Dropshipping Review: Best Platforms PLUS Major Business Model Challenges

February 29, 2024


Reviews on TikTok, Facebook Marketplace, and Instagram show that dropshipping can be profitable. But, some people have faced challenges. According to real users, TikTok dropshipping is good for advertising your products, but it's challenging to convert viewers to buyers. Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace is best for targeting local buyers, even though detailed product filtering doesn't work as well. Instagram dropshipping's worst feature, lack of direct sales, pales in comparison to its best feature - visual marketing potential. Amazon dropshipping can also be lucrative, but needs time to warm up your account while risking suspension.

Dropshipping in general can be a very profitable business model. Beginners choose it because it has low startup costs. It is flexible and easy to enter. It can be done from anywhere and has high return potential. Yet, challenges include intense competition, supplier dependence, and market adaptation. Suppliers are adapting and enhancing services to better support drop shippers. Yet, consumers complain about product quality and shipping times.

People like Yaron Been on Quora. VSXU from Reddit say to succeed at dropshipping, you need unique branding. They also emphasize the need for personalized customer experiences. Yet, less than 5% of dropshippers apply these strategies. Statistics suggest a 90% failure rate for beginners.

Dropshipping Review: The Best Platforms in the Market

TikTok Dropshipping Review: Eye-Catching Videos vs. Low Return Collabs & Ads

Using TikTok ads and videos to promote your dropshipping store is a viable business model as long as you have eye-catching, effective content tailored to a targeted audience. Influencer collaborations can help but also hurt, and both these relationships and paid ads can get costly.

Yaron Been from Quora states that TikTok Dropshipping is a viable business model. It requires precision and strategic insight. They emphasize the importance of creating content that resonates with the target audience. It also requires a deep understanding of the platform's dynamics and audience preferences.


VSXU from Reddit explains that TikTok dropshipping means using TikTok to advertise your dropshipping store. They advice for dropshippers is to diversify advertising sources beyond TikTok. This helps with sustainable growth and resilience against market dynamics and platform changes. 


Reddit user DimensionAmbitious94's experience with TikTok dropshipping reflects Yaron Been's advice. DimensionAmbitious94 faced challenges with ineffective influencer collaborations and costly third-party ads. After switching to self-made ads with Capcut, they made engaging and cheap content.


5HITCOMBO's Reddit statement suggests that TikTok has affected dropshipping. It exposed consumers to cheaper options on AliExpress. This undermines the perceived value of dropshipped products. This reduces scalability and success rates for dropshipping ventures on TikTok.


Facebook Dropshipping Review: Profit Potential vs. Platform Limitations

Facebook Marketplace dropshipping can be profitable in selling high-value home goods to local buyers. Scaling can be challenge because of the platform's strict ecommerce dropshipping. And Facebook's monitoring systems may lead to account restrictions and suspensions. 

Reddit user Realbug reports earning about $700. They made it in 2-3 weeks from Facebook Marketplace dropshipping. They say scaling can be a challenge due Facebook's strict ecommerce regulations.


YouTuber Tropic also experienced the same issue when his account was restricted because of previous ad issues. This is due to platform policies and security protocols affecting order fulfillment. Read and understand Facebook's Commerce Policies, Terms of Service, and relevant guidelines.

Instagram Dropshipping Review: Evaluating ROI on Influencer Investments

Instagram leverages visual content to attract the target audience. Redirecting your followers to external links drives more conversions. Influencer marketing on Instagram for dropshipping is risky and requires careful selection and verification.

Promoting your products on Instagram for a dropshipping store is straightforward. Every dropshipping store can reach its target audience on Instagram. The platform is popular and emphasizes visual content.

According to Leymey_22, Instagram is suitable for promoting dropshipping products. But, direct sales aren't possible so they recommend sharing your store links. This can redirect potential customers to increase conversions.


Jimmy Bowman's post about his negative experience with Instagram influencers in dropshipping. He reports spending $200 on Facebook ads, which resulted in only $35 in sales. He paid $45 to an influencer with 100,000 followers to improve results, but did not see any sales from it. 

He engaged with another influencer with 35,000 followers for $50 for three posts. The first post received 75 likes. But the influencer disappeared afterwards and Bowman has no way to retrieve his investment or continue the agreed-upon promotion.


This underlines the importance of verifying the authenticity of an influencer's engagement and being prepared for the possibility of financial loss without a return on investment.

Shopify Dropshipping Review: Simplified Scaling for Dropshippers

Shopify is favored for dropshipping due to its ease of use and e-commerce focus. Its higher costs, the potential for reduced support quality, and increased feature costs require careful consideration.

Mario Martinez from AutoDS praised Shopify's ease of use in his dropshipping review. He stressed its suitability for newcomers to ecommerce. He praised Shopify for its dropshipping-optimized features and hosted setup.

Tim Sharp also expresses a favorable opinion of Shopify as the optimal platform for dropshipping. He emphasizes Shopify's edge in ecommerce, despite its higher price compared to competitors. He notes users can create appealing dropshipping stores without needing tech skills.


GimboSli, an experienced Shopify user, criticizes recent changes to the platform. They note a decline in what Shopify offers since 2022. They caution against full commitment because of these issues.


Amazon Dropshipping Review: Sales Volume vs. Profit Margins

Amazon dropshipping offers potential but demands strategy, policy compliance, and IP vigilance. Success requires both a high volume of listings and careful management of legal risks.

Reddit user Kenotics highlights the competitive nature of Amazon dropshipping. They emphasize the need for strategic listing and differentiation to succeed. They advise against using an Amazon Prime account for dropshipping because of policy violations. They suggest setting up a dedicated account and using a cashback card for purchases. 


User VisualInevitable4439 reports that dropshipping on Amazon has become challenging. This is because of frequent intellectual property (IP) complaints. Brands may allege unauthorized sales of branded products. Without these precautions, Amazon may ban you for IP violations.


Walmart Dropshipping Review: Interface Complexity vs. Market Potential

Walmart dropshipping offers potential rewards but demands significant effort and expertise to navigate its challenges. Walmart's vast customer base provides a significant opportunity to scale your business quickly. New sellers may find Walmart's requirements and setup daunting. You will need advanced knowledge for success.

YouTuber Ecom Tom's one-month Walmart dropshipping trial disclosed significant issues. Software integration problems, item publishing inconsistencies, and a non-intuitive interface posed challenges throughout his experience. Despite achieving 89 orders and generating $226 in profits (excluding cashback) from $1,100 in sales, Tom highlighted the inconsistency in Walmart's fee policy during the 30 days.

Induetimeweshallgo states Walmart dropshipping may present challenges for new sellers because of its rigid requirements and difficult setup. This means a deeper knowledge and expertise is needed to be successful on this platform.


eBay Dropshipping Review: Market Selection for Optimal Gains

eBay dropshipping offers significant profit potential for beginners. Success stories demonstrate achievable high sales and profits through strategic marketing and product selection. Profit margins are below 10%, but can be higher in markets like Australia or the UK. Market choice is crucial for maximizing eBay dropshipping profits.

YouTube channels like The Selling Samurai showcase success stories. They teach profit-making through optimal products and marketing strategies.

SuccesswithSully also recommends eBay dropshipping for its simplicity and accessibility to beginners. They highlight the platform's built-in traffic. He earned over $1 milion in sales and six-figure profits. At 21, his achievements led him to leave college. They showcase the viable career path eBay dropshipping can offer.


Cumulative-delta notes eBay dropshippers operate on low margins, often below 10%. The profitability margin can increase when focusing on eBay's Australian or UK markets.


AliExpress Dropshipping Review: Refund, Syncing, and Technical Challenges

Using AliExpress benefits those avoiding significant investments in dropshipping. It provides low prices, reliable seller ratings, detailed reviews, and worldwide shipping. Struggles for AliExpress dropshippers include refund issues, product syncing problems, and technical glitches. These issues affect inventory and order processes.

Michelle Nedich says AliExpress benefits eBay dropshippers. It offers low prices, trustworthy seller ratings, thorough product reviews, and global shipping.


User dropshipper001 is experiencing issues with refunds and product syncing. The platform's technical problems affect inventory management and order fulfillment.


Magento Dropshipping Review: Scalability for Large Operations

Magento dropshipping offers many customization options. They let businesses tailor their online stores to their needs and branding. Its flexibility supports unique shopping experiences, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Magento is better suited for larger businesses with higher budgets and customization needs. 

BlindMancs cautions that Magento is not ideal for small-scale dropshipping. This is due to its high costs and complexity. They note starting with Magento can cost $4-5k before achieving a usable site. It may also need ongoing expenses for development and hosting. They suggest that Magento costs $10,000 per year. This cost could be too high for small businesses.


User, Swiss_blade, argues that criticisms about Magento's complexity and catalog size are misguided. They conclude businesses requiring extensive customization and stable pricing benefit from Magento.


Magento Developer, BigMac1017 suggest it could be overwhelming for beginners. The user states that Magento suits large businesses. Platforms like WooCommerce, WordPress, and Shopify are better for small-scale companies.


4 Major Dropshipping Challenges

  • Chief Competition and Market Saturation - Dropshipping in saturated markets faces fierce competition, escalating advertising costs, and plummeting prices. It demands costly product differences and brand-building. This shows the need to adapt to trends.

  • Supply Chain and Product Quality Issues - Dropshippers depend on external suppliers. They struggle with limited control over product quality and delivery times. This inconsistency harms customer satisfaction. These challenges undercut profits and sales.
  • Customer Complaints - Dropshipping's detachment from fulfillment amplifies customer complaints on delays and product issues. It hurts reputation, loyalty, and raises service costs. This affects profits and the business's long-term viability.
  • Low Profit Potential - The stiff competition, supply chain issues, and customer complaints shrinks profit margins. Competition on price and shipping and return costs stifle earnings. This make it hard to grow and be sustainable.

Top Reviews on the Highest Performing Dropshipping Niches

Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Niche

Eco-friendly items are an alternative to everyday things. These items are among the best niches for dropshipping. Experts expect the global value to reach $3.03 trillion by 2025.

Diane, a Sellvia YouTuber, sees eco-friendly products as a lucrative business opportunity. She highlights the economic benefits of catering to consumer demand for sustainable products. She emphasizes that businesses aligned with eco-friendly values can experience higher sales.

Pet Niche

Donjayeman from Reddit warned about tough competition in the pet niche for dropshipping. Content curators promoted it between 2014 and 2016, leading to market saturation. This made it hard for new drop shippers with limited budgets and no warehouses to succeed. Despite running other successful stores, the user still lost about $2k.


With 1.12% of stores focused on pets, this can make it easier for new pet businesses to enter the market and gain visibility.

Home and Garden Niche

The global dropshipping market for home and garden products was valued at $29.9 billion in 2020. It's projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% from 2020 to 2028, showing tough competition ahead.

Civil-Purpose-2364 recommended focusing on a small niche in the home decor industry. This will help you establish authority and thrive amidst the competition.


Health Niche

Reddit user Gibbinthegremlin advises avoiding skin care or healthcare products from China. This is because of possible safety and legal issues. They warn against selling products with unknown ingredients. They suggest partnering with reputable companies. These companies follow strict health codes and offer detailed ingredient information.


Dropshipping in the health niche taps the rising demand for personalized health solutions. Consumers now prefer personalized health solutions. This shift created opportunities for wearable health trackers and customized supplements.

Top Reviews on the Best Dropshipping Suppliers


Bimal gave Spocket 4 stars. He praised its fast shipping, easy interface, and 14-day trial. With US and EU-based suppliers, you can offer faster shipping times to your customers in those regions. He also pointed out that the platform's limited product selection is a drawback.


Miduki cautions other users to avoid the platform. The suppliers are unreliable, with outdated stock and poor chat communication. This issue may cause more returns or complaints from your customers. resulting to lower sales and profits. 



A review from theglamshop.online, which has been actively using it for a year, praises the platform's swift response to vendor or order issues. They emphasize the invaluable nature of this quick assistance in shaping positive customer experiences. 


Greatagain2 shared a terrible experience with Modalyst. They called it the "WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE." They experienced issues with product images, customer service, and unauthorized charges. They advise caution when dealing with subscription companies.



Talha offers a favorable SaleHoo review, praising the platform's Research Lab. It is known for its ability to show products with low competition. This feature marks it as an invaluable resource. Talha also suggests there is room for improvement within the supplier directory. It has potential for further refinement to better meet user needs.


CheekSqueeze is from Canada. They had a bad experience with Salehoo because of a payment issue. Shopify charged them for a Salehoo subscription, but Salehoo did not see the payment. 


They also lost all their Salehoo product listings. Rhea at Salehoo provided slow and unhelpful customer support. This warns dropshippers to pick platforms with reliable support to prevent similar problems.


George said on SiteJabber that Doba's tools help their business stay ahead. They do trend analysis and research. This enables them to add popular products to their stores and keep up with current trends.


Sweat Runny Treadmills reports that Doba isn't helpful when using Google for advertising. Doba doesn't need sellers to list UPC or GTIN numbers. Doing so risks account suspension for a Misinterpretation Violation. Users may need to restart, find new suppliers, and reload all products, erasing a month's work.


Is Etsy Dropshipping Allowed?

Etsy doesn't directly allow dropshipping, which can lead to challenges for dropshippers. Sellers who dropship must ensure their items meet Etsy's categories. To avoid issues, adhere to Etsy's dropshipping rules and restrictions.

You can dropship on Etsy if you partner with a production partner who creates your designs. But, you must be clear about this in your shop descriptions. This includes disclosing involvement in creating or designing your products. Misrepresenting these relationships or the origin of products can breach Etsy's policies.

Is EPROLO Dropshipping a Useful Platform?

Yes, EPROLO Dropshipping is useful. It has over 300,000 users and a 4.4-star Trustpilot rating. Shopify ranks it as #7 in the "Dropshipping & Inventory" category. It offers free access and a wide range of products. It also offers branding services, like private labeling and custom packaging.

EPROLO manages order fulfillment and ensures rapid shipping. It struggles with unclear supplier details. It faces risks of slim profits and has gotten some service criticisms.

Still, its large user base and good reviews suggest it can help beginners in dropshipping. It balances ease of use against some limitations.

How To Do Costco Dropshipping?

  • Set up your dropshipping store: Choose an e-commerce platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.) and create a professional online store.
  • Sign up for a Costco membership: You'll need a Costco membership to purchase items for your dropshipping business.
  • Find Products: Browse Costco's website or visit a physical location to find products in demand that offer a reasonable profit margin.
  • List products on your store: Add the items to your online store, setting your ideal markup. Provide clear product descriptions and images.
  • Customer orders: When a customer places an order, purchase the item on Costco.com. Use your customer's shipping address during checkout.
  • Costco ships to customer: Costco fulfills the order and ships it directly to your customer.

Is Dropshipping Worth It?

Yes, dropshipping is worth it if you approach it with the right mindset and strategy. It has a low-entry barrier to starting a business. You can sell products without holding inventory minimizing upfront costs.

Grand View Research reports that drop shipping will be growing at a rate of 23.4% through 2030. It demands dedication. It also needs a knack for digital marketing. And the ability to choose and work with reliable suppliers. 

Mikey2347 shared their positive experience with dropshipping. They emphasized its value and clarified it's not a quick path to wealth. They noted the need for startup money and dedication to tasks to succeed.


WillyWonker97 regrets starting dropshipping, influenced by YouTubers claiming it needed little money. They found success hard with low capital. They learned from the experience, and it led them to start their e-commerce journey.


Success in dropshipping doesn't happen overnight and involves navigating competition and slim margins. For those willing to research, plan, and adapt, dropshipping is worth it.

Local Lead Generation: Why It's More Sustainable and Profitable Than Dropshipping

Local lead generation is more sustainable and profitable than dropshipping. It relies on the recurring needs of clients, ensuring steady income. Dropshipping can offer entry into e-commerce with lower upfront costs. But, it brings intense competition. It also has narrow profit margins and the complexity of managing supply chain issues.

Competition is intense and profit margins are slim. 23% of online sales are made through this model. This makes it challenging to be stand out. Relying on third-party suppliers often leads to bad product quality. It also causes late deliveries and hurts customer satisfaction. By contrast, local lead generation targets specific community services. It faces less price-based competition, focusing on value and trust.

Local lead generation uses optimized websites to rank on search engines for local services, offering higher income potential with less competition because of its local focus. With multiple sites, income can range from $1,000 to $10,000 per site monthly, thanks to lower market saturation and easier organic ranking on Google. Owning digital assets also means full control over your business and revenue.

Local lead generation is a superior choice for those looking to build a sustainable, profitable online business. Since you're providing a high-value service by funneling relevant leads directly to your local lead generation business, you can command higher fees, translating to higher profit margins.

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