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eCom Elites Module 7

February 26, 2022

eCom Elites - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 07 - Email Marketing

You really have to hand it to Franklin. This course is incredible value for money. Other drop shipping courses will focus on one, maybe two advertising methods to boost your sales. But not Franklin Hatchett! In Module 7, he introduces you to yet another way to boost your sales.

MODULE 07 - Email Marketing

Module length: 2 hours 31 minutes

Video 01 - Email Marketing Intro (Start Here)

Franklin states that a responsive email list is one of the reasons why he does 6 figure sales. It’s not necessarily about building a huge email list, but building a responsive list that consistently generates sales. In this intro video, Franklin shows you the different methods of building up a responsive list. These include popups, abandon carts, purchase and lead magnets.

According to Franklin, building up a responsive email list is a must for a successful online store. Franklin closes off by saying what you will learn in this module.

Video 02 - Collecting Leads

Franklin takes you through the basic ways of collecting leads through coupons, abandoned carts, and when you get an order from buyers. The best way to collect leads according to Franklin is lead magnets. Franklin also shares the app he uses to launch and manage email marketing campaigns.

Franklin uses the following model (it's a pretty straight-forward model that many businesses use):

You use lead magnets to build an email list. Then you build relationships with those on your mailing list and you target them through:
  • auto-responders
  • product launch
  • standard emails

Video 03 - Create a landing Page

Franklin shows you how to create opt-in and thank-you pages. He also introduces you to the software he uses to build his pages. Using this program, Franklin shows you step by step how to create pages that convert.

Video 04 - Creating a List

Franklin tells you that it is important to create two lists, a Shopify List and a Leads List because both have different audiences. Franklin shows you the different types of emails you would send to different audiences in your two lists, using his preferred app. 
He also shows you how to automate the process. This is a very versatile tool to have and will save you countless hours trying to do it yourself. For example, you get to set the auto-responder according to your own defined conditions or parameters, such as: what happens when you receive an opt-in from a specific form? How long to wait to send an email? What to do if you receive no response from the email, etc.?

Video 05 - Your Shopify Store List

The first of two videos following up on video 04. In this video, Franklin goes into more detail on how to create your Shopify store list and set it up. Franklin also shares his recommended apps to do most of the hard work and automate as much of the process as possible. Franklin also shows you how to set up a newsletter and time-based auto-responders.

Video 06 - Your Lead Generation List

The second of two videos following up on video 04. In this video, Franklin goes into more detail on how to create your Lead Generation List (lead magnet) and set it up. Once again, Franklin makes it look like a very simple process.

Video 07 - Email Automation

Franklin goes into more detail on how to automate your email. Franklin explains the difference between the Auto Responder and Automation tools in his preferred app and some of the great tools to use. You can choose when, how many and what types of auto-responder emails to send, following a certain event.

Video 08 - Create A Lead Magnet

Franklin shows you how to make a simple, free lead magnet that can be used to get more potential buyers onto your email lists. Franklin makes a pdf lead magnet (including free YouTube videos) in a manner of minutes and stresses the importance of not overthinking it and keeping it simple.

Video 09 - Create Lead Facebook Advert

Franklin takes you through the step by step process of creating a lead generation campaign on Facebook by creating a lead magnet. Franklin shows one of his own Facebook ads and shows exactly how to create and set it up. FB Pixels is essential and needs to be set up properly, and Franklin shows you how to do this.

Video 10 - My Product Launch Formula

Franklin shows a trick that he feels not many people are doing and works extremely well. Franklin shares his method for structuring his product launches and shows examples of emails he would send out. Franklin shows some very high stats for his email open stats, which range between 37% (not bad), and 81% (incredible!).

Franklin sends an email a week before, and then the day before product launch to create suspense. On launch day he sends a final email with a discount and this seems to work. He also has different emails with different incentives and discounts after product launch. Franklin also shows you how to word your emails.

The great thing about Franklin's preferred app, is that it has templates to choose from in order to get started. This saves you a LOT of time.

Video 11 - (Bonus) Coupon Leads

Franklin shares his method for coupon leads. You basically offer a voucher or coupon in return for a prospective buyer’s email.

Video 12 - (Bonus) Reading Even More Data

Franklin dives into reading data from the same ad set he used in different countries and how he then either scales or kills ads to different countries based on the data. This can also be applied to different audiences based on other parameters, such as age groups, hobbies etc. 

Module 07 - My Key Takeaways 

Franklin categorically states that he makes most of his money, not from ad campaigns, but from email marketing. Re-targeting is a key ingredient and it is a topic that other courses skimp on. 

This is one of the most important modules in the course.



Content: 9/10 Franklin goes into great detail on what to do with regards to email marketing. Not many courses offers this amount of insight into the subject matter. It's a great module where content is concerned!



Franklin shares great insider info that has worked for him in the past and warns you of the pitfalls associated with email marketing.

Franklin generates a large percentage of his income via this method, so it is advised to carefully go through this module and to carefully apply what is taught. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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