Anthony Eclipse’s Ecom Mafia Review – Best Shopify & TikTok Dropshipping Strategies?

May 2, 2024

Anthony Eclipse's Ecom Mafia is a course and coaching platform on how to build successful Shopify and TikTok dropshipping stores. It gives access to 70+ training videos on creating, managing, and scaling your e-commerce business. The program also offers support and mentorship for dropshippers. Ecom Mafia's 24/7 support, large e-commerce community, and Anthony's 2 million sales make them exceptional. But, despite the existence of these programs online, dropshipping success rate remains to be 10% to 20%. 

Ecom Mafia reviews mostly positive online. On their sales page, they post success stories of their students from their discord server. On YouTube, success stories all came from Anthony Eclipse's channel. Additionally, the Whop website reviews are mixed, with positive reviews more dominant than negative. However, Reddit reviews show that there is a general precaution for dropshipping courses, not on Ecom Mafia in particular.

In this Ecom Mafia review, we will provide you with the program's pros and cons. We will also give you its general information and its inclusions. We'll also cover what reviews online say and if it's worth it. This article helps you discover if Ecom Mafia or dropshipping is right for you and if it's worth it.

Ecom Mafia Pros And Cons


Ecom Mafia gives access to 70+ training videos and provides expert support.

Ecom Mafia has 24/7 support and a community of like-minded individuals.

The program provides a hands-on approach to learning and building a dropshipping business through ecommerce stores.


Ecom Mafia asks for a monthly fee, which may be costly for people with tight budgets.

Ecom Mafia doesn't guarantee results, and students' success depends on dedication and effort.

Some students will find the program too intense or fast-paced for their learning style.


Ecom Mafia's basic (Soldier) monthly membership fee is $35 and $350 for an annual membership fee. They customize the VIP fee based on your current needs, but it is usually around $99 per month. per month.

Refund Policy

Ecom Mafia doesn't offer any refunds but gives you an opportunity to cancel anytime.


Ecom Mafia's origin date is 2023.


Ecom Mafia has a good reputation online.

What Shopify and TikTok Dropshipping Strategies are Taught in Ecom Mafia?

The Shopify and TikTok dropshipping strategies taught in Ecom Mafia are finding winning products and optimizing your ads. These strategies and topics are essential for successful dropshipping with Ecom Mafia. The program begins by teaching how to identify winning products, which reduces guesswork in managing an ecommerce store. It includes lessons on conducting competitor analysis to understand the tactics used by similar businesses. This is accompanied by extensive product research and how to choose the right supplier.

Further, you will learn how to create optimized and profitable online stores, enhancing trust, credibility, and conversion rates. The course also teaches advanced techniques for designing effective ad creatives which is essential for maintaining engagement and improving brand perception.

In addition to these skills, the program covers trend analysis to help anticipate market shifts and align product offerings effectively. You will also gain expertise in using tactical TikTok ads to generate year-round profits and explore niche marketing strategies. Lastly, Ecom Mafia provides insights on running seasonal ad campaigns and managing a seven-figure ecommerce brand.

What Can You Get From Ecom Mafia?

Dropshipping A-Z Course

The Dropshipping A-Z course includes over 70 detailed videos on dropshipping. It helps you find winning products, develop a brand-focused store, and increase profits.

TikTok Mastery Course

The TikTok Mastery course teaches testing and scaling your campaigns on TikTok with Anthony Eclipse. Learn proven strategies for scaling profitable products without platform restrictions.

Weekly Winning Products

Weekly Winning Products is the program's feature to stay ahead in the market with weekly updates. They will bring you the latest trending products using product research tools. It will set you apart from competitors.


Weekly Mastermind Calls

Weekly Mastermind Calls are personal calls with Anthony Eclipse. Discover new dropshipping strategies and practical tips for enhancing your business.

Private Discord Community

The Private Discord Community is another Ecom Mafia feature that connects you to your   community dropshippers. You can share advice, receive support, and collaborate to meet your dropshipping objectives.

How Does Ecom Mafia Compare to Other Communities?

The Ecom Mafia community is more engaged and active 24/7 compared to other communities. Anthony Eclipse, Ecom Mafia's founder and CEO, is always present on the server. The Discord community also offers weekly calls and private mastermind sessions. It offers a chance to learn from and network with accomplished dropshippers.

Additionally, the community has Dropshipping A-Z Course and TikTok Mastery Course. It offers a complete education for ecommerce entrepreneurs. The community gives direct access to business materials for increasing profit.

If issues arise, you can reach support via email or by clicking on the #support channel in Discord. If you have questions or support with dropshipping, their team is ready to help.

Who Is Ecom Mafia for?

Ecom Mafia is for ecommerce entrepreneurs aiming to scale their dropshipping businesses. The membership provides access to a range of resources. These resources are the Dropshipping A-Z and the private discord community. These resources and help entrepreneurs expand their ecommerce scalability. It covers guidance for selecting products, optimizing stores, and implementing growth-driven advertising strategies.

It's also for individuals interested in leveraging TikTok for advertising. It has TikTok Mastery course as a feature. The membership is ideal for taking advantage of platform popularity in marketing. Members can learn effective strategies and insights for successful ad campaigns.

Additionally, it's for beginners looking to start their online store. With a Dropshipping brand-building guide, the membership is perfect for beginners. Beginners can learn the fundamentals of setting up and managing an online store. They can also learn strategies for building a strong brand presence.

Experienced sellers seeking to refine their strategies and operations can also enjoy Ecom Mafia. Dropshippers get advanced resources like store and TikTok page reviews with the membership. It also gives access to winning product recommendations and viral marketing tactics. These tools can help experienced sellers optimize strategies and stay ahead of the competition. This is important because dropshipping is a growing market.

What Is Ecom Mafia 1:1 Mentorship Call?

Ecom Mafia's 1:1 Mentorship Call is an exclusive mentorship program by Anthony Eclipse on dropshipping. The Mentorship Call connects you with Anthony to learn from his expertise. Dropshippers who struggle with revenue in their first 3 months can enjoy the Mentorship Call. It answers all your questions about dropshipping directly from Anthony and his team. It also provides new strategies and troubleshooting techniques to improve marketing and sales.

This mentorship helps you to reach your desired monthly revenue. To book a call with Anthony, individuals can visit the Ecom Mafia website and follow their instructions. 

Are The Students of Ecom Mafia Getting Results? 

Ecom Mafia students are getting results according to their sales page. They share success stories and what makes them different from competitors. One student posted that he was dropshipping for months without profits until he joined mentorship. After 6 months, he has scaled a few of his stores to around $100k. He continued by thanking Anthony for the help and guidance.

Another review came from Nea233. She's in her first week with a new product and still learning. With her new product, she earned $5.9k and is optimistic about maintaining this income. She's thankful for all the guidance she received, especially Anthony Eclipse.

In Anthony Eclipse's Youtube channel, Jason Rip Tide shares his success story in TikTok dropshipping with Ecom Mafia. He earned $80K in 7 days from his initial $2,000 per week. He had a breakthrough after joining Anthony's Ecom Mafia Mentorship program. The program gave him crucial skills for creating effective ads and winning creatives. Jason used this new knowledge to scale his dropshipping business. It allowed him to quit his job and school to pursue dropshipping full-time. 

But these results are not independent. The comments came from their sales page, attracting students to enroll. Additionally, the results posted on YouTube all came from Eclipse's channel.

What Does Whop Say About Ecom Mafia?

Ecom Mafia has a good reputation in Whop. It gained 4.6 out of 5 star rating on its reviews. One of the user said that he loves the guys in Ecom Mafia. He mentioned that Ecom Mafia can equip you with the knowledge needed to succeed in dropshipping. In his Mentorship Program, they equipped him with a winning formula from coaches and mentors. His dropshipping store's profitability has improved thanks to this, saving me a lot of time.

However, there is also a negative review found in Whop. The reviewer criticizes Ecom Mafia's outdated content and poor support. Their materials are stuck in 2022. It failed to cater to the needs of dynamic platforms like TikTok. The review describes the support as nearly non-existent, comparing it to a one-man operation. Additionally, he said that the community weekly calls and Discord forums were disappointing. 

The reviewer also highlights unprofessional behavior from  Anthony. He accused Anthony of dismissing complaints and threatening to publicize their conversation. He advised against Ecom Mafia for dropshippers in need of current strategies and reliable support.

What Does Reddit Say About Ecom Mafia?

Reddit doesn't say a lot about Ecom Mafia. Ecom Mafia reviews on Reddit is only one thread. The thread started with a user asking if anyone has joined Anthony Eclipse's Ecom Mafia Discord. He added that he's new to dropshipping and recently come across Anthony Eclipse’s Ecom Mafia sever. His curiosity was about whether anyone had joined his paid discord, such as the Soldiers or the VIPs. He wanted to know if their experience was worth it.

The first comment to the thread said not to waste time on any paid discord servers or groups like Ecom Mafia. He added that you should try to learn it on your own. Take advice from those doing well. According to him, you can learn the skills on your own this way. The user offers to help him out.

The last comment on the thread said that Ecom Mafia seems too good to be true. This is almost in every case of mentorship programs. He sarcastically added that Eclipse's content gives me hope that he can start his own.

Who Is Anthony Eclipse?

Anthony Eclipse is the CEO and founder of Ecom Mafia, a course and coaching platform for dropshipping. His career started eight years ago with YouTube, posting Clash of Clans videos. His channel thrived, gathering over 1 million subscribers and 300 million views. This provided him with notable income of over $20,000 from YouTube alone. However, as his views decreased in 2019, he pursued new challenges.

In 2021, Anthony shifted from YouTube to training as a firefighter. He explored dropshipping during this transition, finding it both promising and challenging. Despite investing in courses and mentorships, he struggled in his first year. He lost around $15,000 with no ROI. He pondered on what he was doing wrong. This led to frustration and doubt about his chosen direction.

However, a turning point came when Anthony invested $1,000 in a one-hour mentorship call with Luke Belmar. He is a known success coach in the ecommerce space. Despite the call being delayed, Luke not only refunded the fee but also provided the promised mentorship. Under Luke's mentorship, Anthony finally found his edge in the ecommerce world. He discovered his first winning product for his ecommerce store which is leggings for women. This brought in $89,000 in only two weeks. His success and completion of his firefighting course were significant milestones in his life.

Choosing to capitalize on his newfound success, Anthony focused full-time on dropshipping. His dropshipping investment continued to grow. Utilizing TikTok and social media, he applied his dropshipping knowledge in 2022 to boost his business.

Anthony Eclipse's Claim

Anthony Eclipse claims he has a 6 step-by-step system that people use to make $5-$15k in profit. This is achievable in the first 90 days in ecommerce. Part of this claim is that these dropshipping strategies work and his members see significant results.

Anthony Eclipse's Claims Debunked

Anthony Eclipse's claim of students making $5-$15k in profit in the first 90 days is optimistic but needs critical evaluation. Based on existing data, the general success rate for dropshipping businesses is low. The profitability rate for dropshipping in their first year is only 10% to 20%. Most failed stores also fail in the first five years. Achieving high profits in the first 90 days may not be as common or easy as claimed. Additionally, dropshippers usually have profit margins of 10% to 30%, reaching up to 50% with the right strategies.

Dropshipping avoids inventory management and has lower startup costs than traditional retail. However, challenges include sourcing suppliers, shipping, and customer service. These factors significantly impact profitability, especially in the initial stages.

Additionally, dropshipping requires effective marketing and driving traffic. SEO and social media marketing can be tedious or costly if you don't have the skills. These tasks require skill and time, often taking over 90 days to see significant results.

Customer expectations around shipping costs and delivery times are also becoming demanding. Online shoppers now expect faster shipping times. Around 33% expect it faster, while 40% expect free shipping. This can pressure dropshipping operations with limited control over logistics. It also compromises profit margins if not managed.

Dropshipping is a valuable option for those seeking extra income but need to consider these challenges. Anthony Eclipse even added a disclaimer that what he teaches is not a get-rich-quick scheme. He believes in hard work and the law requires him not to make any guarantees.

What Are the Disadvantages And Risks of Dropshipping?

Dropshipping disadvantages and risks are competition, low profit margins and shipping issues. It's also challenging to have lack of control over inventory and legal issues.

  • Extreme competition: Dropshipping is a popular business model with a lot of competitors. You need effective dropshipping product research tools and analytics to stand out. According to, there are about 24 million e-commerce stores worldwide. This leads to a saturated market, with many competitors contending for the same customers. This can make it challenging to stand out and attract sales.
  • Lower profit margins: Dropshippers often have lower profit margins because of supplier payments and fees. This affects total sales before expenses. Generating large profits can be challenging, especially in competitive niches.
  • Shipping issues: Dropshipping relies on third-party suppliers to fulfill orders. This results in longer shipping times and inconsistent product quality. Customers become dissatisfied if orders arrive late or don't meet their expectations.
  • Lack of control over inventory: Dropshippers have limited control over product inventory management. They rely on suppliers to stock and ship products with the right product description. This leads to stock-outs or back orders, harming customer satisfaction and brand reputation.
  • Potential legal issues: Dropshippers risk legal issues like product liability and intellectual property infringement. Dropshippers should know ecommerce legal considerations to prevent expensive legal disputes.

Conclusion: Why Local Lead Gen Biz Is Better Route To Passive Income?

Local lead generation is a better route to passive income because it is more scalable, flexible, and generates predictable passive income. Dropshipping involves selling products without holding inventory. However, it requires ongoing management of online stores, customer service, and supplier relations. It has low investment, but competition is global and volume sales drive profitability. According to dropshipping has a low success rate of 10% to 20% and profit margins range from 10% to 15%.

Initial investment for local lead generation is higher but decreases over time. This model is less competitive, especially in niche markets, and can become relatively passive. It’s done by maintaining sites that have already ranked well. Local businesses pay well for quality leads, ensuring higher and more stable returns.


Try the local lead gen biz if you want passive income, less competition in localized niches, and higher ROI with targeted leads. Additionally, 89% of marketers say methods like SEO  are successful. Businesses can see a 2.5 times higher conversion rate compared to standard company websites. It’s a more preferable choice for long-term sustainability and minimal active management.

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