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Ecom Empires eCommerce Course by Nick Peroni. Full course review – a FREE course worth $2k?

August 15, 2020


Is it possible to get a comprehensive course on dropshipping for free? Or is it all just hype to sell additional programs and add-ons?

Don't confuse this course with Ecommerce Empires Academy by Peter Pru. Nor the Udemy course: eCommerce Empire: Shopify, Dropshipping, Amazon and more. It's also not Ecom Empires you find through JVZoo affiliates. 
This is a review of Ecom Empires Academy by Nick Peroni, better known as Ecom Empires
Ecom Empires logo

Confusing? Yes. It's just more proof of how many dropshipping and eCommerce courses there are out there.

Why did I review this specific Ecom Empires?

Well, there's a bit of a buzz on the internet about it. It's also free and being compared to dropshipping courses worth $2,000 by its students.

Ecom Empires comprises three separate parts. It offers:
- a free eCommerce course with over 34 hours of video lesson material,
- a paid for Coaching Program,
- and additional Resources.

In this review, I cover the Ecom Empires Academy Course. 

It offers outstanding value for money (because it's free LOL), but is it actually worth anything?

Course creator Nick Peroni claims "Even though this training is free, I've been told over and over again I could easily charge $2K for this because it's better than 95% of the paid courses on the market." 

Is this a valid claim, though?

With so many dropshipping courses out there, it's a bold statement.

Can you get a decent course for free? Can you compare it to the paid-for courses presented by the dropshipping gurus?

Let's see if Ecom Empires Academy is actually worth anything...

What to Expect in this Course

Ecommerce and specifically dropshipping, has evolved in the last couple of years.

It is therefore essential to stay abreast of current trends in the market. Ecom Empires Academy was last updated in April 2019, which might seem like a while ago, but when compared to some paid-for courses, it's not too bad.

What I liked about the course is that Nick integrated different models into his eCommerce course.

It doesn't focus exclusively on dropshipping, but shows you how to expand your business, hence the reference to empire in the title.

According to Nick's LinkedIn profile, "Ecom Empires is an education platform and worldwide community of over 75,000 online entrepreneurs. This group attracts some of the best minds in the ecommerce world, and also contains some of the best training for anyone to learn how they can build a profitable online business in any industry using a proven blueprint."

Right. So, according to the course marketing, it should offer:
- some of the best training in eCom
- a learning platform that allows anyone to learn (that should include complete beginners then)

- a course that will train you to build a profitable online business in any industry (the keywords being profitable and any industry). 

These are lofty claims.

Let's break down the course and see if it delivers.

eCom Empires Academy Course Overview

Ranked #3 out of 30 dropship courses (See full list here)
20 hours 21 minutes
Comprehensive, very thorough step-by-step guide with case studies and guest trainers.
3.8/5 - Very detailed, one of the most comprehensive eCom courses out there

Introduction to Nick

Nick is an online entrepreneur, an international speaker, and the creator of Ecom Empires. Through his Ecom Empires group, he actively leads over 80,000 entrepreneurs worldwide, he’s already helped thousands find success building an online business.

Nick travels the world to speak and host events in different countries, while building his brands and promoting success with ecommerce.

Nick enjoys a good following on social media and the Ecom Empires Facebook page has over 85 000 members.

Ecom Empires Academy (EEA) Intro Video

Video length: 19 minutes

In the Welcome/Introductory course video, Nick starts off giving some background on himself.  

According to Nick, EEA is a summation of his eCommerce knowledge and experience building multiple 6 and 7 figure ecommerce companies over the past few years.

Since Ecom Empires started, he's had his part in 8 figures in total revenue.

Partnered with two multi 8 figure companies, Nick also does consulting work and guest appearances at entrepreneurial events all over the world.

So his CV sounds impressive. It's also nice to find photographic proof of his workshops and event appearances to validate his claims. 

So far so good. 

Nick then summarizes what to expect in the course and explains the course dashboard and video content. 

Nick stresses that Ecom Empires Academy is not solely about dropshipping, but focuses instead on teaching universal marketing principles that you can apply to any business model.

This is a more in-depth approach than the basic dropshipping course he offered on YouTube. You can check his first course out here.

Module 01 Ecommerce Introduction

Module video length: 1 hour 38 minutes
The module comprises four lessons and is a comprehensive introduction to eCommerce. 
Nick covers a range of topics, including
  • the different eCommerce business models,
  • how to choose your business model,
  • why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform, and
  • the best type of Shopify store for an online business.
​The info shared in this module is invaluable in forming the much-needed foundation of knowledge for your business.

Not everyone likes theory though. Dropshippers are especially prone to just jump in and get started. But, it's always good to have some theory behind you, instead of blindly starting with a new business.
In fact, as I explained in my Dropshipping Guide, successful business people always continue to learn and gain knowledge about the business they're in, if they want to be prosperous in the long run. So, this is a very good introduction to dropshipping and eCommerce. 

For more detail on Module 1's content, click on the button.

Module 02 - The Foundation for Success

Module length: 2 hours 14 minutes
This module covers a lot of theory on Market Research, Choosing a Niche, Spying on Competition, Principles of Online Marketing, and Value Proposition. 

The theory is balanced by good examples. Nick offers relevant case studies and methods comparable to some of the better dropshipping courses.