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eCom Hacks Module 2

August 15, 2020


eCom Hacks - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 2: Setting up your store to CONVERT

Everything you need to know about the eCom Hacks Course by Jared Goetz. Every single module is covered in this review, and if you need more detail, I got you covered! I have a detailed review of every single module and bonus feature as well.

If you're looking for an in-depth review of eCom Hacks, then this is it.

Module 2: Setting up your store to CONVERT

Vid 1: Conversion rates

  • Jared stresses the importance of conversion rates when it comes to running a successfull online shop
  • He gives a quick explanation of what it is, and then gives an example of the CR percentages and their impact on your profit
  • At the end of the video, Jared says he will show you how to improve your all-important conversion rate in the next video.

Vid 2.1: The $5 000 000 theme

  • I’m confused. This video features Bradley (Bradley who? It’s not Cooper…and he’s badly lit from behind. So the video quality where he’s on the screen is poor). The video doesn’t even start with the (by now), well-known little intro theme to eCom Hacks. It just starts out of nowhere with this guy sitting behind a desk. It’s not in line with the rest of the course. At first I thought I played the wrong video, but no, this is the next one in the series…
  • Anyway, Bradley talks about The Theme. What theme? Where did this come from? He tells you about the freebies you get and then you have to give your credit card details for the free theme trial. After the 90 days it’s $14 per month (which you can cancel). So what happened to improving your CR? Is this it? Use a theme? … crickets …
  • So far this is the most confusing video in the course. The title says the $5mill theme, but nowhere does it really say anything about the theme. It’s not sold to you, it’s told to you. No sales pitch about why it’s good, or why it’s called the $5m theme, or…uhm… anything about the theme really. Except for where to get it, that you get a free 90 day trial with access to support and thereafter it’s $14. Enter your credit card details now! 


Vid 2.2: The $5 000 000 theme

  • There we go. Back to the slightly irritating eCom Hacks jingle. In my opinion, this should have been video 2.1, not 2.2.
  • Jared introduces the $5mil Shopify Theme and explains all the advantages to using this theme, such as the quick loading time and the Conversion Boosting Features (there are 20 of them!).
  •  The theme costs $120, but you get a free trial to see how it works. After the trial it is $14 per month. It looks to be well worth it!
  • Jared shows a live version of the theme on one of his e-commerce stores – it’s free-flowing, uncluttered and easy to navigate.


Vid 3: Free Shipping

  • Jared shows where on the Shopify Apps Store to get the Free Shipping Bar (it’s like a header) that he uses
  • You get a walk-through on how to set it up.


Vid 4: Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

  • Another app that Jared encourages you to install.
  • This particular app lets you contact prospective clients who left items in their cart without checking out.
  • You entice them to buy with follow ups offering discounts or special offers.


Vid 5: FAQ Page Setup

  • Jared shows an app that lets you easily set up your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.


Vid 6: Minimize Images For Fastest Load Speed

  • An introduction and explanation of an app that minimizes image and video size.
  • This helps with faster loading times of your site pages.


Vid 7: Adding Tracking To Your Site

  • An app for customers to track the shipping of their purchases.
  • Video explains how to set it up for your store.


Vid 8: Customer Reviews

  • Which app to use in order to set up your customer reviews for each product.
  • The app also gives you the option to remove less desirable reviews.


Vid 9: One Click Upsell

  • Jared loves the next app that is used to upsell.
  • He shows an example of how this one app made him an additional $58 776.28 in 30 days.
  • You basically offer buyers who are ready to pay, the option of additional products at discounted prices (with just an additional click). A typical example is the one below:

Vid 10: Step-by-Step Theme Setup (1 of 7)

  • This time around, it’s not Jared. Supposedly it’s John. That’s what the monitor says anyway.
  • He shows you how, via the backend of your Shopify dashboard, how to get to the App Store and which apps to get.
  • He shows the 5 most important apps to install and how to install them.


Vid 11: Step-by-Step Theme Setup (2 of 7)

  • How to set up your About Us page.
  • How to add Collections.
  • Adding Menu Items.


Vid 12: Step-by-Step Theme Setup (3 of 7)

  • Theme setting tips for your $5mill theme.
  • Setting up headers, logos, banners etc.


Vid 13: Step-by-Step Theme Setup (4 of 7)

  • How to import products into your store.


Vid 14: Step-by-Step Theme Setup (5 of 7)

  • Changing the look of product pages.
  • Removing SKU numbers, adding different colours, changing tabs etc.


Vid 15: Step-by-Step Theme Setup (6 of 7)

  • A walk-through of how to setup some of the apps within your Shopify store.
  • Editing email templates on the abandonment app.
  • Adding Chrome extension for reviews.

Vid 16: Step-by-Step Theme Setup (7 of 7)

  • Installing your Facebook Pixel.
  • Facebook what? “A Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that consists of a code that you can put on your website. The pixel fires to track site visitors. This data allows you to retarget those users with Facebook ads in the future, as well as see what they’re doing on your site when they return.” – Shopify

Module 2 - My Key Takeaways 

In this module, Jared shares many valuable tips, from small things like setting up 1-click conversion buttons to adding tracking and other apps. Most prominent to me, was the information about Facebook Pixel in the last video.


Content: 8/10 Initial info is very basic, but necessary. 

After the initial confusion created by videos 2.1 and 2.2, the rest of the module had clear and concise instructions on how to set up your Shopify store.



In Module Two, Jared gets into the meat of the course.

You’re shown exactly how to set up your store. From installing the theme all the way through to which apps to use and why you’re using them. 

A nice touch is being taken behind the scenes to be shown which apps to use, why he uses them, how to install them and how to best utilize them.

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