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Mohamed Camara’s Ecom Bootcamp 3.0 Review: 3 Ways To Find Winning Products in 2024

May 21, 2024

Ecom Bootcamp 3.0 by Mohamed Camara is a dropshipping course for aspiring and experienced business owners. The course covers website creation, paid advertising and product research. The course can help students make money by using the theme and supplier network of Mohamed.

There's few to little reviews about Ecom Bootcamp. In a YouTube video, Mohamed featured interviews of his successful students. They said the course provided their value and changed their lives. Dropshipping a retail strategy that can increase a store's profit to 50%, according to Growth Devil. However, as a business model, redditors warn aspiring dropshippers that it's not a sustainable business model on its own. According to reddit user, acer67, manufacturers can undercut you anytime.

In this Ecom Bootcamp 3.0 review, we'll list its pros and cons, what you can expect from the course and who is Mohamed Camara. We'll also go over what you might need to succeed in dropshipping. And suggest a better alternative business model for 2024.

Ecom Bootcamp 3.0 Pros and Cons


Lifetime Access: Students will get lifetime access to the program.

Facebook Group: Ecom Bootcamp 3.0 students have a private Facebook group of 700+.

1-on-1 Coaching: Mohamed Camara claims he'll personally answer all of your questions.


Not the most comprehensive dropshipping course available.

Most of the course content can be found for free on YouTube.


Ecom Bootcamp 3.0 costs $500.


Ecom Bootcamp 3.0 has a private Facebook group.

Refund Policy

Ecom Bootcamp 3.0 has no refund policy mentioned in its website.

3 Ways To Find Winning Products in 2024 According to Mohamed Camara

  • Using My Nia Software: This software can provide extensive data and ad creatives for products, and allows users to filter products based on parameters like engagement rates and platforms (e.g., Shopify). This tool is useful for identifying products that are performing well and it offers insights through trends and analytics, which helps you find products with potential for high engagement and sales.
  • Exploring Exploding Topics: Use Exploding Topics to identify emerging trends in various industries before they become saturated. This tool helps dropshippers take advantage of emerging but still unsaturated markets and products before they gain traction.
  • Utilizing Trends Website: The third way to find winning products in 2024 is through a platform called Trends ( This platform provides insights into products and markets that are starting to gain popularity. It also has a feature called "Idealab" where users can explore business ideas that have the potential to grow. 

What To Expect from Ecom Bootcamp 3.0?

Ecom Bootcamp 3.0 is a 7-week program on dropshipping for beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs. Each video lesson is 5 to 8 minutes of step-by-step process covering product research and paid ads. Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Pinterest and Snapchat paid ads are included.

Mohamed Camara also does live calls every Tuesdays at 7pm and Thursdays at 12pm EST. Students can also get a 1-on-1 call with Mohamed for scaling. On top of that, Mohamed's web designers can create the store for you using the themes he's using for his stores. You'll also get access to Mohamed's suppliers and sourcing agents.

Students who generate $1000 sales in a day will also receive a free "Money Mafia" shirt.

Who Is Mohamed Camara?

Mohamed Camara is a Youtube dropshipper. He started his channel in May 2019 and grown it to 75k subscribers. According to Mohamed, he started entrepreneurship after college. He opened a t-shirt business called, "Kamar of Clubs." He quickly realized he can find financial independence from entrepreneurship than a 9-to-5 job. So he started building his dropshipping store for two hours every day. When Mohamed reached $150k sales, he completely quit trying to find a job and dedicated his time to dropshipping.

Ecom Bootcamp 3.0 is a second course offering from Mohamed. His first course was Zero to 1K Club which cost $1,997.

Is Dropshipping Still The Way To Go in 2024?

Dropshipping is still the way to go in 2024 if you're already in the business, and skilled enough in marketing, management and sales. According to reddit user, Dimensionambitious94, a dropshipping business is for salesperson and marketers. They mentioned they have decades of experience in sales so they can adjust the dropshipping business accordingly.

Dropshipping also relies a lot on third-party suppliers. In fact, Gogo Dropship reported 84% of sellers agreed that establish a good relationship with suppliers is vital to a store's success. However, Growth Devil reported 87% of ecommerce retailers said finding suppliers is a struggle.

Leon Green, another Youtube Dropshipper, shared his misfortune at finding a supplier. According to Leon, he got $200k sales but ended up with $20k debt when he discovered the supplier provided fake tracking codes to his customers. He had to pay all the refund claims. When he raised the issue to AliExpress, he only got a $9k refund.

So, unless you're ready to learn the ins and outs of owning a business, and find reputable suppliers, dropshipping might not be the best option. 

Local Lead Generation: The Better Alternative To Dropshipping

Local lead generation is the better alternative to dropshipping is local lead generation because it is consistent and less hands-on. With dropshipping, you need to constantly find trending and profitable products to keep up with the competition, but with local lead gen, you only need to build sites that generate long-term passive income. 

Dropshipping requires a lot of hard work for very little returns because the margins are so slim and the market is so saturated. It still creates millionaires, but at a much lower and slower rate than how it was three or four years ago. Gurus make you think that it's beginner-friendly, but in reality, most dropshippers quit within the first three months of starting their dropshipping business, simply because they don't make enough profit. 


Local lead generation is the best online business because income is consistent and predictable, and you don't have to do much work to earn. The whole business model revolves around building simple websites for local service providers, like plumbers and towing companies. Each site has a tracking number, so you know how much you bill business owners for the leads you supply them. 

My local lead gen biz makes me $50k per month whereas my experience with dropshipping only made $10k in the best months. There's no competition, really. Local lead generation is my hands-down number one business choice for 2024 and beyond.

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