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eCom Elites Module 4

February 26, 2022

eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 0​4-Facebook Part 2

Module 3 was intense, especially setting up the Pixel and setting up and running different campaigns. In this module, Franklin digs even deeper into FB advertising by sharing the secrets of optimization, bidding, data mining and more... Hold on to your seat... It's about to get real technical!

MODULE 04 - Facebook Part 2

Module length: 2 hours 43 minutes

Video 01 - Facebook Optimization

In this video, Franklin focuses on the five different types of ads that he uses, namely PPE, traffic objective, website conversion, video view, and cost per impression (CPI). Franklin explains the different ingredients to making FB ads work for you.

Things you should be looking at include providing positive adverts, providing highly relevant adverts, the correct bidding strategy, having a good budget ratio, and getting more than 15 conversions a week.

Video 02 - Understanding the Facebook 15+ Conversion Fact

The 15+ conversion rate refers to Facebook optimizing your ad based on conversions. If you have less than 15 conversions a week from an ad set, then Facebook will find it difficult to optimize it for you. The ideal conversion rate is above 25 per week, otherwise you’re wasting your time and money. Franklin shows you different scenarios to work from. 

Video 03 - Automatic Bidding

With this method FB does the work for you, where bidding is concerned. It has some flaws, and it does fluctuate but this is a good way to start your campaign.

Video 04 - Manual Bidding

Franklin shows you how to set up manual bidding according to two ways, maximum and average bidding. It’s a good way to make money but you need to know how it works. It’s basically an auction where you hope to make the highest bid (vs other similar product ads from competitors),  in order for FB to get your ad in front of the best possible audience. Franklin goes on to explain maximum and average bidding and when to use each method.
Franklin gives a valuable tip: most Shopify stores run at a 25%- 30% profit margin. You should aim for 40% as that leaves you a bigger budget to work with for Facebook.

Video 05 - Manual Bidding Part 2

Franklin starts off by differentiating between budgets and bids. Your budget should be 10x your conversion bid. Franklin gives a good tip here: FB will not spend your entire budget if it cannot find you conversions.

Just remember not to come in too low with your bids, otherwise someone else might win the auction and steal your leads.

Video 06 - Data Mining

Data is the thing that can make or break your campaign. This is why Franklin touches on it again. Franklin suggests that you read your data at least every 48 hours. This data evaluation will tell you whether to scale or kill.

Something to keep in mind is time sensitive data. Franklin explains this quite well. 

Video 07 - ​Conversions Windows

In this short video, Franklin shows you how to do conversion windows on your conversion ad sets. A conversion window is the amount of time between someone clicking or viewing your ad and going over to a conversion.
Franklin explains when to use the 1 day window, and when to use the 7 day window.

Video 08 - The Truth About Fast 6-7 Figure Scales

Franklin explains that there is a lot of misinformation about scaling out there. Scaling budgets are one of the stumbling blocks his students constantly have to overcome. Franklin doesn’t scale fast, but it does work for some people.

Scaling from a small budget to 6 and 7 figures happen very rarely and only gets done by the big guys who have big budgets to blow. Franklin suggests to go in small and steady, and scale accordingly to the data you receive back.  Scaling takes weeks, not days.

Video 09 - Using The Power Editor

Franklin mostly uses the FB Ads Manager, but once in a while he uses the Power Editor when he wants to test a bunch of products. Power Editor is closely related to Ads Manager, but easier to use when split testing ad sets.

Module 04 - My Key Takeaways 

Module 4 is basically a continuation of Module 3, where Franklin explained the ins and outs of Facebook Advertising. 

The key takeaway from this module was how to do manual bidding in an attempt to outbid your competitors. The key is not to bid more than the competition (unless you have the budget), but rather not to be the lowest. Being in the medium bidding range usually delivers good results. 


Content: 8/10 

I don't really know why Franklin decided to make this a separate module. It's as if he got to the end of the course and though, wait, I can say little more about Facebook and added that to it's own module. The content is not bad, but when compared to Module 3, you certainly gained more insight in the previous module. 



Coming off Module 3, I had high expectations of this module, thinking Franklin would dive deeper into Facebook and share more advanced tips. Sadly he didn't. Video 9 for instance, is nothing more than an introduction to the Power Editor, rather than showing the real power behind it. Some of the content though, such as Manual Bidding, is very valuable.

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