Lewis Smith’s Dropship Unlocked Review – Is This the Best UK Dropshipping Course?

February 16, 2024

Dropshipping Unlocked by Lewis Smith is an educational company in the UK that teaches a masterclass on building location-dependent dropshipping businesses. Students learn the Home-Turf Advantage™ model to sell e-commerce products sourced from a reliable UK supplier who delivers orders directly to the customers. The masterclass is a 6-week online coaching program featuring live Question & Answer calls with experts in a community of successful UK e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Dropshipping Unlocked received a 4.8 rating from Trustpilot. These positive reviews circulate on the course’s supportive community and published video testimonials. Dropship Unlocked’s concept of Home-Turf Advantage™ helped generate these positive reviews. However, the company received a complaint about not offering new learnings and content that are already available for free online. On Reddit, the most common issue is the courses being unreasonably expensive.

This overview will reveal Dropship Unlocked's pros, cons, and general information. It will also show reviews from different platforms and Lewis Smith’s credentials. Ultimately, it will inform you if the course is worth your time, money, and effort.

Lewis Smith’s Dropship Unlocked Review: Pros and Cons


The course targets the UK market while offering lower competition and higher profit margins.

It conducts live Q&A, providing updates, steps, and clarifications on the dropshipping business.

Home-Turf Advantage™ allows access to a community of successful UK entrepreneurs and suppliers.


The course is expensive, considering Lewis Smith’s credentials.

Signing up for the course is a lengthy and complicated procedure.

Building trust for your products takes longer since it focuses on making money online by selling expensive products.


The training for Dropship Unlocked is six weeks, covering one module per week.


Dropship Unlocked has a private Facebook community; you’ll get access after purchasing the course.

Refund Policy

Dropship Unlocked provides a 14-day window for a refund as long as you have not accessed over 25% of the course content or joined the private Facebook group.


Dropship Unlocked started on August 2019.


Lewis Smith’s Dropship Unlocked Masterclass has a good reputation but is questionable because the course prohibits negative reviews and threatens to remove participants from the course.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Dropship Unlocked?

It costs  costs £997 for the basic package and over £3,000 for the total package to join Dropship Unlocked. But, Lewis Smith and his team only reveals the price once you schedule a call with them. These information came from competing articles and Reddit threads who had tried the course.

Is Dropship Unlocked the Best UK Dropshipping Course?

No, Dropship Unlocked is not the best UK dropshipping course. An excellent dropshipping course includes comprehensive content, proven instructor expertise and experience, specialized platform training, affordable pricing, and ongoing support for the community. Although Dropship Unlocked received positive reviews and ratings on Trust Pilot, it doesn’t confirm being the best dropshipping course in the UK.

Dropship Unlocked delivers in-depth content on steps to dropship in the UK. It covers essential personal and technical steps to start, run, and scale a business. Its Home-Turf Advantage™ strategy partners with UK suppliers instead of overseas to remove common dropshipping problems. It also uses weekly live Q&As with successful UK entrepreneurs to help them on their business journey. However, there are still free and cheaper alternatives for the same content.

Additionally, £3,000 is not a reasonable price for this strategy and content. Lewis Smith doesn’t have the credentials to charge this much based on his experience and results. Investing in an expensive course doesn’t guarantee you make money online. This amount is best spent on marketing given that high-ticket products need more time to be an established brand.

The masterclass also has a lengthy interview process. After being enticed by a free course, it will encourage an interview that will make you qualify for the actual course. Sources reveal it as a marketing funnel strategy to lure you to spend money on the course.

What is Dropship Unlocked?

Dropship Unlocked is a masterclass that provides UK entrepreneurs with a detailed plan to start & grow a location-independent e-commerce business. It primarily focuses on selling high-ticket products in the UK Marketplace using the dropshipping business model. This model is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, it purchases the items from a third party and has them shipped directly to the customer. 

The company’s story, its founder, and the establishment of the dropshipping started from a 9-5 career. Lewis Smith craved more freedom, fulfillment, and flexibility that a corporate job couldn’t give. He knew his options and tried looking at each one, but everything was overwhelming and gave promises too good to be true.

He looked at different business models and grew frustrated because they didn’t work. On top of that, each model had a steep learning curve and slow progress, while success seemed impossible.

Tim Ferris’s book  "The 4-Hour Work Week" appealed to him, primarily through dropshipping. He ventured into dropshipping, thinking it was his best option to create a profitable business.

But like every other business, dropshipping has its weaknesses. Traditional dropshipping relied on low-cost products from China, marking them up to another market. This made customers complain quickly because of extended delivery times and poor quality control. He realized to move forward, he should come up with a more sustainable way to make his business work.

That’s when he discovered the Home-Turf Advantage™. Instead of partnering with suppliers overseas, he partnered with UK suppliers. His breakthrough led to solving delivery time issues and fewer customer complaints, and it helped him scale his business.

His newfound success led to the establishment of Dropship Unlocked. It is his way of giving back to the community by offering a coaching program that shares his formula.

What is Dropship Unlocked’s Home-Turf Advantage™?

Dropship Unlocked’s Home-Turf Advantage™ is an original dropshipping strategy that Lewis Smith created to maximize domestic dropshipping. Potential dropshippers can get premium items for a lower price than global sources. It offers a significant advantage over competitors who use the traditional dropshipping method of sourcing from different countries. The Home-Turf Advantage™ model streamlines the dropshipping procedure from product research and supplier onboarding to customer purchase and delivery. This strategy uses local UK suppliers to address miscommunication, time zone differences, and shipment progress conflicts in overseas dropshipping.

The entire process is in real time because you contact local service centers. That means you can still select from a wide range of high-quality products while maintaining good communication with your supplier. Deliveries arrive to customers earlier than relying on Chinese shipments via AliExpress. In fact, Lewis Smith reveals that a local supplier can complete an average delivery within one to two days.

What Can You Get From Dropship Unlocked?

Week 1: Your New Mindset

Module 1 covers the foundations of being an entrepreneur. Lewis Smith introduces tenets of dropshipping that help you get better results. It will also focus on starting a business, ensuring you’re an official business owner at the end of the week.

Week 2: Deciding What To Sell

The next module focuses on selecting a profitable niche. It helps identify potential niches, refine product research, and list profitable niches. You'll then select the most sustainable niche from your list. Moreover, the course reveals a unique method for finding hard-to-find suppliers, which can help you gain an edge over competitors in the market

Week 3: Building Your New Online Store

This module teaches essential business technology and a straightforward plan for improving technical skills. You'll establish a fully operational e-commerce store that certifies your credibility with suppliers by the end. You'll also learn to enhance revenue through email marketing.

Week 4: Signing Your First Supplies

Module 4 identifies top potential suppliers for your store, knowing who to contact and who to avoid. You'll learn to prioritize certain suppliers and discover effective tactics for finding more within your niche, boosting your chances of partnering with the best. It also includes strategies for approaching suppliers with a proven system for successful engagement. Additionally, you'll learn to respond to common questions from suppliers and secure partnerships.

Week 5: Making Online Sales

The next module covers the course’s marketing strategy basics. It’s designed to attract high-value customers through Google Shopping marketing campaigns and AI-assisted client attraction. Additionally, it introduces remarketing techniques to re-engage and win back potential customers.

Week 6: Unlocking Your Freedom

The final module measures and tracks your business' performance through key metrics. You’ll also learn to scale your business and transition to outsourcing and automation. The module reveals a proven strategy for running your business in just 2 hours per day and reducing it to 2 hours weekly once you've optimized the processes.

The course also gives bonus content per their Home-Turf Advantage™ strategy. You’ll have access to dropshipping tools and resources, a store launch checklist, a profit calculator, and ad accelerator packages. They will also give out UK supplier contact scripts (email and phone), vault, and access to their private Facebook community. You will attend two weekly coaching calls and live Q&A calls once a week.

Who is Dropship Unlocked For?

Dropship Unlocked is for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a side hustle or a full-time business. It's specially tailored for those committed to launching a sustainable, reputable e-commerce brand focusing on product research. Lewis Smith's dropshipping course offers location and time freedom, along with financial independence.

Unlike traditional Shopify dropshipping, Dropship Unlocked teaches how to sell high-value and quality products with next-day delivery to UK customers.

Dropship Unlocked Review Online

Dropship Unlocked on Trustpilot

Dropship Unlocked by Lewis Smith has gained positive reviews on Trustpilot, particularly for its engaging community. Students feel welcomed and supported, contributing to a positive learning environment. Additionally, students always mention mentors' hands-on guidance, which offers them a sense of safety and celebration in their achievements.

Another highlight of the course is the Q&A session. These sessions are practical in addressing student queries, leading to empowerment and confidence in succeeding in the dropshipping business. The course also receives praise for promoting a sustainable approach to dropshipping teaching lessons on optimizing ads to scale businesses efficiently.

However, there are some concerns raised in a complaint on Trustpilot. One issue is the apparent discouragement of negative reviews, implying that posting such reviews could lead to the removal of course access. Another area for improvement is the reliance on the community for answers rather than direct responses from the course team. There's a perception of limited value for the cost, with some suggesting the course content is like the free resources available online.

Dropship Unlocked on Reddit

Reddit reviews criticize the high cost of the Dropship Unlocked by Lewis Smith course. Like other reviews, it notes that similar content is available for free or at a lower price. Reviewers appreciate the course's attention to detail, but they don't consider it to be groundbreaking. Its primary advantage is the convenience it offers in learning to dropship.

People also view the £3000 price as unreasonable, expressing doubts about any potential return on investment. Comments suggest that this amount is better spent on business operations and learning through experience. It also compared to other courses and how skeptical most people are about masterclasses and gurus.

However, some defend paid courses for their structured learning environment and convenience. This means that the success of any course depends on the student's expectations and dedication to implementing the strategies. Business failures need a direct link to the course itself.

Another downside review for the course is the enrollment process. It is intensive, involving an application, phone interview, and a Zoom meeting to assess the applicant's financial capacity. The initial content of the course is introductory, offering little new information to those already knowledgeable in dropshipping. The course's strict no-refund policy after a certain point in the curriculum also concerns students.

Are the Students of Dropship Unlocked Successful?

The students of Dropship Unlocked are successful. This is indicated by Dropship Unlocked website, YouTube, and social media testimonials. They claimed to have become profitable dropshipping UK entrepreneurs using his methods.

However, there needs to be more precise data on the overall success rate of students who have taken the Dropship Unlocked by Lewis Smith course. And since one complaint is discouragement in leaving negative reviews, transparency is questionable.

Is Dropship Unlocked Worth It?

Dropship Unlocked by Lewis Smith is worth it if you pick profitable dropshipping products and niches, want to focus on the UK marketplace, and master the Home-Turf Advantage™. Dropship Unlocked masterclass offers valuable steps and content, especially for students willing to invest in a structured and convenient learning environment. 

Still, the high cost, availability of cheaper alternatives, and lack of transparent success rates make it unappealing for those with limited resources. It’s also impractical for those looking for a guaranteed return on investment.

Who is Lewis Smith?

Lewis Smith, founder and director of Dropship Unlocked, is an entrepreneur known for his success in dropshipping. He claims to have built a lucrative business from scratch, achieving his first million in revenue within 15 months. This success story led him to create the Dropship Unlocked course.

Yet, Smith's background i controversial because of the limited information about his prior experience. This raises questions about his credibility in teaching such an expensive course. Additionally, people have debated his popularity, as most of his fanbase is from overseas rather than the UK.

Despite these controversies, Lewis Smith is a recognized UK dropshipping figure. He has over a decade of experience in e-commerce and digital marketing, generating over £2 million in sales from his dropshipping stores. Advocating for UK entrepreneurs, he removes himself from traditional Shopify dropshipping. He’s focused on helping them build profitable businesses.

Lewis Smith’s journey from a corporate career to overcoming challenges in the UK dropshipping market is vital to his narrative. He is candid about the difficulties in the industry and shares the knowledge he has gained through trial and error. Discussions continue about his authenticity and credibility as an expert.

Lewis Smith’s Home-Turf Advantage® Book

Lewis Smith also has a book entitled Home-Turf Advantage®. He offers this book for only £7 ($9). It provides understandable profit margins and recommended niches in the domestic dropshipping market. You get a book and a bundle of other guides on Lewis Smith's dropshipping strategies worth £156 ($249). This bundle is a digital download you can immediately claim through email after purchase, which contains:

  • The Home-Turf Advantage® Workbook Digital Download PDF Guide - A PDF file that works as an activity book to apply what you learned from The Home-Turf Advantage® Book.
  • The 5 Keys to Launching An E-Commerce Business Digital Training - A digital training on the five factors influencing the Home-Turf Advantage™ model.
  • Planting The Seed Digital Training - An introductory video training on Lewis Smith’s elite mentorship program.
  • The Store Launch Checklist Interactive Questionnaire - A comprehensive list of everything you need before officially launching your dropshipping business.

Lewis Smith's Claim: Teach You To Build Your Dropshipping Business In Just 6 Weeks

Lewis Smith claims to teach you to build a dropshipping business in six weeks. He also claims it is the most comprehensive dropshipping program in the UK. But he always highlights that his approach is not a quick scheme to get rich. Instead, the Dropship Unlocked masterclass highlights hard work, dedication, and risk-taking. Lewis accepts aspiring business owners committed and ready to work towards financial freedom.

He added that results come depending on how quickly they act because some members started selling in their dropshipping store before finishing the program.

Lewis Smith's Claim Debunked: Is It Possible To Build Your Dropshipping Business in Just 6 Weeks?

Lewis Smith’s claim to build a dropshipping business in 6 weeks is possible because of his Dropship Unlocked masterclass. However, you can make it a profitable and successful online business by acting quickly and learning from his steps and principles in his Dropship Unlocked masterclass. 

Studies have shown that only 10% of dropshipping stores in the UK marketplace profit or stay in business. It’s tough to do the dropshipping model because they need to find the right niche, supplier, products, product research, and market trends to succeed. 

Other reasons that complicate Lewis Smith's claim.
  1. It’s not a get-rich scheme.
  2. It’s a saturated industry.
  3. The lowest price in the market wins.
  4. People will buy high-ticket products from established sellers.
  5. 80% of dropshippers fail.

You also have to consider that you will be competing against other sellers in the e-commerce space, including:

  • Other high-ticket dropshippers
  • Other Low-ticket dropshippers
  • Amazon FBA sellers
  • Amazon itself
  • Traditional retailers
  • Known brands such as Walmart, Target, BestBuy, and many others.

Can You Make Money With Dropshipping?

Yes, it is possible to make money with dropshipping, but it's essential to understand that it is not a get-rich-quick business model. Success in dropshipping requires significant effort, dedication, and smart strategy. Lewis Smith, Jack Bennet, and Shuan Maroof are notable examples of successful dropshipping store owners who have made substantial incomes, demonstrating the potential of this business model when done correctly.

However, statistics show an accurate picture of the dropshipping landscape. For instance, studies show that only 10–20% of dropshipping businesses will start generating money online in the first year. It's estimated that 90% of aspiring business owners in dropshipping do not sustain their business in the long term. This is often because of challenges such as finding the right niche, effectively managing supply chain logistics, dealing with intense competition, and maintaining profitability in a market where low prices often dominate.

Ditch the Crowded Dropshipping Market: Local Lead Gen Can Generate a Monthly Passive Income

The high-ticket dropshipping business model can be challenging despite completing a £3,000 course and directly following mentorship. There’s no guarantee of making money online, even with dedicated time, effort, and expenses, along with its high risks. On top of that, it’s hard to validate results from gurus who offer courses without clear credentials. Sadly, most aspiring business owners spend much money with no returns.

Local lead generation is a much better choice than high-ticket dropshipping because of its specialized skills that ensure less competition, lower startup costs, and global scalability. It stands out because of its high-income skill requirement, creating a significant barrier to entry and reducing market saturation. It offers unlimited scalability with lower upfront costs than other business models (Amazon FBA or Dropshipping), allowing for global operation from anywhere. Additionally, it has exceptionally high-profit margins of around 95% since it involves selling information with minimal operating costs, making it more financially efficient than other models.
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