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eCom Hacks Module 4

February 26, 2022

eCom Hacks - The COMPLETE Review

MODULE 4: Advertising

Everything you need to know about the eCom Hacks Course by Jared Goetz. Every single module is covered in this review, and if you need more detail, I got you covered! I have a detailed review of every single module and bonus feature as well.

If you're looking for an in-depth review of eCom Hacks, then this is it.


Vid 1: IMPORTANT – From Losing Product to Winning Product in 6 Days

  •  Jared feels that this is one of the most important videos.
  • He deals with how to take a product and turning it into a winning product.
  • Jared shows how a simple product, such as a rotating make-up organiser, made him almost $67k within a month. 
  • Jared walks you through the goals you should envision for yourself. He shows you how you can reach each of these goals.
    • Jared also gives tips on how to increase your PPE (Page Post Engagement) and WC (Website Conversion) over 5 days to make your product a winner. Top tips!

    Vid 2: How To Setup Your Facebook Page

    • You serve all your ads from your FB Page, so it’s important to get it right.
    • Jared walks you through setting up the page, getting a profile pic and cover photo, adding a description etc.

    Vid 3: Setting Up Your Business Manager, Ad Accounts, and Page

    • This video explains how to set up your entire Facebook Advertising System, from start to finish.
    • Jared shows how to set up your Facebook Business Manager, ad accounts and a campaign.

    Vid 4: Campaign Structuring

    • A look at different campaigns for each of your products (or objectives) and how to structure it.
    • Each ad set is an audience, so if you want to target more audiences, you need more ad sets to the existing campaign. Top tip: Don’t start a new campaign.
    • Another Top Tip: Ad sets get delivered to different segments within your targeted audience and that is why you make copies of your ads. The copies get delivered to other parts/segments of the audience.
    • Each creative (copy/video), gets their own ad.
    • Split test your ads (man vs a woman in the same ad) and keep what works.

    Vid 5: Facebook Ads 101 (by Jake Tenenbaum)

    • Jake illustrates the importance of using Facebook for ads. Here are some interesting facts:
    • Jake illustrates how to structure your Facebook Ads Activity, walking you through what Campaigns, Sets and Ads are, and what their purpose is.
    • He then talks about the 5 Considerations: App Installs, Video Views, Traffic, Engagement and Leads.
    • Jake also explains the different pieces of FB Ads and differentiates between different types of Ads that can be used.
    • He talks about Targeting – how people gets targeted and how to define your audience.
    • Jake explains how you can target your audience and why “Social Proof” is important and how to use Facebook’s Optimization.
    • This is one of the most insightful videos in the course, by far. Jake goes into a lot more detail than Jared does. Thumbs up!

    Vid 6: Facebook Ads 201 (by Jake Tenenbaum)

    • Jake takes you through a step by step approach on how to create a Facebook Ad campaign from scratch.
    • Jake gives some tips such as using an Excel spreadsheet to get everything in order before you start. Useful tip!
    • He then explains how to do the initial setup.
    • Not only does Jake show you what he does, but he also tells you why he does it. Invaluable! Double thumbs up!

    Vid 7: Testing Method #1 (explained)

    • Back to Jared. Jared explains the theory behind the different Testing Methods.
    • With this method, you use Facebook to create your audience and target people based on engagement.
    • You basically use broad engagement or targeting. This is great when you don’t have a big advertising budget. Then, based on the people who take action on your site, you re-target only those people who took action (such as watching an ad).
    • Jared also explains how to gauge whether your ad is successful or not and what to do next. These Rules of Thumb are Top Tips!

    Vid 8: Testing Method #1 (hands on)

    • This is one of Jared’s longest videos and very important.
    • It shows the actual, practical implementation of a Broad Engagement Campaign, as explained in the previous video.
    • Jared shows you exactly how to set up you PPE campaign based on this method, inside Facebook Ads.
    • The entire process is actually very easy and even beginners with no previous knowledge of FB Ads will be able to set up a PPE campaign after this video. Great job Jared!

    Vid 9: Testing Method #2 (explained)

    • This is the recommended method to implement, after you have had a successful PPE campaign. This is the aggressive method you use when you have money to spend on advertising.
    • Once again Jared goes into the details of what you will do during this method.

    Vid 10: Testing Method #2 (hands on)

    • This is the actual implementation of Method Two.
    • Jared shows how to build different ad sets in a conversion campaign in order to find winning audiences.
    • You also learn to do a PPE campaign which will fuel the conversion campaign by getting more likes, comments and shares.
    • Jared runs you through the exact steps to follow.

    Vid 11: 5 Scaling Strategies

    • Jared covers different scaling strategies, which includes Incremental, Dupe Ad Set and Start with a High Budget, New Targeting (Width Method), Hail Mary and the Surfing Method scaling strategy.
    • Once you have a winner, you have to scale your business strategy.
    • Jared does not recommend the widely used Incremental Strategy. Although it works, you can be quickly out-maneuvered by more savvy/aggressive marketers.
    • Method 2: Duplicate your existing winning ad with a higher budget.
    • Method 3: Try more ad sets targeting different audiences.
    • Method 4: This is the Hail Mary duplication method and has been hugely successful for Jared. (But it doesn’t always work…he says so himself, so be warned!!! This is crazy advice, considering that he says he has spent up to $60 000 per day! Who has that kind of money to gamble?)
    • Method 5: Surfing Method shows you how to ride the wave of success and bump up the budget of winners and decrease the budget of losers. This method requires you to keep an eye on your ad sets and their performance as you make adjustments every 3-4 hours.

    Vid 12: 6 Manual Bidding Strategies

    • FB advertising is compared to an auction, where the highest bidder gets the best advertising space.
    • Jared discusses the different approaches and strategies to manually bid on FB ads.
    • Strategy #1: Start campaign at the price where FB suggests and increase or decrease as necessary.
    • Strategy #2: For a niche product or market. Start low and increase as necessary.
    • Strategy #3: Start high and slowly decrease your bids. Not recommended, but sometimes works.
    • Strategy #4: The Bully Method – where you start high and never decrease.
    • Strategy #5: Start opening bid at 3x the recommended. Let it run for a while. Then drop the budget really low and crank it up again to a much higher budget. (I would love to have seen a practical example of this in use, as I feel Jared’s explanation will be lost on many. You could end up losing a lot of money on your FB ads if this isn’t done properly. BEWARE!)

    Vid 13: Scaling Ad Sets Out To See Deeper

    • This video deals with how to scale out horizontally.
    • Jared discusses two methods to do this. Targeting people according to mobile or desktop news feeds.

    Vid 14 – Custom Audiences, Look-a-Likes, & Intersecting

    • Jared touches on Custom Audiences, that Jake Tenenbaum covered in Videos 5 and 6.
    • Jared introduces Look-Alike Audiences – what they are, and how to capitalize on them.

    Module 4 - My Key Takeaways 

    It's difficult to sing the praises of a top tip when there are so many in this module. Some of the most memorable and most valuable are Jake Tenenbaum's insets (Videos 5, 6) and Jared's Rules of Thumb in Video 7. 

    Stand out advice is Jared's Advertising scaling methods.


    Content: 9/10

    This Module contains the most comprehensive content of the course. There’s a lot to work through, but it is super informative!

    OVERALL 85%


    As you progress through the course, this is probably the Module where you have to pay the most attention. Likewise, it is also the module where you get the most information. It is a lot to take in and taking your time and working through the steps methodically, are essential to getting your Ad Campaigns right. Do not skimp on this module. You’ll probably have to go through it more than once. 

    As you would expect in the final module of a course, this is the most valuable and comprehensive module. It goes into much more detail than the previous modules and covers more advanced subject matter.

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