Leon Green’s Ecom Stride Academy Review — 5 Major Disadvantages Of Dropshipping

March 15, 2024

The Ecom Stride Academy is a dropshipping program by Leon Green that teaches beginners how to use Facebook ads as a primary marketing strategy in the dropshipping business. It is a comprehensive guide that helps beginners to start and build their own businesses from scratch.

The dropshipping market is rapidly growing and will reach $243.42 billion by 2024, with further growth projected in the coming years. However, the success rate remains low, with an average of only 10%-20% succeeding. Many dropshippers fail in their first month due to low profits and frustration. While competition is a factor, the low success rate poses a major challenge in this business model. Can Leon Green's Ecom Stride Academy increase your success rate?

If you’re looking for another option that offers a higher success rate, consider local lead generation. With dropshipping, success can be slim, averaging only 10%-20%, and the business requires ongoing management and attention to ensure timely order fulfillment and customer satisfaction. In contrast, the local lead generation business model offers profit margins of 80%-90% showing how successful it is, and involves creating and renting out lead-generating websites to local businesses, allowing for a passive income stream and less ongoing management.

Ecom Stride Academy Pros And Cons


The course is cheap for lifetime access.

 Ecom Stride Academy offers a free dropshipping program but merely focuses on showing products to test for your business. 

The website is straightforward, you can easily access the program. 


 Ecom Stride Academy does not offer a refund policy due to the nature of all content.

 I've found some bad feedback saying that Leon Green is a scam. 

You can't reach Leon easily, according to those who enroll in his course.

It has no mentorship. You need to pay $100 for 1-1 mentorship with Leon which is more expensive than the course. 


Ecom Stride Academy costs $199 but right now it is discounted to only 20.

Refund Policy

Leon Green does not offer refund policy.


Ecom Stride Academy starts in 2018. 


Leon Green has a vast online audience on YouTube with over 115K subscribers. 

5 Major Disadvantages Of Dropshipping

1. Choosing the wrong supplier

Finding reliable and trustworthy suppliers can be a challenge in dropshipping. If you partner with a supplier who has a poor reputation or doesn't meet your expectations, it can cause significant problems for your business. For instance, if a supplier is frequently out of stock or ships products late, your customers may get frustrated and leave negative reviews, leading to decreased sales and brand damage. Therefore, it's crucial to research and vet potential suppliers thoroughly before partnering with them.

2. High competition

THe dropshipping business model is widely used with over 1 million entrepreneurs, so many niches have a lot of competition. To do well in this field, you need to have something special that makes you stand out from the others. You can differentiate yourself by offering exceptional customer service, personalized recommendations, or fast shipping. By understanding your target audience and their needs, you can develop a strategy that resonates with them and helps you stand out in a crowded market.

3. Limited control over the supply chain

You rely heavily on your suppliers to handle inventory management, order processing, and shipping. While this model has some benefits, it also means that you have limited control over the supply chain. If your supplier experiences a delay in shipping or runs out of stock, you'll have to deal with the fallout and explain it to your customers. To mitigate this risk, you can look for suppliers with excellent communication skills and a proven track record of fulfilling orders promptly.

4. Low-profit margins

One of the biggest drawbacks of dropshipping is the relatively low profit margins averaging about 15%-20%. Since you're not purchasing inventory in bulk, you'll likely pay a higher price per unit than a traditional retailer would. This means that your profit margins will be lower, and you may have less room to invest in marketing and advertising. However, by handpicking your niche and finding high-demand products with a low cost of goods sold (COGS), you can maximize your profit margins and grow your business.

5. Customer service and returns

As a dropshipper, you're responsible for managing customer service and returns, even if the issue is caused by the supplier. This can be challenging, especially if you're dealing with a difficult supplier or an unhappy customer. To provide excellent customer service, you'll need to be responsive, empathetic, and quick to resolve issues. Additionally, you'll need to have a clear return policy that outlines your process for handling returns and exchanges.

What Do I Get In Ecom Stride Academy?

With Ecom Stride Academy, you will get weekly handpicked and tested winning products with website design, ad copy, and step-by-step testing strategies using Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads. This course teaches you how to automate order fulfillment and scaling techniques for turning a winning product into a brand.

Course Content:

  •  Winning products every week that is handpicked and tested by Leon.
  • The website design for each winning product I choose and upload to the program.
  • The ad copy for your ads. 
  • The interests and audience to target for each product I provide so your ads automatically fulfill the right customers.
  • How to test each winning product I give you step-by-step using Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads with my current up-to-date 2024 strategies, automatically fulfilling.
  • How to fulfill your orders automatically?
  • How to scale a winning product and turn it into a brand when one works for you and passes the testing phase.

Who Is The Owner of Ecom Stride Academy?

The owner of Ecom Stride Academy is Leon Green, who migrated to the USA from Nigeria with his family in 2003. Leon's entrepreneurship dreams were inspired by seeing his mother's struggle with financial challenges, such as rent and food, after his father's passing. In 2018, with no investment, Leon began his Dropshipping journey through self-teaching, because of the expensive cost of courses and mentors.

He overcame the challenge of getting people on his website for free and eventually profited, allowing him to transition to Facebook ads. Through trial and error, he has gained extensive knowledge of the dos and don'ts of dropshipping and learned valuable personal skills that have contributed to his success. Leon claims that he’s reaching a 7-figure mark now. 

Who Is Ecom Stride Academy For?

Ecom Stride Academy is for beginners who are looking to start their own online business. The course aims to teach the fundamentals of dropshipping in a way that is easy to understand for those who have little to no prior knowledge of dropshipping. It is not an advanced course and is tailored to those who are new to e-commerce. It will cover topics such as product research, website creation, marketing, and advertising, all of which are essential skills for anyone looking to succeed in this business model. Whether you are a student, stay-at-home parent, or just looking for an additional source of income, Ecom Stride Academy can help you take the first steps toward building your own dropshipping business. 

Is Ecom Stride Academy Worth It?

Ecom Stride Academy can be worth it for beginners who have a tight budget. The course is reasonably priced at $20 and covers the fundamentals of dropshipping, but it is not an advanced course. You will also gain access to a free recorded dropshipping program that teaches how to start and set up FBA ads for your business and provides some products that Leon uses for his dropshipping business. However, there are mixed feedback and concerns about the course.

It's risky for beginners to enroll in this program because of the feedback of people from Reddit who try the course stating that Leon Green is a scam. 

But, the feedback is diverse. Some students who try the course get some useful insights and say that Leon's course is good and helpful. 

Dropshipping may seem easy, but it is not. It requires guidance and support from an experienced guru. However, reaching out to Leon Green may be challenging according to some students, and some lessons he teaches are available on YouTube for free. If you are a beginner with a limited budget, The Ecom Stride Academy may be worth considering. Still, it is essential to weigh the feedback and conduct thorough research before making any investment. If you want another option, check eCom Babes or Skup.

Is Dropshipping Profitable In 2024?

Yes, dropshipping still profitable in 2024, with the global market projected to reach $102.6 billion by 2025. However, it also has some drawbacks, including intense competition, which can make it difficult for new businesses to gain traction and attract customers. Dropshippers also rely on suppliers for timely delivery and quality control, lack control over inventory and shipping, and lower profit margins averaging only 15%-20%. Despite these challenges, dropshipping remains popular because of its low startup costs. It can still be a profitable business model for those who will work hard and build a successful online business.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a customer purchases a product, the store purchases the item from a third party, usually a wholesaler or manufacturer, who then ships it directly to the customer. This means that the store never physically handles the product, and the customer receives the product directly from the supplier. The store sets its own prices and profits from the difference between the wholesale and retail prices. Essentially, dropshipping allows retailers to start a business without having to invest in inventory or manage shipping and fulfillment logistics.

Why Local Lead Generation Is The Best Business Model?

Local lead generation is the best business model because, unlike dropshipping, local lead generation allows you to avoid some drawbacks, such as fierce competition. With local lead generation, you are only competing with 20-30 companies since you focus on a particular area. Also, this business model is not reliant on any suppliers. In dropshipping, you are reliant on suppliers to ship the products to your customers, which can lead to shipping delays or unreliable product quality. In local lead generation, you provide a service to local businesses by generating leads and connecting them with potential customers.

Another advantage of local lead generation is the potential for recurring income. Once you have established a relationship with local businesses and provided them with consistent leads, they are likely to continue working with you and pay for your service. As someone that did both, I wouldn't recommend dropshipping for a beginner. 

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