Jordan Welch’s eCom Accelerators “0-100” Program Review: Why Do People Fail With Dropshipping?

May 9, 2024

The eCom Accelerators "0-100" program by Jordan Welch is a complete guide on growing and scaling an eCommerce business. It delivers Jordan's exact systems and strategies on how he became successful with dropshipping. Jordan teaches his students that the best long-term business model isn't drop shipping. It's e-commerce. In Accelerators 0-100, students get an 8-figure ecommerce blueprint to run a ton of product tests and make some money fast.

Students of the eCom Accelerator were successful. Many reported significant earnings after completing the course. For instance, Ivy Zhuang made $10K daily within 17 days. The program also claimed that it has produced three millionaires and over ten six-figure earners. However, individual success depends on various factors. There are no other success stories found outside his platforms. On Reddit, some users praised Jordan Welch for not aggressively selling his course. Others said that he is one of the commendable dropshipping "gurus". While some said that his claims looked too scammy for a truly successful entrepreneur.

Blue Cart says drop shipping can be profitable with an average profit margin between 15%-20%. However, many Reddit threads talk about the problems associated with this model. The most common is the lack of control over manufactured products. Other challenges are oversaturation, longer shipping, high advertising costs, and many more. 

In this eCom Accelerators "0-100" program review, we'll dive into the details and show you what it offers. We'll also cover topics like why people fail with dropshipping, pros and cons, success stories, and many more. We will also look at another business model that is a more viable option for people who want to make money online.

ECom Accelerator "0-100" Review: Pros and Cons


Jordan offers a comprehensive training course on how to start a dropshipping business.

Jordan is an established and active dropshipper.

The eCom Accelerator "0-100" Program offers a lifetime access to the course material.


Jordan only teaches three marketing strategies.

The course is expensive compared to other dropshipping courses

There is no guarantee that it works the same for everyone. 


The eCom Accelerator "0-100" Program cost  $497.

Refund Policy

The eCom Accelerator "0-100" Program's refund policy includes  a 14 day test drive  with 100% full refund if you are not satisfied with the program. However, the program will only issue refunds if you have viewed less than 35% of the course material and if you purchased the training at a full price within the last 30 days.


The program offers an exclusive Facebook group for members with 19.3K subscribers. Welch also hosts Q&As and live streams on his YouTube channel.


The eCom Accelerator "0-100" program started in 2017. 

Net Worth

Jordan Welch has an estimated net worth of $4 million. 


Jordan Welch has a good reputation. In fact, he's one of the more transparent drop shippers online. Jordan offers a ton of value in his course and shares free content on his YouTube channel.

Why Do People Fail With Dropshipping?

People fail with dropshipping for several reasons. According to Jordan, the most common mistake is failing to learn the basics. Dropshipping is a simple business model, yet 99% of people fail because they don't choose the best dropshipping niches. One that's not saturated and gets a decent amount of search volume. Other reasons people fail with dropshipping are: 

  • Picking the wrong product

  • Having a low-quality and not professional looking store

  • Not using the best dropshipping research tools 
  • Not researching the competition or checking out competitors' top products
  • Pricing the products incorrectly 

  • Securing unreliable dropshipping suppliers

  • Having insufficient capital for ads and product testing

  • Using ineffective marketing strategy to advertise dropshipping stores

  • Quitting too soon

Moreover, dropshipping is about being a better marketer. So you need to know how to write interesting copy or design video ads and creatives that will get people to stop scrolling. Dropshippers rely primarily on paid ads. So you need to understand how to leverage social media platforms like Facebook and be ready to pivot when things aren't working. These things are some of the core of the eCom Accelerator program. 

What is eCom Accelerator 0-100 Program?

The eCom Accelerator 0-100 Program provides training on building a successful Shopify dropshipping store. It is an 8-week online course accessible through an e-learning platform.  It provides step-by-step guidance on Jordan's drop shipping methods. 

The program is suitable for beginners. Even without technical skills or business experience. Over the years, Jordan and his team tested and optimized these methods thoroughly. Moreover, it offers a practical and replicable system for learners at any skill level. It has successfully helped create three millionaires and over ten six-figure earners.

The course includes content on subjects like:

  • The Key To Customer Psychology

  • Product Validation & Research Tools

  • The Importance Of A High-Quality Store & A High Converting Product Page

  • How To Create Viral Content

  • Facebook Ads & Scaling Strategies (Facebook pixel explanation)

  • Bundles & Upsells

  • How To Create High Converting Email Marketing Campaigns

  • Customer Service & Third-Party Fulfillment Center

  • Branding

Jordan focuses on customer psychology and marketing principles to get people to buy your product. Get training on his exact system for product validation and recommended product research tools. Students also learn industry hacks for how to create viral videos.

What’s Included in the eCom Accelerators "0-100" Program?

  • Week 1: This week is about developing the fundamental mindset for success in life and business. It also covers how Jordan Welch built his first store.  

  • Week 2: This discusses finding proven products using Jordan's refined research methods. 

  • Week 3: This week is about creating highly optimized store even if you do not have any previous experience. 
  • Week 4: This talks about learning the basics behind the Facebook ads platform and how to properly configure your account. 
  • Week 5: In this week, Jordan shares his advanced Facebook Ads strategies for validating products. It also talks about the science behind targeting, Facebook's inner systems, and how to crack it.

  • Week 6: This week is focused on setting up other streams of traffic to diversify sales and boost margins.  

  • Week 7: It teaches about automating your dropshipping business by hiring a team. 

  • Bonus 1: This bonus includes "0-100" Case Study, which are Jordan's winning products and ads in his first 7-figure store.  

  • Bonus 2: It is a get-done-for-you ready to launch products with free access to a research product tool called Viral Vault.

Who Is Jordan Welch?

Jordan Welch is one of the most successful drop shippers and an affluent eCommerce business owner. He is from a lower-income family and grew up in a single-parent household. But after five failed businesses and an entrepreneurial journey that started at 14. Jordan began his entrepreneurial journey by reselling shoes online. Many articles, including Yahoo Sports, Medium, and Techiegamers, have published Jordan's rise to the top. 

Jordan's dropshipping career started in 2017 with $500. He's clear that he tried, failed, and lost money before finding a winning product he could sell and scale with dropshipping. In 2017, Jordan also launched his YouTube channel. In 2018, he launched his Accelerators 0-100 course. He released his dropshipping product and research software, Viral Vault. in the same year. Welch has over 1.45 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is also the face of several brands and affiliate sponsorships. 

Are eCom Accelerators 0-100 Students Successful? 

Yes, many students of Jordan Welch's eCom Accelerator 0-100 program are successful. However, these are limited to the ones found in his social media platforms and website. There were very limited success stories found elsewhere. 

One student said that she earned $180K per month after watching the course. Another student said that he hit $1K per day in less than two weeks without prior experience of dropshipping. He also said that with Jordan's help and guidance, his first sale came within 24 hours. Other success stories include someone going from $3K a month to $167K per month after taking the training. Ivy Zhuang earned $10K per day in just 17 days. 

In addition, the program has produced three entrepreneurs who have earned over  $1M and over ten who have achieved six figures. However, individual success can vary based on many factors. For instance, a Redditor named suuuuhh said that Jordan Welch is the one "guru" who doesn't sell their course. He added that he learned from him and he considers himself successful. When someone asked who are the best "gurus" about dropshipping, abryi named Jordan Welch as one of the good ones. He even suggested unfollowing the rest.

Mikey Again was struggling for over eight months with no profits before he tried Welch's program. Initially, Mikey felt disappointed as some products on the paid plan were available for free. However, upon further exploration, he found valuable content with the program. Following the course's advice, he selected a knee brace from Viral Vault's list and built a niche store using CJ Dropshipping for sourcing. His first Facebook ad campaign led to Facebook account bans and interrupted sales. With advice from Welch, Mikey improved his ad strategy and focused on a different product.

Is Jordan Welch’s eCom Accelerators 0-100 Worth The Money?

Jordan Welch's eCom Accelerator is worth the money if you want to learn the fundamentals of the business model. Or avoid making common dropshipping mistakes and wasting unnecessary time and money.

It covers Jordan's tips, tricks, and strategies about the process and includes things like:

  • Why losing money is part of collecting the correct data

  • Why you should never 'fall in love' with a product

  • You don't need to find or create the 'next big thing' to be successful

You learn how to identify trends in the market and why you need to jump quickly on trends to stay ahead of the curve.

Can Dropshipping Courses Help You Succeed?

Yes, dropshipping courses can help you succeed. A dropshipping course is a chance to learn from someone who has made money with the business model. Plus, a solid training program can help you troubleshoot any issues.

You can also save time and money because you'll learn how to create copy and video ads that convert. You also learn what strategies work best for you. It helps you gain a competitive edge from someone who has seen success with dropshipping.

Accelerator's 0-100 is more expensive than other dropshipping courses. But Jordan shares some valuable content to help you own a successful e-commerce business that justifies the price tag.

Why Do You Need To Use Marketing Principles?

You need to use marketing principles to focus on proven products with an actual purpose that has mass appeal. But you need to get customers to believe they need this product. Show them how your product can solve problems or improve their lives.

According to the course, use video ads with a scroll-stopping hook. Something that will get your customer to pay attention and invoke impulse buys. Tap into their emotions (customer psychology) by honing in on their problems. Find a unique angle and make sure you have a high-quality and legit-looking store with the look and feel of a proper brand. 

Pro Tip: Test aggressively and kill quickly (you only need 1-2 winning audiences for a product to pop and be scalable).

How To Find Untapped Dropshipping Products?

To find untapped dropshipping products, Jordan tells his students that they need to be conscious of the state of the world. Look at Amazon's best sellers and movers and shakers lists. Then find the same or similar product on AliExpress (look at the top-selling and new products too). And use the trend-following method to identify potential winners.

You need to be testing 3-5 products a week. So be critical and analyze data in-depth for things like:

  • Funnels
  • Thumbnails
  • Load speed
  • Price

Pro Tip: Pick three angles (broad target) for each product you test (3-5 audiences per campaign).

How to Achieve Long-Term Success with E-Commerce?

To achieve long-term success with e-commerce, Jordan suggested building a hybrid store. Just like a general store, so you can still test products. But with a hybrid store, you narrow it down to a broad niche. For example: selling products tailored just for women or sports. 

You can achieve long-term success and build something with sustainability. A brand offers things like:

  • An identified target market

  • The ability to reverse engineer the process (research and learn more about your customer) 

  • Offers greater scalability (because it fits with your customer's brand image) 

But with ecommerce, you’re still dealing with physical products. But you customize your packaging, logo, etc. 

Pro Tip: Set yourself up for success. Start thinking in the long term. Because if you can become a power player now, you'll set yourself up for life.

Issues With The Dropshipping Business Model

The biggest issue with dropshipping is the lack of control over key aspects of your business. You don't own or store inventory. So you rely solely on third-party suppliers acting as the middleman.

You're in a physical product business but can't guarantee quality, packaging, or shipping. And if mistakes occur, you handle customer service. 

With the dropshipping business model, you only have control over your marketing. So you need to be better than the competition. But you need a toolbox of skills like:

  • Understanding of customer psychology

  • Proficient copywriting skills and ability to create dropshipping ads that convert

  • Creating winning video marketing or scroll-stopping creatives

  • Differentiating yourself from the competition

In addition, you rely heavily on paid advertising to drive traffic to your store. But Facebook ad costs are rising (24% YoY increase from 2021 to 2022). And account bans and suspensions continue to be major hurdles for drop shippers. 

You're also faced with market saturation. So you need to jump on trends fast and stay ahead of the curve. You need to test, fail, and shift gears when things aren't working or become too competitive.

Why Lead Generation is a More Viable Option in 2024?

Lead generation is a more viable option in 22024. Especially for people interested in an online business that generates a passive income stream. The business model is less competitive than dropshipping because it's a learned skill set. Local lead generation is less saturated because of its higher barrier to entry than drop shipping. It also doesn’t include physical or trending products, so you don't need to worry about inventory. 

And unlike drop shipping, you're in complete control over every aspect of your lead generation business. So, you can develop processes and systems. You also need to learn how to use Google and get organic traffic that converts into leads. Then, sell those leads to small business owners. Local businesses will pay $500-$3000 per month for these high-quality leads. 


Dropshipping is a chance to test products for minimal upfront costs. But you need to be ready to fail until you find a winning product. You also need to earn how to identify market trends and jump on the next hot seller.  With lead generation, you’re building digital assets, a business, and a passive income stream. So, learn more about why lead generation is more viable than dropshipping in 2024.

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  1. I wouldn’t recommend Jordan Welch’s course! He is not legitimate and doesn’t teach you what you need to know in order to succeed.

    You will never I repeat and promise you that you will never succeed with Facebook ads by taking his scammy course.

    He promises 1 on 1 time with you which you will never receive. He tells you that you will be able to get access to his private mastermind group. Unfortunately the mastermind group isn’t private and anyone who sends a request will get in.

    What you’ll notice about the mastermind group is that he doesn’t respond and barely socializes at all with anyone in the group.

    Everything that’s on his YouTube channel is in his course he just organzes it for you and charges $997 which is totally not worth it.

    He also promotes his viral vault program that helps you find winning products DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT join this subscription he gives you over saturated outdated products that are no longer trending but has a lot of orders on aliexpress which people aren’t really using for shipping methods anymore.

    If you’re looking for a legitimate course or coaching always get what you’re looking for from the older more mature guys who take their reputation, relationships, and businesses much more serious.

    Good luck to those searching for success it took me awhile to undertand Fb ads and it might take you awhile to but I just want to protect others from these scams before you receive the same treatment and misguidance as I did.

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