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Ecom Revolution Review: 4 Disadvantages of Dropshipping

May 19, 2023

Ecom Revolution is a Shopify dropshipping course created by Sebastian Esqueda. His course covers everything you need to know about setting up your ecommerce store. He teaches you how to use social media platforms like TikTok to build a brand and create customer loyalty through digital marketing.

Dropshipping is a great business model if you’re looking to get started in e-commerce without worrying about storage. However, there are also disadvantages to dropshipping such as your suppliers lacking inventory and low-profit margins. Local Lead generation, on the other hand, doesn't deal with physical products removing the need for storage and inventory.  

4 Disadvantages of Dropshipping

1. Legal Liability

Having a trustworthy supplier is important. You don’t always know where they get their products from or if they’re producing them legally. If the supplier you’re working with breaches any laws and your customers decide to take legal action, you're held responsible for customer experience. 

2. No Control Over Product Quality

Customer experience relies on product quality. Since you aren’t dealing with the product yourself, you have no control over how your consumer receives them. Having bad customer reviews can affect your brand and result in lesser sales. 

3. Stock Shortages

You’re not in control of how much inventory your supplier keeps. If your consumer’s demands exceed the supply, you may lose sales. 

4. Low Profit Margins 

The startup cost to create a dropshipping business is low. However, this means that the returns are also low. Most of the money goes to the supplier, so in order to make a good profit, you would need to make a lot of sales. 

What is Ecom Revolution? 

Ecom Revolution

Ecom Revolution is a training program hosted by Sebastian Esqueda. They teach everything there is to know about Shopify dropshipping. Their course covers how to set up your online store, scaling your products, and using social media for marketing. Besides training materials, they provide guidance with the chance to talk to Sebastian himself.

Pros and Cons of Ecom Revolution


The coach is well known in ecommerce industry. 

The startup costs is low. 

They provide guidance on top of the actual course. 

You have the opportunity to talk to the coach himself. 


There isn't much information on the program. 

There aren't any reviews from outside sources. 



Refund Policy

No refund. Their site does not mention any refund policies. 




There aren't any reviews outside from the testimonials on their site.

Who Is Sebastian Esqueda?

Sebastian Esqueda is a TikTok dropshipper, YouTuber, and dropshipping guru. He is most known for his YouTube account, which has amassed over 81k subscribers. His content revolves around dropshipping and how he built a business that generates $100k+ per month in his 20s. He is also known for his partnership with Sebastian Ghiorghiu in creating the free online course, Discover TikTok Dropshipping. 

Sebastian Esqueda YouTube

How Much Does Ecom Revolution Cost? 

The entire program costs $1,997. However, this price may be subject to change as Sebastian is planning to have a prince increase soon. 

Ecom Revolution cost

Who Is Ecom Revolution For?

Ecom Revolution is for anybody who’s interested in dropshipping. They cover the basics in how to build a dropshipping store and go over how to scale your brand. The course is meant for beginners as they provide guidance, but it can also be for people looking to take their dropshipping business to the next level. 

What Is In Ecom Revolution? 

The Ecom Revolution training program contains over 90+ videos designed to teach you how to find products, set up your store, and use social media to scale your business. Besides the course materials, they also provide additional features to help you earn $10k a day. 


Sebastian covers everything you need to know to start dropshipping. He goes over the do’s and don’ts and ecommerce trends to prepare you. 

Shopify Infrastructure

Sebastian teaches you how to build an ecommerce website that coverts sales. He covers the blueprint and the apps that he uses to optimize your conversion rate. 


Sebastian goes over the mindset you need to maintain to ensure the success of your business. 

TikTok Ads

Sebastian covers everything you need to know about using the social media platform, TikTok, to run successful ads. He teaches strategies and how to diagnose issues you may encounter.

Product Research

Sebastian teaches you how to find the right product and shares some of his best products. He equips you with everything you need to find million dollar products. 

7 Figure Case Studies

Sebastian goes over all the 7 figure stores he has run. He shows you how he scaled them up to 7 figures so you can replicate his process. 

Brand Dominance

Sebastian teaches you how to grow past building a TikTok dropship store. He shares the blueprint for building a successful brand that can generate more sales. 

Stuff Nobody Talks About

Sebastian discusses other details necessary for making a successful dropship store. He covers credit card, company structure, hiring VAs, payment processors, custom checkouts, ordering in bulk, and private suppliers.

Added Features: 

  • Discord Ultra Tier Lifetime Access - It usually costs $100 per month to get access to Sebastian's community where he shares products and updated strategies. 
  • Direct Access to Sebastian - You get a 15 minute consulting call with him and are free to ask for help if you ever run into issues. 

What Social Media Platform Does Ecom Revolution Use For Ads? 

Ecom Revolutions uses TikTok to run ads. They teach you hot to build a brand on the social media platform and how to fix any issues that you may encounter. Sebastian claims Facebook ads has become difficult to use and that TikTok ads are a gold mine for beginners. 

How Much Do You Need To Get Started With Dropshipping? 

One major issue investors run into when starting an online business is capital. Dropshipping does not require a lot of capital. According to Sebastian Esqueda, you would need only $100 to begin dropshipping. This is to pay for ecommerce platform fees and app fees. Sebastian himself only had $47 in his bank account when he started dropshipping. 

Ecom Revolution Review and Testimonials 

The Ecom Revolution training program has helped people scale their dropshipping business to making $20k-$40k a day. You can see a lot of testimonials and messages from clients on their website. However, despite running for a year, there aren’t any other reviews from outside sources. 

Ecom Revolution testimonials

If you really want to learn Dropshipping for free, you can check my article about the Creator dropshipping class by Jeremy Holst. 

Ecom Revolution Alternatives

The Last Ecom Training by Justin Phillips is an online training program that teaches you how to grow and scale your Shopify store by leveraging influencers to help you promote your brand. As you go through the course, you learn his methods for reaching out to high-profile influencers, strategies that will help you imitate the successful ecommerce brands and how to generate traffic. 

Price: The Last Ecom Training costs $1,497

More Info: The Last Ecom Training Review

Ecom Remastered by Austin Rabin is a one-on one e-commerce acceleration program that teaches beginners and business owners how to start and scale their online businesses. The course aims to deliver an additional $10,000 monthly in revenue and profit margins. Ecom Remastered offers weekly live Zoom calls, Q&As, educational videos, a resource base, and an exclusive community.

Price: Ecom Remastered costs around $1,000-$2,000 with a down payment of $100-$200. However, there is no set price stated on his website.

More Info: Austin Rabin Review

Conclusion: Can Ecom Revolution Help You Earn 7 Figures With Dropshipping? 

The Ecom Revolution training program can definitely be helpful for someone just starting with dropshipping. They provide a lot of information on how to get started and how to take your business to the next level. The coach, Sebastian Esqueda, is also well known in the dropshipping industry. He provides a lot of free information and guidance which can help you earn with dropshipping. However, the course itself does not have a lot of reviews despite it running for some time.

Dropshipping in 2024 is profitable. There are a lot of benefits, and it removes the hassle of having to keep inventory. However, it's difficult to create a unique brand and reach a broad audience. You would need to put in a lot of time to scale your business in whichever ecommerce platform you’re using. Most of the money goes to your supplier, so in order to generate a lot of passive income, you would need to bring in a lot more sales. If you’re looking for a business model that doesn’t deal with physical products then you may be interested in local lead generation. This model does not require you to use other platforms as you will create your own digital real estate that drive in free traffic. The leads generated from this digital real estate are what you sell to local business owners. 

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