Drew Binsky Review – Learn How to Travel the World While Saving Money?

July 18, 2024

Drew Binsky is a traveler, social media personality, entrepreneur, and course creator. He has traveled to 197 countries since 2012, which inspired him to make his course. His Mastermind Travel Hacking Course teaches tips, hacks, and resources on traveling the world while saving money.

Drew Binsky is from Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. He has always loved traveling, and these lessons reflect his experience in the countries he visited. His course covers practical lessons on booking cheap flights and accommodations.

Reviews on Drew Binsky are mixed. On his sales page, most of his students got value from his course. They were also able to get the results they expected. However, a thread on Reddit mostly didn't appeal to Drew Binksy and his content. There were also no comments about the course he's offering.

In this Drew Binsky review we'll give you his personal overview and pros and cons. We'll also discuss his Mastermind Travel Hacking course and its inclusions. This article will give you insights on Drew Binsky's reviews and whether the course is worth it. We'll also introduce a business model that will enable you to travel while earning passive income.

Drew Binsky Pros And Cons


Drew Binsky is a passionate travel blogger for exploring every corner of the globe. This showcases his adventurous nature and love for discovery.

Drew Binsky has successfully monetized his travel experiences. This is through various social media platforms, including YouTube, blogs, podcast, and courses.

Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course covers a wide range of topics. This provides valuable insights for travelers.


Drew Binsky visits dangerous countries that pose significant safety risks.

Drew Binksy focuses on travel content. This market is very competitive, requiring constant innovation to stay relevant.

Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course can be expensive for budget-conscious travelers.

July 9, 2024

As Randy said, I can feel a bit like Drew is like the master sensational tourist, but I have hard time finding real good informations about his wanders and travels/adventures. Which could be easily findable for any other traveller out there.

So yeah, I kinda feel he rushed to the 197 country just to be able to make a business of it and be able to say it in every title. So yeah, I guess it has good and bad in his teachings.

He has the good way to make views, but is he the best to talk about travel, I am not sure.

June 21, 2024

Drew Binsky is a boring guy with little to say generally. He travels to meet his personal goals. He visited Eritrea and said, Wow, old buildings. Mentioned bad bowling and ignored serious modern history and regime. Anyway.


1.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

How Will Drew Binsky Help You Travel the World While Saving Your Money?

Drew Binsky will help you travel the world while saving money through his Mastermind Travel Hacking Course. He teaches these secrets:

  • booking cheap flights by finding the best deals using budget airlines
  • the 24-hour flight cancellation hack
  • choosing hostels, Airbnbs, and couchsurfing
  • how to navigate cities, public transit, ride-sharing, and rental cars
  • maximizing travel reward points
  • earn and redeem free flights and hotel points
  • creating and managing a travel budget

Drew Binsky uses social media posts to show the beauty and kindness found around the world. This encourages people to leave their comfort zones and explore new cultures. His goal is to make travel an adventure that is accessible and exciting for everyone.

Who Is Drew Binsky?

Drew Binsky is a well-known travel blogger and YouTube content creator. He's part of a select group of 250 individuals who have visited every country. Drew started his travel journey after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He had a degree in economics and entrepreneurship. 

His study program abroad in Prague inspired Drew Binsky to travel. His experience with visiting over 20 countries in Europe sparked his passion. Later, teaching English in South Korea allowed him to continue travelling around Asia. Drew Binsky changed his name because his first vlog, "Hungry Partier," is giving off a terrible impression. Drew Binsky's real name is Drew Goldberg, and he adopted Binsky. This is more known on all his social media channels.  

Drew Gets his money from:

  • His YouTube channel
  • Ad revenues
  • Brand deals 
  • Partnerships
  • Sponsorships
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Travel hacking course

Drew Binsky makes around $500,000 a year from his travel content income stream. The money Drew Binsky makes per YouTube video can vary. However, he makes around $500,000 annually from various income streams.

Drew Binsky has a team of people who help him with your travels and vlogs. It's composed of freelancers and subcontractors who assist him with his content creation. Their roles include filming, editing, and managing social media.

Drew Binsky met his wife at a travel convention in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2016. Her name is Deanna Sallao, and They got engaged in 2021 and married on Valentine's Day in 2023. She inspired him to document his travels on videos.

When Did Drew Binsky Start Traveling?

Drew Binsky started travelling in 2012 after graduating from college in the United States. He afforded to travel by first teaching English in South Korea. This provided him with a salary, free accommodation, and other benefits. During his eighteen months in South Korea, he immersed himself in the culture.

Drew's travels soon expanded, visiting over 197 countries. His unique travel approach and engaging content gained him many followers. Drew has achieved two Guinness World Records. He holds records of visiting the most UNESCO Heritage sites in 24 hours and packing the quickest suitcases.

Drew Binsky has been to North Korea and made a video about his experience. This video gained significant attention on social media, earning millions of views. His ability to document and share experiences made him notable. Drew Binsky has been to Haiti as part of his journey to travel to all countries in the world.

Drew Binsky uses a Sony A7R III camera for his travel videos. He also uses various other equipment for vlogging and content creation. His professional approach helps him document his journeys. This has contributed to his success as a travel influencer.

There are no countries that Drew Binsky has not been to, according to Consumer News and Business Channel. Drew Binsky's last country was Saudi Arabia, which he visited to complete his travel goal. He achieved this milestone on October 29, 2021.

What Is Just Go Store Drew Binsky?

The Just Go Shop by Drew Binsky is an online store featuring travel-themed products. This can be found in Drew Binksy's website. Drew's vast travels to all 197 countries inspire these products. It's meant to visualize past travels and bucket list destinations on their Just Go Map. The map acts like a diary of previous travels and encourages your next destination. Here are the products available:

  • Just Go Push Pin Map: It's a high-quality wall map. It's designed to help travelers track their journeys and future destinations. The map includes 500 red and blue map tacks, hanging hardware, and an option to have it signed by Drew Binsky (optional).
  • Drew Binsky's Top 100 Photos Around the World: This coffee-table book showcases stunning photos from Drew's travels. It's accompanied by personal anecdotes and cultural insights. It's a collection that celebrates the beauty and diversity of the planet.
  • Just Go Flag: It's an exclusive flag that people can display at home or take on trips as a symbol of the travel lifestyle promoted by Drew.

Additionally, the shop offers travel accessories and merchandise. They also sell apparel like hoodies and shirts. According to Drew Binsky, it's meant to inspire and support the travel community. 

What Does Reddit Say About Drew Binsky?

Reddit says mixed testimonies about Drew Binsky. The thread started with, "What do y’all think of Drew Binsky?". Drew Binksy is reliable, according to some comments in the thread. However, there are a lot of negative comments about him as well.

ExperientialSorbet uses Drew Binsky in their classes as an ESL teacher in Japan. Drew speaks slowly and with subtitles, providing good, authentic material for students. His videos are useful for teaching English, making them a valuable resource. However, ExperientialSorbet has personal reservations about some of Drew's content. He takes issue with how Drew portrays legitimately awful places like Eritrea. Drew encourages tourism to these destinations, which concerns is problematic and misleading.

Another Reddit user commented on the thread. He said he liked Drew Binsky at first, but his opinion changed. His content seemed dull, with short clips from each country. He lost respect when he boasted about using false documents. Instead of criticizing some countries, he promotes others with worse records. He added that Drew's videos feel biased, and he seems arrogant and entitled.

AdOk439 said that he knew his comment was old, but felt the same. He said that it's crazy no one on YouTube calls out his behavior. AdOk classified Brunei as the worst country for being kicked out of a mosque. He expects locals always to be smiling and happy. He falls into obvious tourist traps and complains about high prices.

Drew Binksy doesn't address the root issues in many countries he visits. His explanations of war and human rights are shallow and lack depth. Drew ignores the effects of colonization and US intervention. His "positiveness" overlooks issues of gender, sexuality, and race in travel. He fails to give practical advice to diverse travelers, focusing only on his experience.

What Is Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course?

Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course is a travel masterclass that helps people save money and make the most of their trips. Inside the course are 16 video lessons that are real-life tips with lifetime access. He also shares resources he has gathered from visiting all 197 countries. The course is for aspiring travelers wanting to travel the world while saving money.

This course is special because Drew is among 250 people who have visited every country. His stats are 197 countries, 600+ cities, 1,700 flights, 400 trains, 500 buses, and 300 boat rides. He also has 10 years of traveling experience distilled into comprehensive lessons. The course aims to equip travelers with the knowledge and skills needed to travel smarter and economically. It leverages Drew's extensive experience and insights from his global adventures.

Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course Pros And Cons


Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course has real-world applications. Drew's tips are based on real-world experiences, making them practical for various travel scenarios.

Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course has accessibility. The course is online, allowing users to learn at their own pace and from anywhere in the world.

Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course has inspiring content. Drew’s passion for travel inspires users to travel more confidently.


Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course has general advice. General tips may not apply to specific regions or unique travel situations.

Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course needs constant updates. Travel trends and rules change. The course may need regular updates to stay relevant.

Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course has limited interactivity. The course lacks interactive elements like quizzes or assignments. 


Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course is $197

Refund Policy

Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course has a refund policy of 30 days for unsatisfied customers.


Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course is founded around 2021.


Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course has a good reputation online.

What Can You Get From Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course?

You can get 16 video lessons and bonuses with lifetime access with Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course. It's a program designed to help travelers save money and make the most of their trips. He also shares resources he has gathered from visiting all 197 countries. Lessons of the course are:

How To Book Cheap Flights

Drew teaches booking flights with layovers, routes, and points. He urges people to use budget airlines and the 24-hour cancellation hack. The lesson also covers how to choose the right search engines for deals. It has a bonus PDF of Drew's top-ranked airlines and reasons.

Finding the Best Accommodations

Drew covers cheap hostels, quality Airbnb, and couch surfing options. He teaches reliable places to stay for solo, couples and families. This lesson emphasizes locations for affordable accommodations. It has a bonus of recommended search engines and booking websites.

How To Navigate Cities

Drew explains using public transit, ride-sharing, and rental cars. He teaches how to explore cities safely by walking, biking, or driving. He encourages the use of Google Maps and other navigation apps. It has a bonus of Drew's top 30 favorite cities and apps.

How To Get Travel Visas

Drew simplifies getting e-visas, visas on arrival, and embassy visas. Learn requirements based on your passport and destination. In this lesson, you'll understand the pros and cons of each visa type. It has a bonus of service for expedited visas in a few days.

How To Navigate Airports

Drew offers tips for check-in, lounges, and immigration. Maximize your airport experience to save money and time. Learn how to avoid lines and get the best seats. Bonus: Drew’s favorite airports for layovers.

How To Learn Languages

Drew discusses apps, phrases, and journaling for learning languages. He teaches basic words to help people communicate with locals. It helps people overcome the language barrier. It also covers techniques to pick up new languages. It has the bonus of the easiest language to learn.


How To Budget or a Trip

Drew covers budgeting for food, sleep, activities, and extras. Manage expenses without sacrificing travel experiences. Thoughtful planning and tracking expenses are key. It has the bonus of a Travel budget calculator and planner.

Packing Your Bag Like a Master

Drew shares his packing system, from clothing to electronics. Less is more when packing for trips. Detailed run-down of every essential item. Bonus: Spreadsheet of items in Drew’s backpack.

How To Make Local Friends

Drew teaches meeting locals through social media and groups. Exploring with locals provides unique cultural insights. Find friends in bars and dedicated websites. It has a bonus for Helpful Facebook groups and websites.

Maximizing Travel Rewards Points

Drew explains how to earn and redeem travel reward points. Points and miles save money on flights and hotels. Use rewards credit cards effectively. It has a bonus of a List of travel rewards, credit cards, and blogs.

Staying Safe in Foreign Countries

Drew provides safety tips for phones, Wi-Fi, and low profiles. Avoid common scams and trust your instincts. Learn safety measures in various environments. It has a bonus: a list of common travel mistakes.

Drew's Rules for the Road

Drew gives extra tips for money, health, and recommendations. Avoid ATM fees and access Wi-Fi easily. Stay healthy and choose travel destinations wisely. It has a list of money-saving and health tips.

Traveling Dangerous Countries

Drew shares tips for visiting dangerous countries safely. Learn precautions and safety measures to take. Understand what to avoid and how to prepare. It has the bonus of a checklist for dangerous countries.

World's Best Night Life

Drew reveals the best cities for bars, clubs, and festivals. Enjoy the nightlife with secret destination tips. It covers top nightlife cities for unforgettable experiences. It includes a bonus of the top 10 nightlife cities.

Tips and Tricks for Being a Youtuber

Drew teaches the basics of shooting, editing, and storytelling. Learn about gear, branding, taxes, and marketing. Grow your YouTube audience effectively. It has a bonus of personal mindset tips for creators.

Health and Wellness

Drew shares tips for staying healthy while traveling. Maintain diet, exercise, and well-being on the road. Avoid sickness, stress, and sleep deprivation. Its bonus are best practices for health maintenance.

Free Bonus: Drew's Top 20 Countries... And What to See!

Drew lists his top 20 favorite country and countries to visit. Provides reasons they are must-see destinations. Insider tips for building your travel bucket list. It has a bonus of Go-to destinations for ultimate adventures.

Are The Students of Drew Binksy Getting Results?

Students of Drew Binsky are getting results according to his course page. The success stories related to Drew Binsky review are that his students were able to travel effectively. This is while saving money using Drew's hacks and tips.

Matt G., Drew's student, finds the Travel Hacking Course to be an awesome learning experience. He is excited to use the knowledge gained from each module of the Travel Hacking Course to improve his future travels. Having followed Drew for years, he trusts his expertise and insights. He recommends the course to all travelers, believing it offers valuable guidance.

He added that the course provides practical tips and strategies for travel planning. Matt appreciates Drew's teaching style and the course's content. It has enhanced his travel planning skills. He feels more prepared and confident about his future adventures.

Sharon P., another student, finds Drew's course to be very helpful for her travel planning. The part she liked the most was learning how to find cheap flights and hotels. She plans to use his tips for all her future travels. Sharon discovered many hacks she had never heard of before, realizing that traveling doesn't have to be expensive.

She would recommend this course to all her travel-loving friends. Sharon has already saved more than the cost of the course, making it a brilliant investment. She feels that the course has provided valuable and practical advice. Sharon is grateful to Drew for the insights and tips.

Cheruby B. finds Drew's course to be next level for avid travelers. She loves learning about different traditions and languages through the course. The most significant aspect for her is the course's easy navigation.

After taking the course, Cheruby felt driven to pack her stuff and travel immediately. The course ignited her passion for exploring the world. She believes the world is too amazing not to discover. Cheruby's excitement and knowledge make her eager to embark on her next adventure.

Is Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course Worth It?

Drew Binsky's Mastermind Travel Hacking Course is worth it if you want to become a savvy and informed traveler. A seasoned traveler creates the course, which includes 16 video lessons. You will learn strategies for booking cheap flights and understanding travel visas. The course also covers finding affordable accommodations and navigating cities. Drew shares tips on maximizing travel reward points for free flights.

Drew Binsky contributed to cultural understanding by documenting his travels to less-known and misjudged countries. He showcases the positive aspects, stops stereotypes, and promotes cultural exchange. His content goes deep into the personal stories and cultures of locals. This makes the course worth it.

The course offers comprehensive coverage, making it a valuable resource. Drew's extensive travel experience adds credibility and depth to the lessons. The format includes videos and PDFs, enhancing the learning experience. Participants get lifetime access to materials, allowing for future reference. Bonuses include PDFs of top airlines, packing lists, and travel apps.

However, the course might be expensive for budget-conscious travelers. Some tips may be too broad and not destination-specific. With 16 video lessons, the course requires a significant time investment. The pre-recorded format lacks opportunities for live interaction. Additionally, some travel information might be available for free elsewhere.

Drew Binksy's Claim:

Drew Binsky claims you are on your way to becoming a better traveler and saving money with his Mastermind Travel Hacking Course. Part of this claim is that the course applies to everyone and every country. He backs up this claim by being one of the 250 people who traveled to every country in the world.

Drew Binsky's Claim Debunked:

Drew Binsky claims his Mastermind Travel Hacking Course will help you become a better traveler and save money. However, this claim is not entirely accurate or realistic. Travel hacking is difficult and requires significant time, effort, and expertise. Managing many credit cards and tracking reward points is complex. The booking process can be overwhelming and stressful. Additionally, travel hacking benefits vary by country.

Focusing solely on saving money overlooks a fundamental financial principle. You don't need to save money, but you need better finances. Building assets and businesses is a more effective strategy. Increasing your income streams is better than living below your means. This approach provides long-term benefits and financial freedom.

By focusing on generating more income, you can travel comfortably. Travel should be less about cutting costs and more about lifestyle enhancement. Sustainable financial growth offers more freedom and flexibility. This makes travel more enjoyable and less stressful. Improving your finances ensures a better travel experience.

Andy Cantu’s Lux Travel Hacks vs Drew Binsky' Stance on Travel Hacking

Andy Cantu’s Lux Travel Hacks focuses on using credit card points for luxury travel. The course teaches booking strategies for first-class flights and five-star hotels. It includes over 80 modules, VIP email support, and lifetime access. This course targets travelers wanting luxury experiences without high costs. It is especially useful for U.S. credit card users.

In contrast, Drew Binsky’s Mastermind Travel Hacking Course offers comprehensive travel tips. It covers booking cheap flights, navigating cities, and finding affordable accommodations. Drew shares practical advice from his extensive travel experience. The course includes 16 video lessons, various bonuses, and lifetime access. It caters to both novice and experienced travelers.

Both courses offer valuable insights but differ in focus. Lux Travel Hacks is ideal for those aiming for luxury travel using credit card points. It is beneficial for U.S. residents. Drew Binsky’s course suits travelers seeking comprehensive tips for all travel aspects. It emphasizes budget-friendly options and safety.

Conclusion: How Local Led Gen Allows Enjoy Traveling While Earning Passive Income?

Local lead generation allows you to travel while earning passive income by building and renting optimized sites. These sites generate leads for local businesses monthly. Your income can cover travel expenses, reducing financial stress. Unlike complex travel hacks, lead gen is simple and reliable. Local lead generation is passive, generating leads with minimal effort, allowing remote management while traveling.

Local lead generation entrepreneurs travel without worrying about their businesses. Their websites generate income, allowing them to travel freely. Local lead gen can provide financial stability, enabling more travel and less financial worry. Earnings in local lead generation can range from $1,000 to $10,000+ per month, depending on the niche, location, and lead quality.

Building and maintaining lead-generation websites creates passive income. This frees you from constantly saving for travel. It supports your travel lifestyle and provides peace of mind. Knowing that you have your finances covered, you can explore with freedom. This approach makes traveling financially sustainable. Additionally, you can access and manage your sites from anywhere. Your website should also only require minimal maintenance once it's set.

Try the local lead gen biz if you want to travel without financial worries. It's a business model that generates passive income that is flexible and scalable. With this model, it's guilt-free to spend money on travel because you'll have sites bringing in passive income for you.

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