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eCom Hacks Module 1

February 26, 2022

eCom Hacks - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 1: Structure

Everything you need to know about the eCom Hacks Course by Jared Goetz. Every single module is covered in this review, and if you need more detail, I got you covered! I have a detailed review of every single module and bonus feature as well.

If you're looking for an in-depth review of eCom Hacks, then this is it.

MODULE 1: Structure

Video 1: Overview and Dive into my store

  • Jared gives you a quick overview of why you should be excited about the drop shipping business module.
  • He explains what drop shipping is,
  • and why it is such a good business model
  • Quick overview of the platforms that you’ll be using
  • Vid 2: High Level View of Successful Products

    • Jared highlights what makes a winning product.
    • Right product +right ad + right price + landing page + audience = WINNER
    • To find the winner you have to TEST, TEST and TEST. Test at least 10 products.

    With regards to the products you choose:

    • someone else must be selling it successfully
    • Can it be found on Oberlo or Aliexpress
    • Must be an impulse buy
    • Not found on many other sites
    • Need only 3-4% of people to make a purchase to make store profitable

    Tips on advertising:

    • use videos as ads to grab attention
    • Jared gives an example of one of his ads

    Regarding the pricing of your products:

    • COGS + ads < price
    • Price must be competitive. Compare to competitors.
    • Price items at 2 to 5 times the cost price
    • Items in $25 – $99 price range work the best

    Jared however, does not elaborate on the other components (landing page & audience) to make a WINNER. I guess this will be discussed in later modules.

    Vid 3: Open Shopify Store

    • Quick overview of how to open your Shopify store.
    • It literally takes under two minutes! It’s that easy…
    • Through Jared’s link to Shopify, you also get 10% discount and a free 21 trial.

    Vid 4: Purchasing your domain

    • Jared uses GoDaddy and goes into detail how to get a domain from them

    Vid 5: Linking your domain to Shopify

    • Once again it is a painstakingly easy process (as long as you use GoDaddy)
    • Click, click, click and you’re linked! (It's that easy!)

    Vid 6: Setting up your phone support

    • Setting up phone support legitimizes your biz
    • Jared suggests Grasshopper Virtual Phone System
    • Gives an actual example of how you can set your phone support messages
    • Cost is $24 per month if you choose the yearly plan
    • Jared shows how to record voice recordings and how to set up extensions

    Vid 7: Payment methods

    • Setting up payments using Swipe (for credit card purchases), PayPal and Amazon Pay
    • Jared gives important tips, such as making sure your personal details don’t reflect on customer’s statements and setting up a no-reply email address
    • How to set up PayPal
    • Does not show how to activate Amazon Pay

    Vid 8: Support email

    • Setting up a business email account using G Suite, linking it to your domain

    Vid 9: Meta descriptions

    • Setting Shopify preferences – Title and meta description
    • Important for search results in Google

    Vid 10: Shipping rules

    • Set up shipping based on the pricing of your items
    • Domestic and international shipping cost setup

    Module 1 - My Key Takeaways 

    In Video 7, Jared gives important tips concerning payment methods. The most useful tip: make sure your personal details don’t reflect on customer’s statements. This will save you countless headaches. Imagine unhappy customers having your personal number and email address? 


    Content: 7/10 Initial info is very basic, but necessary. 

    Gripe: Jared shows his Shopify figures of The Gadget Snob from 2017. (The shop is no longer running). A current 2019 Shopify Store would have carried more weight and given him even more street cred.

    OVERALL 70%


    Jared explains everything in a very clear and simple format. It’s great for beginners, but if you already have a Shopify store, much of Module 1’s content will be wasted on you. He does however give some great tips, like for me it was his tips on using video ads... so it is advised to at least skim through some of the parts.

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