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eCom Hacks Module 3

February 26, 2022

eCom Hacks - The COMPLETE Review


Everything you need to know about the eCom Hacks Course by Jared Goetz. Every single module is covered in this review, and if you need more detail, I got you covered! I have a detailed review of every single module and bonus feature as well.

If you're looking for an in-depth review of eCom Hacks, then this is it.

MODULE 3: Products

Vid 1: What To Look For In A Product

  • A high level overview of what to look for in a product.
  • Go by the One out of Ten Rule: If you’re testing 10 products, you need to find at least one product that will scale. It’s important to remember that not all your products will be winners. Your success rate can be as low as 1 out of 10. According to Jared this is enough to ensure success.
  • When looking at margins, you should have a 75% mark-up.
  • Price-point should be $40 – $70 per unit.
  • Focus on sell-ability. Products that lean towards quick videos.
  • Model your ads on what works. Emulate competitor successes by choosing products that sell. (Question you should always ask yourself is whether the market has been saturated or not. Jared doesn’t explain this, and for me this is a BIG factor to consider before jumping on the band wagon.)
  • In the next breath, Jared says you need to find unique products that are not easily found on other stores... (Perhaps the secret is a combination of copying what works if you can get in fast enough, and finding your own new products that you think would sell. Would've been nice for a little more guidance here...)

Vid 2: Adding Products To Your Store

  • Jared shows which app to use in order to add products to your Shopify store.
  • How to get and install the Chrome extension for the app.
  • An example of a vetted supplier found via the app:
  • Jared gives a valuable tip when looking for suppliers, regarding shipping. Nice!
  • Jared shows three ways to find products. It’s a great way to compare suppliers and products.

Vid 3:  Where To Find Products

  • Jared stresses the problem: There are millions of products to sell. But what should you sell?”
  • A nice touch is that you get access to a website that Jared and his team created. On this site you can find pre-vetted, trending products that saves you the hassle of finding them. You get free access for life as a course member. (Side note: At the time of writing, when visiting the site, a lot of error messages popped up on the screen regarding “undefined variables”. These are web design issues/errors and gives the impression that the site was not professionally done. This could potentially lower confidence in the site…)
  • Jared shows you how to find products on this specific site and then how to do your research on the product.
  • Jared shows how to add a product to your import list and to add it to your website.
  • You get shown how to make your own little advertisement videos. You simply add images, some text, choose a background soundtrack and within 30 seconds you have an amazing little video. A very cool tool!
  • In between, Jared also shares how to change your Facebook newsfeed to all ads. Useful if you’re looking for hip new, trending products.

Vid 4:  Order Fulfillment

  • Jared is gone and “John” is back.
  • This video deals with what happens when you get your first order, so it is important to watch.
  • You basically go to your order app, fill in your card details and pay for the order. Your supplier will then take care of the shipping to your customer. Easy as pie!
  • This is a manual process of ordering, so when you get very busy and you get loads of orders, it is suggested that you get a virtual assistant (VA) to take care of it for you.

Module 3 - My Key Takeaways 

I like the idea that Jared offers his students a site where they can get the potentially "next-big-thing". However, there is a problem with this. He has 4 000 other students who have done the course before you... I keep hearing the words "market saturation" bouncing around my head for some reason.

Then there's the site that doesn't look too professional with all the error messages.

And finally, Jared's contentious choosing of products method. I would like more detail as to how it works exactly. 


Content: The content for Module 3 is very useful and once again explained in such a way to make it easy for the student. Finding the right product is probably the most essential element of building a successful store and I feel Jared might have dropped the ball here.



In Module Three, Jared explains how to find the right products. He doesn’t spend time on finding new, trending products, but rather on building on the successes of others. You basically get coached on how to ride the wave of success, following in the wake of others who have new trending products. You need to decide for yourself whether this is the best strategy for you or not. 

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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