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Anton Kraly’s Dropship Lifestyle Review: Is His Method Better Than Traditional Dropshipping?

July 18, 2024

Anton's Dropship Lifestyle (DSL) teaches how to dropship high-ticket inventory and find reliable US distributors, so you don't need to ship from China. Unlike traditional dropshipping, dropshipping lifestyle focuses on high ticket dropshipping rather than selling low-ticket items. He promises that his unconventional method made him the multimillionaire entrepreneur that he is today. 

Almost 90% of dropshippers fail in their first month of business. There are other business models that are less-risky to start. But, if you're convinced that you want to do dropshipping, Dropship Lifestyle is a great beginner's course. The module starts with an introduction and overview of dropshipping to give beginners a better idea of what the business model is all about. It also discusses the WHY mindset (purpose and goal for starting the business) and the dropshipping code of ethics. These topics that are important for beginners.

Dropship Lifestyle reviews are mixed with a rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot and 2.5 on SiteJabber. Students praise the course for having a comprehensive training and active support groups. The done-for-you website has also received very positive feedback. Criticism of the program points to the lack of technical support from the DSL team and complicated refund policy. Verified reviews are mostly negative and there appears to be a flood of negative reviews on Trustpilot, so take them with a grain of salt.

This article gives an overview of the course (plus pros and cons), modules & inclusions of the paid plans, online reviews from students, and who Anton Kraly is. It also answers if Anton's method is better than traditional, if dropshipping is still profitable in 2024, how profitable is it, and the risks of the business model. 

Anton Kraly's Dropship Lifestyle Pros & Cons


Actionable Strategies: The course material contains practical lessons on how to start and scale a dropshipping business, including updated market research techniques and regular content updates.

Supplementary Support: Students get assistance with niche selection, supplier request templates, and digital software.

Since 2013: Dropship Lifestyle has been around for over 10 years and has over 15,000 students and members as of writing. 

Online and Offline Community: Students get access to an online (and offline) community where they can learn and grow with other entrepreneurs.


Hard to Sell: High-ticket dropshipping items are harder to sell than low-ticket ones because most people want to price shop, think about their purchase, or delay buying.

Steep Pricing: Dropship Lifestyle cost is expensive with a sticky refund policy.

Declining Business: Anton Kraly teaches dropshipping, which might not be the best business model in 2024.


Dropship Lifestyle costs $1,497. Package with the done-for-you store costs $3,497.


DSL has an exclusive Facebook group called Fast Business Forum. 


Anton Kraly's Dropship Lifestyle course was created in 2013 and has over 15,000 students in 25 countries. 


Anton Kraly has both good and bad reputation online. Dropship Lifestyle is 4.8-star rated on Trustpilot but only 2.6 star-rated on SiteJabber. Overall, Dropship Lifestyle is one of the most popular, but the lifestyle cost is also among the most expensive. 

July 21, 2024

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not sure of, i am just here to give a

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Anastacia camila
July 18, 2024

TBH, people like Anton don’t make money from dropshipping; they make money from selling their courses. They’re selling dreams. Don’t believe for a second that he earns his income from dropshipping. As one guy said, if you want to make a decent income, it’s better to have your own physical inventory. That’s the only way it actually works in the real world.

Dehnise Aly K

3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

What Is the Dropship Lifestyle Refund Policy?

Dropship Lifestyle offers a 30-day refund policy, but getting a refund isn't easy. You need to complete the course and prove you've done several tasks within 30 days: choosing a niche, finding 20 suppliers, and building a website. If you can't show you've done all this work, you won't get your money back. Additionally, you must research and choose a niche, providing a list of 50 potential niches to qualify for the refund.

Is Anton Kraly's Method Better Than Traditional Dropshipping?

For some, Anton Kraly's method is better than traditional dropshipping. DSL focuses on high-ticket items, which means a higher profit margin for every sale made. But, expensive inventory is harder to sell than low-ticket items. The business model has disadvantages and risks. It's less competitive than traditional drop shipping, and your store needs to be extra to standout from competition. 

It takes constant tweaking and fine-tuning to establish a store. You're working with thin profit margins, even when selling expensive merchandise. But if you can fill a void in the market, solve a problem, or present a unique angle, there will always be an opportunity to make money. 

What Does Dropship Lifestyle Teach?

Anton Kraly teaches high ticket drop shipping, where students concentrate on picking evergreen niches instead of chasing the latest trends or selling low-ticket items. Most courses will teach you how to dropship from China and other Asia-based suppliers, but this course focuses on high-ticket dropship offers sourced from local suppliers.

Anton teaches people how to build a ‘lifestyle business.' He begins with content on how to verify your niche and find products people want to buy. Gain access to a detailed process that can launch your online business in 21 days or fewer. Aside from being an online training program, Dropship Lifestyle is also a community for entrepreneurs.

The DSL Course includes 83 lessons and over 20 hours of video content. It comprises a complete guide on how to build a Shopify online store, where to find suppliers, how to generate traffic, and tips on how to automate processes and increase your dropshipping success rate.

How Can Dropship Lifestyle Help You?

DSL can help you by verifying your chosen niche, getting instant access to an optimized website theme (Charlotte), getting guidance on how to source the best dropshipping suppliers, meeting and mingling with thousands of business-minded entrepreneurs, and getting step-by-step support in building and scaling your online dropship store. 

What Do You Get With Dropship Lifestyle?

What Is Included in the Dropship Lifestyle DIY Plan?

  • Dropship Blueprint: Lifetime access to the new version of the Dropship Lifetime course 
  • 21-Day Zero-to-Launch Plan: A step-by-step guide to launching a store in 21 days.
  • Niche Research Software: Tools to help identify profitable niches.
  • Supplier Directory: Access to a directory of vetted suppliers.
  • Shopify Theme: A customizable Shopify theme.
  • Niche Selection Verification - We will verify the profitability of your selected niche so you can build a high-income generating business. 
  • Discord Community Access: Membership to a community for support.
  • AI for E-commerce Upgrades: Latest AI tools for e-commerce optimization.
  • Bonuses: Bonuses include supplementary on-demand training, access to previous private mastermind retreat recordings, and lifetime access to live monthly coaching calls.

What Is Included in the Dropship Lifestyle Done-For-You Plan? 

Dropship Lifestyle Done-For-You plan comes with everything included in the DIY plan plus a custom-built-store. The DSL team customizes a professionally built store to match your niche and preferences.

✅ Other Additional Costs to Expect: 

  • $300 (or less) to register as LLC 
  • $30 monthly Shopify premium 
  • $10 (or less) domain name registration 
  • $10 to $30 on ads spend 
  • Dropship Lifestyle Modules 

    Module 0- The Overview

    An introduction to the world of eCommerce. Lessons in the module include the foundation of eCommerce, the foundation of online business, the mindset of knowing your why, and the Dropship Lifestyle code of ethics. 

    Module Duration: 1 hr and 35m

    Module 1- The Niche Selection 

    A 10-lesson module focused on identifying drop-ship-friendly niches, important for new entrepreneurs. This module includes lessons on the introduction to niche selection, pricing criteria, product size, weight, & profit, target market, brand loyalty, passion vs. profit, examples of good & bad niches, brainstorming, common questions, and niche action tasks. 

    Module Duration: 1 hr 42m

    Niche selection is one of the most critical aspects of the business model. So you need to learn how to identify 'dropship-friendly niches' and profitable product selection. Anton shares detailed techniques on topics like:

    • Pricing criteria
    • Brand loyalty
    • How to find profitable products to sell online
    • How to sell high-ticket items that appeal to the upper-middle class
    • Why you need to access niche demand & saturation
    • How to do market research & find trends
    • How to niche down
    • Examples of bad and best dropshipping niches

    Anton advises that when choosing a niche, you want to pick one with at least twenty available suppliers (so you never run into lack of supply issues). Then, use Google to search for a product/niche using your keyword and check out' future competitor sites.' (Anton suggests checking out Wayfair).

    Module 2: Market Research

    A 10-lesson module focused on finding the best niche ideas and extracting suppliers from future competitors. Lessons in this module include an introduction to market research, locating price points & calculating profit, tracking niche demand, the evergreen test, demographics & brand loyalty, drop-ship-friendly niches, building the future competitors master list, extracting suppliers for the master list, knowing how much is too much competition, and market research action tasks. 

    Module Duration: 1 hr 42m

    Anton's market research material expands on the information he shared in his niche selection training. But now, he deep dives into how to vet different niche ideas and what makes a winner. Anton also covers subjects like:

    1. Price Points & Calculating Profits
    2. Tracking Niche Demand
    3. The Evergreen Test
    4. Demographics & Brand Loyalty
    5. Creating Your 'Future Competitors' Master List
    6. Extracting Suppliers For Your Master List
    7. Level Of Competition

    Take advantage of DSL's competitor software to see what the top players are doing well and where they're lacking. Anton recommends using tools like Keywords Everywhere and data from Google Ads to determine interest and volume. (You want a minimum average sales volume of 10,000)

    Module 3: Create Your Website

    Module 3 is all about creating a beautiful and high-converting website even without experience and expertise in tech.  Lessons in this module include an introduction to web design & Shopify, the domain names, and collections, updating products, adding pages & blog posts, creating menus, changing Shopify settings, theme customizations, discount codes, Shopify apps, domain emails, Google is king, and creating your store’s action tasks. 

    Module Duration: 4 hrs 6m

    Drop Ship Lifestyle will build and optimize a website on Shopify for your business if you want to outsource this task. But if you're prepared to do the work, Anton shows you how to build a high-converting Shopify store even if you have no previous experience. Anton summarizes the platform and shares in-depth training on topics like domain names, uploading photos, adding pages & blog posts, settings & themes, and creating menus and collections. 

    Module 4: Get Approved with Suppliers 

    A 9-lesson module on finding the best suppliers, including phone and & email scripts. This module includes an introduction to finding suppliers, the tiers of suppliers (gold, silver, bronze), supplier research, the importance of trust, differentiating good & bad stores, setting yourself up for success, phone & email scripts, supplier FAQs, supplier relationship, and getting supplier action tasks. 

    Module Duration: 1 hr 44 m

    Get approved with suppliers who can deliver on fast shipping and high-quality products. Learn to separate dropshipping suppliers in your industry based on specified criteria into three main tiers (Bronze, Silver & Gold). How to do supplier research and why you need to build trusting relationships to set yourself up for success. Students get access to Anton's exact phone/email scripts. Plus, an FAQ (questions suppliers ask) and a detailed breakdown of how to contact potential suppliers.


    You want to build a relationship with your supplier to get preferred deals on pricing, exclusivity, etc. 

    Take advantage of the extensive list of suppliers with their contact information on the DSL website in nine niches, many sub-niches, and over 8400 brands. 

    Module 5: Optimize for Conversions 

    Optimize for conversions is a 12-lesson module to get the best possible return on ad spend. The lessons in this module include an introduction, creating urgency, content templates, getting reviews, social media & creating social proof, bounced visits & abandoned carts, bonus offers, exploiting the customer’s weakness, usability over design, accepting financing, ethically spying on visitors, and optimizing for conversions action tasks. 

    Module Duration: 2hr 35m

    In this module, the Drop Ship Lifestyle training focuses on how to optimize your store for conversions before you turn on traffic. Understand why you need suppliers with enough inventory and the importance of having twenty or more. Anton also shares effective strategies to advertise your store to get the best ROAS possible. 

    Bonus lessons include: 

    • How to create urgency 
    • How to get reviews 
    • Creating social proof on multiple platforms 
    • Designing bonus offers 
    • Dealing with bounced and abandoned carts 
    Module 6: Get Traffic 

    An 11-lesson module on getting traffic for your online store. The lessons in this module include an introduction, the eCom sales funnel, using Google Adwords for eCommerce, Bing, transferred influence & the Dream 100, search engine domination, paid social traffic, omnipresence (retargeting), the hourglass funnel, you’ve got mail, and getting traffic action tasks. 

    Module Duration: 6h 27m

    Learn how to find the best traffic and send people armed with buyer intent to your Shopify store. DSL shares their top traffic sources and a detailed guide on how to set them up for your business. Module 6 covers additional content on subjects like:

    • Creating Sales Funnels
    • Retargeting & Email Marketing (take advantage of tools like Klayvio)
    • How To Use Google Adwords For E-Commerce
    • Paid Social Traffic

    Spend less on paid advertising and concentrate on securing a net profit. Only then should you reinvest in more paid ads (use Google Shopping Ads). Understand how to divide your budget between warm and cold traffic (alpha and beta campaigns).

    Module 7: Automation 

    The last module is all about automation. The lessons in this module include an introduction to outsourcing & automation, when & why automate, automation toolkit, automated ordering process, abandoned cart automation, Google Sheets automation, order tracking & reviews automation, custom order automation, content distribution automation, when & why outsource, where to hire talent, SOP & downloads, and outsourcing & automation action tasks. 

    Module Duration: 1 hr 54 m

    Anton gives step-by-step training on how to outsource and automate the daily tasks you need to take care of running a highly profitable drop ship store. But advises students to become profitable with their ecommerce dropshipping business before they spend money on outsourcing tasks.  

    Is the Dropship Lifestyle Keyword Tool Good?

    Dropship Lifestyle uses Google Keyword Planner for keyword search. It’s one of the most popular tools to use online for finding the best keywords for your drop shipping listings. However, Google’s Keyword Planner is only an estimate and not exactly accurate. It is always rounded up to the nearest thousands value and is not a precise figure. On a positive note, the tool is easy to learn and use, and it’s free. 

    What is Dropship Lifestyle Labs?

    Dropship Lifestyle Labs is a private Facebook community of DSL members. This online community created by Dropship Lifestyle encourages healthy debate among members to promote learning and the flow of ideas. It currently has 11.3K members as of writing. Aside from being an online community, the group also conducts retreats and offline events to bond and mingle with other drop shippers around the world. 

    Is The Dropship Lifestyle Course Legit?

    The Dropship Lifestyle course is legit. It's one of the oldest and best courses for beginners in dropshipping. Besides the paid plans, Anton also offers a lot of free content on his blog and YouTube channel. He shares helpful tips like common mistakes to avoid and hacks to complete a dropship blueprint on his social media.

    This course is worth it if you're ready to dedicate your time and resources to the business model. Anton Kraly is a good coach for learning how to dropship. He's been in the business since 2013 and has made millions from his dropshipping businesses. His training is not generic; he goes beyond the basics by helping students find a profitable niche and providing them with his personal list of suppliers.

    What Are the Dropship Lifestyle Reviews?

    Dropship Lifestyle is a well-loved course with many positive reviews online. They are a reputable company that has lots of good feedback and recommendation from past students. 

    Dropship Lifestyle Reddit Reviews

    Dropship Lifestyle reviews on Reddit include some good reviews and positive responses. A Reddit commenter talked about how he made more than what the course cost. In the link he shared on Reddit, he narrated his dropshipping journey and how the course made him financially free to travel while enjoying high-paying income.

    Although there is a good deal of good feedback on Dropship Lifestyle, we still found some negative comments on the course, especially on SiteJabber (some on Reddit). While others say it's the best course ever, some recent reviews say otherwise.

    This  Reddit commenter warned about buying the course and even said it's a scam. 

    A Reddit commenter with the name "Thomas_Sleeth" says DSL uses unethical practices to sell the course. 

    Dropship Lifestyle Trustpilot Reviews

    Dropship Lifestyle has a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot with over 340 reviews. While over 90% of the reviews are 5-stars, none of them are verified. Take them with a grain of salt.So far, there are only 5 verified reviews which rate the program 3-stars or less.

    dropship lifestyle review

    This review from an unamed student praised the comprehensive course. They also praised the active Facebook community and its big support role. However, they complained about course lacking regular updates. They explained that the system taught by DSL does not apply to issues such as being banned by Google or Facebook. The other older verified reviews complain about the hidden costs that come with dropshipping and upsells.

    Dropship Lifestyle Negative Reviews on SiteJabber

    Dropship Lifestyle has a 2.5 out of 5 rating on SiteJabber with 8 reviews. Only 2 of these reviews are verified.

    dropship lifestyle review

    This student with the initials D.C. signed up for the done-for-you plan and found the basic training very effective and praised the DFY store. They then criticized the lack of support from the DSL team. The reviewer further explained that there aren't any students who share success stories on the Discord channel and that many quit around the 5th or 6th module. They explained that the 6th module that dealt with Google Merchant Center is not very effective. Google would still ban many of the sellers, regardless of them following the instructions in the module.

    dropship lifestyle review

    Jordan, who also paid for the done-for-you plan, gave a long review. They explained that though they did not apply for refund, they found the refund policy very hard to qualify for. Jordan expressed deep disappointment with the lack of support from the DSL team. They did not receive any support with their concerns and issues. They also complained about the deleting of comments that criticize the program on the Discord server.

    What are Dropship Lifestyle Success Stories?

    Carla from Australia, shares how she made 6-figures in just a 7-month period after enrolling in the course. Before Dropship Lifestyle, she was just selling $3 cookie cutters on eBay, now she has a team of VAs running her semi-automated drop shipping business. 

    Lewis from the United Kingdom shared how this course enabled him to ditch his 9 to 5 job. He claims to have no prior drop shipping experience but was able to hit the 1 million mark in his first year just by following the Dropship Lifestyle Blueprint. 

    Dropship Lifestyle Testimonial by Johnny FD Jen (Been in the Program Since 2013)

    Johnny's Background and Story

    Since joining the Dropship Lifestyle course in 2013, Johnny FD has created and co-owned seven successful online stores. His peak sales years were from 2013 to 2016, where he was making up to $40,000 monthly. Johnny also shares stories of other members' successes, showing the course's impact and effectiveness. 

    How Johnny’s Business is Doing Today

    Johnny has been in Anton Kraly's program since it was first launched. A decade later, the business is still doing well. One store made $31,000, and another one recorded a $70,000 sale in a single month. Johnny also notes that market trends, like increased online shopping during lockdowns, have boosted his sales. He emphasizes the importance of having a powerful business model that can thrive in changing conditions, including economic downturns and pandemics.

    Lessons Johnny Learned on the Biggest Challenges He Faced

    Importance of Following a Proven Method: Johnny stresses the benefits of following Anton's structured, proven dropshipping method, which provided him a clear route to success. 

    The Power of Community and Networking: Johnny points out the benefits of the course's community, like the private member forums, for support, real-life examples, and networking opportunities that are essential for overcoming challenges and achieving success.

    What's not mentioned in the interview: Johnny did not mention the challenges of starting and scaling a dropshipping business. The biggest challenge for new dropshippers is finding a niche that is not overly saturated but has sufficient demand. About 42% of e-commerce businesses fail because of the lack of market demand for their products ( 

    Dropship Lifestyle Alternative Courses

    Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy is a drop shipping course launched in 2017. It’s one of the best dropshipping course for beginners. The training includes Facebook advertising, email marketing, and weekly live coaching. 

    Price: eCom Success Academy costs $2495 

    More Info: Adrian Morrison’s eCom Success Academy Course Review

    Jaiden Vu’s Launchers Academy is one of the most successful eco courses. It was launched in 2021 and has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and more. Training includes finding winning products, creating an online store, video marketing, and scaling the business. 

    Price: Launchers Academy costs $995. 

    More Info: Jaiden Vu’s Launchers Academy Course Review

    AC Hampton’s Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0 is also one of the best eco courses for beginners, and it’s one of the most affordable too. The course includes 8 modules with over 30 training videos, a total of 4 hours of content. 

    Price: Supreme Ecom Blueprint costs $597 

    More Info: AC Hampton’s Supreme Ecom Blueprint 3.0 Course Review

    Who Is Anton Kraly?

    Anton Kraly is the course creator and CEO of Dropship Lifestyle, author of Dropship Secrets (published in 2019), and a multimillionaire entrepreneur with over a decade of online business experience. It all started with just $29 and the dream of becoming his own boss. He went from selling cookies out of a van in Merrick, Long Island, NY, to touring Asia with his business partners. In less than three years, Anton grew his initial investment into a $1.8 million-per-year business. He achieved all of this success with dropshipping. 

    Anton is one of the first to explore dropshipping in the early days of ecommerce. In 2009, he discovered dropshipping and shifted his focus to selling inventory online. He founded the Dropship Lifestyle Program in 2013 and generated $3.5 million in its first year, and grew his business to $3.68 million in just three years. Anton Kraly is one of the select few to crack the code and build a $1 million-dollar, no-employer dropshipping business. He's built multiple ecommerce stores to over 8-figures in sales, making him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in this niche. 

    Kraly's Dropship Lifestyle received the Shopify Award for the Best ecommerce Course in 2017. He was also featured in articles and podcasts of the biggest media channels, such as Forbes, Empire Flippers, Mix Energy, and Podtail. Anton is active in social media. He currently has 135k followers on Instagram, 97,493 on Facebook, and over 102K subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

    Contrary to online rumors, Anton Kraly is still an active dropshipper. He repeatedly said that he still runs several dropshipping stores. This is important because students want a coach that actively profits from the business model he's teaching.

    dropship lifestyle review

    Anton Kraly's Net Worth

    It is estimated that Anton Kraly’s net worth is already $4 million as of writing. 

    What Is the “Anton Method”?

    The “Anton Method” is a domain (with a 301 redirect) created by affiliate marketer Johnny FD to confuse people that the course he is promoting is something else when in fact it’s just Dropship Lifestyle. Johnny came up with this strategy because he realized people disliked blogs with obvious affiliate links. Instead of promoting Dropship Lifestyle upfront, he renamed it to Anton Method.

    Jonny FD is a former student of the course and a friend of Anton Kraly. 

    Anton Kraly’s Claims

    Launch a Dropshipping Business in 21 Days (only a few hours of work per day)

    Anton Kraly's Launch a Dropshipping Business in 21 Days Debunked

    To be fair, 21 days is not an almost unrealistic timeline. But beginners, especially without a tech background, will find it hard to get everything done in just 21 days. Anton even said in a YouTube channel episode that students learn in different paces and it still all depends on their availability, ability to understand, and work ethic. 

    Is Dropshipping Still Profitable in 2024?

    Yes, dropshipping is still a profitable business model in 2024. But, to be a successful dropshipper, you should move fast in the business to beat your competitors. Profit margins in this business are also very thin. You can only expect 10% to 30% profit margin on average. To make high profits in the dropshipping business, the key is to focus on high-ticket items, like what Anton teaches in DSL.

    A recent Shopify report shows that there are approximately 1 million active dropshippers in the world today. Although many say that dropshipping is saturated, there's no proof that it is. Dropshipping is a growing market ($221.3 billion in 2022), but only 10% to 20% of dropshippers make a profit in their first year of business. It's a profitable business in 2024, but there are also lots of risks associated with it. 

    Dropshipping profit margins are considerably less than a private label and traditional wholesale that earn between 50%-66%. In dropshipping, your profits depend on the items you sell (whether high-ticket or low-ticket). If you don't have a lot of margins, your earnings will also be very slim.

    Most dropshippers focus on selling trending products. So it can be challenging for people to make real profits because of poor margins. If your focus is on high-ticket items that yield more revenue per sale, you have a better chance at securing higher margins. Unfortunately, many people think drop shipping is an easy way to win and end up quitting before they make any money. 

    Despite of these downsides, it's still not too late to start dropshipping. It is still a viable business model even when there's an abundance of active dropshippers, and even more stable than affiliate marketing. To generate decent profit margins, you need to become an expert marketer and be better than the competition. Focus your efforts on creating video ads that illicit high-quality leads and drive consistent traffic to your store. 

    What are the Risks of Dropshipping?

    The biggest risk of dropshipping is the lack of control. You're only a middleman whether you sell high-ticket inventory or low-ticket items. Yes, you can become a verified seller for a supplier, but you don't own the brand and inventory. With high-ticket dropshipping in evergreen niches, you circumvent the need to chase the newest trend or worry about product saturation.

    As a dropshipper, you still rely heavily on paid advertising to drive traffic to your store. Ad spend has increased by 38%, and conversion rates are at 1.91%. So, there's some serious competition in 2024 to land the coveted top spots on Google. Changes in the algorithm have also made it increasingly challenging for drop shippers to avoid account bans and get in front of their ideal target market.

    You can lose money trying the dropshipping business model. Statistics show that almost 90% of beginners fail. Drop shipping is about testing and retesting until you find that winning product. Sometimes, you might fail trying different items before you hit the jackpot.

    Create Sustainable Low-Risk Passive Income With Local Lead Generation

    Local lead generation is a digital real estate business model that creates sustainable passive income without the risks and high-cost of dropshipping. By renting out your digital asset, you earn predictable passive income monthly without trying to make any sales. You do not have to spend on marketing and paid ads. You also don't have to deal with unsatisfied customers, returns, and refunds.

    By ranking a site on Google, it will generate a steady flow of free organic leads. You then rent out your site to local businesses who will gladly pay you to benefit from those leads. A local lead generation site can make you $500 to $3,000 completely passively. A site can stay ranked on Google for years before needing an update.


    With dropshipping, you'll be competing with hundreds or thousands of other sellers. With local lead generation, you'll only need to outrank a handful of sites. Scaling a dropshipping business means increasing your marketing budget and automation. Scaling a local lead generation business is just repeating the rank and rent process. You can scale as much as you want, making local lead generation the best business model to create financial freedom.

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    1. I had researched on this and the reason why he offers a course now exclusively is that dropshipping requires a lot of time to keep it going. The laptop lifestyle sure, but, you can’t maintain the business while you’re traveling around. Creating a profitable course about drop shipping is a lot easier than working in it daily. This is why the 2 courses with two different prices and constant updating. Let’s say 5000 crazy people buy the $8,997 package. That works out to $44mil+ cash. So what he has actually done is create a complete business model for $8,997 with the support included.

      Summary drop shipping is profitable if you buy his complete business package for $8997.

    2. DSL is ok for beginners, but a lot of his content is lacking actual real-world case studies and actual things that work. His niche selection module doesn’t give you what you actually need to start, he just tells you to ask your friends, check your credit card statement and brainstorm ideas… wow, thanks Anton! Another thing his that his shopify theme is not very well optimized for conversions, you have to do a lot of work to make that theme convert well, and it loads slowly… its basically a modified version of the Shopify supply theme. The google shopping course isn’t even taught by him but his friend who owns an agency, and its missing key steps for profitability which I figured out on my own and through communication with other high-performing ecommerce store owners through masterminds. The automation module just has “ideas” not actual actionable how to tutorial videos like you would be led to believe. Then, you’re left on your own to either purchase coaching from a group of coaches in which half aren’t even doing high-ticket drop shipping anymore but amazon fba… and their forum is just endless amounts of beginner confusion… their top contributors aren’t even successful… you might be able to launch a store using this course, but most people who do aren’t successful unfortunately. I decided to create a way better, more in-depth course so people could actually get what they need to succeed with high ticket drop shipping, and even though I was a partner with Anton and an affiliate with him at the time, he decided to kick me out of his course completely claiming I copied his course, and he also kicked me out of the other courses i bought from him, thousands of dollars worth, with no communication besides sending me a copy of his privacy policy. he is a shady guy even though he looks super friendly on his youtube channel. he is buddy-buddy with Johnny FD! he has had him at almost every retreat he has done. Johnny is also known as pick up artist Johnny Wolf (readers can just search that on reddit to read all about that guy’s shady past taking advantage of women). It’s just a group of people you should stay away from and my goal here is to warn people out there who you are deciding to learn from and associate with… Unfortunately, he was one of the only guys with a good-enough course on this stuff up until about a year ago when just about every one of his successful coaches and students left the DSL tribe because of Antons big falling out with all of his coaches, and start their own courses and tribes and groups. So now you have lots of choices for better training and better people to work with. unfortunately for most people, anton is really good at running a webinar and selling via email, so for now he will most likely still convince a lot of people to sign up with him. beware of someone who is really good at running webinars and selling but doesn’t have any real world examples of successful drop shipping stores he runs himself…

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