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Ecom Authority Review | “Done-For-You” Automated Amazon Dropshipping Partnership

March 17, 2024

Ecom Authority is a management and service provider for Amazon store owners. They handle the A-Zs of creating and running an Amazon store in order to have their clients earn passive income. The company boasts a unique approach to their services with their unusual business model. This Ecom Authority review will cover all there is to know about their services.

Who is the mastermind behind this? What makes this ecommerce automation company different from others and what services do they provide? How much do their services cost and how much can you earn working with Ecom Authority? Read along, and you'll find the answers to these important questions.

Having someone else manage your ecommerce store allows you to earn passive income for a price. Local lead generation is another business model that allows you to earn passive income. With local lead generation, you run your own business that takes very little time to manage. This makes it essentially a passive income model, with you, the business owner, keeping all the profits.

Amazon 120-Day Probation

Amazon has a 120-day probation period to make sure sellers are legit. During this period, they put the payouts on hold, and Amazon will observe your business practices. If you do not perform well, they may suspend or remove your account. Account suspension can last up to 2 months, which will affect your income flow.

How to Avoid Suspension of Your Amazon Dropshipping Store?

Amazon policy dictates that shipping items from a different company violates their terms of service. This is to prevent issues such as a customer ordering an item from Amazon receiving the item shipped in a Walmart box. The workaround to this is called fulfillment by merchant (FMB) or dropshipping.

Amazon suspends dropshipping accounts daily. There are several ways to avoid the suspension of your Amazon account. If you partner up with Ecom Authority, they will handle these for you.

  1. Provide Amazon with all the documentation they ask for, such as a letter of authorization, resale certificate, business license, and so forth.
  2. Only dropship from Amazon approved wholesalers.
  3. Slowly season your Amazon seller account.During this probation period, you have to carefully invest time and effort to gain Amazon’s trust.
  4. Buy an aged account. If you are a new seller, buying an account that already has Amazon’s trust will make you less likely to get reviewed and suspended.

Check out my post on this issue for a more detailed explanation on how to avoid account suspension.

Who Is Dan Cohen?

Dan Cohen is a 7-figure real estate investor and ecommerce entrepreneur from Connecticut. He started investing in real estate after taking years to learn the business. Dan has done over 100 house flips and over 200 wholesale deals. Dan left real estate due to it being time-consuming and the large amount of capital required to invest. Since then, he has tried retail arbitrage and Amazon FBA.

Amazon only allows one store per household, which prevents large-scale scaling. Therefore, Dan came up with a business model that would allow him to earn more by managing and scaling other Amazon businesses. With his new business model, Dan manages over 400 stores for clients and employs an in-house team of 400 people. His company now has 2 offices in the United States and 1 in India to expand their business. In November 2022, Dan Acquired Roman Cresto's Empire Ecommerce automation company.

Pros and Cons of Ecom Authority


Ecom Authority strictly employs in-house who earn based on your store's performance. The company only earns if your store earns.

The team handles every aspect of your store, from business formation to management.

In the event of account suspension or shut down, the Ecom Authority team handles the appeals and takes care of all the expenses.

24/7 support on WhatsApp.


It may take a while for your new store to earn a good profit margin.

To fund your start-up business, you must have at least $20K on hand or good credit. 

Account suspensions may take 2 weeks to 2 months, which will freeze your income.

Who Is Ecom Authority For?

Ecom Authority is looking to partner up with:

  1. Newbies with access to capital who are looking for a done-for-you business that brings in passive income.
  2. Entrepreneurs in the business that wish to improve the performance of their stores.
  3. Existing store owners who are looking for someone to efficiently manage their business.

What Services Does Ecom Authority Provide?

Ecom Authority offers a complete done-for-you service. During onboarding, the team will set up and have your business running within 2-3 weeks. Once your business is up and running, Ecom Authority will manage every aspect of your business. These include:

  1. Product sourcing - the team will find the cheapest price for products to maximize your profits.
  2. Inventory holding - they source and hold your inventory which relieves you of all the risks.
  3. Customer service - the team handles all the customer support work with complaints and issues to ensure high product reviews.
  4. Store reviews - positive reviews are very important in this business. The team handles all the customer reviews in order to efficiently work the algorithm.
  5. Inbound and outbound emails - the team handles all emails and replies.
  6. Account suspension appeal - in the case of account suspension, the team will handle the appeal and cover all costs.

The price of their services depends on how much your business earns in monthly revenue. The service rate is 60-40. You get to keep 60%, while Ecom Authority takes the other 40% as payment for their services. This strategy gives them an incentive to run and scale your business well.

To partner up with Ecom Authority, you only need to have $20K in credit, 1 or 2 high-limit credit cards, and some capital upfront for the store set-up and to pay for the orders once up and running.

How Do You Make Money With Ecom Authority?

During the onboarding process, the Ecom Authority team will set up your Amazon store for you if you don’t already have one. They will even give suggestions on which recent niches are profitable to get into. You will have very little work to do during this set up period that lasts 2-3 weeks.

When a customer orders an item from your store, Ecom Authority will find a cheaper source to purchase the product to ensure a 10-15% profit margin. They will ship the item to their warehouse where they will repackage it in an unbranded box and ship it off to the customer.

In the event that your account gets suspended for any reason, Ecom Authority will handle the appeal process and cover all the fees. So far, they claim they haven't failed to get a client store back online. A typical shutdown takes 2 weeks to 2 months, and this will stop your flow of income. If you cannot recover your account, Ecom Authority will cover the expenses to put you into a new store.

How Successful Are Ecom Authority Clients

Ecom Authority claims they have over 400 successful clients yet only 3 video testimonials are available on their site.

The company seems fairly new, with their Facebook page and YouTube channel being created in August 2022. This makes their claim of over 400 successful clients suspicious. Use your own judgment and do your homework before deciding if this is for you.

Dropshipping on Amazon in 2024

You may have heard that Amazon is a saturated market. In order to succeed, you need to know and employ effective strategies. This is what companies like Ecom Authority offer, their expertise and strategies to make your business successful. If you are new to dropshipping on Amazon, you might want to either partner with companies like Ecom Authority or learn how to run your own Amazon store effectively and avoid suspension.

Another problem when selling in saturated markets is that competition is high, and the profit margins can be quite low. This makes dropshipping a high-risk business. Positive reviews are one way to compete with other stores, but then you have to sell first in order to get those reviews. For new stores, a single negative review could negatively impact your ability to do business.

If you think this is not for you, check out other alternative business models such as affiliate marketing. You can check out a legit affiliate marketing course such as Authority Hacker (uses paid ads) or Wealthy Affiliate (uses free ads). There's also Amazon arbitrage, like as taught by Luke Sample, which comes with distinct advantages and disadvantages. You can check out Elite Automation which offers done-for-you Amazon wholesaling stores which have fewer risks than dropshipping.

Alternative Passive Income Model in 2024

For a business model where you get to keep all the profits and have low competition, I suggest local lead generation. With this business model, you build, rank, and rent out your site to a local business. The competition is low and the risk is almost non-existent.

Once you get your site running and rented, you will rarely need to check and maintain them. This business model is also easily scalable and you don’t have to worry about low-profit margins. If you’re looking to own a business that can deliver predictable passive income that will lead to financial freedom, check out Local Lead Generation.

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  1. STAY FAR AWAY. NDA in their contract. this is not a real company. They are all show. Nothing is getting fulfilled as promised its a disaster fro communications and they threatened me already if I spoke.

  2. This company is a complete sham. took 250 days for first inventory batch and it was half fulfilled. They are good marketers but its all b>S they are running a model with 6 percent returns and half their stores are deactivated. I also notice they falsify info and setup their warehosue for visits almost as its staged.

    Ecom authority Review: 2 out of 10 for me. not happy right now and 120K in hole.

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