant earning potential. While video content creation has its merits, local lead gen provides a more direct route to revenue with less overhead and effort.

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