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Dropshipping Titans Review (Paul J Lipsky’s eBay Dropshipping Course)

January 13, 2023

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In Paul Joseph Lipsky's Dropshipping Titans course, you'll learn how to source and sell brand-name items and dropship them on eBay. The Dropshipping Titans course teaches retail arbitrage, and Paul shows students how to create a drop shipping business from beginning to end. Including building a website, buying products to list, and making a profit.

This review will go over if this program is a good investment. If dropshipping on eBay is a smart way to make money online, or if maybe there's a better option. Like starting a lead generation business that achieves higher profit margins. How much do dropshippers make on average? And more.


Paul's teaching style is very hand-holding; perfect for beginners and will show you how to become an ebay dropshipping titans expert.

Information is well laid out, and Paul shares the insider profit hacks and proven strategies he used to make more than a million dollar a year in revenue.

Students have access to a list of profitable items, coupon codes for software, and ongoing support.

eBay dropshipping isn't a costly investment and has minimal overhead.


Paul's videos are crystal clear, but some of his power points fall short.

eBay dropshipping may not be the best choice for people serious about making money online as the platform has stringent rules and a strict TOS which if not adhered to can result in accounts being removed permanently.

Paul's income claims have been subject to mass scrutiny and disbelief (leaving questions about whether the course can deliver on its promise).


A single payment of $297 or a payment plan with 3 payments of $127 equaling $381 (with a 22% interest rate).

Refund Policy

30 Day moneyback guarantee


Get access to over 75 On-Demand Training Videos, including 10 full-scale educational modules sharing the step-by-step strategy to set up, operate, and scale your eBay dropshipping store. Titans Tribe Facebook Mastermind Group with over 4000 members. YouTube channel (with live FAQs every Tuesday), Customer Support Team.


Paul took an outdated eBay drop shipping course in 2017 and with persistence (including some trial and error) managed to amass $2.5 million in sales in 2 years. In 2019 he created the Dropshipping Titans Course to help others achieve similar results. 


A mix of 5-star and 1-star reviews with lots of positive testimonials on his sales page, Paul Lipsky's online reputation may raise a few eyebrows.

Who Is Paul Joseph Lipsky?

photo of paul lipsky

Paul Lipsky is a dropshipper, business coach, and YouTube Influencer with over 30,000 subscribers. Paul went from a lawyer stuck in the weekly grind of corporate America to making over $2.5 million in sales in two years. What started as a side hustle quickly transformed into a full-fledged eBay dropshipping business.

Now Paul is sharing his knowledge with students in his Titans Dropshipping Course. In his training, Paul teaches people how to source and sell products for a profit on eBay. Including how to find items from sites like Walmart, Home Depot, and Amazon. Paul is active on YouTube with weekly live streams and FAQs every Tuesday and has a community Facebook Group. Paul Lipsky responds to questions and comments from both students and individuals interested in learning his online ecommerce business techniques.

What Can You Learn From Dropshipping Titans?

Dropshipping Titans will teach you how to open an eBay account and sell trending items online for a profit. (Even if you don't have a ton of startup capital). Paul's training outlines his exact dropship blueprint for sourcing products from retail sites. Paul teaches students how to classify pre-existing brands, ship them directly to the buyer, how to become a successful ebay dropshipper, and run a profitable ebay store. (The key is to sell large quantities for small margins). Students are also privy to Paul's three secrets to success that include:

  • Launching an ecommerce drop shipping business doesn't need to be complicated.
  • Mimic the success of others (only sell items you know are currently selling well).
  • Use the right software to identify top sellers on eBay. (How to automate your processes and outsource to scale).

Paul shows students his shortcuts, including common dropshipping mistakes to avoid. Learn how to create a website. The technical components of finding products. And how to increase your dropshipping success rate. Dropshipping Titans is an online course comprised of on-demand videos. With downloadable PDFs and 20 modules which include the following:

Dropshipping Titans Course Curriculum

  • Your Life Is About To Change!

  • The Basics

  • PayPal

  • Get Your Store Up And Running FAST!

  • My Titans Product Research Formula

  • The Perfect eBay Listing

  • What You Need To Know Before Listing More Items

  • Getting Your Customers Their Orders Fast

  • Top Customer Service Hacks

  • Titan Hacks To Double Your Profit On Every Sale

  • Processing Your First Order

  • Uploading Tracking Numbers

  • Bonus: Start To Finish Listing

  • Feedback

  • Inventory Management

  • Keep Things Organized

  • How To Price Your Items

  • Scale Your eBay store

  • Advanced Topics

  • Advanced Sourcing: How I Find My Most Popular Items

logo for dropshipping titans

Paul Joseph Dropshipping Titans Review: 

Paul Lipsky holds nothing back in the Dropshipping Titans. Sharing his step-by-step process on how he became a 7-figure eBay dropshipper, he repeatedly shows his screen in training modules.

Paul logs into his personal PayPal account and shares real-time sales data. (And even his credit card cashback hacks). Paul encourages his students to get sales as quickly as possible. Flip items to prove the system and scale from there.

Setting Up Accounts & Software

For individuals who need hand-holding on setting up an eBay account. Or creating a drop shipping store-you've won the lotto with this online program. Paul Lipsky shows students exactly what tools and software to use. And how to set them up in digestible and easy-to-follow video trainings.

Paul uses the DSM Tool which is an all-in-one drop shipping software to help sellers source products for dropshipping from a vast range of suppliers. (There are a few subscriptions available from free to $399.97/month)

Product Research & Top-Selling Category Suggestions

To become a successful ebay drop shipping expert you need to do some product research.

  • What's selling well on eBay? 
  • What products are trending right now?

You want to target products that are in demand and sell well online. Paul explains his hacks and the software he uses to find items to sell. But a few of Paul's top category recommendations include:

  • Furniture (Patio Sets)
  • Tools-use suppliers like Home Depot (go after sets and power tools).
  • Gardening (mulch, flower pots, etc.)
  • Fitness Equipment (resistance bands
  • Home Décor (rugs, prints, ceiling fans, etc.)

Finding Reliable Wholesale Suppliers

Paul doesn't recommend using wholesalers based in China as shipping times are too long. Instead, he encourages people to find a US dropshipping supplier. You also learn how to dropship from retail and wholesale suppliers and pick which one you want to use. Paul advises students to move away from using Amazon as a supplier. 

Pro Tip: You can use Amazon as a supplier if you have multiple Amazon accounts and spread the orders among them. But eBay doesn't like Amazon and you run the risk of your account being removed as this is a direct violation of eBay's TOS.

Contacting eBay Customer Support

Paul posts direct links and contact information for eBay and he even includes a phone conversation between himself and eBay support providing tips on how to ask for account limit increases. 

Addressing Customer Service Issues

Paul Lipsky's Dropshipping Titan's Course shows students the how-instead of the what. And the exact steps on how to become a successful ebay drop shipper.

There are no 'to-do' lists. Just actionable techniques that Paul used to achieve his financial success as an eBay dropshipper. He also covers in detail things like:

  1. Customer service swipes and any issues that could arise. 
  2. How to get tax-exempt status with suppliers-including how to fill out forms click by click.
  3. Bonus information for international students.

Updates & Bonuses

Paul continually updates his course to ensure that he's sharing the most current information. Should you struggle with a particular concept, he and his team offer stellar customer support.

You also have access to their private Facebook community and weekly live streams on his YouTube Channel. Paul has multiple avenues available to contact him or his team and he appears to genuinely care about the success of his students.

picture of dropshipping titans reviews

Is Dropshipping Titans Worth The Money?

Dropshipping Titans is worth the money and the time. Paul's program will save you countless months trying to figure out the business model on your own. And you can be successful even if you have no previous ebay selling experience. But you need to be willing to show up and do the work.

For beginners or individuals living overseas (where eBay does exceptionally well). Dropshipping Titan's is worth the price of admission. People who might not want to dropship on eBay would also benefit from Paul's detailed guide on building and launching an ecommerce business. 

photo of ebay logo

But there are some issues with drop shipping on eBay. (That have nothing to do with the quality of content Paul is selling). eBay drop shipping is based on retail arbitrage. This means you typically work with razor-thin profit margins. Drop shipping is already a competitive landscape. So this technique might not be the most advantageous in 2024

Because you have to sell in colossal quantities of merchandise to see any decent income. And that takes a ton of work and time to manage and scale; even with an eBay dropshipping course. Paul does offer other online business training and has courses that teach students how to dropship with amazon dropshipping titans and Facebook Marketplace.

Does Dropshipping Work On eBay?

Yes it can, but the key is to find in-demand items that offer convenience, solve a problem, or invoke an emotional response from your consumer. eBay generated $27 billion in sales in 2021. So there's plenty of money exchanging hands between the platform and eBay customers. 

But eBay drop shipping requires you to make a ton of sales to secure a decent profit margin. eBay drop shipping is not as well-known as Amazon FBA or Shopify drop shipping but it can work if you're prepared to hunt down deals and list hundreds of products on a consistent basis.

"People are too busy or simply do not know how to shop around to find the best prices online. So, they go directly to eBay, find your listing, then buy the item from you." - Paul Joseph Lipsky

Is Dropshipping Allowed On eBay?

It's not illegal to dropship on eBay. But there's a fine line in their TOS. eBay is protecting itself and they want to be very sure that you can fulfill orders. So what's not allowed? Listing an item and then buying it from a secondary retailer or marketplace that ships it directly to the customer. Are people doing it anyway? 100%. But you run the risk of having your account shut down or permanently banned.

But if you follow the training in Paul Lipsky's Dropshipping Titans. You're complying with platform rules (ish). You'll learn methods on how to make money on eBay. And the disadvantages and risks of dropshipping. Paul also teaches his students how to keep their eBay accounts healthy to mitigate the risk of being removed from the platform.

How Much Do eBay Dropshippers Make On Average?

Most people considering this business model want to know how much do dropshippers make? In 2024, the average eBay dropshipper makes $2.67 profit on every sale. (Approximately $800 per month). 

A select few who can harness effective strategies to advertise your dropshipping store are hitting earnings of $3.64 per sale. And their revenues can be as high as $7000-10,000+/month. eBay is a massive marketplace. But there's also a ton of competition and very few loyal customers. So how much you earn will depend on how many sales you make.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of eBay Dropshipping?

Drop shipping on eBay doesn't require a considerable investment. And you don't need to worry about housing inventory. But you are still responsible for customers receiving their orders on time. So that means you need a reliable supplier. A wholesaler that can fulfill orders and ensure the quality of the products you're selling.

If you don't get that right, eBay will shut you down. They want to make money. But eBay will always protect itself and its customers. Paul teaches his students how to be an active seller on the platform, and addresses things like:

Dropshipping Titans Teaches Students:

  • How to circumvent issues before they arise.

  • How to ask for account increases.

  • Where to find suppliers.

  • What characteristics make a product worth selling.

But like any business, you need to conduct a dropshipping review: pros and cons. You are like the middleman. This means that there are a lot of factors out of your control. Yes, you don't need upfront capital. Yes, you can make money selling on eBay. But it's competitive, and if you don't follow eBay's TOS and get caught-your gig is up.


eBay drop shipping offers an opportunity to own a profitable drop shipping business. But you can get an edge on the competition with Paul Joseph Lipsky's Dropshipping Course. Learn how to find suppliers, source the right products, and scale your business. And with an estimated 182 million users on eBay, the customers are already there-armed and ready to buy. 

eBay dropshipping shops offer low overhead costs, but you need to be prepared to do the work. Find products that will land you a profit. Items that people want to buy. And you need to have a special offer or a better price tag than the competition's.

You can make money with eBay drop shipping. But it takes tenacity and consistency if you want to be successful with this business model and secure a decent profit margin.

Another Option To Make Money Online:

eBay drop shipping offers a low risk and minimal startup cost opportunity to make money online. But I have a hard time with the trading time for money situation. With eBay drop shipping, you're doing a lot of work for less than razor-thin profits. The entire business model is based on selling vast quantities of products for a minuscule return. It's not a matter of is dropshipping saturated. But there is a lot of competition, and in 2024, it's not my first choice if you're looking for a way to make money online. 

Local lead generation

You have little to no control over suppliers. You're at the mercy of eBay's TOS and could have your account removed if you overstep. That's a gamble I'm unwilling to make and why I prefer the lead generation model.

I'm in complete control of the websites I build that generate a steady stream of passive income every month. Like this one that's been making me $2000/month since 2015 for ten hours of work. 

Want another option to make money online? If you're curious or want more information take a look at this local lead generation program.

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