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eCom Success Academy Training Module 2

August 16, 2020


eCom Success Academy- The COMPLETE Review


This is an in-depth review of eCom Success Academy's Training Module 2 by Adrian Morrison. This module deals exclusively with sourcing products for your Shopify Store. This covers product research, finding vendors, and sourcing custom products and art work. 


Total Videos: 24
Video length: 8 hours 54 minutes

Lesson 41 - Introduction

This lesson serves as an overview of AliExpress.

Adrian goes on to explain the reasons why dropshippers use AliExpress:
  • There is an unlimited amount of products to choose from
  • Extremely cheap prices and good quality products 
  • Possible to dropship direct from the manufacturers
  • Never have to stock / see/ touch the products that you sell
  • There's no upfront investment in products. You only pay after you have been paid

Adrian gives you a quick tour of how to look for products on AliExpress and how to order. 

Lesson 42 - Vendor Feedback Overview

Before you can add a product to your Shopify store, you need to make sure that the vendor is able to deliver on the product and fulfill your orders. 

It's better to have a handful of great vendors that you can build a relationship with, rather than having a hundred different vendors and they don't all come to the party. 

Adrian gives advice on what to look out for when looking at vendors and gives some very useful tips. Pay close attention to what the warning signs are. 

Lesson 43 - Finding Top Selling Products

Most new dropshippers get overwhelmed by the millions of choices and don't really know how to choose the best possible products.

In this lesson, Adrian shows you how to choose the best products. Sadly, it's not as easy as simply hitting the "Best Seller" Button and choosing from there. 

Luckily, Adrian shows you exactly what to look for and it is not difficult to implement. 

Lesson 44 - Choosing A Vendor

Adrian gives some great advice on what to look for when choosing a vendor. Look out for:
  • Vendors that can communicate in English
  • They must use Skype
  • Find vendors with Diamonds or Crowns
  • Good customer feedback on their vendor pages are a good sign
  • They must offer e-Packet shipping
  • The vendor must be willing to accept bulk drop shipping via .csv file.

Adrian shows how to "prospect" vendors by chatting with them. This serves as a quick vetting process as well.

Lesson 45 - DropShipping Template

This is a great lesson! Adrian gives you a downloadable .rtf document that contains two different templates that you can use when communicating with potential vendors. This tells the vendor in detail what you need from them to cover "bulk drop shipping".

Adrian shows in the video how he used the template to also chat "live" with a vendor in China about the bulk .csv orders. 

Lesson 46 - Negotiating Product Prices

Adrian offers some great advice on how to negotiate prices with your established vendors.

He first tells you what NOT to do and then follows it up with what you can do.

Adrian suggests the Take-Away method as the best way to go about negotiating product prices.

Video 7: 01 - Sourcing Products - Pillow Profits Intro

Adrian introduces you to the Pillow Profits app that you can utilize in your Shopify store.

It is basically a print-on-demand service based in the US, where you can print custom made products according to your artwork. 

These products include everything from clothing (hoodies to shoes), bedding to handbags, even branded furniture.

  • The pricing stays the same and includes shipping.
  • You can order single items without a change in the price. 
Adrian shows how easy it is to create products for your store.

Video 07: 02 - Pillow Profits $10K Campaign Walk-Through

This is a video that was recorded during Adrian's Profit Power Hour where he introduces his Pillow Profits Campaign that he made available to his students.

This was made available to students in May of 2017, so I'm not sure if it will still generate any sales today.

The links still work (as of this review in September 2019), and you can still download the free art files to generate a FB Ad. So it might still be worth your while watching for an hour and a half and then implementing what was offered. 

Lesson 47 - TeeLaunch Introduction

This is sub-2 minute video where Adrian just introduces Tee Launch, a US vendor. 

Lesson 47 - TeeLaunch - Video 2
Adrian expresses his love for print-on-demand because there are huge profits to be made. 

Some of the custom printed things they sell:
  • t-shirts
  • tumblers
  • coffee mugs
  • canvas art
  • home goods etc. 

Adrian shows you where to get the app in the Shopify App store. He walks you through the setup step by step. 

Lesson 47 - TeeLaunch - Video 3
In this lesson, Adrian shows you how to design and order a custom T-shirt on TeeLaunch.

Adrian shows you the different T-shirt options and suggests one of the cheapest options.

Adrian then shows you how to upload different types of clothing to your store with a custom design.  

Lesson 48 - TeeLaunch Video 4 - Mugs

Yes, mugs have been around forever, but they have been around for so long because custom mugs still sell.

It's a very simple process to setup and populate your store with custom mugs using this app.

Lesson 49 - TeeLaunch Video 5 - Custom Accessories

In this video Adrian introduces you to custom accessories. This includes products like tote bags, fleece blankets, tapestries etc. 

Adrian suggests his top accessory product (for 2015/2016) - the only way to see if they are still a hot ticket, is to try it yourself I guess... 

(Do you start to see the problem I have with dropshipping in 2019..?)

Lesson 49 - New TeeLaunch Video

This video goes hand in hand with the previous video and shows how a single image can be used for multiple custom-made products. 

​Lesson 50 - Sourcing To Scale

Adrian states that you know you are int he big leagues when you start sourcing to scale.  This means you're buying products in bulk, warehousing them in the USA to make use of faster shipping. Buying in bulk can also double or triple your profits.

Adrian goes over when you should implement this strategy, why you should do it, and where you need to go to, in order to do it (how & who). 

Be warned though, there is some significant RISK involved in this method...

Adrian does list the pros and cons of this method, so weigh them up and decide if it is worth the risk. 

Lesson 51 -

In this lesson, Adrian introduces you to Alibaba, the big brother of AliExpress.

The main difference is that you buy in bulk from AliBaba, directly from manufacturers.

This is your go-to site when you decide to use the Sourcing to Scale Method discussed in the previous video.  

Lesson 52 -

This is the final follow-up to the Sourcing To Scale Method. 

Adrian uses OneDollarFulfillment for the fulfillment of his product storage, handling and shipping. It also offers Inventory Management and easily integrates with your Shopify shopping cart. 

New Video: Art Licensing - Intro

Art Licensing is certainly a topic that is not covered in other courses. 

Art Licensing is the right to use and publish high quality (and high converting) art work on your print-on-demand products. 

Adrian covers how you can find custom / original art to use on your custom-made products. 

Yes, you do pay royalties on each item sold, BUT Art Licensing does offer several advantages:
  • You save time by NOT trying to design your own art work. 
  • The end product looks professional and it is UNIQUE.
  • You by-pass the time-consuming "being creative" phase.  
  • You don't work with designers.
  • Produce results at a faster pace.
  • Sell your items for more profit.

New Video: Art Licensing Video 2 - Art Licensing Deals

There are different types of royalties and Adrian suggests his preferred type. Adrian describes Royalty on Nett Profit and how you would work out the amount due to the artist. 

He also discusses the payment structure to the artists with reference to when they get paid. 

New Video: Art Licensing Video 3 - Art Licensing Tiers

There are two Tiers to Licensing art: 

Tier 1 = stock art websites (like Shutterstock)
  • This involves a small one-time licensing fee paid for EACH image you want to use. 
  • Fastest way to get started
Tier 2 = direct deals with the artist
  • Contact artists directly through websites like Deviantart or even Instagram
  • Get higher quality art that converts better
  • BUT costs more than Tier 1 stock art

New Video: Art Licensing Video 4 - Art Licensing Tier 1

There are many stock art sites. Adrian prefers using Shutterstock and walks you through finding art work on Shutterstock. 

Adrian cautions you to find commercial licensing, which allows you to use the art work on products that will be sold.

New Video: Art Licensing Video 5 - Art Licensing Tier 2

Adrian does an introduction to Deviantart and shows you how to get artist contact details. 

New Video: Art Licensing Video 6 - Instagram Sniping

Adrian shows you how to find great art on Instagram using #hashtags.

It's easy to connect to the artists and it also gives you an insight into their Followers. You can later target those people following the artist - it's a great way to find another audience.  

SOURCING PRODUCTS TRAINING: Total Videos = 24. Video length = 8 hours 54 minutes

- My Key Takeaways 

Highlights: Adrian offers a few insights into dropshipping that other courses do not.

Specifically, he introduces Sourcing To Scale, and Print-On-Demand custom products. These are two great methods to increase your dropshipping chances of success. 


Content: 8/10 Really good content and some very useful tips that are not used in other courses.



eCom Success Academy offers some good insights into how you can find products for your dropshipping business.

Unlike some of the other courses, Adrian does not urge you to simply copy what others are doing. You are told to find your own hot/trending products and even "create" your own. 

Therein lies the problem: you are told more or less where to find hot products, but a lot of focus is placed on "custom / POD Products".

As a novice in dropshipping, I feel that you would want a lot more info on finding hot and trending products, not just creating your own.

Lead Generation is my #1 Online Business Choice 
(IMO Less Hassle Than Selling Physical Products)
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