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eCom Elites Module 11 & 12

August 15, 2020


eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 11-Video Request &

MODULE 12-Weekly Videos

Module 11 is a really cool concept where Franklin urges his students to get in touch and request a video about something that stumped them. Great teacher that he is, he then goes and makes a video for you. 

In Module 12, Franklin tries to give his students even more bang for their buck. In this module, he'll post weekly Q&A videos. 

MODULE 11 - Video Request

Module length: 1 hour 41 minutes

I'm not going to go into great detail about these videos as most of the topics have already been covered in the course. These are basically supplementary videos that were requested by members that got stuck on a certain aspect of the course. At the time of doing the course, these were the available resource videos in this module, and will most likely have changed by the time you get to this part of the course.

Video 01 - Request A Video

This is another great addition to the course. This video is just an introduction t what you can expect in this module and why it was created. Franklin stresses that he is here to help, so if you are stuck on something, or something wasn't clear enough in the course, then you can request a new video that deals with your issue. 

Video 02 - Using Multiple Facebook Accounts

Franklin shows you how to set up multiple Facebook accounts without any hassle.

Video 03 - Shopify & Adwords (From My Friend)

This is a 20 minute video by Franklin's friend about using Google Adwords. Adwords is a very powerful tool to use, as your targeted audience already has a high buy intent. Your succes rate from Adwords, is thus much higher than using FB Ads. This is a great video with a lot of useful tips.

Video 04 - Doing Custom Conversions

This video specifically deals with General Shopify Stores and how to introduce custom conversions to them.

Video 05 - What to do with a PPE after testing

As the video implies, Franklin shows you what to do with your PPE after you have tested it and you have some results / data to work from.

Video 06 - Looking at Ad Copy

Franklin deals with Ad Copy and gives some useful tips on how to optimize what you say in your ads. He suggests using phrases that have been proven to grab people's attention.
Franklin also gives a real life example of how he increased sales, just by changing the copy.

This is a particularly useful video as the topic wasn't covered in the course content. 

Video 07 - Custom Video for Janelle

Franklin gives some feedback and tips to one of his students based on her store. Janelle’s Shopify store is targeting people who love baking and specifically loves decorating cakes.

Video 08 - Custom Video for Chris

In this video, Franklin stresses the importance of re-targeting and using the FB Pixel to achieve this. 
Chris only focused on Instagram and now wants to build on that success on the FB platform. Franklin shows how he’ll be able to this.

MODULE 12 - Weekly Videos

Module length: Subject to change

The weekly videos module basically deals with Q&A sessions that Franklin hosts on a weekly basis. 

Franklin answers questions that have been asked by students on a wide range of topics that cover things such as being banned from FB Adwords, to spying on Flippa sites.

The video quality on these videos are not to the same standard as set by the rest of the course, but they still offer some useful bits of advice. Looking for specific information related to your issue, might be a waste of time though and these videos should be seen as supplementary. It gives added insight into some of the problems encountered by students of the course.

Watching and reviewing each video seems like a waste of time as there are days and days worth of videos in this section. You however, are welcome to go through them should you have the time.

Module 11&12 - My Key Takeaways 

This is a nice touch for members and a really invaluable resource for new Shopify students to tap into.

Not many other courses offers the opportunity to request a custom-made video on anything you seem to be stuck with, so make sure you make use of this incredible feature.

Franklin really goes out of his way (and succeeds!) in adding additional content so that his students can get their money's worth. 

Remember to keep checking for new content!

Personally I don't see much worth in Module 12, as there is too much content to work through. It's much better and easier to get feedback via the exclusive member's FB group...


Content: 8/10 Some of the content might not be relevant to you and your suggestion, but you might just come across something worthwhile. 



Module 11 - Request a video: This is an amazing service to offer students! Make sure to make use of it by requesting a custom-made video if you are stuck on something. Very, very few courses offer this kind of service...

Most (if not all of) the Module content could be irrelevant to you, but if you're stuck, check this section out first and if you can't find a solution to your problem, then simply request Franklin to make a video. 

Module 12 - Weekly Videos: There is some value to this if you are experiencing a specific problem and it happens to be answered in the Q&A session. However, there are a LOT of videos to work through and you might feel it's not really worth the effort. 

It certainly isn't worth sitting through every video as this will take you weeks...


Kudos! You got this far! You actually deserve a medal after reading all of the module reviews here. 

And you deserve a trophy if you actually decide to invest in the course and spend a good 34+ hours in front of a screen learning a new skill set. But it won't stop there...

In my experience, it will take weeks to implement everything and might take months before you show any returns. 

If you read my Summary Course Overview Review for eCom Elites, then you would have seen that I feel dropshipping's ship has sailed... (Cue soul-wrenching defeated groan from your side)

What's the point you ask? You just spent a good portion of your busy day(s) reading about this exciting business opportunity and now I'm telling you that I think it's not really worth all the time and effort you put into it...

Don't stress. I have an alternative!

Lead generation.

In my opinion, it is the best online business model in 2019 (and beyond).

Just follow the link below for more info...

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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