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eCom Elites Module 10

August 15, 2020


eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 10-Update Module Ongoing Videos

If you work online and with any kind of software, there are bound to be updates. Google, Facebook, Instagram, they all do it. So make sure you don't get left behind.

Be one of the cool kids and regularly check in to see what's the latest on Module 10...

MODULE 10 - Update Module Ongoing Videos

Module length: 2 hours 44 minutes

This module is a great addition to Franklin's course. As a lifelong member, you will have access to any updated videos that relates to Facebook tools or other app updates.

Because these will constantly change, there's no real point in reviewing every single video. The videos that are listed below, are the update videos that were available at the time of doing the course.

This will obviously change as time goes by and might not even be available when you go through the course.

Video 01 - Using The Updated Insights Tool

Since the course was released in  2017, the FB Audience Insights Tool has been updated and Franklin shows what has been updated.This is part of the ongoing updates that Franklin offers.

Video 02 - Don't Make This Mistake!

This video gives an additional tip about Instagram marketing that wasn’t originally included in the course material. It deals with checking for bot comments when looking for an Influencer.

Video 03 - New Manual Bidding Method

This video is a a quick recap on FB bidding and introduces a new method for manual bidding.

Video 04 - Affinity Is Back!

Franklin originally added an Affinity tool video, which was later dropped by FB from Audience Insights, making the course video redundant. However, FB merely updated the tool and now it’s back, better than ever. Franklin gives tips on how to best use this tool.

Video 05 - Better Structure and Social Proof

In this video, Franklin shows an improved method on how to increase your ad sets, without having to make new ads. Franklin shows how to use ad post IDs inside FB Ad Manager and the Power Editor.

Video 06 - Diving Deeper Into Data

Franklin loves how to interpret data and in this update video, he dives into Delivery Insights and how to interpret the data you can find there. This is useful to look at when your ad set(s) start performing less.

Video 07 - (Email Profits) The Secret Sauce

An additional video that focuses on the power of email lists. This is not really an update but rather a refresher on why you should build lists based on people who abandon their carts.  

Video 08 - (Email Profits) Video 2

Franklin cover Life Time Value (LTV), or as he refers to it, Long-Term Value. People who have made new purchases on your site and have not been exposed to any funnels yet, go onto a new list. Based on their first purchase, they are worth $x to you. Once you expose them to new funnels / campaigns and they buy more from you, their LTV increases.  

Video 09 - (Email Profits) Video 3

This is a quick video on building lasting relationships with the people on your lists. Franklin shares another method of offering store credit to loyal subscribers / customers.

Video 10 - (Email Profits) Video 4

Franklin introduces an app that lets you use an integration tool on your Shopify store. The Integration tool on this app allows you to target specific buyers based on their checkout and purchases – which means that you can send them targeted emails regarding specific product suggestions that they might be interested in, based on their previous specific product interests.  

Video 11 - (Email Profits) Video 5

This is a follow-up video based on the previous video and goes into more detail on how to exactly set up your email funnel based on a specific interest in a product.

Video 12 - (Email Profits) Video 6

In this video, Franklin continues to share options with regards to integration flows and how to set them up.

Video 13 - (Email Profits) Video 7

Franklin dives even deeper into setting up both the purchasing and abandoned cart email funnels using his preferred app. It looks very complicated but is actually very easy to setup.

Video 14 - (Email Profits) Video 8

In this video, Franklin explores how you can add more value to your email lists.

Video 15 - (Email Profits) Video 9

Franklin goes into more advanced features of using his email funnel app. This video specifically deals with an abandoned cart scenario. It introduces a new feature, called "Has tags", which lets you add another set of rules if it complies to certain pre-defined tags, called "has-tags". 

Module 10 - My Key Takeaways 

In order to get the most out of this module, you will have to check in regularly to the members' section on the eCom Elites members site. 

In future, this will prove an invaluable resource as Franklin vows to continually update this module with new material covering new methods that can be utilized to increase your sales.

This module will also cover any updates to Facebook, Instagram, and any of the apps that Franklin suggests you use. 


Content: 8/10 

Some of the videos are really helpful in introducing new methods that can be used to help boost sales. However, some videos, such as videos 7 and 8, merely seemed to be a re-hash of previous info and didn't really share anything new.



This Module is a must in terms of finding out what has changed with regards to the apps you are using. Franklin also shares new methods and tools here to boost your automation or sales. 

It is a very important module, and one you will have to visit regularly to stay abreast of any updates.

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