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eCom Hacks Bonuses

February 26, 2022

eCom Hacks - The COMPLETE Review

Bonuses & Supplemental Documentation


Bonus #1 High Ticket Dropshipping Course

  • This is a course completely on its own. You get 57 instruction videos to work through with its own documents to help you become a better dropshipper. It’s presented by Damien Watts and is professionally done. However, Damien is not known to me and finding info on him was difficult. That makes it difficult to say whether the information given is valid and whether it will work or not…
  • The 6 documents include: A Few Things Suppliers Look For, Doing Business With The BEST Drop Ship Suppliers, Important Drop Ship Supplier Content, Need To Have Pages on Your Site, Some Frequently Asked Questions (from clients to you as a dropshipper), The Top 5 Most Common High Ticket Drop Shipping Supplier Mistakes. These are great documents to have and refer to and is well worth going through.
  • Course length: 9 hours, 46 minutes.


Bonus #2: Access To Our High Converting Theme

  • Which you already received early on in Module 2. This is a simple text document with the link. Not much of a bonus there…


Bonus #3: Virtual Summit

  • There are two videos in this bonus module. They are condensed versions of a 12 hour webinar that Jared did with Barry from Really Successful.
  • The first video is just under 50 minutes. The video quality on this video is quite poor, which means that you can’t always see the finer details on the page shown.
  • Set up of a fan page on Facebook, creating an Ad Account, setting up Facebook Pixel (again), and finding clients.
  • Video two is just under an hour and shows how to build out a store and implement products. Sadly, the video quality is once again very poor and much of the contents has been covered by Jared in the eCom Hacks modules. It's not really much of a bonus.


Bonus #4: Mike Long’s Reverse Death Grip Strategy

  • This is just about a complete course on its own, clocking in at 6 hours and 40 minutes. 
  • Mike and other guest speakers reveal how you can improve your campaigns by adding events and using emails.
  • Using this method they’ve achieved results of $40k and $50k DAYS… not weeks or months, but on a given DAY. That's impressive!
  • It does take a while to work through all the content and to implement it though, but is worth all the effort. Mike goes into great detail and you can see that he knows what he's talking about. It's a great addition to the eCom Hacks course.

Bonus Section Supplemental Course Documents [High Ticket Dropshipping]

  • Some of these were already included in the file for Bonus #1. But there are many extras, such as 250+ High Ticket Niche Ideas, Drop Shipping Outside Of The USA, Virtual Assistant Interview Questions and more.
  • There's a total of 18 documents in this file. Some are very basic and only one or two pages long. More seasoned dropshippers might find a lot of the info as common knowledge, but it is essential for newbies to work through it all.
  • One of the best documents, is a spreadsheet called "Drop Ship Supplier Catalog". It's a little goldmine, giving you the names of vetted product suppliers in just about every product category, from Health and Beauty to Automotive Suppliers. A great resource to have!

Supplemental Course Documents [Modules 1-4]

  • There is also a separate folder you get with the rest of the course material. This folder has 6 additional documents that cover a variety of subject material. These documents tie in with what you learned in Modules 1-4.
  • The documents are Building Your Buyer Base, Custom Audience, Customer Service Virtual Assistant Master Guide, eCom Hacks 1-800 Phone Support Script, FAQ Golden Standard and eCom Hacks. All of them offer valuable information and is a must to read through. These are great documents to have, especially the 20 eCom Hacks.
  • For example, eCom Hacks is a Pdf document that contains 20 different hacks you can implement on your Home Page. Hacks such as how to make a more compelling title, how to properly brand your store, add more products to sell on your homepage, and more. 

BONUSES - My Key Takeaways 

Bonus #1 and Bonus #4 are by far the most valuable bonus features. 

Bonus #1 is titled High Ticket Dropshipping Course by Damien Watts. It is a full course with 57 videos, clocking in at 9 hours and 46 minutes. 

Bonus #4 is Mike Long’s Reverse Death Grip Strategy. Also a complete course on its own, you'll end up spending 6 hours and 40 minutes on this course. 

BUT, are they worth it though? In a nutshell, yes. A lot of it is basic and background info on their methods, but it is important to sit through it all in order to grasp the concepts taught. As a whole, they are great supplementary bonuses to the eCom Hacks course and will definitely make you a better dropshipper.


Content: You have to work through more content in the Bonus Feature segment than in the ENTIRE eCom Hacks course. 

Is it worth it? Yes and no. Much of it is a repetition of what has been covered earlier. But, the Supplemental Documents are an invaluable source of information. And then there are also some golden nuggets in the High Ticket Dropshipping Course. So yes, you might feel your heart drop into your shoes when you open the folder and see more videos than the rest of Jared’s course, but they are there to help you. Once you’ve worked through them, you will be a better dropshipper.



I feel the Bonus Features are a bit of a hit and miss. Additional documents are a real bonus and a great resource. Some of the Bonus Content however is not so great.

Bonus #1 is good as a standalone course. It covers a LOT of content and is a new point of view on Jared's outlook on selling high ticket items. It compliments eCom Hacks by expanding on one of Jared's tried and trusted methods. Bonus #2 and #3 are repeats of info already covered in Jared’s own course and are not so great. Bonus #4 again is a great bonus as it gives you another method to improve your advertising campaigns. It is very detailed and a great resource to work through.

Well done! You've read the ENTIRE eCom Hacks Course Review.

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