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eCom Elites Module 00

August 15, 2020

eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review

eCom Introduction

This is a module in the course, but it's rightly named Module 00 for a reason. This module is basically your introduction to Franklin Hatchett, eCom Elites and what this business model is about. It's nothing fancy and no revelations are made here, so after your first sitting, you'll never watch these videos again.

Video 00: Welcome

Franklin starts the course off with a special Welcome video for members. He tells you quickly who he is and where he comes from. Then he goes on to tell you why the eCom Elites course is different.
  • First off, the course features a “Comments” section underneath each of the videos. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions directly. How great is that? Franklin also uses this section to improve his course.
  • Number 2, “Goal badges” – when you reach certain milestones, such as creating your first store, you get a badge (and Franklin hints at possible rewards.) This gives some extra motivation and recognition to his students.
  • Number 3, a “Videos Request” section, where students can request Franklin to explain something in more detail and he will record and post a video.
  • Number 4, Regular updates of videos in the membership area, which will include Q&A sessions.
  • Number 5, Franklin gets other trainers to offer their support and additional training.

Franklin closes off by saying that he believes you should and will get value for money from this course.

Total video time for the Welcome video: 9 min 43 seconds.

MODULE 00: eCom Introduction

Module length: 28 minutes

Video 01 - eCom Introduction

Franklin starts with a bold statement: “Welcome to the best damn money-making course online”. He makes it clear that this course is for people who are just starting out on their e-commerce journey, so more seasoned veterans of drop shipping might find a lot of the content not very useful.

  • Franklin explains what drop shipping is,
  • and why he is doing it. Franklin explains that he loves the laptop lifestyle as it gives him the opportunity to be his own boss and to be able to work from virtually anywhere in the world. Drop shipping also gives you the ability to earn while you sleep. 
  • Franklin claims to be the one to have made Drop Shipping via Shopify, a viable business model. He made everyone aware of it back on 2015 when he talked about it on a YouTube video and it went viral, getting over 300 000 views.
  • Franklin explains two different methods you can use to sell your products.
  • Franklin stresses that this is not a get rich quick scheme, but that it will take hard work in the beginning. He does however, promise to show you how to build a successful long term store.
  • Video 02 - Take A Look At The Results

    In this video Franklin shows you actual results of his students and says that he is still to make his first million in profit. He advises you to be wary of other so-called e-commerce gurus that claim to have made millions in drop shipping. (Sound advice!)

    Franklin shows you the hard reality of drop shipping: don't expect to make millions in record time. It takes time. Franklin shares screenshots of students hitting between $200 and $1000 dollars a day in SALES.

    I feel that Franklin deserves some credit here.

    He doesn't sell you a pie-in-the-sky dream, but rather shows you straight up that whatever everyone else tells you, it's going to take time and successes might come in smaller quantities than you've been made to believe. 

    Module 00 - My Key Takeaways 

    I really like Franklin's frankness (see what I did there?) and honesty.

    According to him, success boils down to hard work, keeping at it and taking the small victories. You are not going to become a millionaire in a short space of time with drop shipping, but if you're willing to work at it; 

    • you can become financially independent
    • be your own boss
    • work your own hours
    • and work from wherever you want 

    Content: 7/10 Initial info is very basic. 

    Franklin lays out the basics of drop shipping and nothing more. This is only an introduction module, so that is understandable. If however, you already know what drop shipping is, then this module won't be of much use to you.

    OVERALL 70%


    This Module is nothing more than an introduction to drop shipping. Chances are that if you decided to follow this business model, you already know the basics of what it's about. Franklin doesn't share any useful information on what is to be expected of the course, but he does tell you not to have unrealistic expectations and expect to be a millionaire anytime soon. 

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