Jordan Welch Course – eCom Accelerators “0-100” Program Review, is it legit?

January 13, 2023

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Jordan Welch's Accelerators 0-100 is a complete guide that shares everything you need to know about growing and scaling a 'profitable online eCommerce business.' Accelerators 0-100 delivers Jordan's exact systems and strategies on how to become successful with dropshipping.

In this review, we'll dive into the details and show you what's on offer. We'll also cover topics like; why people fail with dropshipping and how a course can help you succeed. We'll also discuss if Jordan and his course are legit. Issues with the dropshipping business model and why lead generation is a more viable option for people who want to make money online in . 


Jordan offers a comprehensive training course that covers the a-z on how to start a drop shipping business.

Jordan is an established and active dropshipper.

You have lifetime access to the course material.


Jordan only teaches three marketing strategies.

The course is expensive compared to other dropshipping courses

The refund policy is convoluted.


One payment of $497 or 2 monthly payments of $250

Refund Policy

Limited refunds


You get lifetime access to the course material. Jordan also offers an exclusive Facebook group for members with 19.3K subscribers. Welch also hosts Q&As and live streams on his YouTube channel.


Jordan began his entrepreneurial journey by reselling shoes online at thirteen. Jordan's dropshipping career started in 2017 with $500, and he's clear that he tried, failed, and lost money before finding a winning product he could sell and scale with dropshipping. In 2017, Jordan also launched his YouTube channel, and in 2018 he launched his Accelerators 0-100 course.

Jordan Welch has become one of the most revered dropship YouTubers and has over 493K subscribers, and his Instagram account has 45K followers. Jordan also has a dropshipping product, and research tool called Viral Vault that he launched in 2019.

Net Worth

Jordan Welch has a net worth of an estimated $4 million


There aren't a lot of online reviews or testimonials on the website. But there are a lot of positive comments on YouTube from students.

Why Do People Fail With Dropshipping?

People fail with dropshipping for several reasons. But the most common mistake is failing to learn the basics. Dropshipping is a simple business model, yet 99% of people fail because they don't choose one of the best dropshipping niches. (One that's oversaturated or doesn't get a high search volume). Other reasons why people fail are because of things like:

Reasons Why People Fail With Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is a chance to test products for minimal upfront costs (unlike ecommerce). But you need to be ready to try and fail until you find a winner. And learn how to identify market trends and jump on the next hot seller. (Before the market becomes saturated).

Unlike lead generation, which is less saturated (higher barrier to entry) and doesn’t include physical or trending products. With lead generation, you’re building digital assets, a business, and a passive income stream.

Dropshipping is about being the better marketer. So you need to know how to write compelling copy or design video ads and creatives that will get people to stop scrolling. Dropshippers rely primarily on paid ads. So you need to understand how to leverage social media platforms like Facebook and be ready to pivot when things aren't working.

You can learn the business model and how to create an online ecommerce store by investing in a dropshipping course like Accelerators 0-100. Gain an understanding of the disadvantages and risks of dropshipping. And set yourself up for long-term success.

Can A Dropshipping Course Help You Succeed?

Yes, dropshipping courses can help you succeed if you have the money. Or you want to save yourself from the aggravation of putting the pieces of the puzzle together. But a dropshipping course is a chance to learn from someone who has made money with the business model. And a solid training program can help you troubleshoot issues.

You can save time and money (especially on paid ads) because you'll learn how to create copy and video ads that convert. Instead, you can emulate the success of a seasoned dropshipper and learn what strategies work best.

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But you want to pick a dropshipping course that shares valuable content and up-to-date and relevant information. So you need to do your research and look at things like:

  • Is the coach still actively practicing the business model? 

  • Does it offer an online community?

  • Are there live streams or Q&A sessions?

  • Can you contact the coach directly?

You don't need a dropshipping course to succeed. But if you want to take advantage of the knowledge and a proven system. Or gain a competitive edge from someone who has seen success with dropshipping. Then, a dropshipping course is worth it.

Is Jordan Welch’s eCom Accelerators 0-100 Worth The Money?

Jordan Welch's eCom Accelerator  is worth the money if you want to learn the fundamentals of the business model. Or avoid making common dropshipping mistakes and wasting unnecessary time and money.

eCom Accelerators 0-100 is an in-depth training course covering Jordan's personal tips, tricks, and strategies about the process and includes things like:

  • Why losing money is part of collecting the correct data
  • Why you should never 'fall in love' with a product
  • You don't need to find or create the 'next big thing' to be successful

You learn how to identify trends in the market and why you need to jump quick on trends to stay ahead of the curve.

photo of jordan welch facebook page

You also get actionable techniques on things like:

  • How to improve what's already working
  • How to use marketing principles 
  • Why your product needs to solve a problem or improve a person's life

You can learn from Jordan's mistakes and circumvent issues before they arise. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, learn from a seasoned dropshipper like Jordan Welch, and set yourself up for success from ground zero.

Who Is Jordan Welch?

image of jordan welch

Jordan Welch is from a lower-income family and grew up in a single-parent household. But after five failed businesses and an entrepreneurial journey that started at 14. Jordan is now a 24-year-old millionaire.

One of the most successful dropshippers on YouTube, Jordan is also an affluent eCommerce business owner. Jordan's rise to the top has been published in numerous articles, including:

Jordan published his Accelerator 0-100 course in 2017. In 2018 he released his dropshipping product and research software Viral Vault. Welch has over 492K subscribers on his YouTube channel. And is the face of several brands and affiliate sponsorships.

What’s Included In eCom Accelerators 0-100?

Accelerators 0-100 begins with an introduction to the business model. Jordan also provides a resource section with a recommended reading list and bonus material. The course is divided into eleven modules of digestible video content.

In his training program, Jordan shares an actionable blueprint on how to start, scale and brand your dropshipping business. The training is comprised of an introduction, resources, and 11 module and, download link to PDF cheat sheets. Students can watch over his shoulder as he covers topics that include things like: 

Accelerator 0-100 Course Content:

  • Introduction

  • Resources

  • Fundamentals

  • Product Research Mastery

  • Store Design Overview + General Store Guide

  • Hybrid Store Overview 

  • Complete Guide To Creating Viral Content

  • Facebook Advertising: "0-60"

  • Facebook Ads: "60-100"

  • Turbocharging Your Store To Maximize Profits

  • Email Marketing Guide

  • Running Your Business (Daily Operations)

  • Building A Brand: The Next Steps

Jordan Welch's Accelerators 0-100 is a chance for people to learn how to launch and scale a profitable Shopify dropshipping store from a person who has achieved success with the business model.

What’s Inside eCom Accelerators 0-100?

Inside Jordan's Accelerators 0-100, you'll find a detailed guide on how to start and scale a profitable dropshipping business. The course includes content on subjects like:

  • The Key To Customer Psychology
  • Product Validation & Research Tools
  • The Importance Of A High Quality Store & A High Converting Product Page
  • How To Create Viral Content
  • Facebook Ads & Scaling Strategies (+Facebook pixel explanation)
  • Bundles & Upsells
  • How To Create High Converting Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Customer Service & Third-Party Fulfillment Center
  • Branding

Jordan focuses on customer psychology and marketing principles to get people to buy your product. Get training on his exact system for product validation and recommended product research tools (like dropship spy or ecomhunt). Students also learn industry hacks on how to create viral videos.

And the strategy behind writing high-converting email copy. Jordan shows students how to design compelling Facebook campaigns (including tips on ad account setup). You also get access to information on upsells, the importance of a high-quality store, and third-party fulfillment.

My Three Top Takeaways From Accelerators 0-100

Accelerator's 0-100 is more expensive than other drop shipping courses. But Jordan shares some valuable content to help you own a successful ecommerce business that justifies the price tag like:

Why You Need To Use Marketing Principles:

In Accelerators 0-100, you learn why and how to use marketing principles like:

  1. Pain Points
  2. Target Higher Ticket Items  (only test products over $24.99 for higher profits faster)

The goal is to focus on proven products with an actual purpose that has mass appeal. But you need to get customers to believe they need this product. Show them how your product can solve problems or improve their lives. 

Use video ads with a scroll-stopping hook. Something that will get your customer to pay attention and invoke impulse buys. Tap into their emotions (customer psychology) by honing in on their pain point. Find a unique angle and make sure you have a high-quality and legit-looking store with the look and feel of a proper brand. 

Pro Tip: Test aggressively and kill quick (you only need 1-2 winning audiences for a product to pop and be scalable).

How To Find Untapped Products:

Jordan tells his students that they need to be conscious of the state of the world. Look at Amazon's best sellers and movers and shakers lists. Then find the same or similar product on AliExpress (look at the top-selling and new products too). And use the trend-following method to identify potential winners.

You need to be testing 3-5 products a week. So be critical and analyze data in-depth for things like:

  • Funnels
  • Thumbnails
  • Load speed
  • Price

Pro Tip: Pick three angles (broad target) for each product you test (3-5 audiences per campaign).

When It’s Time To Brand You’re Winning Product:

Jordan teaches his students that the best long-term business model isn't drop shipping. It's ecommerce. Dropshipping is a great way to run a ton of product tests and make some money fast. But dropshipping isn't sustainable in the long term. So you need to consider pivoting to ecommerce. In Accelerators 0-100, students get an 8-figure ecommerce blueprint.

Jordan's exact strategies on how to solidify yourself in the online market. The key is to build something that your customers can resonate with. A successful general store can be a great platform to test hot sellers. But the downside is that impulse buys drive most of your purchases—a one-and-done shopping experience. 

So instead, once you have a proven concept, Jordan suggests building a hybrid store. (Like a general store, you can still test products). But with a hybrid store, you narrow it down to a broad niche. For example: selling products tailored just for women or sports. 

You can achieve long-term success and build something with sustainability.

A brand offers things like:

  • An identified target market

  • The ability to reverse engineer the process (research and learn more about your customer) 

  • Offers greater scalability (because it fits with your customer's brand image) 

But with ecommerce, you’re still dealing with physical products. But you customize your packaging, logo, etc. So you’re building an asset like the lead generation business model. But with lead generation, you’re building digital properties that bring in leads for small business owners.  And you don’t need to worry about packaging, how to price products or fast shipping times. 

Pro Tip: Set yourself up for success. Start thinking in the long term. (Because if you can become a power player now, you'll be set for life).

How Much Does eCom Accelerators 0-100 Cost?

The cost for Jordan’s eCom Accelerators 0-100 dropshipping course is a one-time payment of $497 or two monthly payments of $250.

Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, Jordan does offer a refund policy. However, refunds will only be issued if less than 35% of the course material has been viewed and you purchased the training for the full price in the last 30 days.

eComm Accelerators 0-100 Review: Is Jordan Welch Legit?

Jordan Welch is legit. In fact, he's one of the more transparent drop shippers online. (He's clear that he tried five times before he found a winner). Jordan offers a ton of value in his course and shares free content on his YouTube channel.

You get lifetime access to the material if you pay for Accelerators 0-100. You also get an online community. And access to an exclusive members-only Facebook group. A place where you can ask questions and connect with like-minded individuals. 

Issues With The Dropshipping Business Model

The biggest issue with dropshipping is the lack of control over key aspects of your business. You don't own or store inventory. So you rely solely on third-party suppliers; you're like the middleman.

You're in a physical product business but can't guarantee quality, packaging, or shipping. And if mistakes are made, you're left handling customer service. Unlike lead generation, which focuses on local markets and driving free traffic that converts to leads you sell to business owners.

With the dropshipping business model, you only have control over your marketing. So you need to be better than the competition. But you need a toolbox of skills like:

  • Understanding of customer psychology (an ability to tap into consumer pain points)
  • Proficient copy and how to create dropshipping ads that convert
  • (has a unique angle) 
  • How to win at video marketing (scroll-stopping creatives)
  • How to differentiate yourself from the competition

With drop shipping, you rely heavily on paid advertising to drive traffic to your store. But Facebook ad costs are rising (24% YoY increase from 2021-2022). And account bans and suspensions continue to be major hurdles for dropshippers. 

You're also faced with market saturation. So you need to jump on trends fast and stay ahead of the curve. You need to be willing to test, fail, and shift gears when things aren't working or become too competitive.


Jordan's course is an investment in your online store and your business. And the price tag reflects the value in the content he delivers. Of course, you don't need a dropshipping course to be successful (there's tons of free stuff on YouTube and Google). But if you want to take the hassle of connecting the dots, then Accelerator's 0-100 is well worth the price of admission. 

You can make some fast money with drop shipping. But winning products don't stay profitable for long. Moreover, the market is competitive, and dropshipping might not be the best online business to start. But a course like Accelerators 0-100 gives you a chance to learn the basics. And connect with an established dropshipper like Jordan Welch, who has achieved financial gains with the business model. 

Why Lead Generation Is A More Viable Option In 2024

Lead generation is a more viable option for people interested in an online that generates a semi-passive income stream. The business model is less competitive than dropshipping because it's a learned skill set.

And unlike drop shipping, you're in complete control over every aspect of your lead generation business. So you can develop processes and systems. Learn how to leverage Google and get organic traffic that converts into leads. And sell those leads to small business owners. Learn more about why lead generation is more viable than dropshipping in 2024

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend Jordan Welch’s course! He is not legitimate and doesn’t teach you what you need to know in order to succeed.

    You will never I repeat and promise you that you will never succeed with Facebook ads by taking his scammy course.

    He promises 1 on 1 time with you which you will never receive. He tells you that you will be able to get access to his private mastermind group. Unfortunately the mastermind group isn’t private and anyone who sends a request will get in.

    What you’ll notice about the mastermind group is that he doesn’t respond and barely socializes at all with anyone in the group.

    Everything that’s on his YouTube channel is in his course he just organzes it for you and charges $997 which is totally not worth it.

    He also promotes his viral vault program that helps you find winning products DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT join this subscription he gives you over saturated outdated products that are no longer trending but has a lot of orders on aliexpress which people aren’t really using for shipping methods anymore.

    If you’re looking for a legitimate course or coaching always get what you’re looking for from the older more mature guys who take their reputation, relationships, and businesses much more serious.

    Good luck to those searching for success it took me awhile to undertand Fb ads and it might take you awhile to but I just want to protect others from these scams before you receive the same treatment and misguidance as I did.

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