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eCom Elites Module 01

August 15, 2020

eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review


This is an interesting module to start with. Most people who start out with an e-commerce store would think that you start by setting up everything first. You choose your domain name wisely, register it, get your hosting sorted and then set up your Shopify store.


WRONG! You start by researching and sourcing your products. Franklin holds your hand through Module 01 and shows you exactly which products to look out for and where to get them.   

MODULE 01: Sourcing Products And Research

Module length: 4 hrs and 37 mins

Video 01 - Sourcing Products (Start Here)

Franklin introduces you to the go-to website for suppliers, Aliexpress. But, unlike some of the other courses out there, he actually shows you what to look out for AND what to be wary of.

He shows you where to find discounted “Super Deals” and “Trending Now” products, which is pretty standard stuff.

Then, Franklin uses the example of iPhone cases and shows you exactly how to find the best possible products/suppliers from the thousands of sellers. Franklin shows you how to find the top-rated sellers with the best reputation in that particular niche. Great advice, that you might not find in other courses.

Franklin also gives tips on the shipping aspect of your products.

Video 02 - Product Research Overview

For this video, Franklin goes back to the whiteboard.

He stresses that the product research aspect is the most difficult aspect of the drop shipping method. You need to realize that you are a marketer for your product. This means that if you get the right product in front of the right people, they will buy it. But, how do you do that?

Franklin goes on to explain that it is up to you to find the right product. He gives examples of past top selling products, but obviously they won’t work for you. It is up to you to find the right product that ticks all the boxes.

Franklin then explains what the four types of sellers are in his opinion: lazy sellers, testers, researcher testers, and researchers.

Lastly, Franklin touches on the different types of products you can get based on copying others, what’s trending, what people are passionate about, and problem-solving products. A successful product needs to be selling already, appeal to people who are passionate about something, and it must solve a problem for them.

Video 03 - Finding Products To Sell

Franklin considers this video as niche training for finding great products using his tried and tested methods. Franklin once again stresses the importance of finding problem-solving products in niches where people are passionate about something.

Franklin also discusses the “Viral Effect” – what it entails and how you can benefit from it.

Video 04 - Product Sales Volume

Franklin discusses the importance of your sales volumes. The more expensive the product, the greater your chance of profit. Expensive products do not have to have great volumes in order to make you money. Cheaper products force you to sell more items in order to get some profit in your pocket.
Franklin also discusses the importance of up-selling and uses the example of a bottle stopper (cork or cap replacement) and up-selling a bottle opener at check-out.

Video 05 - Triangle Of Sales

Franklin expands on his Triangle of Sales, stressing the importance again of products that solve problems in a niche where people are passionate and finding something that sells.

Franklin also shows examples of poor choices of products to sell, compared to good product choices. It’s great to see actual examples instead of someone just talking about good and bad products.  

Video 06 - Using REDACTED For Research

Sorry. We can't show you which website Franklin uses for research. Yes, this is a full review, but we can't give away his secrets...

In this video, Franklin shares a website (they also have an app), you can use to find new trending products. You basically find an interesting product on the site or app and then see if you can find it on AliExpress.

Franklin goes to the trouble of looking at many different products and tells you what to look out for and what to avoid. Great tips!

Video 07 - Using To Find Products

Okay. We can show you Wish, as pretty much everyone knows you can get your products from AliExpress or Wish. No secret there.

Franklin states that he doesn’t use Wish as much, but it’s a great site to visit for researching purposes to see what is trending. It’s one of the shortest videos in the course, clocking in at just over 2 minutes and 30 seconds, he basically just shows you what the site looks like and where to find trending products.

Video 08 - Using REDACTED For T-Shirt Research

Another site Franklin uses for research purposes. This site also sells products and you can use it for research purposes, but Franklin mainly uses it as a resource to find T-Shirt designs.

Video 09 - Is There An Audience?

Franklin urges you to be cautious when seeing best sellers on AliExpress. Just because it is popular on AliExpress, you don’t know if they’re advertising elsewhere and whether you are going to be successful or not.

Franklin suggests using one of Facebook’s tools to gauge audience size and how passionate they are about a certain niche. You use this tool to cross-reference the audience to see if the audience is big enough to warrant your advertising campaign.

Franklin shows you how to use the tool and also how to find Instagram Influencers. 

Video 10 - Spying On Stores

Franklin shows you how to spy on your competition to find out what their best-selling products are. For this, he uses Google. This is an amazing little resource to use! Top tip!

Video 11 - Facebook Product Research

This is another useful resource to gauge whether your product will sell or not. Franklin uses Facebook to see if similar (or the same) products are selling on Facebook, or not.

It’s a free resource tool that also shows you what other shops are selling and what’s doing well in their stores. (Another way to spy on competitors!)

Franklin also gives some other useful tips, such as why winning products are not selling for certain stores. (Hint, it has to do with the engagement, which ultimately tracks back to the advertising.)

Once again, Franklin uses plenty example to give you an idea of what to look out for and what to avoid.

Video 12 - Start Building Mind Maps For Ideas

Franklin shows you how to use mind mapping software to narrow down products in a specific niche. This is very helpful when you're stuck for ideas for new products.

Video 13 - The Lazy Way

Franklin states that only 1% of people doing courses like this actually follow through on the material they receive. (So if you finish the course and implement what he taught you, you’re already ahead of the curve, being that 1 in a 100 people to follow through! More motivation to succeed, right?)

Because some people are lazy to do their research (or too busy with another job, kids etc.), Franklin shows a shortcut you can use to get new products.

Video 14 - The Perfect Product Doesn't Exist

The question Franklin always gets asked is: “What is the perfect product, and where to find it?” Franklin drops the bomb here. He says there is no such thing, so don’t lose any sleep over trying to find one. Also, be careful not to fall in love with a product that might be perfect for you as an individual, but might not work for a large audience.

Always remember to follow the criteria that Franklin has set out earlier in the module, test the product, if it fails, move on. Don’t waste time!

Franklin then goes on to explain the advantages of an e-commerce store over a brick and mortar business (or as Franklin calls it, an offline business).

Video 15 - Don't Worry It Gets Easier

Franklin stresses that it is tough in the beginning, but it does get better. Once you have a winning product, that niche opens up to you and finding other products in that niche will be easier. Franklin uses the example of the wine industry again and shows some practical examples. (I love how he always shows you examples!)

Video 16 - Selling A Fresh Product

Franklin mentions that there are other products to sell, not just “hot” products. He doesn’t follow this method himself, but he has seen other people employ this method with success.

It involves selling a “fresh product” – a product you know nothing about and is not selling well on AliExpress. You, however feel that it can be a winner and can build a brand around it (it’s usually a niche you feel passionate about). For this you need to do a lot of research in order to build the brand up. It involves a lot more work and effort than building the brand up after the product is selling well. Having a plan is key to being successful suing this method.

Video 17 - Top 5 Broad Niches

In this video, Franklin discusses the 5 broad niches that he has had the most success in. Once again, we can't tell you what they are. Sorry 🙂

Video  18 - Selling Product Recap

Franklin does a recap of what you’ve learned so far in this module. It includes finding your product and what makes a winning advertisement.

Franklin also touches on competition when you're selling a hot product and why strong competition doesn't mean you won't make money.

Finally, don't stress or get caught up on going viral. You can still be successful without an ad going viral.

Video 19 - (Bonus) Niche Research Software

Franklin shares a secret weapon he uses to find winning products. This specific software allows you to find top selling products in Shopify, Amazon and EBay as well as giving you further filter options to include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s not only a great way to find hot new products, but to also spy on the competition. A great tool, but it is a paid for app and starts at $29pm. 

Video 20 - (Bonus) Print On Demand Products

Franklin feels that this topic deserves its own course, but does cover the basics here for those who are interested in POD.

Once again, Franklin shows you practical examples.

Video 21 - (Bonus) My 6 Figure Product

Franklin shares one of his top selling products of 2016. He shows you how a simple video can create lots of sales.

Video 22 - (Bonus) As Seen On TV

Another way to find hot products is to pay attention to infomercials on television. Franklin shares a website you can use to find these types of products.

Module 01 - My Key Takeaways 

You might think that over 4 and a half hours spent on Products and Research is a bit overkill, but it's not. Franklin really shares some great tips on how to find hot products. The reason why the module is so long, is because he shows you different methods with practical examples.

Sadly, we can't give you names of the websites and software tools he uses, but this module is certainly worth going through in order to see what Franklin uses to do research. Some of these have not been featured on other courses, so it is certainly stellar advice!


Content: 9/10 A very important part of the course.

Franklin goes into a lot of detail to show you different ways of finding winning products.



The fact that Franklin shows you different methods (not just his preferred methods), makes it a very worthwhile addition to the course. 

It's also great that Franklin shows many different practical examples in all of the videos dealing with Research and finding hot Products. 

This is a very good module and well worth the watch.

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