Jordan Welch Course – eCom Accelerators “0-100” Program Review, is it legit?

October 17, 2018

Your e-commerce business is not as easy everybody says. You know that already. If you don’t know the secret tactics that the pros use you are left out of the game and the profits. And hiring those tech gurus isn’t in your budget.


But with eCom Accelerators “0-100” you finally have access to this powerful information. The title says it all. Over 100 start to finish courses in one central hub. Thanks to one digital pro.

Who is Jordan Welch?

Jordan Welch is a serial entrepreneur who has built an online business from the ground up and sold them at a profit. What’s amazing about Jordan is that he is only twenty.

What he discovered from basic trial and error become the basis of this course.


Every tip and lesson was tested in the marketplace and proven to work. And every step in this course builds to the next level until you have a jet fueled e-biz site.


Ecom Accelerators “0-100” Program Summary

What Jordan reveals is how to use Shopify to build a scalable online business. He helped me see past the common misunderstandings most marketers have about Shopify, especially drop shipping.


He goes into detail on how drop shipping works as the cornerstone for your online business model. It works for Jordan and it will work for you.


From there, Jordan shows you how to build your Shopify strategy for reaching new customers. And there’s a lot to learn here.


If you don’t know exactly what you are doing you can reach out to the wrong audience and fail miserably. That’s where Jordan’s experience, even though he is only twenty, comes in handy.

He has been through the failures and knows the path to success. He takes you through the Shopify Online Process.

  •         Learn what your customers want
  •         Know the difference between niche storefronts and general storefronts
  •         Build a successful Shopify plan
  •         Create your logo
  •         Name your store so it ranks in SEO
  •         Start a domain you own
  •         Create impactful landing pages customers want to see


Jordan will even go into depth into the colors and themes of the storefront. You probably didn’t think that matters. But it does, and Jordan will reveal why.


From there you get into the details of running an online business like a pro.


Learn how to properly price your products. Customers feel like they are either getting a great value or a valuable premium!


Start driving new audiences to your site with social media campaigns and video ads from YouTube. Learn how Twitter and Facebook become marketing platforms that build new customers and your popularity as an online shop.


Get to know all the apps that will make your store a success and build a product page that converts like crazy.


Your online business needs the right inspiration from the right expert. I took advice from Jordan, so I wouldn’t have to make the same mistakes he made. Instead, he shows me only the successes.


It’s only a matter of time before your products become well-known online brands with this course driving you in new directions.

How I earn 6 figures online with the right business

I thought that doing a Shopify store will give me 6 figures, But I was wrong. The market is so competitive. In addition, I am really not a big fan of paid Ads.

I would rather use the power of organic traffic. Because of that, you can maximize your profit. That is why I like generating leads with this.

A very scalable business which you can do for the long term. As long as there are the internet and small businesses, you’re good to go.

Here is one example of my local lead gen sites, the limo sites. It is one of my very first sites that keeps earning until now.

And that is just one site. There’s more. Imagine if you can have multiple digital assets like these that earn residual income. You can be able to reach the 6 figure income or more.

If you are interested, you can check it out here.


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  1. I wouldn’t recommend Jordan Welch’s course! He is not legitimate and doesn’t teach you what you need to know in order to succeed.

    You will never I repeat and promise you that you will never succeed with Facebook ads by taking his scammy course.

    He promises 1 on 1 time with you which you will never receive. He tells you that you will be able to get access to his private mastermind group. Unfortunately the mastermind group isn’t private and anyone who sends a request will get in.

    What you’ll notice about the mastermind group is that he doesn’t respond and barely socializes at all with anyone in the group.

    Everything that’s on his YouTube channel is in his course he just organzes it for you and charges $997 which is totally not worth it.

    He also promotes his viral vault program that helps you find winning products DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT join this subscription he gives you over saturated outdated products that are no longer trending but has a lot of orders on aliexpress which people aren’t really using for shipping methods anymore.

    If you’re looking for a legitimate course or coaching always get what you’re looking for from the older more mature guys who take their reputation, relationships, and businesses much more serious.

    Good luck to those searching for success it took me awhile to undertand Fb ads and it might take you awhile to but I just want to protect others from these scams before you receive the same treatment and misguidance as I did.

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