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eCom Elites Module 6

February 26, 2022

eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 06 - Organic Google Traffic (SEO)

Now this was a surprise to see. Not even the $2000 dollar drop shipping courses mention anything on Organic Google Traffic or SEO. Franklin is obviously onto something here. Or is he?

MODULE 06 - Organic Google Traffic (SEO)

Module length: 1 hour 33 minutes

Video 01 - SEO Introduction (Start here)

The point of this module is to show you how to organically rank your website above other similar websites on Google. You basically optimize your site based on a specific keyword to generate free Google traffic. Great thing is, it’s also targeted advertising. I agree 100% with Franklin that free organic traffic is the best possible advertising you can get.

This is an amazing module to have in a Shopify course, especially since no one else even touches on this. According to Franklin, the steps to organic success are:
  1. Keyword research
  2. Page optimization
  3. Backlinks
More detail about these steps are explained in the following videos.

Video 02 - Keyword Research

Franklin stresses the importance of keyword research and gives a few very handy pointers as to how to find and decide on a good keyword.

There are many different keyword tools to use (some better than others), and most of them have a monthly subscription fee (some cheaper than others). In the end, it is perhaps advisable to do some research and read up on the different options. Franklin’s preferred tool is priced as follows:  

Proper keyword research is a must when it comes to implementing SEO for your site, so it is advised to pay close attention to this video.

Video 03 - Researching The Top 10

After you’ve found your top keywords, Franklin suggest that you analyse the top 10 competitor pages, ignoring the Wikis and Amazon pages. Find the top competitors and see why they are ranked high. Emulate what works, whether it is content, layout, images etc.

Franklin also hints at how to use blog posts for better ranking.

Video 04 - Ranking Structure

Franklin shares an interesting point on where to point your backlinks to (it’s not to your products…).

Franklin also shows how to create a post on your Shopify store, and using LSI keywords in the body of your text.

Video 05 - Building backlinks

Backlinks are links from other sites that point to a page on your site. Google uses it to gauge the importance of your site. If the site mentioning your page/site is considered an authority, then Google gives you some of the credit for being linked by them (backlink juice).

Franklin talks about Web 2.0 and Private Blog Network (PBN) backlinks. A lot has been said in the last two years about using these. Some still advocate these, whilst others urge you to stay away because of Google’s changing algorithm used to rank sites. (At the moment Google does not give credit to backlinks that have been paid for – in some instances they even penalize websites, so be wary… If you want to play it safe, and get ranked without penalties, then join our training on free organic SEO).

Franklin explains what Web 2.0 and PBN backlinks are and how to outsource in order to get backlinks. He also talks about anchor texts and how to use them (very important!).

An example of a Web 2.0 site.

Video 06 - Getting White Hat Backlinks

Franklin explains what white hat backlinks are and why they are super powerful.

Franklin shows how to get white hat links by using old school methods such as “guest posts”, being a “guest blogger”, or doing some research and contacting sites with quality landing pages and high traffic.

Franklin also shares his secret weapon by giving the details of someone you can contact for white hat links. 

Video 07 - Module Recap

This is a quick video that recaps what Franklin has covered in the module thus far. He stresses what to focus on and what to avoid. Franklin also shares some useful eCom Elites web pages that you can use to buy backlinks and content.

Video 08 - (Bonus) SEO Hack

Franklin uses shows a free tool in Google Adwords that you can use to spy on your competition to find their keywords. This is a great tip if you’re stuck on keywords or need to find new products!

Module 06 - My Key Takeaways 

This is the longest module in the course and by far the most important. Things that stood out during this module, was Franklin's attention to detail and the amount of information he conveys. He gives so many tips and different methods that you can use, that some students might even get confused.

It is strongly advised to simply work methodically through module 3 and to employ methods as Franklin introduces them, rather than watching the entire module and then only deciding which methods to employ. 

There's a LOT of info take in, so it's best to consume the morsels of wisdom one step at a time.  

What stood out specifically, was Franklin showing students exactly how to interpret data from their ad campaigns. This information is essential in improving the effectiveness of your ad sets / campaigns, and not many instructors focus on this aspect. 


Content: 9/10 Initial info is very basic. 

Franklin's content for this module is truly excellent. He went above and beyond to cover Facebook advertising and many would consider this module to be a complete course on its own.



This Module goes into great detail on what Facebook advertising entails. It teaches different methods and ways to implement FB ad campaigns for different niches and products. Both beginners and more advanced drop shippers will find this module valuable.

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