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eCom Elites Module 5

February 26, 2022

eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 0​5 - Instagram Traffic

Module 5 of eCom Elites covers Instagram advertising. This is a great module as Instagram is not covered by many drop shipping courses. Franklin shares everything he does to ensure even more sales. This module is a must!


Module length: 1 hour 12 minutes

Video 01 - Using Instagram For Traffic

It’s great that Franklin doesn’t just focus on FB alone. In this video he introduces you to what he does on Instagram to gain more sales. By reaching out to only a few Influencers, (with a very low budget), Franklin managed to generate over a $1000 worth of sales in one week. This was done in a short space of time and with very little effort. 

Franklin explains the details of what is needed and how to find Influencers on Instagram.

Video 02 - Instagram Re-target Blueprint

In this video, Franklin explains how to get the most out of your “shout-outs” / Influencer posts. If you’re able to create a customer audience base, they’re the ones you can always easily re-target with the best possible results. Re-targeting these customer audiences is dirt cheap and pays great dividends! This is one of the great bonuses you get from Instagram targeting.

Video 03 - Finding Influencers

Franklin shows you “live” how he finds Influencers on Instagram on his phone. It’s a great step by step video. Franklin gives great tips, such as finding related pages to the page you’re on and how to contact Influencers. It’s a simple process to follow.

Video 04 - Instagram Influencer Pricing

Depending on the niche and the Influencer, prices can vary greatly. Franklin shows you a table with what to look out for and what you can expect to pay. It's a good video to refer to when you negotiate with an Influencer. 

Video 05 - Finding Influencers with Google

Franklin points out that everyone uses Instagram to find Influencers. A better way to do it is via Google. You need to do a little homework to get your winners, but you will stumble across Influencers you would not have via Instagram itself.

It takes a while to sift through all the search results and doing a little research on their Instagram accounts, but in the end it is well worth it. Franklin gives an example of an Influencer "shout-out" that cost him only $25, and he made over $7k off it...

Video 06 - How to Run Instagram Adverts the Right Way

Franklin shares his secrets on what works when advertising on Instagram. First tip is to do FB and Instagram advertising separately and not to combine the two. The reason is that the audiences are different and will react differently.

Franklin walks you through the process of creating your IG ad (via FB Ad Manager) and setting it up correctly by narrowing your target audience down and connecting your Instagram account.

Video 07 - Schedule Instagram Posts to Stay Engaged

Franklin shares a cloud-based program he uses to post to his social media accounts. With this tool, you can schedule when to post, and you can also post to multiple platforms.

He stresses that it takes time to build a following, but it’s basically free advertising and only takes a few seconds a day.
It’s a good way to build up your brand and build a fan base. As your fan base grows, it's easier to advertise to them.

Franklin downloads a royalty free image (related to his niche), adds some text to it and uploads it. The purpose is not to sell a product, but rather to show engagement on a daily basis.

Module 05 - My Key Takeaways 

This is the longest module in the course and by far the most important. Things that stood out during this module, was Franklin's attention to detail and the amount of information he conveys. He gives so many tips and different methods that you can use, that some students might even get confused.

It is strongly advised to simply work methodically through module 3 and to employ methods as Franklin introduces them, rather than watching the entire module and then only deciding which methods to employ. 

There's a LOT of info take in, so it's best to consume the morsels of wisdom one step at a time.  

What stood out specifically, was Franklin showing students exactly how to interpret data from their ad campaigns. This information is essential in improving the effectiveness of your ad sets / campaigns, and not many instructors focus on this aspect. 


Content: 9/10 Initial info is very basic. 

Franklin's content for this module is truly excellent. He went above and beyond to cover Facebook advertising and many would consider this module to be a complete course on its own.



This Module goes into great detail on what Facebook advertising entails. It teaches different methods and ways to implement FB ad campaigns for different niches and products. Both beginners and more advanced drop shippers will find this module valuable.

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