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eCom Elites Module 3

August 15, 2020

eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 03-Facebook Part 1

Up to now, it's been fairly easy applying everything. Franklin shows you exactly what to do, step by step. Module 3 is no different, but this is where things start to get real. 

Facebook advertising is not about luck, or hoping you have the highest ad bid and FB will take care of the rest.

There's a lot of behind-the-scenes tinkering that needs to be done to get your ad campaigns running smoothly, so pay close attention to this module. This module is pure gold...

MODULE 03 - Facebook Part 1

Module length: 7 hours 29 minutes

Video 01 - Facebook Advertising Intro (Start here)

Franklin describes this module as the “juiciest part of the course”. Franklin explains why he loves FB advertising and assures his students that he will explain it step by step so that even beginners who are not familiar with Facebook will be able to use FB advertising. Franklin quickly tells you what to expect in this module.

Video 02-Facebook Advertising Structure

This is a short video where Franklin explains how the FB ad structure works. (bit muted sound)

Video 03 - Facebook Advert Account Overview

Franklin suggests where to go on Facebook to get more information about FB Ads and FB Business from the source itself.

He suggests some videos to watch and articles to read that will give you a better understanding of how FB Business and Advertising works.
Franklin also gives an overview of the FB Adverts Manager dashboard.

Video 04 - Getting More Facebook Advert Options

Franklin shows you how to unlock your FB account to access more features. This is an important tip. It may seem trivial, but someone who has never done it before, will struggle setting up business pages and advertisements if they don’t know about this.

This shows that Franklin really tries to cover as much as possible. Many other courses will miss small details like these, which will confuse newbies.

Franklin continues to show you how to create a business page and an adverts account, and how to set both of them up. This will enable you to access the Power Editor and other features inside Adverts Manager.

Video 05 - Creating Your Facebook Page

Franklin shows how to create a fan / niche page using Business Manager. These pages are better than general store pages as they convert better. Franklin also shares where to find royalty free images to use on your pages.

Video 06 - Starting A Facebook Business Account

In this short video, Franklin tells you how to set up your Facebook Business Account via their website url (you don’t do it via your personal FB account). It’s a simple straight forward process that is easily covered in the video.  

Video 07 - Facebook Advertising Method #1

Franklin starts off with a disclaimer, which is perfectly understandable. Different methods will work for different people, in different niches on different audiences. There are always variables to consider, such as the product itself, its price, your goal, budget, your experience and the advert type.

There is no golden rule to the perfect method, so the best thing is to understand the methods completely and then test them to find the best method for that given product at that moment in time.

Franklin urges you not to use the most advertised method, which is to test and after one or two days to scale the ad up after a sale or two. Franklin advises you to leave the ad running a few days before making a choice to scale. He continues to explain Method #1. Best advice: Don't get stuck on the one sale trap.

Video 08 - Facebook Advertising Method #2

This is Franklin’s go-to method. He stresses the importance of testing and goes into detail about how his method works. He shows you how to analyse and adapt your marketing campaign based on the data you get (as opposed to split testing) from your adverts after days two and four.

Video 09 - Facebook Advertising Method #3

This is the fast scaling method you use when you’re sure you have a winning product. You go in hard and fast from the start. He does however caution you to only try this method once you’re a little more experienced.

Video 10 - The $5 Advert Method

Franklin explains that this method might be known as the $5 a day method, but that it actually doesn’t cost only $5 a day (it’s $5 per ad and you’re running multiple ads). Franklin points out that the other problem with this method is that you’re only giving FB $5 to work with, and it takes much longer to optimize the ad. With this method, you simply use the data collected to scale or kill your adverts.

This method works if you’re willing to let it run for several days (Franklin has let them run for up to two weeks before seeing results.)

Video 11 - Beginner Friendly Advert Structure

This is the go-to method if you are a beginner and this is your first FB Ad campaign (or you don't have a large budget). Franklin goes into more detail with this method than the previous methods. 

Video 12 - Building Up Your Audience

Franklin covers precise and broader targeting. Franklin shows you how to find audiences for your ad campaigns using the Audience Insights tool inside your Facebook Adverts dashboard.

Video 13 - (Flex Targeting) Building Combos

In this method Franklin uses two niches that are closely related, for example cooking and wine. It gives you a much broader audience to start with, and then you narrow the field further as you get data back from your campaign. This allows you to scale in a different manner according to more targeted audiences as you progress.

Video 14 - More Targeting Options

In this video, Franklin starts out in an ad set and shows you more advanced targeting options.

The options that Facebook actually offers you are mind-boggling. You can find information on a specific audience according to their relationship status, birth date, political interests, hobbies, religion, education and much much more.

If you want, you can target a Gen-X plumber living in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, who likes cats and votes for the Democrats, who is a close friend of a female aged between 30 and 35, who has a birthday within the next seven days. Yes, it’s that specific. Crazy! And Franklin shows you how to makes sense of it.

Video 15 - Understanding The Facebook Pixel

Franklin introduces you to the Facebook Pixel, explaining what it is and what it does. 

The FB Pixel is basically a snippet of code that you embed on your site and it then captures data according to your store visitors. It offers insights into things like searches, content viewed, products added to wishlists, carts etc.It does take a while for the FB Pixel to collect relevant data, but it’s a great free tool to track all kinds of data relevant to your products and customers.

Video 16 - How To Install Pixel Code

This is a great video. Some courses only explains in broad terms that you need to install the FB Pixel to your site. Franklin actually gives you an over-the-shoulder view of how to install it. He recommends an app to make the whole process painless and easy as pie. 

Video 17 - How To Create Advert Images

Franklin shows you how to create attention grabbing images. He uses both Photoshop (which is expensive and for more seasoned users), and a free online app.

Franklin also suggests that you include background music or video to your ad image (but sadly, doesn't give an over-the-shoulder walk through of how it's done). 

Video 18 - How To Create Quick Videos

Franklin explains how to create a video from images. Unfortunately, Franklin only mentions Camtasia, which is as expensive as the eCom Elites course. Franklin does not recommend a free video editor…

Video 19 - Create Videos In Seconds With Your Smart Phone

Franklin shows you how to create videos using your iPhone. (I guess people who have an Android OS will have to make another plan…) He shows you which app to use and exactly how to make a quick video with background music for your ads.

Video 20 - Creating A Website Conversion Advert

Franklin explains that conversion adverts are used to get people to your site and initiate conversions. Franklin shows you exactly how to create one via your FB Adverts Manager.

Franklin shows exactly what to do and what not to, when creating this type of advertisement. These are great practical tips to use when creating a FB conversion advert.

However, Franklin doesn't tell you why or when you should use a conversion ad, as opposed to an engagement ad. This is a bit confusing as it is a completely different campaigns / ad strategies and the two types cannot be used together (or changed from the one to the other later on).

Video 21 - Creating A Post Engagement Advert

The goal of a PPE ad, is not to create sales, but rather engagement on the post. Franklin goes through the steps of creating a Post Engagement Ad via your business page and Adverts Manager. He also gives an important tip on how to shorten the url and why you would do that.

Video 22 - Creating A Carousel Advert

Franklin uses these website conversion ads specifically for re-targeting. Carousel adverts are basically slideshows and are great for advertising multiple products. Franklin stresses why you shouldn’t use this type of advert as your first-off option. Once again you use FB Adverts Manager to create and post your ad.  

Video 23 - Split Testing Adverts

Franklin explains what to do when you’re busy scaling your ad sets. Split testing helps you to decide which ads to continue running and which ads to kill.
This video deals with split testing at the vertical level.

Video - 24 Reading the background data

Reading and interpreting the ad data is something that many people don’t bother with. Franklin stresses that this is an essential step to your success. Franklin shows you where to find the data and how to interpret it in order to gauge whether an ad set was successful or not. Great advice!

Video 25 - Reading Data Performance Columns

Franklin shows you how to work out your Return On Investment (ROI) based on performance breakdowns. Franklin says you shouldn’t worry about click through rates etc. but should only worry about how much money you’re putting in and getting out. It’s all about how much money you make. Franklin goes on to explain how to customize your columns and read your data from your Adverts Manager dashboard.  

Video 26 - How I Scale (Mind Map)

Scaling is one of the most difficult things to grasp when you’re just starting out with FB Ads. Franklin explains his method in detail and shows you how it works and which results to expect. This is one of the most important videos in the course. Watch closely.

Video 27 - Visual Scaling Of Adverts

Following up on the previous video presentation, Franklin shows you how to scale your winning ads inside FB Ad Manager. He goes into detail on how to adjust your budget and schedule of ad sets. 

Once again, this is a very important video and it’s great that Franklin takes you through it step by step. He doesn’t just tell you about the theory, but also shows you practically how to implement things. This is not something you’ll find in all the courses out there.

Video 28 - Nice And Easy Way To Scale

Franklin shows the method to use if you have a winning ad set and you don’t want to take unnecessary budget risks. This will ensure a steady income generated from the ad set without making too many adjustments.

Video 29 - How To Create A Look a Like Audience

Franklin shows you how to find an audience that is closely related to the target niche of your product. Even using the advanced options, it is a very straight-forward process that anyone can set up.

Video 30 - Setting Up Your Re-targeting

Franklin says he makes a lot of money on this, but you need to do it right. Re-targeting is, as the name implies, re-targeting a person who has either bought from your store (or just visited) and to send them different ads. Franklin walks you through this very simple process of how he does re-targeting. 
Important thing to note is that Franklin does all his re-targeting manually without having to pay additional fees to use apps.

Video 31 - (Bonus) Facebook 100k Blueprint

Franklin shares his $100k profit sales method, that he calls Facebook Fishing. Franklin states that it works for some, while for others it doesn’t. He has made a lot of money using this method. It involves warming up the visitors to your store (or people watching your ads) and then hooking them with bait in the form of a re-targeting ad.

You start with a PPE ad (“dropping the chum”), do split testing, focus on the hot audience and target them with a WC ad. These website conversion ads are cheaper and have higher conversion rates. Then you employ the “hook” by reminding them of the problem, offering a better deal  etc.    

Video 32 - (Bonus) Going Viral On A Dime

Franklin shows you how to spend very little money and get huge organic results. He does caution you that going viral does not happen often and is difficult to start. It starts with finding a trend and exploiting that hot product by making a short video and creating call-to-actions.

Video 33 - (Bonus) Target Birthdays And Anniversaries

In this video, Franklin offers another method to target specific target audiences based on birthdays, anniversaries, new parents etc.

Module 03 - My Key Takeaways 

This is the longest module in the course and by far the most important. Things that stood out during this module, was Franklin's attention to detail and the amount of information he conveys. He gives so many tips and different methods that you can use, that some students might even get confused.

It is strongly advised to simply work methodically through module 3 and to employ methods as Franklin introduces them, rather than watching the entire module and then only deciding which methods to employ. 

There's a LOT of info take in, so it's best to consume the morsels of wisdom one step at a time.  

What stood out specifically, was Franklin showing students exactly how to interpret data from their ad campaigns. This information is essential in improving the effectiveness of your ad sets / campaigns, and not many instructors focus on this aspect. 


Content: 9/10

Franklin's content for this module is truly excellent. He went above and beyond to cover Facebook advertising and many would consider this module to be a complete course on its own.



This Module goes into great detail on what Facebook advertising entails. It teaches different methods and ways to implement FB ad campaigns for different niches and products. Both beginners and more advanced drop shippers will find this module valuable.

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